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June 1 TRON $TRX Bullish Appeal Grows Stronger In Light Of Genesis

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My Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoTuber @CryptoTuber ------------------------------------------------------------------------- For TRON Genesis is going to be a big variable in the Cryptocurrency community looking forward we can expect to see TRX making some interesting moves in respect to Justin sun and multiple variables coming together in respect to decentralized Crypto. This video explores the variables connected with #TRON as we witness this paradigm shift happening first hand on all levels, This video is not financial advice this content exists for entertainment purposes. I AM NOT YOUR DAD! all that being said the month of June 1st is looking more and more interesting for this technology. Remember to comment like and share this content. DustyBC Tron ($TRX) What Will Happen June 1 & How to Convert Your Tron! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh-FjkxTpMk
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Text Comments (239)
Tom Kory (2 months ago)
Hi. How to see it with Tron in 2019, thank you. I know the owner is trying, but the price is so low :-(
Robert Henson (4 months ago)
Just bought some!! 3FTQqPGgDL8haAxGreSnV7sXfxKcDjG6W4
The Man (4 months ago)
Thats a great channel thank you very much! But i dont believe in tron :)) Thanks 13ss7mMPcXJHMJq3tp6wAYNd1ZDmryES1k
Alex Casella (4 months ago)
Neville Robertson (4 months ago)
If the community support Justin Sun in Suing those crypto's that copied his white paper we could be in an even stronger. Not even close to the token swap yet and its great gains
Paul Osterbeck (4 months ago)
Tron is awesome I can't wait till it goes to the Moon 1KUBCY5ER1XYvKh8gLaMgY5w82tELp6Hxv
Woody Miner (4 months ago)
I plan to sell the news a few days prior to mainnet release. I will appreciate the appreciation but I'll trash the trash. 1EN2pfCD9Ry86sJPZN558oRDfWpZzGxfhM
PRADEEP YADAV (4 months ago)
nice video ,,,, 3AYiui22UZEiUY6huoZcmJhpdcYzotnHth
Андрей Ка (4 months ago)
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michael guillaume (4 months ago)
H2 (4 months ago)
I herd Trx platform better than Eth. That mean Trx will pass Eth onday. Anyone agree? 0xad2873f6c0d1f0e0d6a04e2bffa0e998fa8cb017
Rob D (4 months ago)
Tron! all in. Great content. 15EQdMGKhL1t3fBekYQdnqXRnN1sekg89M
Derf Balz (4 months ago)
Tron it up 1KXKNvp7R7jAVBVKoDJZVvrACay8v8HAdc
Stan L. (4 months ago)
Please check what I did for my self and all real TRON fans >>EBAY https://goo.gl/d7wFrx I'm also on Facebook >> https://www.facebook.com/maksim.sony.5
Irfan Jamal (4 months ago)
Great content man. Keep up the good work. I'm absolutely bullish on Tron. My Bitcoin address: 13ELSpWPagffQs5YpHcVQ3j9rj5SMB8kpE
No Name (4 months ago)
I am heavily invested in TRX - where is my moon CIVIC ?
