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Can Verge Hit $1? - Should You Buy Verge XVG? - Verge XVG CryptoCurrency 2018 Predictions

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Could VERGE XVG be heading towards $1? Should you buy VERGE XVG? Let's talk about XVG cryptocurrency! Make Money Mining Bitcoin Here: https://hashflare.io/r/774D78A6 Follow Our Instagram: https://goo.gl/AuKUDn Follow Our Twitter: https://goo.gl/TZf4YS All ICO reviews are paid reviews. All opinions are our own. Do your own research before clicking any links in the description and investing any money.
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Crypto Coin News (5 months ago)
I'm very bullish on Verge XVG, I believe it is a great cryptocurrency with an even better mission. Privacy coins will be huge in 2018!
TOP DAWG (5 months ago)
I am between VERGE OR TRON ..Flip a coin
Kathleen Ivie (5 months ago)
Crypto Coin News Hi, I don't know how to leave you sort of, a general message but I had a question about a different coin. Reddcoin is being heavily promoted and seems like a great idea (tipping on social media), however it doesn't and hasn't moved much. It got up to $0.02 yesterday but I'm wondering realistically speaking, with market cap and all other factors how high does this coin actually have the potential to go if successful? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Tank you
It Sai Gon (3 months ago)
i strong believe verge. Will be $1 and more
Wally Martinez (4 months ago)
You still have the same view after this recent decline to five cents
Johnny Unitas (4 months ago)
It's hard to take advice from a graduate of the CommieCore "education" system who struggles with the English language.
TOP DAWG (5 months ago)
VERGE is a still coin it seems, not much movement or volatility.. I bought a bit of it and then it went down a penny ,,lol..If I buy it ,the rest of you who are in it will get bad luck also..
PLEX (5 months ago)
WARNING Verge coins devs are not really working on the coin anymore and a facebook post earlier statet that some devs have already abandoned the project Most people think this is something extremely new. VERGE IS A RENAMED FORK OF DOGECOIN! I wouldn't buy it just saying, probably waste of money and time.
Entheogen (5 months ago)
Skycoin is 6x faster than iota an 10x faster than verge while being a privacy coin. Also skycoin can create unlimited scalable private blockchains for other icos so its more scalable than Ethereum and better than Cardano or IOTA
Car Go! (5 months ago)
What’s the best app to trade all coins on my iPhone? I really don’t have time to be on my laptop in my day
Cracker Lacker (5 months ago)
Car Go Vlogs binance
Biff Bifford (5 months ago)
Verge dropped to the #25 coin in market cap today. They need to get a marketing department and get aggressive before it goes on life support.
Ceyhan Doruk (5 months ago)
Holding Verge for long Term.
Thariq Anwar (5 months ago)
Brought verge at $0.025 .... I have 6000 coins in my wallet. Fingers crossed:)
Thariq Anwar (5 months ago)
James Dixon binance
James Dixon (5 months ago)
hey man what wallet are you holding it in if you dont mind me asking
Andre Hunter (5 months ago)
I think verge is gonna go big later in 2018. It's gonna be big still in beta
Jesus proa (5 months ago)
Still cloakcoin will come on top of the privacy coins
Eric Gets Fit (5 months ago)
Sleeper coin video!!!
Anshul (5 months ago)
How to buy Verge from India ? It is not mentioned in Koinex... Any other site ?
Thariq Anwar (5 months ago)
Zebpay you will find it in playstore This is binance exchange link www.binance.com/?ref=12167705
Anshul (5 months ago)
ohh gr8 man.. Thank you buddy :)
Thariq Anwar (5 months ago)
Anshul buy bitcoin using zebpay then send bitcoin to binance exchange and buy.
Dio G (5 months ago)
got at 14 cents. Lets hope it gets to at least 2 bucks
Louis B (5 months ago)
musashidanmcgrath (5 months ago)
People serious about privacy need to start spreading the word about Spectrecoin(Xspec) Next-gen tech and under the radar.
