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Vechain (VEN) in a Nutshell

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Vechain (VEN) is a blockchain ecosystem for Businesses and Governments. They combine the best of Ethereum with their own Internet of Things (IoT) and RFID technologies to provide solutions to fight counterfeit goods, improve supply chain management and product assurance. This video talks about the fundamentals of Vechain (rebranding to Vechain Thor, VET) and its primary business partners. Read more about Vechain: https://boxmining.com/vechain-explained/ Vechain Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vechain/ Vechain Telegram: https://t.me/vechain_official_english Partnerships Megathread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vechain/comments/78p34q/vechain_allinone_thread/?utm_content=title&utm_medium=hot&utm_source=reddit&utm_name=Vechain 👍🏻Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/boxmining 👑Recommended Exchange - Binance: https://goo.gl/joe55C ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● 💰Buy Bitcoin Through Coinbase: https://goo.gl/h1bw5v 🔒Secure your Crypto with Ledger: https://goo.gl/trBwPr ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● 🎁 Gift Ideas (Treat Yo Self) DJI Drones: https://goo.gl/2CVh2t ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● ♨️Social: Telegram announcements: https://t.me/boxminingChannel Community Forums: http://forums.boxmining.com Steemit: https://steemit.com/@boxmining Twitter: https://twitter.com/boxmining Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boxmining ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Track ICOs graphically: https://icotracker.org 💪Donations (Message me for Shoutouts!): Bitcoin : 13EvsPm3YhiCPGksQQdvQUFtsbF8FoU6Cz Ethereum: 0x58d98516363D2A5f93CE6aB4A4a909599C3EEC3a Website: http://boxmining.com
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Boxmining (5 months ago)
Trade Vechain on Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10192887 Secure your Crypto with Ledger: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/428b Read more about Vechain: https://boxmining.com/vechain-explained/
Kristofer Karlsson (5 months ago)
Boxmining can you do ETP in a Nutshell?
Jordan Weber (5 months ago)
could you do a video of POA network? It's a cross-chain Ethereum compatible platform
MyNegativeCreep (5 months ago)
damn your output is crazy. good work mate. the drone link still doesnt work in your description
Michael Dacon (6 days ago)
Thanks Michael for the info on vechain. LOVE the project and team! I had made a 2018 updated version video About VeChain if you guys need a different/updated perspective. Have a beautiful day guys!
CRYPTO 420 (28 days ago)
When this top crypto youtubes only have 200k followers jus shows how only a small amount of people know how amazing crypto really is
CRYPTO 420 (28 days ago)
Prezes (1 month ago)
Cryptocurrency VeChain hit Bitfinex today. It is the 5th stock exchange in the world in terms of Voluemnu, and VeChain is also talking about BMW.
cdalyf itzgr8 (1 month ago)
awesome explanation .. loved it.. can you please clarify me how vechain will manage inflation as bitcoin will retain its value with it's limited number of supply and production potential
Sun (1 month ago)
Partnership with Kuehne&Nagel is real big deal
Sun (1 month ago)
Where do You see it in 18?
Okan Serin (1 month ago)
Hey man! What do you think about the future of VeChain? Now, is it to late for invest or not?
Cutie Bear (2 months ago)
666 is the way to go!! Hell yeah... RFID baby... count me in!! :-D
Greg Connley (2 months ago)
thank you for the analysis. Great job
Saint Morgan (2 months ago)
Olga K. (3 months ago)
Another way of Vechain explaining. It's clear with humor. https://youtu.be/F87VCYDZhyI
Alex Obed (3 months ago)
This coin has gone up 25x (almost) in the past 3 months. What updates and new technologies has it come out with that substantiate this increase in valuation?
Alex Obed (3 months ago)
Boxmining: did you get paid, in any form or fashion, for doing this video? If you do, are you upfront about what you get in return for reviewing diff alt coins? I think that would have high integrity. Maybe you should come right out and say something at the beginning of each video when you review a coin what your vested interests, associations or benefits are. Thanks!! #transparency
gustacular (3 months ago)
Vechain will be the antidote to the counterfit industry in China. As soon as more manufacters in the West realize this I see VEN becoming a household name for all branded and copyright protected products.