Cruise Critics (4 months ago)
Great information man. 1CHyXaDwwGEwPTG8KZ6MYMBw6TDALdx4uz
Dave B (4 months ago)
Just brought a small amount of TRX Btc 12qLmUxq9i9sLmS7d8gQxVcmGnDkkCZNXe
Peter Cody (4 months ago)
BABB for the future. great potential! 17FUX496C8ZFqHa5qZNP1fGVFxSzuRgoeZ
Philip King (4 months ago)
Great stuff 1JM2yGWQW6RzArW2ArZJ58wiExty79vZeQ
massimo mandala (4 months ago)
All i need is Tron to reach 1€ and do not need to work any more for my hole life my position now 401000 tron
blazing149 (4 months ago)
Hodl TRX :) Cheers 3EfZak5BDvHMePSEshzVBx1Zn5PoM8GaQC
T I (4 months ago)
TRX partners with everybody! BTC address: 14YF7dtFu7oQLZvgHKQJB75jCFFxMs3qyL
Austin Rue (4 months ago)
Just picked up some TRON :) 1LSs6oQytoTLBBZJmervnDavpNu6GEJr4y
Luke Perry (4 months ago)
TRX is my main holding...i love this project man! The potential is so exciting...killer. Thanks for the video man, real cool. 36x4j3ZaarmX4hkoSvWLsJh2WExj8WBufX
Ishan vasa (4 months ago)
Trx added in portfolio. 33ZqXxZ2CWZpuXhNUkPUwKJ3sfqdYce33K
edo n (4 months ago)
https://bsai.io/?t=1229 1st. $599 2. $299 3. $199
Trevor Bone (4 months ago)
Heavily invested in TRX and XRP. Let’s go bro!! 1217n2itrVHHd85yHFx3fP8ecbixCggeqi
corey colligan (4 months ago)
Love Tron keep up the good videos 3QBob9WYASGygmjwz5xNDtz9h9MwEcFWaB
Shay Beauty (4 months ago)
Very excited to see what Tron does by the end of the year! Btc: 13m5vFkMj8x7TPcj2VHTDLhM2Vhpz3jHJ3
Mike Cuccia (4 months ago)
Will this be another situation where people start dumping their positions right before the mainnet launch on 5/31. I get it, but I'm holding as more and more activity builds on top of the Tron mainnet. 3Lm4g8kaehhxgc3znN5B28XnJMZZ73Lpes
Great Vidoe love it Go Tron 1C7DRYc7Ra7Ewvt3aY9BHjKf1AurbpcceE
djpaulywood (4 months ago)
TRX TRX 1HjtGH7rgBkH69Dooux79qSZSQkTryWJzu
panashyu arora (4 months ago)
love your channel plz help me with some trons. 0x6b8f630da1a41dcf75c4a70af88f5233722ac949
Kitty Meow (4 months ago)
I have TRX. hope this will go well this year 😊 3L9xZYzR4h7PeGnDK7TnBpwGVJ6SYtpvXb
Thomas Lentz (4 months ago)
I think I'll be buying on June 1st when people that bought the rumour sell the news 1MBHYBvNe6gvqXBy9fKoWUdSwcpzuxJP21
Giuseppe Longo (4 months ago)
Compliments for your video! Btc: 1PpEokHf3TcQRnLozDN3eCh6TG6585vsom
Daniel18Danny (4 months ago)
3KRecGSqJuejyPpB2ZveEGxJPdP3t96UBy Thank you very much for your Tron informations!
Damon Liddell (4 months ago)
1L6BA7chxh239pc5EkiFEz5nbZYtiUDSkm still not convinced yet
Aaron Tang (4 months ago)
Can I please win the giveaway? 1D8vbQjf81kXVXdRpGr3ykZVYRfTbpE9wH
BallSoHard3991 (4 months ago)
Seems like TRX has just as many haters as XVG & XRP lol but hey if it goes to the moon or even halfway there it will make a lot of people some money. 149Asr8YHeiJgsaaqYMdgBHBJZbKvejH64
Dan Sav (4 months ago)
enjoying the TRX movement too! 17dHQSPDbhG4Ni3TViwZ81QbVSkJiiHkJn
iam noob (4 months ago)
tron rocks 1Hu2burtFv9a5YS99L4Pbszgv7URCpN3er
Crypto Patel (4 months ago)
Ashu Singh (4 months ago)
Be patient guys. Btc: 3F6N1XRGjuFHNRBLE7uAzgSeG8mhXpiWr3
TheTimijay (4 months ago)
Tron my main hold! Awesome project. 17wsRYvCKZRb91WkKuXrfw8Lva1HBNXVLY
Shane (4 months ago)
go TRX 175p1WzzSGb3oM9msmWM7xQitWqM7ye2zo
clashing zone (4 months ago)
you are sharing great knowledge bro :) 1FUUmAsfZwhU51TTAWCowcGWznVN5WxxE7
mateen adeel (4 months ago)
Great Bro, I like ur videos Great Job Nice information , Thanks for update us. 1HqFFF91v5JR1zCYiYR3dWn8z9HWmnZr4E
KnaveenM (4 months ago)
What happened sir no video today....enjoying the bull run of Tron..Happy Happy laughing all the way to bank brother.