ATA TURK (5 months ago)
XVG will see the $1 in 2 weeks. its show already. and of the 2018 it can be arround $15
Token Black (4 months ago)
ATA TURK wrong
ZOZ (5 months ago)
I'm assuming you have no clue about market cap. It can't be that high. This isn't the next ETH Lite or DASH/DARK coin at all. Even if Verge reaches the same market capitalization as Bitcoin it would still be under $18-20/Verge. I'm curious as to how you came up with such a crazy opinion.
lauriL90 (5 months ago)
thats just stupid opinion, sorry man......
L. M. (5 months ago)
Everybody who hates XVG can donate to me! I'm just loving it with all my heart. Happy new year to all of you! ;-) DCXP2QmJEucbT2LoU5bxn2yQtrd7wvYpMP
rpg481 (5 months ago)
Quite tempted to invest in Verge.
Mihai Serester (5 months ago)
Were is your moon ? On the Earth ?
djorkaef (5 months ago)
Switch all Verge for other decent privacy coins such as XMR or maybe NAV, if you don't know about Wraith and the unprofessional communication, single developer, deadline failures... you should not hold on Verge. This is the WORST time to buy Verge.
a green (5 months ago)
Jamie Yaa (5 months ago)
Verge is about to get dumped! https://discord.gg/9VVNhRn Check the pump and dump group chat
Mustafa Ahmed (5 months ago)
Want to make up to 100% returns on your investment? Join our group for FREE to get tips and hints on when to buy and sell cryptocurrency: https://discord.gg/2XSJwm
Giuseppina Bacinic (5 months ago)
DFhWwM1yBd6gfDojJoMJnrc335YAH6zWxS who hates XVG can donate to me, i just love it with all my heart. Happy new year
Ras0ne (5 months ago)
I'm holding 50k XVG. Let's hope it hits the moon!
fge007 (5 months ago)
im holding the same amount. dont sell till 2 dollars. easy 100k for us
Henry Goh (5 months ago)
Verge is $0.15 now Is it opportunity?
nahush shetty (5 months ago)
I bought it at .16
deedar ali (5 months ago)
Henry Goh yes!!Buy verge at 0.15,14 or 13 and hold it for 3 months and it will go upto 2$ or maybe 3 and you can thank me later!
R7 Movies (5 months ago)
i would buy it. i bought it at 0.24 and lost about 50% but i hodl it.
redesign my life (5 months ago)
it might hit around 11 or 12 again.....people arent happy and selling it off like crazy. just my opinion
Me my email (5 months ago)
Hi can you do review on dadi ico? It looks like good project to watch but i want to hear expert opinion on it. https://dadi.cloud/r/xutsz37mse
islandonlinenews (5 months ago)
Im in on Verge because it is better and more private than monero which is currently trading at $350 ;)
d c (5 months ago)
we're fucked boys
DudeRevolution (5 months ago)
Dude eat some goddamn chili and clear your nose.
James Cannon (5 months ago)
I’m sorry. I subscribed this morning and watched a few of your videos. I can’t deal with the amount of mistakes you make. Holy crap. Sorry. Unsubscribing.
Chris Cozmo (5 months ago)
James Cannon what mistakes is he making? Who the fuck are you to talk trash?
The Lion's Den (5 months ago)
Ripple live in my channel!!!!
Robin Samuel (5 months ago)
Don't be fools https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/7m3jt8/if_you_are_invested_in_verge_get_out_now/
kin whale (5 months ago)
$KIN is going to blow up in 2018. $0.02 by Q4 easy, currently at $0.000371. HUGE returns to come. Already seen 190% growth in 7 days #KIN #cryptocurrency #crypto #altcoins #NextBitcoin #newbitcoin
Matt Matt (5 months ago)
Will smash through the 1 dollar mark imo weak hands will get gobbled! good luck all and happy new year dyor!
whoissayingham (5 months ago)
HeroCoin (PLAY). Just hit coinmarketcap. Low supply. Great Concept. Huge potential... already over 300% in less than a day
Mark (5 months ago)
Verge will undoubtedly moon in 2018.
