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Green Address Bitcoin Wallet - Segwit, RBF, 2FA, Multisig and More

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Today I take a look at a more advanced option for mobile wallets: Green Address. In includes things like Segwit addresses, RBF (replace by fee), 2FA (2 factor authentication) and multi-signature. https://greenaddress.it/en/ SUPPORT THE SHOW… and get an awesome hardware wallet at the same time!!! Buy a Ledger: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/faca Buy a Trezor: https://shop.trezor.io?a=tkt776hveg2b For other inquiries and to contact me directly, please visit: https://21.co/benperrin117/ Be sure to also follow me on Steemit: https://steemit.com/@benperrin117 TIPS: BITCOIN 1E74VZ8XQDKjEdovgH9tNWcynX1Nc6NTD LITECOIN LSPGEv5qyN7LH9euwouuPbSXUhrvZuSLYP ETHEREUM 0xB16bB3A76208AE22461B99D1048218FAe15E2A45 DASH XceZWrr3nN8jjrHxwxRGDcT461nEnncLxB
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Abdul Kareem (1 month ago)
Very good and informative video. Thanks for making such a wonderful video
GG Games (3 months ago)
34LRTG3regMuizo3rznckGyoUKycNodueB send me!
Félins je vous aiment (4 months ago)
Thanks ,but I happen to have a question...... I use paper wallets to send BTC to my greenwallet ,account , I click on receive , I enter an amount , I scan my private Qr code end I enter my Bip38 password , then after 1 or 2 minutes each time I'm asked the same question do you want to sweep etc... but the amount is the total amount of my paper wallet ..... PLEASE could you give me some help ... Thanks in advance from France
Adrian A (4 months ago)
good info brah .
Ana Beatriz Leal (4 months ago)
Please do a video about samourai wallet .
sarmagal (5 months ago)
AWESOME, thank you so much! From Argentina!
The One (5 months ago)
Thank you Ben, I was looking for an advanced mobile wallet for a while now. Excellent quality content, that's standard for you, I don't expect anything less by now. ;)
SanktGallus (5 months ago)
Please do a video for the exchanges like shitbase etc. to uprade segwit and bundle transactions, they are just incompetent greedy idiots prefering scamcoins over bitcoin adoption.
SanktGallus (5 months ago)
Good pin 1234 ! We need more and better Segwit wallets ... the last 3 months there was no adaption at all, only bcash and now ripple.coinbase pump... incompetent people in ecosystem make it bad untill some professional people or banks get in.
jctai100 (5 months ago)
This wallet rocks
I need a Bitcoin Segwit wallet that supports bitcoin hard folks do you know one 🗝💷
A_A_Ron_Belake (5 months ago)
Bitcoin Long. Altcoins short. This one does now
justarobot (6 months ago)
nice video, i think i might switch to it. question about nTime, is that like shorting your confirmations? i would imagine cons are to help with the double spending verifying it as immutable.
GangBlud (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for the video! So the long line of letters and numbers is my Bitcoin wallet right? I have to copy that to the website I'm purchasing Bitcoins from right? Thank you in advance!
T Smith (6 months ago)
Green Address wallet can be a lot to take in? As a beginner to cryptocurrency and still learning. I have used. Copay wallet, Electrum, Exodus, Coinbase, Blockchain, Mycelium and Abra wallets. Green Address wallet is too much to take in.  Some of the wallets mentioned above automatically calculate, or suggest the lowest fee for the amount sending. With simple to understand user interface. Crypto wallet security and low fees does not have to be complicated.
Syed Qayyum (7 months ago)
what the difference of GreenAddress vs GreenBits? a bit confuse
Hope for all (7 months ago)
I'd love to see more of your vids. You have a great way of explaining things. What's your outlook on segwit?
Ashly Skellen (7 months ago)
good video! I recommend investing in Binarycoin looks very solid!
Gotripped.org (7 months ago)
Do you think is a good investment?
Apostolos Dimitriou (7 months ago)
Hi Benny, nice video again! I use Authy (https://authy.com) instead of Google Auth :) Keep up the good work!
