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Wikileaks Mocking US Government Over Bitcoin Shows Why There Is No Stopping Bitcoin

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Richard Neal (2 months ago)
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Readul Khan (4 months ago)
salute sire for inspiration
Peter Meissnitzer (5 months ago)
NEVER forget history the government has seized GOLD and SILVER before , don't think it cannot happen again , the only save haven is BITCOIN . Why you ask BECAUSE not even the government can touch it , it's neutral NO company behind it NO CEO's to manipulate it and it's world wide no country owns it , think about that. For 2018 and beyond I only see GREAT things for BITCION , the original and the best , do not be fooled by imitators also do not be left behind even micro bits will serve you well in the future . BITCOIN has it's ups and downs ( profit taking ) but in the long run the chart looks like a GIANT mountain up up we go .
Obi-wan Kenobi (5 months ago)
Trace Mayer looks to be in the know. BTC thus far has hit $20k USD this week. 🤣
tom Messina (6 months ago)
I working on staying out of JAIL all day long . I believe bitconin wil put you in jail,  in time.
Cid Sapient (6 months ago)
thumbs up for the 1-2 min lol
ZoneTwelve (7 months ago)
The government does not have as much power as most people think, they use the media very well to trick people into believing that they have more power than they actually do.
Sanjay George (7 months ago)
The problems with central banks investing in stocks With central banks having the capacity to create money by decree anytime they want to, investment risk means little to nothing. Lose your money, it ceases to exist. In that case, just crete more of it. With their ability to create unlimited amounts at zero cost (just add some ones and zeros to an account somewhere), their capacity to move markets they choose to invest in is almost unlimited. Essentially, the only limit on how much they can do is inflation, which throughout the Great Recession has never posed as a limiting factor. As Zero Hedge wrote at the beginning of this year, For those few who are still unfamiliar, this is how central banks who create fiat money out of thin air and for whom “acquisition cost” is a meaningless term, are increasingly nationalizing the equity capital markets. As the WSJ puts it “these central banks care relatively little about whether such investments make profits or losses—though they can matter politically—because they can always print more of their currency. So risk is less important, analysts say.” And since risk was no longer part of the equation, leaving only return, central banks started buying stocks…. So between central banks outbidding each other to buy “risky” assets with “money” that is constantly created at no cost, very soon all other private investors will be crowded out but not before every stock is trading at valuations that even CNBC guests won’t be able to justify…. The bad news, is that as more people realize that a free “market” now only exists in textbooks, and that Soviet-style central planning is the only game in town, confident in price formation will evaporate, in turn pushing even more market participants out of the quote-unquote market, until only central banks are left bidding on each other’s otherwise worthless stock certificates. At the same time, efforts to invest reserve funds more broadly mean that more markets will be subject to what some critics describe as central-bank distortion, as large and often price-insensitive buyers run the risk of driving up prices and reducing prospective returns for other market participants. For virtually all central banks, however, the grotesque central planning shift of the past decade means that instead of engaging in monetary policy, the world’s central banks are now activist hedge funds, who are focused first and foremost on “investment management.” … and at the current rate of expansion, within a few years the world’s monetary authorities who are tasked with “financial stability”, will have acquired a majority of the world’s equity tranche, effectively nationalizing it. Even the Wall Street Journal denies the argument that central banks have to care at all about making a profit. As Russia became more of a free-market economy, the United States has started to look more like the centrally-planned economy of the former Soviet Union. Markets have been centrally manipulated beyond the repair. Central banks buying stocks applaud their own recovery efforts As always, the central planners have the arrogance of the elite that causes them to think they have the brilliance to guide and control the markets of entire nations and even the entire world. How can anyone believe that such hubris will not end in total financial collapse? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-26/central-banks-buying-stocks-have-rigged-us-stock-market-beyond-recovery
The Legend (7 months ago)
I don't think trump would want to get rid of bitcoin, too much money could be made.
