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Peter Strzok hated President Trump: Rep. DeSantis

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Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) discusses FBI agent Peter Strzok’s involvement in the Clinton email probe and the Russia investigation.
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joe blow (6 days ago)
Hey Strzok needs the high paying job, you can't expect him to shop with smelly Walmart folks.
Herman47 (10 days ago)
Conservatives would love.to live in a world where nonRepublicans are prohibited from investigating Republicans. “Strzok hated Trump”?? This may come as a surprise to Trump bootlickers, but a fair amount of people aren’t going to like someone who sees merit in grabbing women by their genitalia.
Jeanie Rides (11 days ago)
Strzok must be made to testify the criminal
Willie Coles (11 days ago)
Get ryan the fuckout
Willie Coles (11 days ago)
The republicans leadership is working with the democrats.
James Bowen (12 days ago)
Fire him and then waterboard him!
s smswaff (12 days ago)
our next Governor....
Milosz Ostrow (12 days ago)
The video title is misleading: I think Strzok & Co. hated Donald Trump even before he was elected. There is considerable evidence the conspiracy was active for a year before Trump was inaugurated.
George Stone (12 days ago)
June 11 BOOM!!
Dianne Higo (12 days ago)
I remember seeing a YouTube video (anonymous thru' somebody else's channel) by a whistle blower inside the FBI, probably a year ago, he said the corruption goes 4-6 deep: let's see: 1) Comey 2) ....3).. No, we're not at the bottom yet...
Trumptard Trump (12 days ago)
Giuiani needs to suck my dick ASAP...:)
Wyoming Horseman (12 days ago)
This article, written by Jack Minzey is probably as accurate of many I have read. Some will agree, some not so much , but it is Civil War A few days ago Jack Minzey sent what was to be the final chapter in the long line of books and treatises which he had written. Jack passed away last Sunday, 8 April 2018. Professionally, Jack was head of the Department of Education at Eastern Michigan University as well as a prolific author of numerous books, most of which were on the topic of Education and the Government role therein. This is the last of his works: Civil War How do civil wars happen? Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country. And they can't settle the question through elections because they don't even agree that elections are how you decide who's in charge. That's the basic issue here. Who decides who runs the country? When you hate each other but accept the election results, you have a country. When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war. The Mueller investigation is about removing President Trump from office and overturning the results of an election. We all know that. But it's not the first time they've done this. The first time a Republican president was elected this century, they said he didn't really win. The Supreme Court gave him the election. There's a pattern here. What do sure odds of the Democrats rejecting the next Republican president really mean? It means they don't accept the results of any election that they don't win. It means they don't believe that transfers of power in this country are determined by elections. That's a civil war. There's no shooting. At least not unless you count the attempt to kill a bunch of Republicans at a charity baseball game practice. But the Democrats have rejected our system of government. This isn't dissent. It's not disagreement. You can hate the other party. You can think they're the worst thing that ever happened to the country. But then you work harder to win the next election. When you consistently reject the results of elections that you don't win, what you want is a dictatorship. Your very own dictatorship. The only legitimate exercise of power in this country, according to Democrats, is its own. Whenever Republicans exercise power, it's inherently illegitimate. The Democrats lost Congress. They lost the White House. So what did they do? They began trying to run the country through Federal judges and bureaucrats. Every time that a Federal judge issues an order saying that the President of the United States can't scratch his own back without his say so, that's the civil war. Our system of government is based on the constitution, but that's not the system that runs this country. The Democrat's system is that any part of government that it runs gets total and unlimited power over the country. If the Democrats are in the White House, then the president can do anything. And I mean anything. He can have his own amnesty for illegal aliens. He can fine you for not having health insurance. His power is unlimited. He's a dictator. But when Republicans get into the White House, suddenly the President can't do anything. He isn't even allowed to undo the illegal alien amnesty that his predecessor illegally