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DOJ says it will no longer defend ObamaCare

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"Beating ObamaCare" author Betsy McCaughey on the uncertain future of ObamaCare.
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Micah Mitchell (6 days ago)
Why was the coverage question still in 2017 tax forms (1040)? Continue to skip that question on the form.
I don't like obama care and south korea social system. Doctors can help poor people themself. Do not need government take money to help.
Enlightened Awake (9 days ago)
Woo hoo!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
JVONROCK (9 days ago)
I guess it finally got read.
Yin Yang (9 days ago)
Retrogamer1010 (9 days ago)
Individual started Massachusetts is one are implementing the own fine for not having health care. Go figure it's blue states doing this.
Mike Reiley (9 days ago)
Obama care was only good for those individual that were getting Obama care cheap or free.
S C (9 days ago)
Our government should not be allowed to force us to buy anything , it's against the Constitution !
slapjack2000 (9 days ago)
Thank God... Worst government policy ever.
The Rainbow Right (9 days ago)
"pay the insurance companies to insure people". What a load of crap. How about allowing insurance plans to be sold across state lines? How about making the AMA certify more medical schools so we can get more doctors? How about allowing medicare to negotiate with big pharma for lower drug prices for medicare patients? There are so many freemarket solutions but now it seems both sides just want more and more government nonsense albeit in different forms.
wulfina moon (5 days ago)
Oh come on now really... next you'll say the king is naked!
Isaac Pope (8 days ago)
Because traveling to another state to get your healthcare in a cheaper network is a realistic option?
John Doe (10 days ago)
My old policy was tripled in price and then cancelled. Someone who weighs 375lbs, eats garbage, and never works out should not pay the same as me. In fact, they should pay way more. If you lead an unhealthy life you do not deserve the same low premiums as someone who takes care of themselves.
no name (10 days ago)
President Trump the Lionheart undoing all things Barack Odumbo! Now that's winning! MAGA!
no name (5 days ago)
wulfina moon Trump MAGA!
wulfina moon (5 days ago)
whats that?
no name (5 days ago)
wulfina moon It's actually TMAGA!
wulfina moon (5 days ago)
I think its really GAGA
Ray Khan (10 days ago)
If Obamacare is so bad then why does socialized medicine work in so many other countries
Isaac Pope (8 days ago)
The ACA was the conservative answer to universal healthcare. It emphasized personal responsibility while keeping people away from the horrible idea that you have a right to decent health. Not having insurance is irresponsible and ultimately leads to a large population needing to be subsidized by the government after the problem has become critical.
Meme Biologist (10 days ago)
Michael Barlow (10 days ago)
Making us pay for car liability insurance is unconstitutional, insurance companies are getting richer and richer.
Gamer007 (9 days ago)
Not to mention having car insurance is significantly cheaper, it actually covers your car and decent amount of liability. now go to your health plan and it covers next to nothing, pay high deductible and premiums.
1985cjjeeper (10 days ago)
No one is forcing you to drive though. Being alive is not the same thing as choosing to drive a car. To equate the two you'd have to compare being forced to pay for car repair insurance to forced healthcare insurance. Then you'd have something.
mach one (10 days ago)
You wish , trumptard's
mach one (10 days ago)
Steveo Lorefield your an american traitor. Were gonna hang you
Steveo Lorefield (10 days ago)
mach one And We're Loving Every Minute of it...... Trump 2020...... Making America Great again one executive order at a time... 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😁
Robert Lee James Welch (10 days ago)
And there are ignorant people still behind Obamacare.
greets with fire (11 days ago)
The federal government had overstepped its authority again. "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people". The federal government had no right to impose obamacare on the American citizens.
Michael Tobin (11 days ago)
If you don't want to pay for insurance and then you need it, don't ask for welfare.
Leonard Wong (11 days ago)
You can't defend an insurance policy disguised as healthcare and forced upon an entire nation. It's unethical and that's what Obamacare is. F.R.A.U.D.
wulfina moon (5 days ago)
Please accept this letter as an appeal to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s decision to reject coverage for the colonoscopy procedure. It is my understanding based on your notification of refusal of services dated April 20, 20xx, that this procedure has been denied because: I have a pre-existing condition. It is my understanding when the DOJ ended the pre-existing clause ACA I could no longer be covered? Are you saying that I must die?
John Doe (11 days ago)
Now I can live affordably without paying for someone else when I have to count my bake beans and divide them equally for breakfast and dinner. I have to skip lunch 😭
wulfina moon (5 days ago)
Yes but you can open carry-thank God for Jesus and guns. Now people don't have wear helmets because they hate government control-the same group who when hit a wall or get t boned can't wipe their own butts like Charles Krouthammer-who pays for these freedom loving folks?
Crypto Savage (11 days ago)
Where are all the people to protect OBOMBER on this one? lmao chipping away at that bullshit legacy he claims every day. What a great thing to experience.