Extreme Pacifist (7 months ago)
what will happen if the big time players go all in on bitcoin, will it be like warren buffet's Berkshire Hathaway stock? what is the endgame of bitcoin, to have an alternative currency not controlled by central bankers and the global elite, or to get rich? and what will stop bitcoin from transitioning into the one world digital cashless currency?
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Grano Madison (8 months ago)
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Dale Anderson (8 months ago)
The Crypto Genie isn't going back in the bottle.
Daniel Pohl (8 months ago)
Jeff, Someone like you, may enjoy my website on standing up to a totalitarian regime. www.extremezipliner.com
Daniel Pohl (8 months ago)
Awesome information, as always. Thank you, Jeff.
Tom Dilex (8 months ago)
Thats why Jeff
Tom Dilex (8 months ago)
Bitcoin = Cashless society = RFID chips = Total control .
Benji (8 months ago)
New drinking game: Every time Jeff makes a cheesy pun you take a shot.
Michael Sanders (8 months ago)
Tappedline (8 months ago)
Ashfaq Sheikh (8 months ago)
The higher Bitcoin goes against the dollar, the risk of it and other cryptos being declared illegal will increase. Fair warning.
Provably Fair (8 months ago)
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gold999gang tv (8 months ago)
Lol if you really believe your money is safe on the internet you deserve to be hacked. Get gold.
Charles Watts (8 months ago)
If you want a currency that is decentralized and real, make it kWh.  Kilowatt hours.  It is real and can't be faked.  It can't be controlled.  It will be king over ALL cryptocurrency since they use power to mine and maintain their system.  We use it every day in our home and work.  We use it to make our food and goods.  It is already entwined into every aspect of our lives.  It will spark the next real revolution.  The Energy Revolution!  Storage will get better out of necessity.  Generation will get better.  Transmission will get better.  People can make a portion of what they need at home similar to how crypto miners mine free crypto. Public funded power plants will become U.S. property.  Transmission lines funded by public money become U.S. property. Any privately owned generation plants can't make up more than 5% total GDP.  All privately owned power plants, transmission lines, and equipment must buy and sell all power from the U.S. grid.  The grid is the marketplace where all transactions take place.  It can even be tracked by a public ledger system the crypto nuts clamour over. People can store excess kWh in battery systems or contracted future generation.  As storage results in efficiency losses, this is a natural barrier to prevent a single individual or group from stockpiling kWh to amass power and influence over everyone else.  Stockpiling contracted future generation will be safe from manipulation if you don't have the means to store or use the power.  Intentionally shorting circuits to consume large volumes of kWh to drive up scarcity will be detrimental to transmission and equipment on both sides of the demarcation line.  It has natural barriers to abuse and corruption.
SkyKlub JayPrkr (8 months ago)
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The Mars Man (8 months ago)
Basically it’s scheme the schemers before they scheme you.
Ruud Hop (8 months ago)
BTW over 9 days is Santa Claus coming with your bitcoin present and next to him sits the lumberjack to spoil the party. Sorry the truth is hard. Speculation have winners and the same amount losers
Robert Berman (8 months ago)
Good job slick !
Ruud Hop (8 months ago)
The lumberjack is coming soon. Greed will be punished. No government have to take action for the great happening. The worth of digital bits and blockchains is 0,00 US$ or Euro. 140 gram is real worth.
ICO Interviews (8 months ago)
Digibyte (DGB) is hot today
TheTofrat (8 months ago)
I think I'm a pathetic slave according to this video. Well at least I'm a happy one :)
findvoltage (8 months ago)
Also lets get this absolutely clear for everyone, that there is not a chance in hell that an individual can predict the rise and fall of a currency such as bitcoin. There is however a source it is called....................not telling.
findvoltage (8 months ago)
Mr, you have to be careful here, anything on the internet can be owned and bitcoin is not the exception. They want a one world government (with a one world currency) and bitcoin just could be the exception in the bank's favor. I am a staunch anti government advocate and know full well they are our worst enemy, i know people in other countries wish for peace and dread war Like the majority of people all over the world it is a very tiny minority the prefers the latter.. Be we have to be vigil here and open our eyes, lets see how many of you wold drop their 50000% profit if they knew the government was behind bitcoin.