invented. A Democrat in the White House has 'discretion' to completely decide every aspect of immigration policy. A Republican doesn't even have the 'discretion' to reverse him. That's how the game is played That's how our country is run. Sad but true, although the left hasn't yet won that particular fight. When a Democrat is in the White House, states aren't even allowed to enforce immigration law. But when a Republican is in the White House, states can create their own immigration laws. Under Obama, a state wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom without asking permission. But under Trump, Jerry Brown can go around saying that California is an independent republic and sign treaties with other countries. The Constitution has something to say about that. Whether it's Federal or State, Executive, Legislative or Judiciary, the left moves power around to run the country. If it controls an institution, then that institution is suddenly the supreme power in the land. This is what I call a moving dictatorship. Donald Trump has caused the Shadow Government to come out of hiding: Professional government is a guild. Like medieval guilds. You can't serve in if you're not a member. If you haven't been indoctrinated into its arcane rituals. If you aren't in the club. And Trump isn't in the club. He brought in a bunch of people who aren't in the club with him. Now we're seeing what the pros do when amateurs try to walk in on them. They spy on them, they investigate them and they send them to jail. They use the tools of power to bring them down. That's not a free country. It's not a free country when FBI agents who support Hillary take out an 'insurance policy' against Trump winning the election. It's not a free country when Obama officials engage in massive unmasking of the opposition. It's not a free country when the media responds to the other guy winning by trying to ban the conservative media that supported him from social media. It's not a free country when all of the above collude together to overturn an election because the guy who wasn't supposed to win did. Have no doubt, we're in a civil war between conservative volunteer government and a leftist Democrat professional government.
Victoria Stuart (12 days ago)
DNC was never hacked. That has been proved. The download speeds were so fast it was impossible to come from outside. We know it was someone inside. Everything after that was designed to cover up what was found. Everything "Russia" is to cover their crimes.
Bray Bulahan (12 days ago)
Speaker Ryan is a globalist, so he's really on the side of the Dems. He'd like to see this soft coup take place like the rest of the puke RINO's.  We won't forget come election time.  Pray that nothing bad happens to Pres. Trump or his immediate family. Thousands more conservative democrat voters are waking up as each day passes that the truth is being subverted!
joe stalin (12 days ago)
Donald trump is the Andrew Jackson of our time
dennisw01 (12 days ago)
It should be clear that there is a policy and guidelines for doing reactions. To makes readactions outside the guidelines should be reviewed and assessed to determine whether or not obstruction of justice is occurring. Unwarranted readactions conceal evidence and the impede the legal process-----> obstruction of justice.
Tami Fowler (13 days ago)
The republicans have been blackmailed by the spying Oman’s dems!!!!
lenchienlon (13 days ago)
The IG report will be revised, redacted and released while Trump is in Singapore. All the time and taxpayer money that the IG expended to produce this report will have been wasted. Why is everyone waiting anxiously for a report which will have little, if any, significance in it? Not produce a single indictment? For months the conservative pundits where emphasizing the profound significance of this report. Sorry folks, we already have enough evidence to convene a grand jury. As long as Jeff Sessions is the AG and Rob Rosenstein the Deputy AG the truth will stand before a wall it cannot climb over to reveal itself to us.
lenchienlon (13 days ago)
How serious do crimes have to be in Washington DC before the perpetrators are subjected to justice? How does Peter Strzok even have a job in the FBI? What kind of act do you have to commit in DC before law is applied to you? Kill the President? Set of a bomb? Rape a 7-year old? Sell 20% of our uranium to Russia? Destroy evidence subpeaned by Congress?
SonyStory (13 days ago)
Start to be Hot, like the weather in Hell Go DeSantis GoDiscover the undiscovered of the Deep State who works for Globalist Elite Mafia
j j (13 days ago)
They are pure evils inside out burn them alive is the right thing to do
greatbay1961 (13 days ago)
People want change but yet keep voting in these old decrepit senile senators into office.
R Z (13 days ago)
It was a $70,000 table for his office, not $700, it was seventy thousand dollars of Tax Payer Money, for this mother fucker's office. FUCK!