Steven DeBiase (11 days ago)
If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor period. If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance period. At that time it was well known to many that Obama was lieing.
Roberto Viana (11 days ago)
Forced Health Insurance taken over by the federal government is COMMUNISM, as represented by the Democratic Party. Democrats = Communists.
Dark Knight (11 days ago)
I hate having to pay for insurance through my W-4 for having no insurance. F'in WIN!
california and new york two communist states on there way to 3RD world homessness and lawlessness
npgoalkeeper _ (6 days ago)
RICHARD RODRIGUEZ i went to chinatown on a field trip once and there were hypodermic needles and quite literal human shit everywhere. One person even tried to jump out group of 20 trying to steal our shit.
Jimmy Cino (11 days ago)
Yeah Betsy!!!!
John Hare (11 days ago)
Democrats in Jersey are not happy about being the second worst state in the country, they want to be first, fkn as*holes.
Dog alpha (11 days ago)
universal healthcare is fail .
Kay Gordon (11 days ago)
no wonder it failed .never name a healthcare insurance after a communist low life piece of shit and a fake everything..Democrats have the brain of a monkey.
Diane Merwin (11 days ago)
Let us know when Obama Care has Officially Ended so We can Celebrate.
TeabaggersSUCK1 (11 days ago)
At a March 2011 confirmation hearing for the Solicitor General, he said that [AG Eric] Holder should have stood up to Obama and resigned, rather that stopping his DOMA defense. "[T]he Attorney General should have told the President, 'I know you may have changed your mind, Mr. President, but this is a statutory law passed by the Congress of the United States, it's been upheld Constitutionally and it has to be defended. We cannot fail to defend that statute. And then what happens? I think what happens is the President says, 'okay, I wish we could….' And I think he would have backed off. If not, then you have to resign."
Wild Biker Bill (11 days ago)
It's not the "uncertain future of ObamaCare". It's the "terminal future of ObamaCare".
richard dalton (11 days ago)
So if key sections of ACA are unconstitutional,then the govt. owes me money in penalties I had to pay
richard dalton (11 days ago)
RICHARD RODRIGUEZ Once the feds get your cash, that's it :)
yah dalton try to get back old money
Phillip Carpenter (11 days ago)
The only thing worse than the dems FORCING this legislation on us are the foreigners who know NOTHING about what's in it, yet call Americans stupid for not wanting it. Yes, the irony is massive.. but stupid, condescending, unappreciative, anti-American dipshits still bother the hell out of me. 2,700 pages, of which only 700 had ANYTHING to do with healthcare.. and that horrid website that never worked and cost what...? $400 million!? For a F*CK*ING website!? The Democratic party should be banned.
Charlton Blake (11 days ago)
I wish healthcare wasn't so tied to your employment benefits. I like the freedom of being able to still get healthcare but go after work that doesn't offer it.
Jay V (11 days ago)
If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.....
MrMedukneusha (11 days ago)
Repealing it would be a return to normalcy
no health care tax, now no obama care required, its dead
Mane Event (11 days ago)
Wonderful the "butt kissing is over"!!! Return the $500 Billion taken by Obama from Medicare to fund this democrap plan. Make all the democraps PAY IT BACK.
Ron Lee (10 days ago)
Mane Event No !!! RETURN the 9 trillion which doubled the defecit
Jay K (11 days ago)
Yes, insurance is not a right its a privilege.
John Doe (10 days ago)
Jay K exactly. I work out regularly, eat healthy, don’t smoke, and take care of my health. Why should I have to pay the same as some lazy fat idiot who hasn’t seen a gym since kindergarten and thinks broccoli is inedible? Those fat morons should pay $750 a month, and I should pay $120 for the same policy. Why? Because I’m much less likely to get diabetes or whatever at age 39. Unhealthy living deserves punishment, not benefits.
Thomas Santiago (11 days ago)
I was fined $2.500 for not having Obama insurance for 2016 tax filing. my company had no health plan for us and I couldn't afford a plan for myself
S C (9 days ago)
Thomas Santiago - There are attorney groups suing the federal government for this infringement upon our rights find one
Gamer007 (9 days ago)
Not to mention no one was talking about how little it actually covered. Pregnancy, preventitive care, high deductible, but it seriously covered nothing people needs.
Dianne Cardwell (10 days ago)
Lean Mean (10 days ago)
How ya like that?... And we were supposed to SAVE $2,500 lmfao
Rose Gazka (11 days ago)
Thomas Santiago that's insane.
Leigh Barry (11 days ago)
THANK GOD WE LOST OUR HOUSE BECAUSE OF ObasTURD CARE!!!! We went from$350 a month with 0 deductible blowing up to $450 premium $9600 deductible and it'd cost $450+ $350dr visit+ $800 a month for prescriptions!!!! FUCK ObasTURD and his plan(based off of the Cloward Piven model)to destroy the middle class plunging everyone into POVERTY and force us ALLL onto government assistance!!! Killary ClinTARD planned on finishing the job with her 35% TAX INCREASES on the middle class($25,000-$320,000)and keeping ObasTURD care in place!!! We'd be Venezuela 2018!!!