felix thecat (8 months ago)
U so remind me of Ric Sanchez rite now
annette cacutte (8 months ago)
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J-parr21 (8 months ago)
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stangeriam (8 months ago)
Wake up people..yes, the Fed system is failing..the powers that shouldn't be are aiming to merge into another system. Fools will be applauding as they jump into a digital controlled system. Ya know, the one most of you are into..? Warburg family member campaigning for digital currencies---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RplnSVTzvnU&t=771s
Shaun's Collectibles (8 months ago)
Berwick is nuts, but that’s why we like him.
DCO CRYPTO (8 months ago)
Great words 🍀
Alexei Tsipkis (8 months ago)
Whats wrong with his face? Somebody punched him?
Chris wicks (8 months ago)
I'm 100% liberal. I agree with everything you say. Capitalism sucks. F#cl the banks. 1% making us hate each other while they sit back jerking off laughing at us slaves.
Federal Reserve (8 months ago)
One up for the good guys
Cody Geer (8 months ago)
I freaking love crypto...
School of ROCKwell (8 months ago)
Jeff says it like it is...
M Goldey (8 months ago)
Jeff is so arrogant
All Senses Firing (8 months ago)
What about FED COIN?
Glenn bURGESS (8 months ago)
Jeff, I agree with you on Government oppression, my question is.? who do you believe are buying Bitcoin.? certainly not the average worker at the astronomical prices now being paid for Bitcoin, and please don`t feed me that BS of buying a fractional $100 worth of Bitcoin all that does is make people like you more wealthy, but will never bring the average man out of poverty.
LC Shaft (8 months ago)
Glenn bURGESS then you should do your math. Go back and calculate how much money you would have made if you had invested every month 50$/€ for a year in bitcoin. Doesn't make the average man rich? You're most certainly bad at math.
LogicalDeduction (8 months ago)
Truth always looses
Jon Feltman (8 months ago)
I bet you lost quickly at your first spelling bee...
Loverich Matii (8 months ago)
CBear (8 months ago)
Had a ad about Bitcoin gosh thats to good :)
Bad Santa (8 months ago)
I'm always skeptical of WikiLeaks seems like a limited Hangout to me. Assange is from a cult family definitely a strange ass dude.
Ralph Erizonie (7 months ago)
Bad Santa there all in on it together
ShOwStOpp3rr (8 months ago)
200 million?? LOLOLOLOLZ...you show me somebody that would wire 200 million cash into a bank account in exchange for bitcoins... the CIA wants you to think bitcoin is anti govt,,its 100% pure future enslavement as all transactions will be tracked,traced and taxed.. isnt it odd the govt is totally silent on something challenging the US dollar? we go to war with countries that mess with the dollar.. im suspicious of anybody that pushes this new alternative to the federal reserve
Vercusgames (8 months ago)
They want control, that means keeping people out of the beginning. After they get said control they'll claim bitcoin was their invention. If they fail, they'll just continue their crusade against it. They'll form a branch like the NSA, dedicated to stop it. The smartest thing they can do is restore faith in fiat by getting rid of debt, holding the corrupt accountable. The dumbest thing they can do is continue to give us horrible politicians, kill the job market, lower wages, and do everything in their power to never forgive debt.
22robr (8 months ago)
Silver or gold bullion (in your hands) we all know is the alternative to fiat paper. Who cares about bitcoin and the cryptos. Blockchain technology came from the NSA and now IBM is pushing it.