GB Ash (4 months ago)
Going nowhere but up. 1BUJqG2cAJLWi5pbpu9SuR9zfbqewxr9AN
Rekha Verma (4 months ago)
Hopes are high. Btc: 1AR29FYL8QibFNaD7ejp7F6rMYa6GxkmZd
Jk0f1 Music (4 months ago)
I subscribed for the bitcoin let me know if I win!
Le Requin (4 months ago)
Tron, i believe in... pray tron like a god, tron to the moon and will probably make a new crypto millionaires 39rbsHLVnhiUkKZHa4jpeJDLbKajFwJT4a
W Chan (4 months ago)
Just bought few TRX as watching your video. 1HuskSPR1M4iov4VNfNDiWNC6CcVJw8wCr
Desi Gamer 7 (4 months ago)
Trx will reach 0.10 cent after its main net launch. By the way nice video. 34cakh7ZuVQQuq2x2x1QK1pPWucUafRLHc
peter hansen (4 months ago)
That's really not sure. But hope it does
Wayne Garland (4 months ago)
I'm excited I just bought 60,000 tron thanks for the info . 1MhMx5nGFMxtPxv8rZM7ZynFUvPGA71Ufq
Le Online (4 months ago)
Tron is love tron is life 19J3rKrqtFSpjeY6FJJMJTchL5BjywGUfz
João Figueiredo (4 months ago)
Nice job. 1LP8nKmfkywf9ZTiziQJDZrigXTGWhbKsM
#Crypto Goddess (4 months ago)
Curious to see if the tech is more of a long term hold ... MKeSkUd1fcKQB4Jxc8QSsZzj4KuDhCRA3x
P107REK CRYPTO (4 months ago)
There is only one real project starting 1 June and that's EOS, tron change lunch to 31st may just to be ahead, but it wont help it, good luck
Slawomir Czarnik (4 months ago)
wanna get ready for bull run get RDN its crazy cheap! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tps6o4b8eA
Jenny Bodsworth (4 months ago)
Great work.TRON is going to do great things in the next few years!! 3EjfP49Wf8hc73EuTEvnt1RFxSCooLuc2T
Jo Flame (4 months ago)
Tron TO The Moon 1KbA7GUG1NMyJoS5jEKuDZ7gX4X3ucwyou
jai Hackl (4 months ago)
Thanks for your vids they are have helped to learn about TRX yewww 1BjmGUyeqfp4kJ4rKnZYMzuKvmUtvk39KM
vambo13257 (4 months ago)
please stop with the "giveaways"
sarfaraz khan (4 months ago)
Hope after tron reach 1$ after main net launch i m too believe in justin sun 12ssPgugkXtELShis31oEBRBXbucECQgUF
Matt Vargas (4 months ago)
TRX Bull!...waiting lol 1EqmsCQqLaEVm7QndtafGTKkYPog5ngsUa
Michael Forman (4 months ago)
Thank you
Spread Love (4 months ago)
Great video but to be honest i am tired of the same hype every month about Tron i am stacking up on Banca (Banca) at the moment, big things to come including Alpha platform and new website next month.
Bala Polavarapu (4 months ago)
Hodl trx. Thanks for the video BTC: 1LYuezVMJv5vjnpJ4oZrVsohrT8U2NsYG1
Rasta Bobby (4 months ago)
Thanks ! 123muwS73wEGzLJRU7G2zd2CYsWYFnBrPi
Christopher Hannon (4 months ago)
1QKFWmZMyXCuLokmf1KvTtSuyJAJgznxBk sorry forgot to add the btc address. Thanks
Christopher Hannon (4 months ago)
Loved your disclaimer, not your dad, lol. My belief is in three years overall market cap 60 trillion, Tron in third with 10 percent. 100 trx
Jörg Gebhardt (4 months ago)
TRON is definetely a sleeper coin, going to wake up very soon! 14CCc6sX3PECZ2tziwJLxXDJvJR8WxzhGz
Bradley Roshto (4 months ago)
I like Tron . 38J7irwf6gbcV8sK47R7hYkUCoY6ML6HxC
Robert Richest (4 months ago)
I am holding TRX, i hope it have to hit $5 very soon. BTC - 1DWjfxQR3z7dRicPTNv2xwMtQLU3cJQxYb
Djed Djed (4 months ago)
dès le départ j'ai cru dans le projet de tron. 0x607d372A6BaB4b744ee07622913c3Bf1F63Eb8fF
karolis petrauskas (4 months ago)
So your paying us just to like your video... if you wouldn’t pay people to like your videos you would probably be getting the same amout of likes as dislikes...
