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The market seems to have hit another point where manipulation is causing fear and doubt in the market. What are your opinions?
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Daniel Kleinmeier (6 days ago)
Right ....don’t panic... it’s only ur fuckn $$ that the hackers r stealing from u....
Georgy Wood (7 days ago)
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iRubs YT (7 days ago)
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Ken Semotiuk (7 days ago)
Crypto market crashed? Don't worry, bitcoin will fall down further and take down the rest of the alt coins with it. It's a good time to buy more cryptos now, before they go down in price again!
jay miller (8 days ago)
I think its all insider scams, there is no way all these hacks are happening from outside people. they are hacking their own exchange....CROOKS!!
Seth Shepherd (8 days ago)
The market needs to entrants into the space. New buyers are hesitant right now because of all the uncertainty and all the negative press. If Bitcoin can retake 10K in the next couple of months I think that could get a lot of new money into the space and prices should recover nicely as we finish the year.
phuq-off (8 days ago)
Crypto traders kill me with this manipulation meme. News flash free markets are manipulated because their is no market master to police transactions. The difference is in a free market sometimes manipulators get on the wrong side of manipulation but their is no help in a free market to recoup losses. Manipulation will end by natural forces if only for a little while. Get over it manipulation is a market feature to argue anything different is to advocate for a market ruler in which case the market is less free.
TheKrueman (8 days ago)
meh price manipulators hiding behind the news about SK exchange hack, allowing whales to collect on the down and back in on the cheap
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Ob_s e r_veR (8 days ago)
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Ascaris Lumbricoides (8 days ago)
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РАДЬ 1 (8 days ago)
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Lincoln K (8 days ago)
this is brutal
dan c (8 days ago)
roger hill its a gamble, but my buy point was around 106 so i bought some
roger hill (8 days ago)
and if it goes down more? buying now would become bad news.
dan c (8 days ago)
Lincoln K looks that way, but lets say it goes up ...then this is great news if you bought this low. I think it will go up in the future, so for me i bought little at this price

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