22robr (7 months ago)
that is right, good luck picking the top
SCAN IMAL (7 months ago)
Doesn't mean You can' t let it bubble and turn it into gold later..not too much later ha
flemingzzz Fleming (8 months ago)
Jeff have a word with joby weeks about the bitcoin network scam, I'm getting 1 dollar a day in bitcoin, bitcoin network is an absolute scam
danz177 (8 months ago)
No one in the old financial industry should be able to invest or be a part of any crypto currency development. Forget KYC(Know Your Customer) - we need KYB (Know your Bankster).
danz177 (8 months ago)
They can infiltrate the bitcoin development team in the guise of investors via companies like DCG (Digital Currency Group), with the CEO of DCG being Barry Silbert, a former investment banker, and of course other investors such as Mastercard. Oh and let's not forget to mention, Glenn Hutchins currently sitting board member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, who is a board member of DCG as well. Then there's Lawrence H. Summers also a board member of DCG and prior Chief Economist at the World Bank from 1991 to 1993. They are all pushing for Segwit2x which will act as an intermediary between the blockchain and the user. All this to protect the user from a potential blockchain failure???? What a crock of shit!! When Segwit2x is implemented and forked, dump it and dump it hard!! https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/743qb8/is_segwit2x_the_real_banker_takeover/?st=J8ESEI5F&sh=b2fbd2b2
Sam Man (8 months ago)
Thank You Jeff Berwick... I am ready to be a soldier for the cause. I've been following your financial advice and it's the first time I feel financially stable and glad I jumped on the train early enough although it was right around August 1st
Oilfield Info (8 months ago)
First video i watch from you and i absolutely love it. Great in depth news and good suggestions
Superman (8 months ago)
Truth always win? What about JF Kennedy, 9/11, Isis and some other things that I don’t even say because 99% of the people wish me dead for that. The best propaganda win!
sandpiper22 (8 months ago)
Once you go crypto you never go back
Gryphon (8 months ago)
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Gabriel Vine (8 months ago)
Love your new content style Jeff. This one is a gem – very concise!
Alien Hunter (8 months ago)
Zcash and PIVX are the real deal
Selim Bisevac (8 months ago)
Govt shutdown is all I care about, bitcoin, Altcoins, gold n Silver the anti dollar anti system weapons and of course we the people can do this!!!
sarli yi (8 months ago)
awesome!! no more losers
ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ (8 months ago)
If the govt really wanted to shut Bitcoin down, all they have to do create their own. What do you think the majority of people in US will do? Go to an uncentralized unstable crypto or go with a centralized low risk government approved crypto that's convertible with commercial banks? I will never understand why people don't see Bitcoin is a speculators market
DVS DVSDVS (7 months ago)
Yeah Chris Snyder we already have fiat coin a.k.a. USD lulz...
Chris Snyder (8 months ago)
You clearly have no understanding of what cryptocurrency is ... if its controlled by the state its just another fiat .
WVradioman (8 months ago)
+Retro -- You're *totally spot-on* there..!!
Bigdaddycrypto (8 months ago)
There is a reason they call them Brokers, because they will make you broke-er. That’s the best line I have heard in ages! Classic!
ascensionowl (8 months ago)
What is the intrinsic value of Bitcoin? The same as the key to your prison.
JoxSoft (8 months ago)
Earn bitcoin with nice game. No need register: https://goo.gl/knKEaC
withoutexcuse2011 (8 months ago)
Jeff, why do you continue to attack the straw man version of opposition to cryptos while avoiding the substantive point (a point I've presented a dozen times if not more)? Does doing this make you feel "right", "justified", "smart" or "morally superior"? One more time (the short version): cryptos represent *THE* ultimate tool with which governments everywhere in the world will be able to establish enslavement of Orwellian proportions ... it will be the ultimate control mechanism for all governments. For a guy that hates government as much as you say you do the only possible motive that you could have for pushing cryptos is the self interest of greed. Now answer this: what good will, say, $500 million in cryptos be in a society where you are 100% enslaved and controlled? Also, if you believe that the government is going to allow a private currency to remain in place and compete with theirs then you are nowhere near as smart as people think you are. The days of private currencies like cryptos are definitely numbered. Save this post so that when the day arrives you can read it back to yourself s-l-o-w-l-y. :-)
A J (7 months ago)
Someone who expects everyone to be "100% controlled and enslaved" is a defeatist loser. And no, cryptocurrencies are not going away, it's technically impossible and there will always be countries that don't ban them - ensuring their worldwide survival.
withoutexcuse2011 (7 months ago)
"defeatist attitude"??? Have you taken your meds today? Why do you make a comment about someone that you know **nothing** about? I am the least "defeatist" person that you will ever meet. However, I am also neither naive nor delusional. Pay the lady a buck and try again.
