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Best Strategy to Become a Top Live Streamer on YouTube?

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What is the number one trick for speeding up the learning process with becoming a top live streamer on YouTube? Which skill might be most worth learning today for the opportunity to earn full time online? The secret strategy is to find a mentor that is clearly established where we want to be. Meanwhile, the skill is live streaming because out of blogging, video production, podcasting, and live streaming, we see the best ratio of high demand and low competition in live streaming. How do we go about getting a mentor for learning live streaming or any skill we know we want to master and need help? First, we want to picture how the mentor might help us and what methods this will happen through. Ideally we want to talk with the mentor every day or week, or at a bare minimum every two weeks or a month, to share with the mentor what you are doing. Our main benefit to working with a mentor is very specific suggestions related to meeting our most immediate learning needs and solving problems. The mentor is able to pull from their vast knowledge of a subject to laser focus on exactly what we are needing which otherwise might take us 10 times longer on our own to figure out. Where is an example of active mentoring on a large scale that works? 12-step recovery programs collectively have millions of members with most featuring a sponsor which is like a mentor. A sponsor is someone who generally has been sober/clean or practicing the recovery program for at a minimum longer than the person they sponsor, and preferably for a long enough time to have a ton of valuable wisdom and experience to share with you, along with a willingness to listen to what you are going through and experiencing. What is the Secret to Success with Live Streaming? I know that for me, recovery is one of the few areas in my life where I actively participated in a mentoring program while in my business I almost completely ignored the value of a mentor or tried to passively follow people to learn without the full relationship forming. By comparison, in Alcoholics Anonymous I sought out a sponsor within the first few months and now for most of four years have actively worked with a mentor each day. Sponsors have helped personalize a vast amount of knowledge to my situation and are able to look at everything that is available to a person who has been sober thirty plus years by saying this is what might help you to focus on right now. My sponsors have listened to all of my stories including all of my crap some days and all of my discoveries because when you have a mentor and you are learning with them, there is a lot of joy being a mentor to someone who is learning a new skill, who is getting better in life. Now, let's make this specific to live streaming and I will show you some examples of where I did things in a way that you might be able to do better. Here is the live streamer NoahJ456 who kind of acted as my free indirect mentor. This is what a lot of us do working online. I know because I've done it a lot and seen a lot of my friends and fellow entrepreneurs doing the same thing. What is the Secret to Success with Live Streaming? We do these things without any real commitment. We just kind of lurk on other people, and then try to follow their example without actually getting to know the person on a two-way relationship basis where there is mutual interaction. I followed NoahJ456 online for years while I played video games. NoahJ456 was a big part of my inspiration to start live streaming, I watched his gaming live streams and I said I want to do gaming live streams like NoahJ456. I learned a lot of things about how to do better videos and live streams from watching his, like one of the funniest live streams NoahJ456 ever did was the *"Gorod Krovi Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies: The Third Expansion," where he started off his live stream, he was all pumped up and excited, and he had his mic muted for the first two and a half minutes. You might think, "Well, wouldn't he want to just edit that and delete that and start over?" I waited for the moment when he realized what he did. That reaction that when he sees, "Oh, my God. I've had the mic muted the whole time." That is funny. That's human. That's interesting. I've applied that to a lot of the live streams I've done. I've made all kinds of just basic rookie mistakes. I did a live stream or live stream format at least where I just recorded something and uploaded it live with this Bittrex training tutorial. I called it "How to make $100 a day trading cryptocurrencies" and I managed to lose close to a thousand dollars or something ridiculous trading within an hour, and I literally just renamed it. I thought about not uploading it, but I literally just renamed it "Epic Fail" at the end of my original title. Continue reading at https://steemit.com/dlive/@jerrybanfield/f67da580-5fbc-11e8-b143-ffce16c65548 Love, Jerry Banfield
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Jeffrey Byron (26 days ago)
Hey Jerry, I'm a composer, content creator, educator, etc. I've worked on countless films and commercials, but I still have trouble as an entrepreneur on the internet today. Most of the time I'm at the mercy of the people who hire me, and often it's unfulfilling. After a decade (or more) of doing this, I find myself losing motivation. If I am motivated, I can do anything. But these days, getting older, not as sharp and clever as I used to be, it's harder to maintain an edge. I'm sure you have a video on this somewhere, I just haven't found it yet. Does your partner program offer any help is this area? Any challenges, projects, or other opportunities to increase motivation? I'm full of ideas, it just gets harder to execute them. I appreciate your work and your honesty. I'm a Steemit user, friend of Bill's, composer, and I'm my own boss as well, so I follow your channel. I can't afford your partner program yet, but I would like to know more about it. Thanks! JB
Michel Gerard (20 days ago)
Jeffrey, I am a partner with Jerry Banfield, and yes, you can get support and motivation from other partners there. All the information you need is here: https://jerrybanfield.com/partners/ Join the Discord server and ask your questions there.

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