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Smart Cash Review - Smarter Cryptocurrency for a Smarter Future

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Text Comments (148)
sibkiss2009 (2 months ago)
80% Brazilian retail take Smartcash transactions?
Green Light Hawaii (3 months ago)
never laugh at bitcoin, tis very bad
BXPOLANCONY (3 months ago)
DigiByte NXT SmartCash Tron Sia Electroneum Saving for 5 to 8 years
Le CryptoBoss (4 months ago)
a little late to the smartcash project but it looks to me a hidden gem, it's my kind of DASH. really cool wallet too
The Crypto Lark (4 months ago)
Still a very accessible masternode!
Altay Suleyman (5 months ago)
When did Ron Jeremy get into crypto? :) Edit: Nicely presented ,you got a new subscriber.
DR. Cryptohead (6 months ago)
Thanks for the review, Lark! Was this sponsored review or not? Please specify that on your videos. Thanks again!
The Crypto Lark (6 months ago)
All good mate! Appreciate the support !
DR. Cryptohead (6 months ago)
Appreciate the response and the videos!
The Crypto Lark (6 months ago)
Absence of saying it is sponsored means it is not sponsored - this video is not sponsored, but perhaps you are right that I need to say it at the start of every video, there seems to be a general paranoia in the crypto space that everyone is simply trying to push something
FordSierraIS (6 months ago)
smartcash is doing great right now
XPopCornX (6 months ago)
It's not a review when you don't criticize anything, and this video is most likely sponsored.
The Crypto Lark (6 months ago)
This video is not sponsored, I always mention if it is
Maureen Killoran (6 months ago)
Seriously want to get in on this after this vid! Love your presence, your work has increased my understanding of crypto. Thanks for sharing in the way you do!
Maureen Killoran (6 months ago)
After seeing your vid about masternodes I am stoked -all about that now!
The Crypto Lark (6 months ago)
Thanks Maureen! They have cheap masternodes
King Simon (6 months ago)
you can vote now(till 25 Feb.) on Binance for smartcah to be listet on it
Jannosh Bigglesworth (7 months ago)
Has anyone here set up a Smartnode, would love to ask a couple of questions about how its done
stevetager69 (7 months ago)
STAY FAR AWAY FROM SMARTCASH !!! My wallet has been locked since the first of the year on cryptopia with zero support from either the "scamcash" crew or the exchange.
Karthik D (3 months ago)
There was a wallet hack, which was the reason why cryptopia had to block smartcash withdrawals. That was temporary, and many were able to get their coins out.
Lizzie (7 months ago)
Any advice?
Lizzie (7 months ago)
Smartcash and platform concern! HitBTC = accepts deposits, but will not let me withdraw and will not let me buy smartcash. Cryptobridge = accepts deposits, but does not let me withdraw and does not let me buy smartcash Cryptocurrency = accepts deposits, paccoin is stuck! and can't buy smartcash ! what's going on ? does anyone know?
epicdeuce (8 months ago)
Ron Jeremy's son
Rich V (8 months ago)
crypto lark im going to be frank. im butt hurt i missed this one! not missing another one of your videos. the bell has been smashed
심 Shim명혜 MyoungHae (8 months ago)
Rewards seems to be a not-so-good idea because it tries lock up customers which is against decentralization. I want to use the currency that is the most popular and convenient at the moment.
Allen Lichner (8 months ago)
You are one of the best crypto teachers on the web. Thanks for what you do
This is going to be massive. I have done a TON of research on hundreds of cryptos for the past 2 months. I made pretty good money, and this is the best hidden gem I have found. This thing will be worth $30. It will take time but I guarantee it will. It's so much better than literally 90% of more popular coins. It has the best of everything it's so undervalued. I bought a few thousand and i'm trying to get 10,000 to get a masternode going because it will make me 6 figures this year and millions by 2019 I am 100% sure.
Taurug Baca (5 months ago)
Best Vine Compilation 2016 Amazing info, thank you!!
I ended up getting a sucre masternode. I'm pretty sure sucre is going to be the primary currency in south america within a couple years. The roadmap is insane and the guy running it is knocking out obstacles insanely fast. It's also insanely cheap right now like only $200 or something that's insane. It will probably get to be at least half as big as dash before 2018 ends. Also I believe a lot of coins are going to go insane either in April, or in November. Every year they all go crazy either april/may/june or october/november/december so right now everything is way down and I recommend stocking up on everything either RIGHT NOW, or in October.
Taurug Baca (5 months ago)
Did you end up getting a masternode? I'm looking into doing it myself, after the market bottoms.
David G (8 months ago)
one of the best projects
MrDjinnshukaku123 (8 months ago)
Great video
Paul D (8 months ago)
Is the web wallet better for receiving rewards or is the desktop wallet better?