Jay Arr (3 months ago)
Why would a company pay more to implement tracking/verification on a blockchain when its cheaper to stitch a tag
Jon (3 months ago)
Honestly be grateful you know about this.What you somehow stumbled upon will make you millions in no-more than 10 years. How did everyone know about this? Well for me I heard from a friend on the line at subways and I just did my research on it and I had to invest. I know some of you are concern that yes this could lead to more government tracking but as a business man I don't look at that. I look at the profit it will make me in the future. Plus even if you don't like it I must get across one point. This is inevitable, simply put. I don't know how you got here but just be thankful that you just came across a gold mine. Im curious, how did everyone find out about Vechain?
TheTradeBox (3 months ago)
Totally under valued and under the radar. With all the new details with BMW, great team and community support this will flourish!
Otcrit Platform (3 months ago)
Shilling as always <3
Terrence McKelvey (3 months ago)
excellent video
AVLRECORDS (3 months ago)
its all chinese people, must be decentralized yesh sir. And the arrogance, they claim to be the best #1 of planet, sounds like a real shit coin. Their site is amateuristic
Ryan Danger (3 months ago)
V chain is not like ethereum?? A platform for building DAPPs?? Its RFID, verifying authenticity and origin. and conditions of products life, eg temperature. Very confusing and poorly structured, but im getting used to it, heres a good explaination https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBunxDxgaX0
Sevarchy (3 months ago)
Is this a cryptocurrency or just a blockchain application? I don't understand why you need coins. Do coins just serve as shares of a company? Don't get it.
Judy Copp (3 months ago)
Eric Brooks (3 months ago)
VeChain obviously has an excellent value proposition, and I'm invested, but one aspect of your China argument needs a very important deeper dive. It is crucial to understand that China's construction of vast new cities is a key part of a fundamental and massive crisis facing global neoliberal capitalism, as fueled by the insane, endless, exponential increase in the printing of worthless fiat currency. For this multi-hundred trillion dollar global fiat bubble to keep growing without collapsing, the system is addictively dependent on the continuous explosion of huge unnecessary construction projects like China's new megacities. Bigger and bigger successive construction booms are repeatedly happening in almost all cities, all over the world (in every generation) in order to enable global luxury condo development built for speculative flipping (not living in) to prop up the entire worldwide fiat ponzi economy. The upshot of this in relation to VeChain is that many, if not most, of these China megacities will be very problematic economically, and largely empty of real residents and real economies, and VeChain would be wise to not place a large a stake in the future of serving those cities. (Luckily VeChain has a *lot* of other stronger profit avenues to pursue.) Here is the link to an excellent speech by Marxist geographer David Harvey which explains this dynamic of the global fiat economy depending on empty building booms; booms which are also incredibly destructive to the planet's environment because of their massive resource requirements. (Click on the link - not the image - to skip the introductions and go to the beginning of Harvey's speech.) https://youtu.be/pm_UgX--ef8?t=268
FIRTINA 01 (3 months ago)
Vechain is a scam. Usuless for the future
sdara357 (3 months ago)
VeChain is the future🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Paul Langdon (4 months ago)
An excellent video. Thank you. I agree with much of what you say. VeChain will explode in 2018 /2019
Vechain BEAST! Will moon!!!! 12-2019 $ 250
Greg Rickard (3 months ago)
I got to the 2 minute mark, checked the chart and bought some. Thanks for doing the vid 👍.
lamont debro (4 months ago)
This is similar to Wabi
Boxmining (4 months ago)
wabi only does a small portion of what vechain can do.
Paul Wheatley (4 months ago)
Hi Micheal I can tell that you realy like VeChain So im in Keep up the good work PW New Zealand
Jamal Agouni (4 months ago)
is this video Promoted ??
Grace Ariel (4 months ago)
a bunch of coins use that temperature example
FinanceNerd (4 months ago)
*VeChain* is definitely one of the more solid coins
SPUDOG 37 (4 months ago)
Im excited bro , now what does the coin actually do for   the blockchain ? Why does Vechain need a coin ? Nobody has been able to answer this for me .
Cine Pile Podcast (4 months ago)
How is this any different from WABI?
Tyler Joyner (4 months ago)
the future coin is ven. i believe it from pit of my stomach and such a strong company and support
AugesonTV (4 months ago)
TAO7TAO7 (4 months ago)
So good!
Nimbhotep (4 months ago)
Very informative. Thanks
Raza Daza (4 months ago)
So do all vechain token holders hope to Hodl, and hopefully somehow sell them to luxury manufacturing companies in however many years in the future when all this is ready? Is that the end goal? Trying to figure out my goal if I want this to be a long term hodl.
