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LIVE: Bitcoin & Ethereum Not a Security [Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] - 6/14/2018

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LIVE: Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News - 6/14/2018 - https://CryptosRUs.com Bitcoin and Ethereum declared not to be a security by the SEC. Let's have a live ama once again, anything goes! Become an INSIDER to gain exclusive reviews and analysis on undervalued cryptocurrencies (and ICOs) and get access to tools that will help you excel in the crypto market click here: https://insider.cryptosrus.com How to Build a Cryptocurrency Portfolio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK_hPiaUG_M How To Buy Guides: https://cryptosrus.com/how-to-buy/ Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum: https://cryptosrus.com/buy-bitcoin-with-credit-card/ Bitcoin Wallets: https://cryptosrus.com/bitcoin-wallets/ ITunes Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cryptosrus/id1336511646/ Audio Podcast: https://player.fm/series/cryptosrus Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cryptosrus/ Twitter https://twitter.com/CryptosR_Us Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cryptosrus Full Disclaimer: This video and its contents are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer to sell or trade, a solicitation to buy, or recommendation for any security, cryptocurrency, ICO, or related product, nor does it constitute an offer to provide investment advice or other related services by CryptosRUs. CryptosRus may have a financial investment with the cryptocurrencies discussed in this video. In preparing this video, no individual financial or investment needs of the viewer have been taken into account nor is any financial or investment advice being offered. Any views expressed in this video were prepared based upon the information available at the time such views were written. Changed or additional information could cause such views to change.
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Rick H (4 days ago)
Voting for new cryto on Binance just started today. FSN is on the roster be sure to vote!
Dan ZygomatiK (5 days ago)
I like some of your thinkings but cost average buyin means never stop buying again and again in case the market drops on mid long term ,and I always been a holder but this was becoming ridiculous and I was not going to put more and more fiat as I already put a lot,so one week ago I decided to sell everything unless some fresh ICO like Qurarkchain or coins like EOS coz of their AirDrop system ,but since one week I saved 2000$ that I will be able to invest once we will go deeper. Bearish people make you upset but the market psychology works that way,when everybody has a bearish sentiment it just induce bear comportment and one of the first thing you learn on market is to follow the trend.Anyway volumes are so down,bulls are waiting,I don’t see a big pump unless we really go down. I’m a believer in blockchain technology but it doesn’t mean I’m willing to see my folio dropping without doing anything,the amount I lost by selling is nothing important,coz I saved money to invest when the times will come,so bearish doesn’t mean pessimistic,it can mean objective vision. Gl to everybody
roger hill (3 days ago)
I was just thinking the same thing, pull out and hold tether until, for sure, the market is going back up.
Reddcoin Group (5 days ago)
Reddcoin check it out..bitcoin isnt the only game.
Doug Winker (5 days ago)
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Nicholas Lubrano (5 days ago)
George, I'm a HODLer that has never panic sold. There has been speculation that NEO/ONT would be deemed securities because of GAS dividends, etc. With the positive news that ETH isn't, I'm thinking of panic selling at a decent loss and moving most of my NEO and ONT into ETH/BTC. This normally wouldn't worry me, but it's starting to sound like "legit fud". What do you think?
Helen Macheridis (5 days ago)
Hello George, I was quite disturbed listening to a debate with Richard Heart ?
bernie lee (5 days ago)
Stop hating on the warriors bro... It's over.. #BackToBack
CryptosRUs (5 days ago)
Hate GS!
Daniel Yasin (5 days ago)
Willeke Oorn (5 days ago)
All those bears with their videos just want to buy cheap. On the long end they will loose because people do not take them serious anymore.
universalsheep (4 days ago)
well you gotta understand on the long end its a loose market
Tim Ulrey (5 days ago)
That's weird. The volume bars clearly show bears in full control. You must know something that the market does not!?
Chris Linton (5 days ago)
They didn’t cancel DragonBall Super FYI
Chris Linton (5 days ago)
CryptosRUs naa the movie is coming out and then after that you’ll see a new dragonball. Quote “the show will simply go on hiatus to prepare for a new “Dragon Ball” movie.” Un-quote
CryptosRUs (5 days ago)
Yes they did...sad
James Louise (5 days ago)
Hello, I am a professional stock broker and binary trade expert/account manager with years of experience. I am set up with a broker and manage and handle accounts for them. Well, I could put you through on how it works and on how you can invest and make good profit from it. I also Manage/handle the account for you and get you good profit If you would be interested, contact me on [email protected] thank you
Dion Poscoliero (5 days ago)
The crypto index fund that caters to ordinary investors is Crypto20 and it’s been live for a while!! I’m glad I got in at the ICO
Did you just shit yourself @ 20:40?
it sounds like when a sphincter meets a wood chair
John Kennedy (5 days ago)
Cryptocurrency is not for the faint in heart.
Rich Buddy (5 days ago)
John Kennedy....if you were alive the bankers would shoot you again for that statement
Marinus Meijerhof (5 days ago)
Bought Btc and eth again !!
Black Krowa (5 days ago)
The main problem w EOS is: They are been collecting all year Ether only, and they are holding only Ether at this moment no EOS (big big red flag!!) If the project dosen't work for any reason.......this will be worst then Bitconnect..... only they will benefit by holding Ether, and ether will go up!! Why will they only hold ether until now? and not Eos? they know what's coming.....
Jason Parham (5 days ago)
Looks like they are going after that specific age group with Shattner. (Who are generally uneducated or against crypto) Interesting .
Greg Martin (5 days ago)
?? I figured they targeting the geeks, a large demographic currently in, or potentially in the crypto space
Jason Parham (5 days ago)
Hope you’re having a great day, George ! Hello from LA.
jignesh patel (5 days ago)
Ethereum much stronger now. ?
Ashley Allen (5 days ago)
One of the smartest and most genuine crypto YouTubers.
Петр Быков (5 days ago)
Make a screenshot of my comment! Odyssey will make the biggest growth indicator this year! Buy them while there is yet time! Who is the bum, for you there is a free airdrop www.airdropnews.org/odyssey-airdrop
Attention! Some of these days they opened one more round of ICO Telegram www.icovilla.ru/icotelegram This is a really worthwhile coin! I advise everyone to save it in the investment portfolio!
Charlie D (5 days ago)
Hello George!

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