Edison Chung (8 months ago)
Can you please do a review on Lamden? Thanks
Burl Schnarl (8 months ago)
Hey Crypto Lark, I'd be interested to see what you and everyone else think of https://dadi.cloud/en ? It's like AWS. It's been in development for a few years, self-funded and seems like a strong team. Thanks for the videos!
jonny (8 months ago)
In order to both run a master node and get SmartRewards, do I just need to have 10K tokens, or do I need to have 11K tokens to cover both?
argenis farfan (8 months ago)
jonny only 10k
viktor isakov (8 months ago)
Hey, Crypto Lark, what do you think about BTCP? Thanks
dirkyd3rk (8 months ago)
i chuckled at the bitcoin joke in the beginning lol. This video is great. Very well spoken, knowledgeable dude. Will sub to this channel.
Garry Oldham (8 months ago)
Hey Lark, I really like this coin, the rewards seem really good. Question though, my wallet doesn’t look like that, I downloaded the wallet from their site but as I said it looks nothing like that. Will I still get my rewards or do I have my SmartCash on the wrong wallet? Thanks for another great in depth review.
argenis farfan (8 months ago)
Garry Oldham there are two official wallet of smartcash. You can download the qt wallet from their page and you can access to this link https://wallet.smartcash.cc/ and open a web wallet. Both wallets can get SmartReward
Michael Alpine (8 months ago)
Got some right after this video came out, thanks to you! Also, thanks for recommending Deep Onion and Hush...doing really well on those 2 also.
Jamy Fox (8 months ago)
Best baby crypto for me has a lot of potential and could be top 30 by 2018
Peter Watson (8 months ago)
Great vid Lark. I loaded up and sitting on a master node! So I'm ready when they are! lol
Peter Watson (8 months ago)
SMART will pop this year for sure. I don't see it going down anytime soon.
Tech Garaj (8 months ago)
Yea, I really do like what Smart Cash is about! Do you think the price dips/corrects anytime soon or will the new floor be a bit higher?
Peter Watson (8 months ago)
Absolutely! Keeping over 1000 SMART in the wallet will earn you a monthly dividend! Not to mention this is going to boom in 2018!
Tech Garaj (8 months ago)
Kicking myself for not jumping it at 0.19. Did some digging around after your video and really love this project! Do you think it's still worth getting in at this point?
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Nice!!! Currently popping!!!
Pablo Llambias (8 months ago)
Thank you Mr Crypto Lark!. Fenomenal  and informative Chanel. very much appreciated.
GirlGoneSmartCash (8 months ago)
Great video! Hope you managed to enjoy some SmartRewards this month! Looked to see if you had a SMART address to send a tip to but I didn't see one listed! although you mentioned your username for web wallet is thecryptolark, right? I will send a tip there :)
GirlGoneSmartCash (8 months ago)
thats good then I sent to the right place haha :)
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Hey! That is right :)
Phew!! (8 months ago)
I am sure you are going to win the smart cash contest
*9$/2$C.e?nt#3. (8 months ago)
this guy is getting interesting video after video! ian balina can piss off
Goldsilvercrypto (8 months ago)
*9$/2$C.e?nt#3. Different ppl and opinion mate. Ian 2.05million account speaks volumes. Was 400k 2mths ago!😂
StaxKrypto (8 months ago)
The Crypto Lark thank you for bringing this video out. I just sold off some BNB as much as I didn't want to, but Ibought in Sept @80cents so...just bought another 800 Ethereum Blue and 2100 SMART!!! About 1100 sats. I'm stoked. Good move u agree?
StaxKrypto (8 months ago)
The Crypto Lark 42 cents. 🤓
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Three days later the answer on SMART seems to be yes
ryoki (8 months ago)
Have you invested in Smartcash, Lark?
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InVeStrong IMD (8 months ago)
Kevin D (8 months ago)
The only thing I don't like about SmartCash is their logo. That summation notation has to go! I hope they do a rebrand lol
City Bird (8 months ago)
I want to thank you Mr Lark (CyptoLark) for the review of this great opportunity being Smart Cash. I would have missed the ball if not for your input. Please keep reviewing this company and give us updates if you have time. Very much appreciated. My first Smart Node!! Just awesome. Keep up the great work!! Thanks again!
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Awesome! Welcome!
VINICIUS Morais (8 months ago)
Lark can u have a look on hive program?
We Rate Bikes (8 months ago)
good video thanks. looking forward to seeing SMART CASH community spread
Chris Smith (8 months ago)
Been trying to search these out before Mcafee posted about xvg. heres another you may like https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/moin/#markets offers very good staking and excellent privacy, very cheap and low supply!
SmartCash Venezuela (8 months ago)
Great video, thank you. greetings from Venezuela... you can follow us and see all our activities here in Venezuela.
ZoTrAcK (8 months ago)
Smart Cash is very interresting, thanks!! you got show some love also for LindaCoin (mainly traded on Cryptopia!), man... at 3 satoshis/coin and over 30 btc volume in 24 hrs, it looks extremely interresting! Happy Holidays y'all!!
