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FBI'S Hillary Decision All Part Of Jubilee Plan Towards Greater Chaos

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Text Comments (104)
Nowell Sanders (1 year ago)
"Undermining society, especially "middle class" society"!!!!!! Hillary = 👹
bob bot (1 year ago)
The lkite win everytme. The only hope would be if the people would just attack the jews. The jews are the problem. Trump will not be president and I bet he knows he won't. He knows there are serious things are going to occur real soon. Hillary or Obama will be president and all you silly sheeple had the wool pulled over your eyes once again.
Paradox Mind (1 year ago)
The Memes are true, Laws are only for the poor to follow. Hillary is rich so she gets a free pass. The American people will do nothing about this injustice because the American government succeeded in making the people docile a long time ago.
graham law (1 year ago)
Another prediction, the last 2 mins of the video mention black life's matter causing chaos... That shit just got real! My CIA senses are tingling!
TheOlddantucker (1 year ago)
Family,Water,Food,Guns and Ammo,Gold,Silver.Trust in GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nanoaquamania (1 year ago)
lets see, waited for sep 2015 too, now 2016, then 2017.......
Lim Lin (1 year ago)
We see Bible prophecy unfold in the Middle East now. Bible prophecy is remarkable intelligence – it comes from the all-knowing God who creates this universe and the earth. Bible prophecy gets closer to world events one by one. They are living truth day by day, bit by bit. We are watching the Book of Revelation and other prophecy coming bit by bit closer to fulfillment. Jesus is indeed the Deliverer, the Savior and the Messiah for all people everywhere. Jesus came to live out His Father’s plan and to reveal God the Father to us. Jesus is the only way to eternal life in Heaven. Jesus is the way to escape from the destruction that is to come to this planet. To be saved, say this prayer in the privacy of your room to receive Jesus as your Lord & Savior: “Heavenly Father, I know I am a sinner and my sins have separated me from You. I truly repent of all my sins and please forgive me. I believe that Your Son, Jesus Christ, died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. I want Jesus to come into my life right now and be my Lord and Savior today. I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.” Then get a Bible which contains the Word of God and find a good church to attend. God bless you. 
Bison News (1 year ago)
God Help us if Hillary is elected.
Dimitri Vincheov (1 year ago)
strong possibility of no election at all
AB Normal (1 year ago)
Thank you.
CheekyMonkey888 (1 year ago)
We'll know by November if this is just good ol' fashioned cronyism, or an in your face declaration of lawlessness by the elites
Slappy Milktoast (1 year ago)
Soon its gonna be Booty Time...For us All, Buy a Hundred rounds a week Of Everything !
Ray Menendez (1 year ago)
Wonder what the BLM people are going to say about a black attorney general and a black president showing evey body what white privilege looks like?
Reverend Fry (1 year ago)
This is AWESOME, the sheeple deserve nothing less than total subjugation.
whoopdeedoo (1 year ago)
Are you saying that there is no chance that Trump can get elected?
whoopdeedoo (1 year ago)
I disagree...he's had opposition from every direction this whole time. He just happened to have the money and support to get there.
Dimitri Vincheov (1 year ago)
even if he did, he would continue with the agenda for a one world order. you dont get that far and not be on board.
jmcarp98 (1 year ago)
Nobody in the deep state is going to get indicted, and the Clintons are definitely card carrying members of the deep state:)
Bob Anderson (1 year ago)
Olik Ycagel (1 year ago)
The information is amazing. But, can you please explain wtf a Jubilee Year is?!
2Shatters2 (1 year ago)
Look more into Judaism.
Omar Touzani (1 year ago)
Get ready for Jubilee, goy! There is not going to be a global government. I see two camps forming; the Zionist west on one side and Orthodox Russia, Muslims, and communist China on the other side.
WirelessKFC (1 year ago)
Yeah the good old hegelian dialectic, the goyims always fall for that one because there always has to be good guys and bad guys right? I mean every movie, book and story says so Good vs evil, hope vs fear, Jesus vs satan, evil west vs brics
Watch The Skies (1 year ago)
The Clintons are such a disgustingly sick, crime family. The Poor White Southern Trash keeps getting richer from their crimes.
Franklin Kawano (1 year ago)
What is not fake? Gulf of Tonkin, we went to the moon, organized religion, public education, the media,911, Oklahoma city,fiat money and manipulated markets, weapons of mass destruction. Better yet what is reality? twilight zone
Sidney Boudro (1 year ago)
And come election the machines will be fixed. To vote for Hillary by 1/2 of 1 percent.