Raza Daza (4 months ago)
My only concern now is how many tokens vechain themselves own.. and if these luxury companies just go to vechain themselves for the tokens and not bother with the individual token hodlers.. maybe vechain will do a buy back. Haven't done dyor myself but looking at it at a high level
Kris Vanderhoydonck (4 months ago)
Marie Lindeen (4 months ago)
Companies all ready put temp monitors in tractor trailers to insure food safety.
Crypto Queen (4 months ago)
This is a really good explanation! Better than mine haha!!
RFID is Illuminati enslavement chips. Vechain is an anti-human weapon of the global elite.
Peter Jones (4 months ago)
Kinda late to this video but ill drop my 2 pennies anyway. As somebody working actively as a director of operations for a logistics company, this tech is something that could take years and years to take off, if not NEVER. You guys think crypto is unregulated ? Spend a day in the transportation industry. I work directly with companies in need of transporting temperature controlled food items. It would simply be impossible to track the temperature on such a thorough level. We can guarantee ,and we do so with our cargo insurance that the product will remain at the required temperature for the duration of the scheduled transit but what happens before and after is something that is out of our control. You cannot put a chip in every chicken leg to measure the temperature and with commodities like fresh produce the only thing you can keep track of is the actual temperature of the reefer unit. In the even of a malfunction, commercial carriers have additional insurance called "Reefer Breakdown". If anything happens, we are covered so if you're looking to see how viable this tech is ... - look to see if the actual insurance companies are showing interest ! Now look at the flipside.. if these sensors were to malfunction for any reason whatsoever it would lead to enormous wasting of goods and a large amount of unnecessary claims. - look to see if the actual insurance companies are showing interest ! On the other hand, the authenticity of a handbag or clothing item needs no special technology, you just have to go a verified retailer. Women shopping for $800 purses will go to the fancy stores and try them out and take them out the door. Thats really all the proof you need. I can only imagine what a PR nightmare it would be if louis viton stores started selling counterfeit items. I think this particular crypto currency is a really good example of how blockchain tries to sometimes tackle issues - that either aren't real issues, or they simply do not understand the complexity of a particular industry nor the motivations of certain players in those fields. Blockchain technology can have a tremendous impact on the transportation industry, its use case would be more oriented toward creating better contracts between customers, carriers and brokerage firms and exploiting the already bubbled bloodbath of driver safety and FMCSA compliance technologies. We were mandated to have all of our units equipped with electronic log devices at the beginning of this year and Teletrac Navman doesnt have maintenance appointment open for us until the second week of february. Our trucks are running paper logs because the devices are malfunctioning and the device suppliers simply cannot handle the requests of such a massive industry so for now, customer support is nearly non existent. I by no means consider myself an "expert" but i am a professional in this field and have been in logistics for nearly a decade. I think that for every new crypto that comes out trying to solve "problems" in any industry, somebody with at least a reasonable level of understanding of that particular business or practice should chime in and if you are looking to invest.. see what people in those arenas have to say about it. I will leave you with this - If you're a speculator.. by all means test your luck. If you are expecting Vechain mainstream adoption.. forget about it. Best use this coin could currently have is make sure that cans weren't opened already .. or something of the sort and i believe another crypto already tackled this issue a while ago ? Sorry for the long wall of text but it had to be said. Happy trading
Zhou Marco (4 months ago)
Do they have a wallet? Because I couldn't find anything about their wallet
e kang (4 months ago)
F Sulka (4 months ago)
Great video, sir.
Jonathan Mera (4 months ago)
china identifies the tecnologies that are going to work? So facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google didn't make the cut?? The Vechain website is full with orthographic errors an it's pretty much a copy paste all over the place! No reference to the technology part of the token... And 59% of the tokens are kept for the developers and foundation ???(directly and indirectly), I like your videos but I think something is wrong with this one.
eze (4 months ago)
i like the cold food management. but this sounds like a proprietary nightmare. Imagine a car or computer which won't accept any third party parts at the hardware level because the chip doesn't authenticate. the attempt is then logged in the blockchain and your warranty is voided. then they could refuse to sell to you again because your attempt to use unauthorized components is forever stored.
Alexander S (4 months ago)
Great video Boxmining. Thanks cleared up a few more things for me. When will you come with the next video about the economic aspects? Cheers
Jay D (4 months ago)
please help me understand how is the coin usefull to us ?
MRFAKEMOVIE (4 months ago)
ICON NR. 1 in 2018!
Jakub Vyhnálek (4 months ago)
RFID can NOT be read over distance of 10 meters...
