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South Korea Exchange Situation Update

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Text Comments (161)
Top M (3 months ago)
Please help me my all bitcoin loss I don't no what i do please help me please help me ............. please recover my btc please............ btc wallet,, ( 18XhRSvnP7Jn2hW7VHyMh2x6YCyRoJnAWW ) litcoin wallet,,( LL7JFQCfYN81yKNqzdyMXfkN2APQhyNVza )
CryptoMoney (5 months ago)
tell them to hodl
Huu Toan Nguyen (5 months ago)
Thank for your video. I don’t think that we should worry much about South Korean Exchange rumor because a representative of President Moon Jae-in told a Korean media that the Justice Ministry’s position does not reflect that of the entire government. Until now, we are no closer to knowing exactly what will Korea take next. Don’t be optimistic. You said what I wanna say dude! ICO is risky at some points. Therefore, new projects are trying to get rid of it. For an example, we have DeepOnion. No ICO means free coin distribution. It is also a potential privacy coin beside Monero, or Dash. Its community is growing bigger after few months. DeepOnion price pumped up huge in just 3 months.
David Michaels (5 months ago)
You should stop by North Korea once you done there , its a beautiful place , people are amazing and the government is top notch bro
Basilico Danbury (5 months ago)
Hey mikel can u or anyone in this page help me my Bittrex account was hacked I don’t have access it’s asking me for a six digit code which I never had I’m trying to get in touch with Bittrex and no luck anyone can advise me what to do ? Please
Michel Quintin (5 months ago)
Nice to see you away from your green screen! :) Tks for the updates.
KPOPFANBOYUK (5 months ago)
GDAX just went down for maintenance with some of my ETH and BTC inside , has this happened to anyone else before if so was your money ok? thanks.
Christopher Melville (5 months ago)
Michael awesome work as usual - i know the community really appreciates what you're bringing to the table.
Boxmining (5 months ago)
Instagram: http://instagram.com/boxmining 🤑Trying Kucoin https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=7g34u4 🔒Secure your Crypto with Ledger: https://goo.gl/trBwPr Telegram Group: https://t.me/Boxdatamining
Med Otaku (5 months ago)
Let's do an Enjin Wallet review! I can't wait!
Noel Guiot (5 months ago)
On top of Korea fudding there is also China fudding with vice-governor of the central bank of China saying he wants new regulations banning centralized exchanges. I think regulations will only strengthen crypto-currencies in the end but the markets are interpreting all these news in a very pessimistic way. As a Rothschild always says : "The time to buy is when there's blood in the streets". Buy Bitcoin, buy Neo, buy DeepOnion, buy anything you believe in. ;)
Randomehro (5 months ago)
BTC ded?
Bene Zim (5 months ago)
The Korea FUD is an extremely bullish signal for anonymous coins for me. I am racking up on a few anonymous coins as we speak. You said research ICOs - what do you think about projects with anonymous developers? I like DeepOnion, the tech looks sound and it has a real low coin supply. They have just published their wallpaper and a strong community backing the project. Enjoy Korea.
Matthew Aislabie (5 months ago)
Why is it hard to do Arbitrage? Surely can move cryptos in and out of exchanges.
Bit Poppa (5 months ago)
Gungnam Style
thomas leong (5 months ago)
your hair style looks handsome then LIVE haha ~
Electron Resonator (5 months ago)
take care, and don't go to the north, they're not that friendly
Peace Of Mind (5 months ago)
wts going on atm : ) ?
Paul Gerrard (5 months ago)
Micheal YES!!! Crypto investigative journalist... get to the bottom of it mate
bill frost (5 months ago)
governments never create they just control and manipulate , archonic entities
bill frost (5 months ago)
its why i say for 50 years END GOVERNMENTS WORLD WIDE .long live the block-chain
Erik (5 months ago)
David Sutherland (5 months ago)
Michael, 0:12, does "want to say" things. 4:00, 4:18, etc.