Monkey Boy (13 days ago)
the FBI needs to b disarmed. no guns for poitical cops in thUSA.end FISA!!!
berni oakes (13 days ago)
STRZOK is politically biased, hated Trump, but I believe was the puppet of Obama/Clintons. The gravy train was going to be revealed, their crimes and that was going to be stopped. The Senate need to grow some balls and hold the DOJ IN CONTEMPT.
David Alexander (13 days ago)
Table was 70 K not $ 700.00 buddy...
Angelica Luce (13 days ago)
Angelica Luce (13 days ago)
ryvr madduck (13 days ago)
Hatred for Trump is easy to figure - the DeepStaters wanted business as usual. Amazing NONE of this would have come out if Hillary had won. What a close call!
Frank Hernandez (13 days ago)
Susanne Sheffer (13 days ago)
they just want to drag their feet for 8 years. then all will be forgotten. :(
ElectroSalvo (13 days ago)
Angelica Luce (13 days ago)
What's the PROBLEM? -- people who don't KNOW that MRS.C. is a CRIMINAL - are they still in DIAPERS?
A Lot Of Retardicans Hate President Trumputin. How Come Them Far-Right-Repukelican-Shit-Bags At The Fucks Cable News Network, Make No Mention Of This? Including Them White Supremacist-And-Coon-Shit-Bags Whom Voted For That Serpent TrumPHOMET.
Kristina Quint (13 days ago)
That's what the politicians care about, their next election.  I heard, as soon as they are in office, and instead of working for their constituents, the Congressmen/woman/Senators would go to a place where they do is dial for money (for contribution.  No wonder nothing is being done for the country but only for their sake of re-election.
aura tetri (13 days ago)
What does the congress want the American citizens to do to demand a deadline for the IG to act?
GN (13 days ago)
Strzok hates Trump. Why?
robert michaels (13 days ago)
this government is spending the hard earned tax payers money for expensive furniture feasting on our goodness lying to us getting big wages becoming millionaires.why we go to food banks and they go to big banks and we the people keep on electing they for office people need to quit smoking mood altering drugs .and vote theses liars of office enough of this bull shit.
Young Blood (13 days ago)
We will find out that our “closet” allies, Britain and Australia are our worst enemies.
Roberto Viana (13 days ago)
Why does Strzok still have a JOB?
Jonathan Church (13 days ago)
Trump is clearly fighting all Democrats and some Republicans...mention no names but we all know who is being duplicitous, Mr Trump always be aware of the enemy from within!!
Jonathan Church (13 days ago)
Has it not occurred to anyone yet that as everyone thought the Democrats would win that many Republicans would have covered there asses by being involved in wrong doing or covering things up in Washington to protect themselves and now that Trump won they are also on the wrong side of things like the upper layers of the DOJ, CIA and FBI?
trebor694u (13 days ago)
I believe the RINO's have a lot to hide also and are dragging their feet purposely into the midterms hoping the Democrap's would take control and get rid of Trump. The Rino's have been playing both sides of the fence since Donald Trump became Pres. elect. Mr. Owl (Mitch McConnell) needs to go along with Paul Cryan, Traitor Gowdy, Rod Rosenstain, and Deaf Sessions, just to name a few.
Gayle Kochman (13 days ago)
Why aren't they saying 2 faces jeff sessions??? Jeff Sessions has the authority to fire Rosenstein!!!
EG (13 days ago)
Sessions and gowdy—two howdie-doodie Deep State swamp rats
george wood (13 days ago)
I hope more rep. grow some balls who is in charge someone take charge a hand full of rep. are doing there job they were elected to do the rest need to pull there head out of there ass and do what you were elected to do
george wood (13 days ago)
I thought it was 70.000 for that table not 700
Patricia Bonitz (13 days ago)
Why don't you all just move in and put them all in handcuffs. Than get the files needed.
