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Facebook Advertising Interest Targeting Strategies: How To Match and Pick The Right Page Interests

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You will see exactly how to use the Facebook advertising interest targeting to get the right people to see your ads on Facebook in this video! Read more at http://jerrybanfield.com/. You will get the overview to begin and then all of the details to help you get the precise demographics you need to see your ads, generate leads, and get likes for your page! http://jerrybanfield.com Subscribe to my YouTube channel at http://jerry.tips/ytsubcription
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Economy Arman (4 months ago)
Hey Jerry, I Just did a ad on Facebook But I messed up Can you help me out?
Jerry, Have you done another video more recently? This was very informative for a newbie like me. Thanks
Lance Gambis (3 years ago)
Hi Jerry, I'm using using precise interest to target men/women over 18 in US who are fans of two Florida college football teams, either the Gators or Seminoles. Each group has an audience (precise interest) of more than 1 million. My bid is $0.25 (middle of suggested bid). The ad is highly relevant as it is kids' clothes featuring that team's fabric. I'm running four ads. I have two ad sets, one each school, and within that one ad for News Feed only and the other in RHC only. Yet, the ad was served once after running for about 24 hours. Does it take time? Am I missing something?-- Thanks.
Fraser Kates (1 year ago)
*Unlimited FB Likes* http://storage.googleapis.com/4828350382181/5261901401561.html
Jerry Banfield (3 years ago)
Hey Lance, If your ad does not run enough, the solution usually involves raising your bid or targeting a bigger audience.  With the size of the audience you picked, I would guess it is your bid.

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