Mike Peacock (5 months ago)
Banks: "we need to get a grip on cryptos" Govt: "ok"
Sina Yazdani (5 months ago)
Mike Peacock plot twist, banks are the government
Brad P (5 months ago)
have a safe trip Micheal. Keep us posted!
BC Miner (5 months ago)
Its a new term in crypto KFUD.
LibertyChains (5 months ago)
We know you're Satoshi.
Bango Bang (5 months ago)
Safe trip my brother.
Gigi (5 months ago)
Love your vids. What do you think of the Titanium ICO that the U.S. can participate in? The team is amazing...
Matthew ferrari (5 months ago)
These government's are scared that their employees are going to use all the company money and then figure out they can quit(citizen is an employee of the government)
Stan Smith (5 months ago)
lol sell some xrp there i bet it goes for over 3$
Ken S (5 months ago)
Please expose the fake news and FUD coming out of the country!
Make Money (5 months ago)
I'm scared come I hide behind friends lmao I guess because I'm Chinese
Shivam Shukla (5 months ago)
Bro, keep this up. You're awesome. Thanks for all the info. :)
whatztube (5 months ago)
China FUD's turn now
Rosecrux33 star (5 months ago)
Get the story bro! I'm excited
Samatha Rechtlo (5 months ago)
Today starded the PRE CELL ICO guys. daifuture. org
sungwoon kang (5 months ago)
Welcome to Korea! Have some chicken and beer
M Ahsan Mobeen (5 months ago)
have a safe flight
RicViperMoto (5 months ago)
Be careful watch out for Big Kim 😨😲😲
Globin (5 months ago)
Michael, Can you do a video about BosCoin. Seems like great Korean coin. Thanks
Windsor (5 months ago)
Boscoin (Korean coin) is available in few days!. Don't miss this out, guys!
D Legend (5 months ago)
Would you please stop saying its not financial advice and put it in channel info instead? Actually troubling me Thank you for the vids, I appreciate the work!
timothygerritsen (5 months ago)
yo m8 you should check out int- internet node token, keep up the good work!
Robert S (5 months ago)
Sup Icon fam?
Gunt.r (5 months ago)
Congrats on 150k subs
_ evors (5 months ago)
Any advice on investing 10K into crypto right now?
Theodore Wood (5 months ago)
Tudo Sobre Bitcoins (5 months ago)
MarketXL ICO
Cosimo LoMedico (5 months ago)
Flameball (5 months ago)
Pick 3 coins that you fully believe in, and HODL. Don't invest in anything you don't believe in
WorstViktorEU (5 months ago)
Coins with dividends like neo are safe picks.
william mckeever (5 months ago)
Just bought a couple Pieces of Bitcoin BTC and hope that $1400 area is a consolidation phase, then up it goes. Some BTCers I know are using the terms PIECE or HUNDY as a buy or sell of one percent bitcoin.  Don't know if this is a local thing or a developing trend. Can anyone confirm?
sha baz (5 months ago)
have a good flight
sha baz (5 months ago)
have a good flight
DerekSpeare (5 months ago)
kryptokind (5 months ago)
Thanks for the Update!
Ster Ling (5 months ago)
Michael, lookin good! Besides being smart and nice. Thanks for the updates, we're on this trip with you. ♡
Shane Welcher (5 months ago)
Thanks, Safe Trip
Gülsevil Toprak (5 months ago)
looks like HK Airport.
Bea Richter (5 months ago)
Keep up the good work - I really like your commenting style the most of all Crypto YouTubers. Most of the others move around like small pre-school children and are yelling all the time (Supoman is the worst ... had to cancel that channel ...). Take care!
Rayan Crypt (5 months ago)
Tell them to stop panic selling every now & then ...buy!..buy!...buy !
Vrancken Xavier (5 months ago)
Mmmm... Don't eat too much Michael, don't go to night street food market, you will become a bubble and we are afraid of the bubbles. :) Take good holiday bro! :)
los1wochos (5 months ago)
very cool
John G (5 months ago)
When are they going to fire that Minister of Justice?