Sebastian Hoch (4 months ago)
Hello there, I realy want to invest in VeChain but it's been going up for the last 3 days and I am unsure if I can wait for the bounceback or not. Don't want to wait forever and never get in. I am here for the longrun but still would love to get in at a low. What do all of you think about when/if and to what it will bounce back/stabilize.
kar3n.m My insta (4 months ago)
Sebastian Hoch Why wait for a couple of dollars ? Just put in as much as you have right Now and wait ! Why wait till iT bounces back to 3 or 4 5 6 What Maybe may not happen anymore your not buying iT for getting to 14 dollars a piece you buy iT Because iT will be 500 dollar a piece in the future buy iT Now keep iT and dont look back !
AugesonTV (4 months ago)
Is VeChain Quantum proofed? Because if your cold storage is centralized its still at risk. Or when you run into a problem with the interrupt-ability between two or 3 different operating systems. And you briefly mentioned a 2 coin system?
AugesonTV (4 months ago)
VeChain rebrand information: https://medium.com/@vechainofficial/vechain-apotheosis-the-beginning-d9f0fdbdc910
AugesonTV (4 months ago)
@Boxmining https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/01/27/national/coincheck-hacked-in-%C2%A558-billion-cryptocurrency-heist-four-years-after-mt-gox/#.WmwwTKinHBQ
AugesonTV (4 months ago)
I disagree, I feel like in 3 years people will target crypto currency because the risk is ALOT lower then targeting lets say credit cards or banks, and arguably a lot easier. Is this not something you see lasting longer then 3 years? 5 years? Quantom-Proofing your coin would mean you wouldn't have to invest so much in cold storage and when your focus is the "Industry and cutting costs" transitioning from paper to cold storage - what if you can get that same security but without the cold storage?.. lets say your statements are true, wouldn't be eliminating the next most expensive thing be the most efficient? I also asked a few other questions that didnt't seem to get answered. Is your cold Storage centralized? I bet the security around that would be significantly less then a bank. Or maybe not with a big company behind you... but from a long term perspective you have to consider that Quantom Computers are going to be used maliciously and crypto currency's are going to be a huge target, more so then they already are. Which means eventually everyone is going to transition from POW to POS. That transition will make or break so if thats what you meant by having a 2 coin system?
Boxmining (4 months ago)
how does quantum proof have to do with anything. crypto is secured with the same security used to protect our credit cards. i think our current internet banking system would go down first before hackers attempt to change data for cold chain iot devices
jason5327 (5 months ago)
You can already be tracked anywhere by a satellite if that's what you're worried about. So why not make some money and invest in this because this will obviously be a big coin
Zhou Marco (5 months ago)
You know what is crazy? I am very new into this sector and after I realised how fantastic is this technology I was thinking an application of it in the same way Vechain is been working for a long time. I am really interested on investing in it. One question, is it based in China? Cause I saw a lot of announcement made in the mainland China. Please do another video!!!
Applied Hobbies (5 months ago)
Thanks for a very good video Boxmining, I asked this on another channel and didn't get a response, so maybe you can help me. I just did hours of research, I even read the "not a white paper" white paper. But I still have a question that is central to the value and utility of the vechain coin. So I understand it has a lot of applications in the "real world" by tagging products with block chain embedded RFID trackers and helping consumers keep track of the authenticity, that's a real and valuable service. My question is, how will this help drive the value of the coin? It seems there is an enterprise solution, and there is the coin, but I don't see how they are necessarily related or how let say, if lots of companies started using the authentication service, why the value of the coin will go up or down.
sithius99 (5 months ago)
Are there any other crypto currencies also trying to do what VEN is doing when it comes to shutting down counterfeit goods?
Avtar Johal (5 months ago)
Awesome work again, joy to watch. As for the coin, I will definitely have it as part of my portfolio, support from big parties, PWC as partners, its all systems go for this coin.
dunnwick (5 months ago)
You are the best! Thank You for your very educated take on future investment opportunities we always appreciate the input
Andre Silva (5 months ago)
I don't get it what the RFId, anti counterfeit, tracking sushi temperature has to do with a currency. Why do people buy this coin? Can you use vechain as money?
Jack Sully (5 months ago)
VR coin is trading almost 500 sats cheaper on coinexchange . why is that? is it possible to buy and trade on other exchange? . Also is that to do with Oculus Rift mentioning it in the podcast? they are up 400% today? should we still buy?