Mike Johnson (13 days ago)
The only way to get this done right is through a Grand Jury. Indict these bums. All of them including Clinton, Comey, and maybe even Obama.
accusationChair (13 days ago)
Trump the disrupter. Nice ring to it. Deep state has dirt on a lot of scrublicans. No wonder they sit on hands
Nell philpott (13 days ago)
We will get the report on 12 June and there will be no reportage on it except on Fox news, which the EU and the UK consider fake news. Here in London, UK, we hear nothing about corruption in the FBI, nothing but Trump-hate non-stop if he is mentioned at all.
Greg Braddy (13 days ago)
The fear happened after Trump was elected! If Hillary had been elected none of this would have happened or come to light.
Sherri Stewart (13 days ago)
I love DiSantos's comment: "Trump is coming after the DC Swamp like a sledge hammer!" He nailed it! Thank God for President trump and heroes like Ron DiSantos, Jim Jordan, Devon Nunes and a few others! We must cover them in prayer--very important! So good to have LEADERSHIP in this nation at last!!
Cyrus Theowl (13 days ago)
These guys are more sick than Trump..!!!
Hubert Tidwell (13 days ago)
Little longer the axe is already falling and we. Get to see JUSTICE SOON !!
Debra (13 days ago)
It's obvious to most Americans that there is so much crime in the swamp that the ones who protest the loudest and obstruct everything Trump tries to do are the ones who have committed the most illegal crimes against the American people and will be put in jail if found out they need to get out all documents unreadacted except for things that would interfer with national security they need to stop protecting the wrong doers and let the light of day judge them
Snarky FourSeven (13 days ago)
Hated DT??? No wonder PS can brag only about Tweety-face. Dt has a collosal score card by comparison. You Say??
Carol Handy (13 days ago)
OSKA (13 days ago)
Breaking News: Trump will resign shortly as his doctors have found a Brain Tumor during his recent Colonoscopy...the pain will be over shortly
YBSAMBO (13 days ago)
It's long past time for these criminals to be exterminated
YBSAMBO (13 days ago)
I believe there are entirely too many corrupt individuals within our Congress within our government you can tell these individuals by their actions and their choices these individuals are doing nothing but putting every American citizen in danger and they should need to be held accountable for their activities in crimes the day have been committing against the American people
YBSAMBO (13 days ago)
Why aren't these people being held in contempt of court why aren't they not being fined or locked up?
Ed Felty (13 days ago)
They want to drag out the IG report until the mid term election and then blame it on partisan politics! They're evil people!
A Alvarez (13 days ago)
They obviously can’t be trusted to investigate themselves fairly, or even cooperate in good faith anymore..
fillinman1 (13 days ago)
I been impatient wanting to see all these malefactors drawn and quartered just like most of y'all. But considering what we have been learning about how deep the rot has grown added to the obviously corrupt top to bottom government, doesn't it seem like the longer all this goes on the more of that rot and corruption will be dug out?
Richard Toellner (13 days ago)
jaking off
John Atkins (13 days ago)
You make me sick you WAIT im tired of this bs and so are a lot of us get off your ass AND FIGHT
Lolly Pedregosa (13 days ago)
Peter Strzok should be investigated, he might be the Russian Spy.
Sherri Stewart (13 days ago)
Russian spy? Please! Are you trolling us? is that an ironic stab at humor? If so, kudos for subtly! Good one!
Michael Zwick (13 days ago)
Go after them Lou Dobbs. Get Trump to take action if we recieve BS from Congress. They are all swamp people, except very few!
EarlyLove2014 (13 days ago)
MANAFORT gonna Shit in Your Snowflacks..! COHEN gonna FLIP also..!