A J (7 months ago)
withoutexcuse2011 - Your defeatist view is too shortsighted. Due to the Internet they lost the ability to control what we think - less and less Americans believe their media. That is HUGE and the election of Trump was only the first step of getting them exposed and eventually removed from power. Notice that the Internet has NOT been banned, even though it deeply undercuts their power. The same will happen with cryptocurrencies - it is a revolution on the level of the Internet. The first step was the freedom of information (Internet), the next step is the freedom from their financial control and large-scale scams. This is an information war first and foremost - when enough people in the military, police and even the local/state governments are informed, they will resist the power grab. The current elites are not all-powerful, they are just people too. And they are small in number. The more they lose their information monopoly, the more they lose their power. And then the center of their power (currency and money control) can be taken too.
withoutexcuse2011 (8 months ago)
Louis --- The truth is I hope that I'm wrong. But I'd bet all that I own that I'm not wrong. Soon, very soon (between now and the end of 2018) I expect to see these things happen. My complaint is seeing certain people actually helping the criminals to achieve their objectives all because of greed. Boy, are they going to be sorry! It's like many people that helped Hitler achieve power - later they regretted it with every fiber of their being.
Louis Munro (8 months ago)
withoutexcuse2011 I find your comment thought provoking and very interesting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I believe to consider all different viewpoints and in the end be wise when decisions needs to be made, otherwise one can only be considered a "slave" of a different system, but still a slave.
Dan Rom (8 months ago)
Bring back the old background music theme Jeff please.
Dan Rom (8 months ago)
BTC will be the most private. Guaranteed..
BaJIeo Val (8 months ago)
Unique offer - bitcoin wallet in Telegram https://t.me/BlockChainRobot?start=a1811345cd221588daf3d8ab4bccefb5
Mr W (8 months ago)
He finally stopped mentioning bitcoin with bitcoin cash. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
FidelHimself (8 months ago)
Archie S (8 months ago)
eric b and rakim paid in full- great tune!!
Sonix711 (8 months ago)
F A F !!! :) Cheers Jeff !!! :)
kurt soenen (8 months ago)
it wont go to 0 its the new facist legal tender it wil have value just like the dollar cause its backed by fascism fiats are fascism by default only gold and silver should be legal tender and centralised banks and goverments are sheer evil and clearly behind bitcoin
HEKUVA GUY (8 months ago)
Lol! Brokers!
SCAN IMAL (8 months ago)
Assange and snowden 100% Government plants...Them pushinb Crypto is a a bad sign IMO
SCAN IMAL (8 months ago)
hard to decipher with all the deception now,Bill Gates,"Sir" Dick Branson etc....who knows...I would like to hear Jeff's answers on that..I certainly don't belive it has the power to wipe out thousands of years of our people farm enslavememt so easily and Nobody fuckin' knows who satoshi is but feel that it does not matter?ha
Jynx C. (8 months ago)
Good info
Daniel Earl (8 months ago)
Pathetic slave #savage
Daniel Earl (8 months ago)
Uh, okay.
zfallon84 (8 months ago)
I won't lie. I wish I bought into Bitcoin back when it was cheap, and my buddy was raving about it. But, I'm paying my debts. I guess it is better to be debt-free than rich in Bitcoin and having the US chasing me for bills. Who knows, they might bring back debtors prisons. Yikes.
ej732 (8 months ago)
After a year in crypto, windfall profits, I pulled out. In the midst of decline in the US economy, only a matter of time before the Fed shuts down exchanges, aint about to have thousands stranded on a trezor.
A J (7 months ago)
Use VPN or the numerous anonymous exchanges if it comes to that. Or just hold until the community figures out and builds easy ways to sidestep the ban.
ej732 (8 months ago)
Well ya, but if exchanges are closed and US ip's are blocked from global exchanges, kinda screwed.