Phillip Lopez (11 days ago)
ACLU will bring suit against DOJ for failure to protect public interest .
Phillip Lopez (11 days ago)
CanadianConservativeGranny back under your rock , granny .
Phillip Lopez (11 days ago)
RICHARD RODRIGUEZ yes , if one wishes to overthrow a government, first kill all of the lawyers . Educate yourself .
ACLU is an attack on america, out law them
Phillip Lopez You must mean failure to protect illegal immigrants Healthcare
Hunter Jones (11 days ago)
Theres was only two things about my Obamacare forced insurance that I didn't like #1 It cost twice as much as the policy I previously had #2 I have yet to find anyone that will accept it
Bhamski Bam (9 days ago)
Hunter Jones *anyone good.
Ken Snow (11 days ago)
Hey guys, we aren't gonna put any more poison in your Cheerios! For really real realsies. Pinky promise.
nailin palin (11 days ago)
Insurance is a scam but government thinks they own you. Pick your poison.
chickenlover (11 days ago)
double header (10 days ago)
chickenlover hey MORON, they are arguing that the pre existing conditions policy is unconstitutional, you know the part of Obama care that Trump promised to leave alone, 1 in 4 Americans has a pre existing condition, maybe someone in your family. You're literally cheering people being denied health insurance by the insurance provider if you already have a condition, this only benefits the insurance companies in case you haven't figured that part out.
Etholus (11 days ago)
Obama is probably throwing a tauntram as his "legacy" his taken away from him by a superior leader. What a beautiful time to be alive
K Ham (11 days ago)
If people want to be apart of Obama care let them. It should not be subsidized by tax payers, it should not be mandatory or fined, it should not be apart of government healthcare or expansion of Medicare. If Obama care was so popular it could have stood alone. You can not force e people to pay for things they don't want and cant afford.
npgoalkeeper _ (6 days ago)
slofool we fell behind cuz cheap unhealthy food is everywherw
Heisenberg (11 days ago)
slofool zéro propaganda, 100% personal experience in one of the commonwealth socialized medicine institute
slofool (11 days ago)
God the insurance companies have you people so brainwashed into believing in them. No wonder we fall so far behind when it comes to other countries health.
Heisenberg (11 days ago)
slofool when you put them all on uncle Sam's dime, you WILL bankrupt uncle Sam.. Flood the system, obliterate beds and ICU units... It's gonna wreak havoc... But don't worry, the creme de la crème champagne socialists will have created their own system... Totally separate, totally hidden... The proletariat will serve as Guinea pigs as well as organ donors
kerry the truth (11 days ago)
DOJ is becoming legal again. oh really ..lol what about illegal DACA? Wtf Obama needs to HANG for he's illegal Presidency and half of Congress WITH him..they literally sold USA..on all of us..
wulfina moon (5 days ago)
Tell it to Putin.
they made 500,000 homeless people in 8 years, more than the housing crisis of 2007
Nexus6 (11 days ago)
Obama was a domestic terrorist
NOT a Dim/Lib (11 days ago)
Ask Charles Krauthammer, he'll tell truths now that the end is near. Big Pharma and corrupt Poli's are behind "Healthcare held Hostage".
wulfina moon (5 days ago)
yeah the guy in the wheel who couldn't afford private health care if he was anyone else. No medicate for him, make him pay for every breath he takes on a breathing machine, every time he can't wipe his own ass and has nurse do it because he's paralyzed from the neck down. If that happened to anyone else they would be terrifed of having to pay their own health care and they would die in the street. Jordan peterson the big supporter of the republicans would live in this country because he has a daughter with a physcial illness-pre existing condition no insurance for her either. No therapy for him as he watches her slowly fail because he cant get private health care.
sunny days (11 days ago)
TeabaggersSUCK1 (11 days ago)
At a March 2011 confirmation hearing for the Solicitor General, he said that [AG Eric] Holder should have stood up to Obama and resigned, rather that stopping his DOMA defense. "[T]he Attorney General should have told the President, 'I know you may have changed your mind, Mr. President, but this is a statutory law passed by the Congress of the United States, it's been upheld Constitutionally and it has to be defended. We cannot fail to defend that statute. And then what happens? I think what happens is the President says, 'okay, I wish we could….' And I think he would have backed off. If not, then you have to resign."
Dennis Walker (11 days ago)
Wut Duh Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% mortality rate .
Nogive Nogets (11 days ago)
PEOPLE WILL DIE !!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXWhbUUE4ko
Wut Duh (11 days ago)
sunny days We're all gonna die
Michael Felton (11 days ago)
New Jersey is occupied by scum.

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