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TDV: Jeff Berwick on FOX Business: Varney and Co. talking Bitcoin

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Jeff Berwick is on FOX Business: Varney and Co. discussing the value of Bitcoin. Read Jeff Berwick's blog at http://www.DollarVigilante.com
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Text Comments (62)
Jedi Mind (1 year ago)
damn, jeff, you slow roasted that old ass dude. he was burrrrning
ItsAllAboutGuitar (3 years ago)
I wish Jeff would have torn him apart on "real money".  You're trading paper that came off a printing press that would be worthless if not for the guns behind it for a better currency.
Gary Carlyle (3 years ago)
Jeff that was heroic man. Not seen this before.
anewmatrix (4 years ago)
These financial TV hosts are such dimwits. They have no idea what they're talking about and their entire worldview is so medieval. Good job Jeff on setting them straight!
twn5858 (4 years ago)
They do that on purpose. The people who watch these shows are old and have lost touch with reality.
Easy EE (4 years ago)
no, fuck you.
graduavel (4 years ago)
what's ironic is that bitcoin digital currency is more real than paper fiat currency. the host calls fiat currency lol @ 'real green-backed dollars'
Ron Jefferson (5 years ago)
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RapatipatooO (5 years ago)
This fucker is like bill o reilly's brother
truevoice08 (5 years ago)
I can see that the interviewer was definitely on guard here. We don't Jeff go on too much spreading truth.
Brian Wilson (5 years ago)
I'd still rather have silver/gold. The bitcoin is just digital, 1's and 0's.
Dropitlikeitshoppe (5 years ago)
Buhuu how has he backstabbed you? Are you forced to use bitcoin? No, you rather stay with that fiat money that is forced upon you by your slavemasters right? Impressive.
Dropitlikeitshoppe (5 years ago)
No value...you know that values are subjective right? Not? Then go on mises.org and educate yourself unless you want to sound like smartass that actually has no idea of what he's talking about. Just a friendly advice brother ;)
Dropitlikeitshoppe (5 years ago)
Hahaha too funyy :D
Dropitlikeitshoppe (5 years ago)
Not perhaps, certainly brother ;)
gamevalor (5 years ago)
Good luck with rolling out bitcoin ATM machines. It should replace the FIAT central controlled currencies.
Manuel Barkhau (5 years ago)
These are Dollars, REAL Dollars HARD Dollars!
Studio Laflamme (5 years ago)
this interviewer is perhaps the dumbest person on earth
Butch0rC (5 years ago)
Oh, I did sell when the panic of the simple minded became obvious. Sold at 180€, and bought again at 80€. It's back to 130€ now, and I have about 50% more bitcoins than before. You didn't use the opportunity to make money off of fools? Big mistake.
Jeff Berwick (5 years ago)
I am too small to fail. You should do some more research. I feel like some of the naysayers are like the naysayers of the internet in 1995.
Jeff Berwick (5 years ago)
You didn't sell then did you? Big mistake
ronwandell (5 years ago)
It makes me think that if the interview was 25 years ago it would be about "I don't trust this internet thing, it's all about porn. People should not get involved with the internet" Change scares people. I hate when he says it's mostly about drugs, etc. That is total BS.
magentawave (5 years ago)
Yes and we've all heard about bank accounts being hacked into and identities being stolen, etc. Chris is a good guy but he totally misses the point that Bitcoin can be used to transfer money anywhere in the world for free...which will be a HUGE advantage for those fleeing tyrannical states where the government has shut down being able to move money out of the country.
Butch0rC (5 years ago)
"in 2011 people did panic and it was worth only one penny" The data is out there, tell me when in 2011 a bitcoin was only worth a penny. The lowest closing value at Mt.Gox in all of 2011 was on 2011-01-03 at 0.295 dollars. It has never fallen below that value to this day. In fact, it has never fallen below 2.20 dollars during or after the "panic" of 2011. Go ahead and prove me wrong.
kid equinox (5 years ago)
Jeff is fresh... FREE MARKET RULES
Bond Collapse (5 years ago)
Since when is a dollar hard money. Lmao! The last people that remember a dollar as hard money are in diapers.
nomoreserfs (5 years ago)
Partly correct. Here is the Oxford dictionary definition of fiat money. "Inconvertible paper money made legal tender by a government decree." In other words one is forced to use it because government says so. Monopoly money is paper but it is not considered fiat money.
nomoreserfs (5 years ago)
Whatever. It is digital dude. No value. It is code. Do whatever you want, but remember unlike banks you are not too big to fail.
nomoreserfs (5 years ago)
Hey go right ahead if you can create something that has value and try to convince others that it does. I for one am not one of those people. We know this ends badly based on history.I would urge you to watch Chris Duane's videos on this subject where in 2011 people did panic and it was worth only one penny. Bitcoin services have already been hacked into. They are not secure, and there is absolutely no tangible value at all.No matter how hard man tries at alchemy it always fails and fails badly.
aethir86 (5 years ago)
Priceless, haha :D how Jeff cut straight through the crap, I almost had to laugh everytime that guy insisted on his "real, solid" fiat money
Disclosure 2018 (5 years ago)
The news anchor is a total clown. His "real" dollars he keeps talking about haven't been real since 1971. Keep trying to fool the masses with your Rothschild money asshat.