David Tangye (8 months ago)
Crypts are global. The Fed is just USA.
Jon Feltman (8 months ago)
I agree, exit the Casino this week At the latest, insider sales have been through the roof the last 6mos compared to insider buys. Imagine the amount of capital that will exit Wall St, Corp RE, and even Au/Ag and find a new deflationary, value creating home in BTC, ETH, & OFF for starters...
Vincent Fiorini (8 months ago)
Good. Let them shut down the exchanges. At this point, more people than ever before want BTC. What do you think that will do to the value of it?...;)
Turbo Tastic (8 months ago)
ha ha ha LOL
All Total Coaching (8 months ago)
Love it
grasshopper78 (8 months ago)
Fuck the govt
Crypto King (7 months ago)
+Crypto Chris b3 coin is the coin that will make them 100x get in as it won't be at this price for long......
Centrox B (8 months ago)
Haha, wouw, but governments and central banks came up with crypto's in 1996. How would you know you aren't suckered into the new world government money system? Digital currency under government/bank control is what is the goal. No Jeff, I see no critical thinking on the subject itself. Bitcoins. I got them, a few, but is it salvation or the nail in the coffin???
TooLegit ToQuit (8 months ago)
Don't confuse digital currency with cryptos. They are very different
jesse christian (8 months ago)
Centrox B its math.
FiatBurner (8 months ago)
End the Fed! endthefed.org
stangeriam (8 months ago)
considering the fed system is failing..the powers that be need to set up in another form. They WANT cashless and digital..the fools falling for cryto are falling directly into their current beta test. ..for the future. wtf up meanwhile, elites are pushing for Crytpo..as is this Warburg beeyotch.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RplnSVTzvnU&t=771s
Gamer K (8 months ago)
Jeff Berwick is a savage . The crazy uncle you never had.
Shaun's Collectibles (8 months ago)
Amen, buddy.
TooLegit ToQuit (8 months ago)
And still aren't certain if you want to acknowledge or not ...
Ja Crispy (8 months ago)
Waiting for 50 Cent - Candy Shop to start....
legalblond (8 months ago)
A great video. Thanks, Jeff, and all the best for you. Let's hope that these satanist evil people from the banks and governments will soon be eliminated and destroyed completely by us, the people. It is time we take our sovereignty back.
dave corum (8 months ago)
Jeff, if I told you once I told you a million time to quit exaggerating...Do you see a problem with your comment bitcoin is at 5800 dollars? You measure bitcoin's success in dollars? Don't you know "dollars" are units of monetary measurements exclusive to gold and silver in coin form ONLY when gold and silver are current as the money of the united states? Know about The Coinage (Mint) Act of 1792 that the Boston Fed says "is still the law"? What's next Jeff, you going to measure furlongs by fortnights?NO DOUBT, people have transferred great amounts of wealth with bitcoins and other debt instruments. Stealing the wealth of people who produce that wealth with bitcoin and other debt instruments can be lucrative. Keep this famous quote in mind Jeff: "None are as hopelessly enslaved as those who think they are free." Welcome to the plantation Jeff.
jesse christian (8 months ago)
dave corum are you high or something?
dave corum (8 months ago)
Hello Matthew, just a little light on the subject, just the truth and like Jeff, we could liberate ourselves from this prison without walls/bars. I have no axe to grind with Jeff, but he simply is not accurate in his message, and the question begs: why not? I suspect he is ignorant on the subject matter concerning "money", "currency" and what he never mentions - repeal legal tender laws. The "dark side" is this - when you have the power to create money, who and what can't you buy? When you can create money, why would you do anything for a profit? Wars aren't fought for defense industry profits - Wars are fought because they are a very effective way to kill consumers.  The illusion of taxes are an effective way to regulate consumption, for if you think governments that are "20 trillion" in the hole pay their bills in a system that "works only with credit" (FRB of NY KEEPING OUR MONEY HEALTHY p6) you are simply ignorant of how this dark world works us all over. Bitcoin, like all other credit/debt instruments will never liberate us. It will only, at best, change the names of our masters.