THE SOURCE (5 months ago)
Amazing!!! Wow!! You are so amazing!! Thanks for all the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Junaid Shaikh (5 months ago)
Hey can you do a video about Aigang (AIX)?
JUN LEE (5 months ago)
What about Wabi, also doing the same thing.
GP (5 months ago)
what will the token be used for?
George's Channel (5 months ago)
Are the companies on this network REQUIRED to purchase VEN or soon to be VET for settlement of their bills? I am a bit thrown off by the use of THOR. Can someone help me understand before I invest. Thanks!
tbolts (5 months ago)
You do an excellent review of this technology!! Even at the current price of $6.14, it might be a good idea to pick up some VEN. It appears to be rock-solid. Thanks Boxmining.
BTC (5 months ago)
very useful
LAZER Juggler (5 months ago)
really thank you ! best information of my day , very good explanation :-)
Tony Sarkis (5 months ago)
Awesome video dude!!!!
Mattaniah Yip (5 months ago)
Can you do a video how to put Vechain on a hardware wallet?
YOUNIVERSE B (5 months ago)
It's a ERC20 token so any harware wallet with ETH will do
Johnnytturbo (5 months ago)
What happened to Walton? Can you comment on their re-brand?
John Balder (5 months ago)
You’re doing a fantastic job creating these videos Michael. Thank you
YouSuckDeep (5 months ago)
ripple, xlm and Vechain. YEAH!! these are my long term HODLING :DD
Digiclear 333 (5 months ago)
Vechain will hit $100 in a year from now easy.. just watch!
kaczan3 (5 months ago)
Isn't Wabi already doing the RF tags in China?
Dre Dejong (5 months ago)
The only bad thing is that the coin amounts on Coinmarketcap are wrong. They are actually two times higher.
Fady Shia (5 months ago)
4.70 on binance now ... too late ??
xA18kND1x (3 months ago)
Houn Pak lol
Steve (4 months ago)
Tim Atkins good call buddy
Houn Pak (4 months ago)
Still the same u bozo... 20$ lmao
Tim Atkins (5 months ago)
That will look very cheap when its $20 at the end of Jan
Knusi Crypto (5 months ago)
this is pumå and dumpt they have no contracts at all no plan , you are a s camme dont listen to this uggly chinese
PowerHeal (5 months ago)
A PWC partnerships is nothing to brag about, they have been ridden with scandals. They also are an audit firm, and also prepare taxes. This is a RED FLAG.
YOUNIVERSE B (5 months ago)
Do you have any clue who PWC is???
trix514 (5 months ago)
Buy wabi, save a baby.
Juny H (1 month ago)
trix514 lol
Matt Danielson (5 months ago)
My friend put 16k into Vechain. His account value on Vechain is over 300k. Luckily for him he got in at .15 cents a share. holy moly.
David Patton (5 months ago)
And you don't like Factom because?
faisal mehrban (5 months ago)
What about Wabi Coin?
WGEB (5 months ago)
Still a good buy at 4 dollar, or will it drop first? Tnx
YOUNIVERSE B (5 months ago)
I suggest you just buy, this train is taking off any moment now
absconder ie (5 months ago)
WGEB cost averaging is your best bet
Peter Parker (5 months ago)
neo + ontology can do the same
Adony Francisco (5 months ago)
What do you mean by nut shell?
Crypto Blogger (5 months ago)
it means, a complete definition in a small amount of time, like how a nut is a lot of power packed into a tiny shell. It's a slang phrase... hope that helps...
terry arcona (5 months ago)
taxation is theft
Abdul (5 months ago)
Amazing, this coin has endless potentials in business. Definitely, a coin to hold for 2018
Cullen Manning (5 months ago)
I have some ripple but with the news that coinbase isn't getting it should i sell mext chance i get or wait it out? I also have a chunk of vchain
Curtis (5 months ago)
Have you seen Walton Coin, named after Charles Walton.. inventor of RFID chip. are they similar?Walton (WTC)
erikdgroot (5 months ago)
Can anyone explain why vechain uses a coin? Is it to finance their project? In my mind it doesn’t make sense if they offer b2b solutions to make a coin. Don’t they just get paid for applying blockchain to existing businesses? Great informative video though! :)
Bungiee ayy (5 months ago)
so like bitcoin and ripple?
jacob jordan (5 months ago)
Guys, I am a BTC hodler. But never invested in ICOs. Planning to try these three. Please share your opinions about these ICOS. 1. Cointed 2. Giftz 3. Rentberry

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