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Best All in One Wallet for Bitcoin Litecoin Ether Dogecoin Dashcoin etc.

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The best wallet where you can get addresses of all leading crypto coins. The best part, it has its own Exchange. Check out the video to know more.
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Text Comments (30)
MeenMan 777 (15 days ago)
This is clearly a scam, this Indian dude will steal all your money
Party Favors (2 months ago)
I don't trust the web only access for my coins period...
SEO BCN (2 months ago)
Hi. I do not agree with you, the best now is Cryptopay https://cryptopay.me/join/71edfb48
TEACH TRICK NEPALI (3 months ago)
it is safe bro??
ionut alex (1 month ago)
wallet with faucet included ... you play and the coins get into your wallet ....https://eotwallet.com?__wallets_faucet_ref=0e0cf96024c819d7
AhaBest (4 months ago)
i support Dogecoin about my feeling i guess this will make big bomb in the nearst future
ALL IN ONE (5 months ago)
Earn real bitcoin go to Google play store App- SLIDECOIN REFERRAL ID - RIS712
M Wells (5 months ago)
Gathered some insight thanks allot .
Clint Fernandes (5 months ago)
Great video man! One question...are there fees to send the dogecoins elsewhere?
Yash Bhatia (5 months ago)
How to cash it to your bank do a video on withdrawal too
maco coco (5 months ago)
http://kryptomachine.com/?i=178721 Invited freinds and earn btc
Aaron Glusica (6 months ago)
Where are the private keys on here? Thanks
elan really (6 months ago)
I love your video. Thank You. I kind of wish you went a little slower and showed how to put e.g., LTC into the wallet from Coinbase, then buy Doge coin or Ripple, etc. Thanks Again.
ionut alex (1 month ago)
wallet with faucet included ... you play and the coins get into your wallet ....https://eotwallet.com?__wallets_faucet_ref=0e0cf96024c819d7
Mr Yellow (6 months ago)
No ripple?
Mazharul Khandaker (6 months ago)
sir i cant get my ltc adress connected to facut hub.what should i do please tell me
ASHISH MARWAHA (6 months ago)
u r clear heart, I judge from last line u said.
Muneer Faiz (6 months ago)
Earn 1 Doge coin every 4min unlimited https://goo.gl/ef3KF1
desi tadka or hollywood (6 months ago)
Nice sir but how can i convert into INR rupees and how to transfer bank account
Farhaan Qureshi (2 months ago)
Hahaha lol..for that..use indian exchanges
Yash Bhatia (5 months ago)
desi tadka or hollywood ID like to know this too
Mr Yellow (6 months ago)
Crypto guru telle one thing as u said in video using holy transaction we can sell bitcoin to gain ethereum or electroneum?
wataki2 (6 months ago)
I am nervous to try this but it looks awesome though.
Tanvir Abedin (6 months ago)
DOGI coin price is going high right now.. so work hear this focet are higly paying from fauceyhub.io http://dogeforfree.info/?r=DU6FrAQvDgEtNHHMR6LY7Xv4ZHJVRyrAtP
Madhu Sudan (7 months ago)
Where is link
Ron Gabis (7 months ago)
Give me some coin..
bapuji nayak (9 months ago)
How can we send money to bank account
Mr Yellow (6 months ago)
bapuji nayak کھوتا گاڑی پر
Jong B (10 months ago)
how to deposit coins
ionut alex (1 month ago)
wallet with faucet included ... you play and the coins get into your wallet ....https://eotwallet.com?__wallets_faucet_ref=0e0cf96024c819d7
Silent Killer (10 months ago)
It looks nice

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