LibertarianRunner (1 year ago)
Tomorrow is 7/7/16. Did Jeff help prevent some chaos earlier this year and late last year? Maybe. Is there more on the way, hopefully not.
captainBFH (1 year ago)
We need a St. Thomas Moore. A Man for All Seasons!
captainBFH (1 year ago)
Sad but true"pay to play rules the day." PURGE
hippie 605 (1 year ago)
it's just business
T H (1 year ago)
Can't even trust the FBI and the white house....
Manna Tech (1 year ago)
Stupid Americans give their right and authority to Vatican and its Jesuits' tentacles. FBI and CIA were formed by Knight of Malta, so what do you expect? The seeds of serpent will always defend their fellow seeds as well. I do not know how many times I have to tell this issue, please learn the history and lectures on "The Secret behind Secret Societies" by W. Veith. You might not agree 100% with him, but he will trigger you to investigate more on the facts he presented.
Chef Fabio76 (1 year ago)
Thanks for update!!  Oh yeah new background music not as whimsical and scary..
R Jenkins (1 year ago)
This may come as a surprise to some of you... NEWSFLASH::: Sheeple have the illusion of a counted vote, the illusion of a vote that is meaningful. PRESIDENTS are SELECTED, not ELECTED!!! Get it thru you're thick craniums.. Vladimir Putin has requested numerous times to be allowed to have foreign observers monitor the electoral process, only to be denied numerous times.. hmm. I wonder why.. Now for those of you that only understand and listen when a person uses profanity... Wake up you stupid Mother Fuckers, you're being lied to. There is no vote!!
Two Moons (1 year ago)
I agree no government has made the government for the people and by the people, they are all on the same team, it is all illussion, not one government has been successfull at getting rid of the federal reserve and the corruption and the real government tha is running the country!!!! This is why our society looks the way it does!!!
sam schrenker (1 year ago)
no truer words were said....
magnus4g63 (1 year ago)
very true, besides voting (politically) is highly immoral.
RelaxHound (1 year ago)
Totally on point!
Valeria De Jeronimo (1 year ago)
great analysis
JDM _91 (1 year ago)
Im thinking about revoking my Canadian citizenship and leaving the West completely.
Dimitri Vincheov (1 year ago)
+JDM _91 i was in your shoes thinking the same thing. you'll see.
JDM _91 (1 year ago)
If all nations were 'in on it' we'd have a global government by now...I've been studying this dailyyyyy for the past 7 years of my life. The Russians and Chinese might be corrupt, but not to the point of wanting to enslave 7 billion people.
CheekyMonkey888 (1 year ago)
+longbeachboy57 take care btw you cannot unilaterally revoke your canadian citizenship, I looked into it, you have to first acquire citizenship from one of a list of approved nations. And there is no need to, canada does not tax foreign income, for now
longbeachboy57 (1 year ago)
That is pretty much what I was thinking, as strange as it may sound ;) Take care my friend!
Dimitri Vincheov (1 year ago)
+JDM _91 u poor soul...all nations are in on it
Empress Theresa (1 year ago)
Fighting is futile...the whole system is rigged. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. One heck of a ride!
Dimitri Vincheov (1 year ago)
agreed! these conventions should be must see tv!
the truth (1 year ago)
can we jus do away with all the police departments an fbi since there is no such thing as a crime
David Lee (1 year ago)
i love it!
Reverend Fry (1 year ago)
+Thought Criminal Music Preaching to the choir. I don't want any government, taxes or anything else that infringes on freedom. Live by the non-aggression principle, screw with me and die.
+Reverend Fry look up the threat management system. anything that can be done by government can be done infinitely better by a private organization. anarchy would not mean more violence and chaos at all. government = violence and chaos
Reverend Fry (1 year ago)
Yes, touch my stuff or don't keep your promises, it's duel city time.
+Cold Highway yup. like the threat management system in detroit
Malkism M (1 year ago)
Warning for all Amoronicans!! ++pay the price for ignorance....
Nor Mats (1 year ago)
All you people that believe this conspiracy, jubilee, one world order, the end is coming, summer of chaos in this year of 2016 are the real sheep. The people who produce this BS are preying on your minds and emotions with only two thing on their minds, money and power. Bahhhhhh to all you sheep who believe this crap!!
Empress Theresa (1 year ago)
Poor bastard! Keep watching Fox news and drooling like the cattle that you are.
danodbdb (1 year ago)
Stop pretending like you're wise & everyone else is a sheep. You're just as clueless. You don't have any idea what's really going on.
RCS (1 year ago)
America will Fall soon and Rightly so...