Kev L (5 years ago)
There is no difference between you and the banksters. You talk crap about central banks and you are promoting a fake currency system. I am just really mad as hell at you. BACKSTABBER!!!!
Kev L (5 years ago)
Bitcoin is just another ponzi scheme. Jeff you should be ashamed of yourself. You said you hold real money (precious metals) but you actually promote this BS bitcoin because you want to make few bucks. Thats fucked up for you to turn your back on the people. I am now sending all your emails to my spam folder. I really cant believe this. Again, you are being a backstabber you asshole.
1977Melville (5 years ago)
Bitcoin. More impressive than Varney's voice : )
Peter Barclay (5 years ago)
Jeff, where's your cigarette?
GNULinuxGuy (5 years ago)
It has never fallen to zero. Nobody panicked on that level; the exchange was hacked. Bitcoin itself is secure, but online services still have some hard lessons to learn!
Cicerox (5 years ago)
hope it falls to zero that way i'll buy a billion billion gazillion of them.
Skyturnip (5 years ago)
Nice one Jeff. Wish you had more time to promote advantages of bitcoin for merchants. That is the key. No PCI compliance, no fraud, no forex risk with bitpay, accept international customers
ThomasConover (5 years ago)
I hate the fact reporters asks "you can buy drugs" with bitcoin as if they try to discredit bitcoin's legitimacy. And here is the answer anyone should answer if a reporter asks that question: "US Dollar is the most popular currency to buy any illegal items on earth. And the amount of US Dollar being used for illegal drugs purchases alone are in the billions per year, which makes the amount of bitcoins used for same looks like a drop of water compared. So what's your point asking that question?"
SugarySweet100 (5 years ago)
LOL...yeah...I like how the host repeatedly referred to FRNs as "real hard currency" too... I swear, these MSM clowns must all be reading the same script...
Gutter Vox (5 years ago)
Berwick is a stud, and he's also nice enough to share his time. Read a great interview with him at GUTTERVOX (just google it).
superconscious (5 years ago)
real hard money is as real as bit coin all stored on the internet , there are not enough real dollars to back up the credits on the computer the inter viewer is un informed or misleading at best
Jesse Gough (5 years ago)
They got some cotton in there too!
HornetUK1 (5 years ago)
real dollars hard dollars lol
hooverdog1957 (5 years ago)
And fiat is just paper.
Edward Hamilton (5 years ago)
Good job Jeff. It's funny to see the indoctrination of a false system so explicitly demonstrated by the mainstream media. Good job Jeff. Keep shining a light on the truth.
Franz Glaus (5 years ago)
Reality on the lying media. It's cracking the facade. Love Charles Payne. He's always been for real, but kind of throttled at Fox Business.
MuchBitcoin DOT org (5 years ago)
Thanks for uploading this video! I've added it to my collection of bitcoin videos. Feel free to subscribe to watch more videos on bitcoin!
Anon515 (5 years ago)
Jeff: You call them real, hard dollars. I call them fake, fiat currency.
Eric Culver (5 years ago)
Great job Jeff!
nlucctw2 (5 years ago)
4:20 "i'd like to see it go through a real crisis and how it would hold up".....lol uhhh one word CYPRUS lol
nlucctw2 (5 years ago)
You can really tell that the host loves his PAPER money lol.
ColdWarWarriors (5 years ago)
I like the idea of Bitcoin but have some serious concerns about it aswell.
nomoreserfs (5 years ago)
Man has throughout the centuries have tried to put a value on something that doesn't have any. Bitcoin is no different. I do like the idea of a decentralized monetary system however. If I had Bitcoin I would try to get rid of it as fast as I can by buying a good or a service even if it means buying a hooker, a joint, or an AR-15 (lol). In all seriousness, this Bitcoin has fallen to zero before and you are taking a risk of that happening again since it is just code and has no value.
Jacob navy (5 years ago)
Few months ago I would still get sick hearing that popet calling $ real hard currency but today this shot just made me lough my arse of. Still I feal a bit sad about normal simple (good) people around me who have no idea where the worl standing today and how they get fleesed tomorow. Czech Republick is full of them. piece.
hogensan (5 years ago)
modelmark (5 years ago)
It almost seemed like the host was payed by the amount of times he emphasized **real money** as fiat inflated dollars
tapary (5 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHA! It's fucking awesome to see TDV on mainstream TV!
BitcoinChannel (5 years ago)
Good job Jeff. You clearly understand that by remaining calm and staying focused you can reach the sheeple. Next time they ask about shady things, ask them about the shady things those "hard" dollars are good for. My bitcoins don't have traces of cocaine on them :-)
Batou (5 years ago)
Go jeff! the only shady thing in there is his butt crack.
nknowledge11 (5 years ago)
Oh no, guns and drugs! Haha I love how composed you were Jeff. Great interview!
Jim Ro (5 years ago)
You can buy drugs, guns, and hookers with US dollars so why are they bitching about illegal things?

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