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Ticking TimeBomb: Americans in Horrible Financial Shape Just Prior to the Next Crisis

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Text Comments (69)
partyguy35 (1 year ago)
Unless your a president of a corporation! They are more rich than ever!
BigBank New York (1 year ago)
10,000 retail stores closing by July 4th 2017 + vast automation in 2018 & it's all over.
Nancy Desch (1 year ago)
We now have a president (and I use that title lightly) who wants to increase the military budget by billions while cutting all the other programs. So if we do have another meltdown there probably will be less money for unemployment, Welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing and so on.  But we will be able to bomb the whole world back to the stone age if we have to.  Oh I can't wait for the horrible future under Trump.
Nizzle FoShizzle (1 year ago)
"One third of Americans don't make enough to cover basic household necessities". In my experience, the same one-third are the ones buying things they don't need with money they don't have. I can't tell you how many pre-foreclosure homes I've been through with the x-box, the big flat screens, thousand dollar designer baby cribs, and the newer SUV in the driveway. The next market correction will hit these folks hard once again, and I think they already know they are asking for it.
scriptorsilentum (1 year ago)
"a fascist communist police state..." yer a dumbqunt. you wouldn't a fascist or a communist if yew wuz paid.
Mary A (1 year ago)
THE GOAL OF THE "NWO" MASTERMINDS IS A "CASHLESS SOCIETY", WHICH WILL ENSLAVE THE GENERAL PUBLIC ! The US dollar has been losing REAL purchasing power since being taken off the Gold Standard in 1971 by Nixon. The result is a dollar which has now lost over 70%, in comparison to 1970. Hence, your Chevy sedan now costs $16,000 vs. $4,000 in 1970. Eventually, the dollar will face replacement : the BRICS group & Russia/China oil deals are just the beginning of its downfall. When the dollar "tanks", look for all dollar-based currencies to be replaced with "international credits" (computer journal entries).
Donald Laramee (1 year ago)
Welfare, welfare, welfare for all.
chandra sekhar (2 years ago)
Rich people manipulated the system with their influence along with governments all over the world and kept the profits for themselves and thrown their losses at middle class and common man. There by common man is left in penury. confiscate the money of those rich people , and spend that money which generate long term employment for many people.
Ruby Honey (2 years ago)
14% of Americans cannot afford to buy food Sound like a healthy economy ?
HULUCrackle (2 years ago)
'America' Was Middle ''Class''- Now 'America' is Middle ''East''.
Joe Billielo (2 years ago)
Stop and then get rid of........THE FUCKING JEWS!!!! Your welcome.
l wilson (2 years ago)
Would'nt it be hilarious if the Lord did away with all bathrooms and we were all forced to shit in the woods and wipe our asses on our beloved dollar bills..Yes it would!
Steven 801 (2 years ago)
After seeing what happened with Venezuela I get on my knees and pray that this doesn’t happen I can just visualsze the people after they missed their fourth meal and all I can see is mad max seneraion. I remember seeing news footage two days after hurricane Sandy hitting New York city and people were eating out of dumpsters.
Jerry E (2 years ago)
All good data presented here, and then... It's the Shemitah god daiam, yup yup yup! "Cause it says so in the bahble. Hallelujah, gad damn!
Michael-Paul Marasse (2 years ago)
good one Jeff! thanks!
canadianuserthe (2 years ago)
I really don't see how anyone will win.Unless you were prepared beforehand and also live in a fortress
alexxs S (2 years ago)
donald T will come to the rescue.....maybe!
joe sprinter (2 years ago)
Most are still asleep, the rest of us will have to sit back and take the ride....
Mr99RICH99 (2 years ago)
I don't believe too many Americans are in that bad a shape financially !! I see all the new cars out there , Lexus , bmw , Mercedes ,Audi and on and on and that = MONEY !!
Mr99RICH99 (2 years ago)
+Mr Gambino .......I work in the auto repair industry and we offer a credit card to people and people are getting denied all the time for $1000 or $1500
Mr Gambino (2 years ago)
+Mr99RICH99 - I work in a bank finance so I'm afraid no it's not at all speculative.... I look through bank accounts as part of my role....It's only got worse since 2007 although at that time bank lending took a dive.... Nobody wanted to lend, they required savings for their reserves... They don't now.. So it's back to lending to anyone with a pulse... In Jan my bank decided it was lending month... They actually called it that.....
Happy Healthy Human (2 years ago)
+Mr Gambino you also assume the current-day fall protection like bankruptcy and sleeping on park benches will be available... which it will not. we're fucked. all debt has skyrocketed since 2007 and people are buried in it. the system is playing along offering nuckleheads credit and everyone with a job $30k in credit card credit that they use as money... to buy junk or necessities... its still debt. then take the hundreds of billions a year in student loan debt... its not just for tuition, its for their rent, food, clothes, iPhone... all of it so when any of twenty different frayed strings break... its meltdown time and just wait until johnny retirement realizes his million dollar pension is worth nothing but some bankrupt-bank-stock and he only has 64$ in his pocket... no safe park benches anywhere that day or many thereafter.
Mr99RICH99 (2 years ago)
+Mr Gambino .....first of all your analysis is SPECULATIVE because you ( really ) don't know individual debt loads , paycheck etc.