Brian Lockhart (7 months ago)
Nicely done! The crypto space needs more explainer videos done with this level of professionalism merged with this kind of "accessible" language and delivery. Helps onboard new adopters with friendly and helpful delivery of what is typically very tech-dense content.
hussain dahir (7 months ago)
@BTC Sessions , you shud make a video about consequences that shud be expected after the segwit2x fork. Like any kind of sudden drop expected in bitcoin value and if we would be getting free coins with this fork. Hoping to see a video about it from ur side . Cheers
Loosecannon Recordings (7 months ago)
Hi thnks for the video and info , is green address wallet by a bitcoin dev ? Im sure heard that ! So that’s good in my view, also would it be safer than most wallets or considered to be a decentralised wallet ? Thnks
Peter Veinot (7 months ago)
Does this wallet support regular BTC. I am not interested in B2X
justarobot (6 months ago)
bcash, blah
Wilk 3D (6 months ago)
you have the private key... you couldclaim it on a other wallet...
Wilk 3D (6 months ago)
B2X has nothing to do with SegWit integration it also would has had id but as we see not this year..;)
Gal Buki (7 months ago)
Greenwallet is owned by Blockstream. Blockstream is pro SegWit1x and does not support SegWit2x. Greenwallet has also not given any access to Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold. (which means you miss out on value)
Corne Smit (7 months ago)
Hi there I desperately need to get in touch with you. Please can you email me at [email protected] I need info about Canadian exchanges. I am from South Africa
Derek Mahar (7 months ago)
What is the difference between Green Address and Green Bits?
BTC Sessions (7 months ago)
That's incredible! Thanks for the heads up - I'm gonna check that out right away.
Derek Mahar (7 months ago)
By the way, while installing Samurai Wallet, I discovered Sentinel, also by Samourai. With Sentinel, you can "watch" your hardware wallets (SegWit or original), but may not spend coins that these wallets contain. However, you can create new receiving addresses so that you can securely receive coins into any of those wallets. Sentinel not only tracks the wallet balance and transactions in each wallet, but it also displays the total value of all of your wallets. Very handy for safely monitoring your hardware wallets when you don't have your hardware wallet or don't have access to your desktop wallet application.
Derek Mahar (7 months ago)
Though I installed it only about a week or so ago, I see no obvious way in Green Bits to create multiple wallets or a multsig wallet. I might give Green Address a try instead. I also look forward to trying Samourai Wallet. It's public payment codes or "payment channels" (https://samouraiwallet.com/features/paymentchannels) are very interesting. Though it doesn't seem to support multisig wallets, it can generate SegWit addresses and supports Replace By Fee, and a unique privacy and fungibility feature it calls "Ricochet".
BTC Sessions (7 months ago)
Yeah it's a little confusing. Green address was the original web-based wallet, then they launched Greenbits as the android solution. However, it was lacking some features initially. It would now seem that they are one and the same as far as I can tell. There might be a feature or two that differ between them. It's kind of like the Bitpay wallet vs Copay. Both are pretty much functionally the same, and from the same team.
jctai100 (7 months ago)
Nice to see an advanced wallet review! thx
SO guitarist (7 months ago)
Great vid thanx
CryptoHaze (7 months ago)
Wow, 3°?, burrr Is that Celsius or Fahrenheit? I used to live in northern Minnesota so I know how it is up north ;) lol
Dersu Aspiazu (7 months ago)
You skipped the explanation on the "watch only" feature. Can you save your keys for the wallet generated addresses?
Martin Carter (7 months ago)
Cheers for this Benny
Steve Marko (7 months ago)
Thank you for the video. It is great that they've added Segwit addresses to the wallet for cheap transaction fees.
Joost Nauw (7 months ago)
Great videos man! So I can not use my Trezor with this wallet? Is that correct?
X X (7 months ago)
Thanks again-good info :-)
X X (7 months ago)
Yep,the 1st,lol
BTC Sessions (7 months ago)
No problem! Thanks for being the first commenter :)

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