David Divelbliss (4 months ago)
I was wondering if you can do an ICO review of Apollo. 3CbqmwnZccdz7hcGrD5nrx5812A1vBZTFb
Apollo (4 months ago)
good video :) btc : 1DEuPXwZMoXGPqySHozvcsvZKrDgyXzyjF ty man
Dylan Fowler (4 months ago)
Tron will moon! 13K1q7oBb6t8YkW2WjMhSfKWDAbmmxKTS
Zaid Kamal (4 months ago)
Thanks for the video , not a huge Tron fan though. 3DvQb6NUXmFsqTa9hjes2jZ1RBaGUL4ap9
Charles Agnello (4 months ago)
Great video as always, thank you! Tron I predict will be at $ 1 by November... let’s make some $$, buy now everyone!!! 3HKFjP7MjeDvAbJW3dnaqMDNkwnZooN4Wr
Amarjeetsingh Thakur (4 months ago)
Tron is very much promising crypto!! BTC: 3FjF9BbLyi5bm8GKsV3u99u9CAQsbEVfCY
Amarjeetsingh Thakur (4 months ago)
Tron is very much promising crypto!! BTC: 3FjF9BbLyi5bm8GKsV3u99u9CAQsbEVfCY
Ronald Williams (4 months ago)
If I when I'm putting it all in Tron trx 1G7cVEzTLFFua5act3FqKxhuy7nKz5S1cx
Sam Santibaniz (4 months ago)
Why the f coinbase keep taking the money from my bank ? Anybody have any idea plz ?
Alexander B. (4 months ago)
Thank you mate for all your great vids!!! We really appreciate your videos brother!!!! Have you checked out Substratum? I think its a gold project especially in these net neutrality days!!! Well so far its going up up up :P Take care ✌🏻 13SQvEzeyLd9AvwtWXKGNaNZyZxZbWt72n
NapalmX (4 months ago)
A dramatic story about a fresh scam from Moscow’s “silicon valley” with a whitepaper in Russian, a fake team and an undisguised attempt to cheat the Howey Test. Oh yes, and the mission of the would-be product is to rid the world of piracy and fraud. https://shitcoinoffering.com/stopthefakes-ico-pinkertons-from-russia/
Emannuel Laflotte (4 months ago)
xAVRx (5 months ago)
More & more people are starting to believe in Tron. Those who still feel the need to hate on Tron will only look like bigger idiots in the future! 1PKrDomowS2Kx6qXqYozpiC3towfczBhje
Josh McCarty (5 months ago)
Your info is good but please stop saying you're not my dad, it's the dumbest thing in all your videos.
Mariel Capistrano (5 months ago)
TRON is ready for the bull run BTC Address: 115Kr7BPjhZTVdwYW25fS7T9pdRB7CmFCL
William Warren (5 months ago)
I sold out of Tron a while back....at a good profit....but have bought back in during the recent lows. Looking forward to the good times. 4c1ddc2c-9dad-4b89-8d6a-8308bbe404e6
OmegaDaracha (5 months ago)
1JRx4NZvqjjBp164pCUAQgfLMXFr1qYBsL 🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂 I WANT TO (( WWhhenNN ))!!! 😁
Zhen Siang Lim (5 months ago)
Still hodling tron since 2017.. btc: 122u93xT8YxT6ae9gRafKtob1uW6ELVfV4
rommel capistrano (5 months ago)
TRON is up now BTC: 177pFz9vSqU7PZrXDvcUGE7KxDYJqPim4E
TopTV (5 months ago)
trx 1 dollar yea man thx btc 1CWG71yLxPjj2A3sEYHWjjNzPjt35eN5VY

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