Ima Carrot (13 days ago)
Ima Carrot (13 days ago)
Ima Carrot (13 days ago)
We do not need Congress to ACT .. EVER FUCKING TRAITOR DIES
Mic C (13 days ago)
Ima Carrot (13 days ago)
I tell you what .. I heard the shit hits the fan on Monday. THOSE WHO ARE NOT EXECUTED BY THE GOVERNMENT .. WILL BE EXECUTED BY US .. *NO FUCKING QUARTER* .. *NO FUCKING DEALS*
Mic C (13 days ago)
Angel Molly-Dollar (13 days ago)
Willie Coles (13 days ago)
This report is gonna be nothing.the inspector General is slow walking this report. Donot trust the report,have no faith in congress.
Chris Pyves (13 days ago)
Too many rotten apples.
The open mind (13 days ago)
Easiest way is to get a warrant, go in and take it all. (like Mueller would)
TrueLife-Solutions (13 days ago)
CRAP..START USING YOUR POWER NOW!!!! what are you waiting for??
Scott West (13 days ago)
Why would you hate Trump? Something big is underlying here.
venuerocker (13 days ago)
It IS going to be another whitewash!! That's all they do!!
A P (13 days ago)
Expose and Vote out , all the deep state republicans , they are complicit in this cover up , because they are spineless , corrupt , low life cowards they are the enemy of all trump supporters and America itself for that matter
BirdogEd (13 days ago)
The rats from the SEWER need to drown in the criminal acts THEY CREATED! DRAIN THE SEWER NOW!!! 😎🇺🇸👍
Zachary Davis (13 days ago)
Let's hold Paul Ryan and mitch mccconnel in contempt for not holding the doj and Fbi responsible for their crimes and demanding a 2nd special council. They will not hold rosenstein accountable and they fail to provide oversight for the will of the American people. The establishment knew back then he was being spied on via gang of 8. That's mccconnel and Paul ryan. These people participated in the spying on our president and actually probably supported it and kept their mouths shut. The fact that their mouths are still shut is complicit in treason against the will of the people. I'm going to gun for establishment Republicans just as much as I will for commie democrats. Subvert the will of the people and the people will eat you alive.
Elaine Fortune (13 days ago)
Vote for DeSantis in FL for Gov! Will contact the IG and repeat these concerns to him.
jim uyloan (13 days ago)
How ironic it is that after the smoke cleared a nd long after the miscreants in this most heinous event in the political history of this country have lost their jobs in the end will not be found wanting in their search for jobs due in large part to the unbelievable number of jobs created by the Very President they tried and hoped to rid him of the office he was elected to. I refer to people like Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Lisa Page and yes even Mueller himself when his present office has been terminated, and many others too voluminous to mention. Whew! Lol! Only in America!!
Bottom-line Truth (13 days ago)
All of this behind the scenes corruption on the part of the deep state and protecting HRC is the proof that there is a shadow operation of the government. Democrats Republicans. One and all in the beltway. I hope the good people in office like DeSantis will have victory ultimately over the establishment corruptions. Crooked Hillary and Slippery Comey. And SOOOO many more. Prison time.
Bottom-line Truth (13 days ago)
We are already walking over hot coals to support draining the swamp. But ultimately it is the elected officials that have to pull the levers of power. We the people have already pulled our levers and continue to do so.
Death Dealer (13 days ago)
Donald Trump in front of the podium with George Washington in the foreground is a priceless and well fitting picture!!!
Esther Rowe (13 days ago)
The only part of the campaign for president that leftists couldn't manipulate were the voters.
Jose Rebatta (13 days ago)
1Drummer (13 days ago)
Few people hate trump but most Americans find trump disgusting and unfit for office.
Kerri (13 days ago)
They will convince IG to do worse than redactions, they'll probably convince him to rewrite that whole section so that nothing or no one can look under the redaction. Plus, it's obvious to me that the IG has been dragging his feet 'just in case' enough problems come Trumps way. I mean really, why rat out all the corruption of these agencies when Trump could possibly be taken out? I don't trust IG for shit.
Bob Aussenheimer (13 days ago)
I support Trump just because he is draining the SWAMP !!!!
Irene Bersuker (13 days ago)
Republicans are the same swamp,they use Trump right now to exist and they hate him as much,there is few only,who supports him,the majority would betray him at the first chance.