Anthony Raimondo (1 year ago)
Jail time is still in Hillary future. Comey is now being questioned on his decision and Trump said when elected he will look into the matter.
flea baggs (1 year ago)
We get to choose between candidate A or B of the bankers party.
Anthony Raimondo (1 year ago)
Dominick you are so right. I have an inside source who said it is just one party, It is the reason why both parties are against Trump.
dominick virgilio (1 year ago)
its all a show, the republicans are just as much in bed with hillary as the dems, what a fucking JOKE!
Reverend Fry (1 year ago)
Sorry to say, the usurers will never let the Donald go to the general election.
Anthony Raimondo (1 year ago)
Jail time is still in Hillary future. Comey is now being questioned on his decision and Trump said when elected he will look into the matter.
2Shatters2 (1 year ago)
+Anthony Raimondo Sir, you insulted me first, take a look at your first reply please. If you insult someone, expect backlash. Way to go on editing the first comment by the way. Keep trying to hide your stupidity..
Anthony Raimondo (1 year ago)
You only know how to insult that shows me where your head is at. You comment was not supportive that was enough evidence. Try learning how to be civil after all you are not God's gift to the world that I or anyone else needs to agree with you. Good bye. I will not answer you must have the last word remark.
2Shatters2 (1 year ago)
What the hell? What in my comment made you think I support these elections at all? Get your head out of your ass please, for all of our sake.
Anthony Raimondo (1 year ago)
So you are a Hillary supporter who believes in her and that she will make things better. HAHAHAH
2Shatters2 (1 year ago)
Look further into the matter Anthony. Trump is not going to "make America great again". If he was determined to turn around America, he simply would not be on that ballot. The grip on the elections is a lot tighter then you think, do some more research please.
ConfusedCanuck12 (1 year ago)
I had that thought this morning, that she's being set up to ensure Obombers third term.
Jason Filter (1 year ago)
she will finish Obamas executive orders, be ready for martial law, the puppets is in place
Steve Jones (1 year ago)
Looks like she has dirt on the entire system/Government. I hear the Clinton Foundation has many secrets that can bring down the gov rats so they don't want to open up a huge can of worms, they will destroy themselves.
Janel Corey (1 year ago)
Great message!!! Thank you Jeff, and thank you for ALL you do!!!
RequiemFor America (1 year ago)
How do you live with yourself being so conspiracy minded? It's simply business as usual in Washington with one set of laws for the cronies and the connected and another for the rest of us. Get over yourself.
WirelessKFC (1 year ago)
+Pamela Evans Jesus is an inception by the Jews so the goyims who know about the crimes of the Jews will wait to be saved rather than take action to save themselves
cruisinkev1 (1 year ago)
+Pamela Evans  Exactly Pamela... as "they" have even infiltrated "most" (though not all Christian churches) just like "they" have the various world governments, education centers, etc..etc... Thus, indeed "They Live"...and they have been allowed to "grow among us," exactly as Matthew 13 (Jesus' parable of The Wheat and The Tares) explains. Keep Fighting The Good Fight...as We Win In CHRIST  !! GOD Bless You and Yours...
RequiemFor America (1 year ago)
+Pamela Evans conspiracy theory is the new religion :) zero evidence, zero proof but 100% faith will keep the zealots singing together in the songs of stoopid :)
Pamela Evans (1 year ago)
cruisinkev1 (1 year ago)
@danodbdb What makes you think "everyone is clueless" ? If you tried reading the KJ Bible beginning with Genesis 6 and then follow-up same by reading The Book of Enoch...then you would know what is going on yourself. (Video's even available on YouTube) So here's a little hint for ya... CHRIST said, "as it was in the Days of Noah, so shall it be".... speaking in reference to what would be happening in The End Times. Your mission is to actually do some research and learn "what was happening in The Days of Noah." Once you figure that out, then you can clearly see that it "is happening again," exactly as HE said it would. (Think GMO Foods, as one example) Problem is...to many people want to be their own god instead of worshiping The Great "I AM." That said, here's one more little hint... Daniel 2 : 43 says.... "they shall mingle their seed with the seed of men".... so the million dollar question is...."Who are They, if they are not men" ?? Think...and research, as the answers are available for those that seek same. Best Wishes to You and Yours "if" you have to courage to "seek," as indeed if you elect to do same...then "you will find." Exactly as is written. Heck, I even have a "Sons of God" playlist on my channel (not-monetized) to help those willing to enter the rabbit hole and get to the Truth. Can't make it very much easier for folks than that. Be Well...
William Goble (1 year ago)
Queen Hilary not President Hilary !
The Firm Joel Furber (1 year ago)
Witch Hitlary! Put her on a stake and burn that evil witch!

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