Bhavin Patel (5 months ago)
Come back South Korea have lifted the crypto ban. Boom time.
Silent Lamb (5 months ago)
safe trip G
gordon steel (5 months ago)
Could you have the camera closer to your face please
mivec gpx (5 months ago)
HTMLCOIN to the moon
jan k (5 months ago)
Go to BTS (방탄소년단 :Bang Tan So Nyon Dan)'s live show!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKgDNRTn6HY SWAG!!!
Mike (5 months ago)
I hope u have fun in Korea. I heard it's very cold right now tho.
RedPat (5 months ago)
Great! You are my "Go To" person for crypto.
freestylerja16 (5 months ago)
Oh yeah!! I'd love to meet you meet you man! Let us know if you're going to any events! There is a huge foreign culture that loves crypto here. There are also huge FB groups dedicated to making mining rigs
siv dey (5 months ago)
Happy Journey
CryptoSoldier (5 months ago)
Thanks for the update man! you are the ONLY YouTube's going out to verify this stuff. Bravo man
Studio Productions (5 months ago)
Hey, Michael, do you know if Revolut, TenX, Monaco or some other physical crypto cards are delivered and usable in mainland China. Thanks!
Bradley Shimels (5 months ago)
Go to SkyTalk.
Ja Marcson (5 months ago)
Are you still vested with Genesis mining and or any other Cloud mining pool?
Crypto Kelly (5 months ago)
Can you cover Achain at some point?
edwardpowellmusic (5 months ago)
Thanks.... stay safe!
pimpballer3 (5 months ago)
The thumbnail lol
Crypto Man (5 months ago)
It's great what you're doing!!! Let us know about pro-crypto activism there and let us know who the people are trying to ban it and how it sits with the general population. Thanks and good luck!
Siim Land (5 months ago)
Into the FUD
Flavio ! (5 months ago)
the best!
Mikhael Catapang (5 months ago)
Thanks for all your effort!
Jen Kolee (5 months ago)
have a safe trip!!! korean street food is the best!
Mykehawk3 (5 months ago)
Be safe out there, man!
robin oosterbosch (5 months ago)
Have a nice trip cant waith too hear what you have learned
Tube-Bit ManChild (5 months ago)
Viswateja Muthulur (5 months ago)
Good to hear news...tq
glunasti (5 months ago)
Looking sharp man!
johan flod (5 months ago)
I really enjoy watching your videos. It is nice to see somebody who really do the research.
Alien Hunter (5 months ago)
Also, in Korea the system is slower then in China. China can do whatever they decide with literally no votes. Korea has lots of bureaucracy to go through before it can be banned. To ban it it could take 6 months.
Mr Maestro 87505 (5 months ago)
Have a safe flight boss
stene12345 (5 months ago)
This guy is pathetic
Andy Raman (5 months ago)
Looking very smart and sexy yeah bro
Biplav Shrestha (5 months ago)
That close up when you said "not financial advice" made me want to punch you.
Danny FromtheBlockchain (5 months ago)
Beam (5 months ago)
Looking good buddy
manuel manuel (5 months ago)
Beam i think hes taken 😀
Drew Hernandez (5 months ago)
Your a gangster! GOing to South Korea for coverage !
stephandoan (5 months ago)
Not really. He would be a gangster if he went to North Korea
Jeremy Ng (5 months ago)
lennon871 (5 months ago)
amit kejriwal (5 months ago)
🌙 then ⭐
scent (5 months ago)
faisal mehrban (5 months ago)
Internet Node Token (INT) Thoughts? :)
NOMO FOMO (5 months ago)
Don’t get pushed around by the robots 🤖 at the Inchon airport.
JUN LEE (5 months ago)
Enjoy Kimchi, kimbap and K-pop
Ryan Shaw (5 months ago)
makori, 1000 won beers, drinking in public, street food, a cool ass city... if i were going to seoul id be too drunk to make videos.. and id lose my camera and not care..

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