Richard Gordon (13 days ago)
Lew I think your brains must be pickled in runny diarrhea. Can you guess why anybody would have a visceral dislike for Donald Trump? Maybe it’s because he is such a pathological liar? Maybe it’s because he’s a complete imbecile? Maybe it’s because he’s a white trash racist? Maybe it’s because he’s such a narcissist that nobody or nothing else matters in the world. Maybe it’s because Trump has more respect for dirt-bags like Putin and Rodrigo Duterte than he has for our allies? Maybe it’s because Trump is so corrupt that he has screwed everything and everyone throughout his entire life? Or maybe Lew you are so ignorant and uninformed that you haven’t the faintest fucking clue as to what’s going on in the world that you should be fired and be replaced by the janitor because you are so incompetent at your job.
Richard Gordon (12 days ago)
Bray Bulahan Bray, buddy, you’ve watched too much Fox News, too much Info Wars, too much Breitbart. These people are unhinged, uninformed, crackpots who couldn’t run the public toilets competently. They are feeding you inane nonsense that has nothing todo with reality. And by the way, why do you believe a word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. He’s a pathological liar who is incapable of telling the truth, he’s also failed at everything he’s done (in other words he’s the world’s biggest loser) and he’s TOTALLY corrupt and incompetent! I mean seriously buddy, find another hero! He’s not making you look good.
Bray Bulahan (12 days ago)
. . . and maybe you want this nation to fall to its knees so the One World govt will get installed. Any one who knows all the things Trump has done to get the country out of the clutches of Marxism, and still has the hate you are harboring, is not a true Patriot. You and those like you want America to lose its sovereignty to a class of corrupt Elites who'll be managing the One World tyrannical government.  Who knows. . . you may already have been promised a seat at that table.
Doug Carter (13 days ago)
WHY HAS THIS TRAITOR struk-out still got a job in the fbi ?
Doug Carter (5 days ago)
trut hurts use your real name and don't hide under a made up one. And no the truth doesn't hurt but its seems to affect you.
Dianne Higo (12 days ago)
trut hurts: No, it's the sheer stupidity caused by TDS..
Pet Shop Boys (12 days ago)
Doug Carter ANYONE else would've been fired WTF??
Doug Carter (13 days ago)
trut hurts no thats probably a good question too...... lets see what Mule-gestapo comes up with shall we ? In the meanwhile why is struk-out still in the fbi is still the topic! He is a traitor no matter who the POTUS is....Democrat or Republican. Thats the point, don't bring in politics to a fair question . You are acting like a troll .... hope you aren't one ,
Richard Gaston (13 days ago)
Earlier the Time Line showed at least March 2016 when this all started, my gawd if it is true that it started in December of 2015, Watergate would have been no worse then a jaywalking ticket. That was about the time Trump made it past the primaries, not even an official candidate then just barely starting his campaign. If this is all true, then all the Indictments against everyone can legally be thrown out the window, all charges dropped against everyone that Mueller indicted because this would now be an illegal investigation, not counting the fact that Mueller maybe an Unconstitutional Special Counsel, pass that, he would now be considered an illegal Special Counsel appointed for no crime or collusion.
jmack619 (13 days ago)
kick ass
flea cat (13 days ago)
So, these republicans are pointing out the hypocrisy of the democrats and the democrats are pointing out the hypocrisy of the republicans and mean time not one of those hypocrites are pointing out the gap between the rich and the rest of us. Those of us who struggle to provide for our family and neighbors. God is omnipotent. He can not make a mistake. All humans are meant to face their mistakes and learn from them and ask for forgiveness from God.
Bray Bulahan (12 days ago)
You are right on, but He left it up to us to right the wrongs in our daily lives and how we govern. We just can't sit back and praise God and do nothing about the corruption - or we'll end up eating out of garbage cans like the Venezuelans are doing now!!
Ann Prince (13 days ago)
they are not bushing them get with it congress a year and half this is just crazy

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