R J (5 months ago)
Speculating 100 shares now
ChrisMonroeSTL (5 months ago)
I loaded up on Verge at about 13 cents. Thinking about buying some more. I agree with you. Great vid 👍
Daily Grind (4 months ago)
Rex Stu yo man, i’m not giving you any sort of advice...but... verge is at like 5-6 cents each. I would start thinking about putting like $50-$100 bucks in an let it rise. Idk what you budget is, but i have 12,659 and this is a coin that you should think about investing in for the long haul (1-3 years)
Rex Stu (5 months ago)
i bought 5$ of ripple at 23cents, cant miss this one
MK14mod 78 (5 months ago)
I believe its going to be a good investment,I just bought 5700
Stoked Technologies LLC (5 months ago)
Holding Verge for the long term....
Scott Budarick (5 months ago)
Crypto Ninja (5 months ago)
If you missed out on Privacy Coins such as Monero, Zcash, Dash etc., Verge would be a good entry point into this field, at this time, while it's still reasonable. Happy Trading/Investing!!!...
Red Head Redemption (5 months ago)
XRP, XVG and ADA are my flagship coins for 2018. If you invest in one or all 3, expect a profit.
PLEX (5 months ago)
better hop on an exchange with your xvg because xvg isn't going nowhere
Hiten Patel (5 months ago)
I am holding all those three along with cannabis coin and Tron
Justin Davidson (5 months ago)
I'm buying in!
Mentes Livres (5 months ago)
I can only hope it reaches $1 and beyond, i'm HODLing quite a few thousand XVG and I surely could use that money in 2018.
Henry Goh (5 months ago)
Art Silva Why not aim for $10
Edgar Venzor (5 months ago)
Should i sell now and buy the dip? Or will it go higher?
Bi Nguyen (5 months ago)
if bithumb adds verge, $2 xvg is possible
PLEX (5 months ago)
no because Verge will never lift up they got a lazy team behind them and it's still a doge fork
Tahir Naeem (5 months ago)
Hi can yu pls do a briefing on why BT2 is declining and why is binance announces they are taking it off xchg
Chad Dreuth (5 months ago)
got verge at .016 cents  holding
SebastianAsian (5 months ago)
35% is not to the moon. There are Weed coins that went up 2~3 times than that.
Heater Az (5 months ago)
SebastianAsian and i Hold them All
Mike Jones (5 months ago)
He never claimed it mooned in 1day, because it already mooned. 35% is what it gained in 24 hours. over a week, month, year it went thousands to hundreds of thousands percent. What are you smoking?
P2P Planet (5 months ago)
Good luck in 2018!!! Go verge!! Subscribe to P2P Planet for up to date current events and daily technical analysis!!
Dhruv Pawar (5 months ago)
Tysm for this video needed it badly one more video plz of dodge and dgb plz
charlie Shihadeh Sayage (5 months ago)
I like you , your good
Gabriel Kawa (5 months ago)
Yes many people will dump verge if wraith doesn't come out today and that would be the perfect time to buy the dip
Gabriel Kawa (5 months ago)
Yes it's absolutely worth buying into on a dip and it will go up again but that's what I see happening
Rohann (5 months ago)
Gabriel Kawa ok so it's dropping since the CEO can't hold promises for 3 times in a row apparently...so is it even worth buying into this xvg even if it's dipping? It'll probably never go up much again?
Gabriel Kawa (5 months ago)
It is for those that want to buy the dip
redesign my life (5 months ago)
i dont see any wraith yet...... wtf??????? lol...... aint good for investors
British Wanderer (5 months ago)
Anyone got any thoughts on NAV. Still holding my verge
The Bentatorship (5 months ago)
I got Verge at 15 cents and sold mine at 20... Don't like Verge's fundamentals and their team. I went all in on Ripple - the news that CoinBase will be picking them up is just too big to ignore.
Jeffie Jeff's Art (5 months ago)
Ripple is a banker coin...
Ron Paul (5 months ago)
there is a toast wallet app in appstore
Chad Abella (5 months ago)
Edgar castaneda hi you can use this to store ripple :)

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