Mr Gambino (2 years ago)
Really? All I see is people have a lot of debt. Lots of people who are paying back car loans that will hurt them when overtime, bonus, jobs disappear... Add that to rent and 35yr mortgage on massively overvalued property, food, clothes, days out etc etc....l see people who are about to get a wake up call .... It's fake wealth perception, they feel good in their nice car yes, look good and go cruising happy as pigs in shit but most (not all) are likely one shock away from the park bench and bankruptcy....
iThomas (2 years ago)
i really want to believe but the pay for my subscription to survive is just ... fake, I read all the emails I receive but they are there just to scare everyone, I don't see Luke talking about this situation every episode, isn't it that important or he understood what's going on behind the pay to survive, whatever you're also surviving and trying to get money so no offense just my thought
iThomas (2 years ago)
+Nathan Moraldo lol :)
Nathan Moraldo (2 years ago)
Ryosuke Takahashi - Initial D
Betty Kyler (2 years ago)
you lost me when you said profit from this collapse. Profit on others not surviving? Makes us no better than those causing it.
OLD CLUBS (2 years ago)
Just found your site, and enjoying your videos. Thanks!
HipHopBeatSource (2 years ago)
From what I've learned those responsible for the fraud and transfer of wealth in the US can not be prosecuted in any court system on the planet. If that is the case what difference would it make if every American knew the truth?
Anthony Simmons (2 years ago)
+HipHopBeatSource Sounds like its time for some good old fashion beheadings in street court.
Phil Osophy (2 years ago)
Our money and our jobs ARE trashed. They have rendered the Middle Class extinct.
gabriel diaz (2 years ago)
alice coppers (2 years ago)
Now that the research is in on Alzheimer's and there is a direct link to Mercury amalgam fillings.......
Christine Adams (2 years ago)
Also aspertame.
Tammy Taylor (2 years ago)
thanks Jeff you tell it like it is
KimJongBingBong (2 years ago)
keep chasing that tail and work harder
Prepared 2 Thrive (2 years ago)
Thanks Jeff. -Corey over @ PREPARED 2 THRIVE
l jessel (2 years ago)
In my son's circle of friends there is not enough to eat or unable to pay rent. When you realize that this is really just the beginning of troubles you wonder how long before riots and protests - either that or a major wave of stealing just to survive.
Joy Gomes (2 years ago)
That's wonderful. I have a big backyard where I plant a veggie garden every year. It sure helps keep the groceries bills down. 
l jessel (2 years ago)
+Joy Gomes I have my gardens and live 30 minutes from them. Far enough so they can not raid it thank goodness.
Joy Gomes (2 years ago)
+l jess Might be a good time to start a community garden.
PART TIME PREPPERS (2 years ago)
Many homeless go to the ER...say they are Suicidal.....(maybe some are) This is on the increase....past few years (trust me I know) they get admitted to the psych units in the hospitals...get to eat...clean up for a few days...then back on the streets....sad situation!
JSavic (1 year ago)
+PART TIME PREPPERS What about the drugs man ? Have you got the cell phone number of a reputable dealer ?
JSavic You're correct....🇺🇸
JSavic (1 year ago)
PART TIME PREPPERS You sound as if you are an American ? I am a European. Do you know if it would be possible for me to get a healthy dose of Fentanyl, prescribed by a US doctor, whilst visiting as a tourist ? If I claim to be in extreme pain ? Don't really want to go into any black areas to ask. Could get finished off by a gunshot wound, or sold some bleach by those dishonest African bastards.
felicetanka (1 year ago)
in jail you get fed, and medical care, but you have to make it a high level felony, otherwise you don't get the help.
canadianuserthe (2 years ago)
Or they fake cardiac or stroke symptoms
The Firm Joel Furber (2 years ago)
Awesome update bro! Thanks again
The Firm Joel Furber (2 years ago)
+Cole Wheeler Fuck yah Brah! 
Daniel N (2 years ago)
+Cole Wheeler Bro, Now that's Brotilini pasta
Cole Wheeler (2 years ago)
+Daniel N Whoa Bro!
Daniel N (2 years ago)
+Cole Wheeler Bro, you can't bro like bros bro, Bro...
Cole Wheeler (2 years ago)
do you even BRO, Bro?
Let's just get this over with. I got my PM and storable food.
amber lopez (1 year ago)
Keep storing your pennies.
Mr99RICH99 (2 years ago)
you will have to wait at least another decade
+The Australian Patriarchy Heh "B.S."
metalgear215 (2 years ago)
let's hang the tyrants
Wizdomtrek (2 years ago)
Let's keep em alive but in deplorable conditions constructed as to torment both the flesh and spirit too as great a degree, for as long as possible; let's make them WISH THEY WERE DEAD WITHOUT GIVING THEM THE RELIEF OF DEATH. And I'm not joking!
Cant wait calapse of evil empire.
Mr.t Whitie (1 year ago)
boo boo.... y r u upset..this is good why do we need to work for crap......... only the rich get rich.... back to old school living.... we were more productive..... no slavery this time great.... party time is over.... ha.... your parents have really screwed the next gen.... it is funny..... fall into my hands.... best time to advance when there is blood the water...... I smell,, panic,,, crisis,,, financial idiots stressing..... we're about to see what this world truly is...... hard harsh desperation...... the rich know this... this why they are rich...... they know the difference between fiction and reality.....
HULUCrackle (2 years ago)
+Максим Кузичев It will be the ''Poor" who feel the Collapse- The Rich Mulit-National Dual Citizens are *Making* the Collapse. zio''jew'' Banksters Gangsters Money Changers. *The Evil Empire Has NEVER Collapsed!*
Psi Phi (2 years ago)
+Максим Кузичев you allways been collapsed in Russia
All Total Coaching (2 years ago)
Couldn't agree more
Rhett A. Lighthall (2 years ago)
Good video, Jeff as always...I wish more younger people understood this.. But like you said, they care more about which bathroom people should use, and Bernie Sanders handouts.. Can't wait to go to your anarchapulco event next year!
MrLTiger (2 years ago)
What is it exactly that young people are supposed to do? All we can do is wait for this mess to fall apart and rebuild
Jhere McKenzie (2 years ago)
+harpuria ....I wish more older people understood this...so much for those IRAs!

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