Matthew Aislabie (8 months ago)
dave corum, very dark view of this world Dave. Very dark.
dave corum (8 months ago)
One more thing Jeff, If "the government" wanted to stop Wikileaks or Snowden, a shot (or more) would ring out in Dallas...Just like 1963.
cryptobradley200 (8 months ago)
bitconnet.oc-bradley200  regal coin -cryptobradley200-ALL Aboard!!!!
Peter .Novák (8 months ago)
If you think, that digital fiat money will destroy governments that have thousands of tons of gold, then you are a complete crazy! Most things are produced outside the US from the natural resources of third World countries Do you think they will accept your bitcoins??? https://youtu.be/dTwzCy0-RTw?t=44m52s
Petar Stefanov (8 months ago)
The government doesn't need to shut Bitcoin and they wont since it is their project. Why do you think Bitcoin was launched in 2009 exactly when the FED started printing money or digitally increasing dollars?....Hurricane Maria shut Bitcoin in Puerto Rico, not the government.....Advocating digital currency is like advocating slavery.....With all digital, there wont be any bank runs, they will just erase your digits from the bank...
Darrin Slack (7 months ago)
You've obviously never read the white paper.
levi machado (7 months ago)
if you don't hold it, ou don't own it... if I have a choice between holding dollars forever or bitcoin, I would choose bitcoin. If my choice however is between magical numbers mined for no reason in a massive waste of computer resources (that does fulfill a couple of the criteria for sound money, but not all), and physical land to farm, lots of food, gold, silver, animals, and a nice automatic rifle to defend them, than it's a no brainer... The government doesn't have to destroy it, all it has to do is make it illegal... then all the stores will stop cashing on it and most of you, afraid of the big brother, will voluntarily destroy it. The digital world gives them homefield advantage, not you. Bitcoin is only as valuable as what the next person is willing to pay for it (IN DOLLARS). It doesn't really buy anything... nothing is priced on bitcoin, everything is, however priced in dollars and then the bitcoin value is given in dollars for the trade. Blockchain is amazing, but that's the reality of this risky cripto market
Petar Stefanov (7 months ago)
"safe alternative" in the form of their own digital money (cash ban)"------This is exactly their plan....
A J (7 months ago)
I think there will be a massive Bitcoin pump & dump by the banksters and right after that they will try to push through a ban to keep the price down, as well as offering a "safe alternative" in the form of their own digital money (cash ban). I'm pretty sure this is their overall plan, but whether this will keep down the price of Bitcoin for a long time is questionable, as well as peoples' willingness to go along with a cash ban. There will always be countries that will continue to allow cryptocurrencies, which means they will stay accessible throughout the world. The bottleneck right now are the exchanges and banks to get in and out of fiat, but I'm sure there will be solutions to exchange fiat to cryptos and back through the countries that won't ban it. Russia looks like a good candidate with their new cryptoruble, which they also want to use to sidestep the sanctions and help the de-dollarization of the world markets. The thing to keep in mind is that countries that don't ban cryptos (while there are major bans in other countries) will get a lot of tax benefits from people coming in from all over the world. The end game will be when major fiat currencies start becoming unstable - then cryptocurrencies will be one of the safe havens along with gold, land, etc.
Petar Stefanov (7 months ago)
Weird.....What difference does it make I wonder, I am in Europe....
spenna123 (8 months ago)
I have bitcoin but no intention of ever spending it as it is. I'll be swapping it for z cash or whatever is around in 5 years that can't be tracked before I spend it.
Ralph Erizonie (7 months ago)
spenna123 well they've already traced you from this message you idiot
matthew jonker (7 months ago)
Crypto Chris avoid electroneum
Crypto King (8 months ago)
+Impala Crypto OMG much better investment looks too have bottomed imho
Impala Crypto (8 months ago)
yes PIVX

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