Colton Marino (8 months ago)
Love the video!
zakti vibe (8 months ago)
Looks like my favorite coin Dash is getting some strong competition with the fall in the market it is a good time to diversify
Synth Wave Dreamin (3 months ago)
go buy some SMART
AM (8 months ago)
Love your videos Crytp Lark. Already jimped in smartcash. However bougt at .20 . Not worried much as i am long term hodler
Amin Zin (8 months ago)
Cheeky Lark LOVES them little honey bees !!! ; )
Amin Zin (8 months ago)
I don't invest for now but I don't bury it completely...who knows ! If crowds like it & if supply doesn't increase too fast THEN I'll buy. ETN max supply isn't 5B it's 21B, so SMART looks much more legit.
Amin Zin (8 months ago)
CORRECTION ! Crazy SMART has 5B Coins just like crazy ETN !!! Thanks mister Google, forget it guys, I stick to the gringo greenies...
Amin Zin (8 months ago)
SmartCash is a non ASIC dash-like it seems, good staff !!! PLUS it has only 1B Coins, so it doesn't compete much with Tether. Unlike crazy Electroneum which seems to compete with dollars (5B Coins).
illiterate thug (8 months ago)
Why the hell is nobody talking about  these futures twats ruining bitcoin? Not a single youtuber has touched on it this last week whilst they have shorted bitcoin into the ground, is everybody really this blind? Why is everybody burying their heads in the sand?
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
It is a crazy situation! I am on holiday, so just uploading pre-recorded content, but might try and sneak in a BTC video soon!
Hakan Dem (8 months ago)
Hey, i watched your video on binance, and i am wondering what the 24h withdrawal means?
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
The limit of what you can take out every 24 hours
block miner (8 months ago)
Great Video. But I do not see your SmartCash donation address here. It will be great if you can include the same in description so that if anyone wants to donate some they will know where to send SMART.
Crypto Nesian (8 months ago)
Hell yeah!!! Im all about that "Smash Dash!" Kia Ora from Hawaii mate! 🤙🏼
Darktele (8 months ago)
I’m getting a masternode just because I love passive income lol.. smart coin to the moon plz 😏
Wolfgang Trupp (8 months ago)
Funny that you are reviewing smart cash after I bought 10000 of them. Looks like a solid project. Especially like the fact that they are focusing on poor Venezuela. This is what crypto currency is all about
Wolfgang Trupp (8 months ago)
Conor McInerney oh yes I did 🚀
Conor McInerney (8 months ago)
Wolfgang Trupp if you did you are one lucky man
ThanksMia (8 months ago)
I`m going with Electroneum (ETN)
Synth Wave Dreamin (3 months ago)
go with both!
sdloo76 Laney (8 months ago)
Just wondering outloud...will Ethos and it's development advancing soon going to pretty much make a lot of crptos obsolete?
Tech Garaj (8 months ago)
What makes you say that?
HodlersWeekly (8 months ago)
lolol...C-Lark, I love the thumbnail to this vid :)))
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Thank you!
Dick Felt (8 months ago)
Love you Lark my brother from another mother!
Crypto Numb Nuts (8 months ago)
I like,,think i might go get me a bag,thanks Crypto Lark! hope holidays are going good!
Crypto Numb Nuts (8 months ago)
yes we should ,ill email you
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
you and brinks mining and I should try to hit niagra together
Glynmoor (8 months ago)
This coin has the best staking rewards in crypto bar none
Vincent Breslin (8 months ago)
The smartcash used as collateral for the node is also eligible for smart rewards
mattcanflyhigh (8 months ago)
went ahead and stacked up on 10k to start a node :D , looks promising.
Blockchain4Africa TV (8 months ago)
Hi Crypto Lark. Do you now believe in electroneum. Just to remind you all youtubers that am waiting for it to get to 1$. So you can all eat your words. Expect 1$ soon.
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
I hope for you that it will do well! All the best, Lark
CryptoWag (8 months ago)
Smartcash is awesome. Love the idea of community funded projects via crypto. HODL'ing this one for sure.
Crypto Koala (8 months ago)
Like the video Larky, but that thumbnail is going to give me nightmares mate 😂
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Excellent :)
Chris Smith (8 months ago)
Smartcash rules! 👍💰
Crypto Ronin Dude (8 months ago)
Interesting for $1,300 you can get a master node that can be worth hundreds of thousands in a year it two. Not a bad savings account.
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Look what happened to DASH!
Salam Khan (8 months ago)
Great project, holding large amount of Smart.
FordSierraIS (6 months ago)
how about 10 cents?
BTC Life (7 months ago)
5$-7$ march- april
impatient potato (8 months ago)
predicted price please?
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Tony Ji (8 months ago)
hey lark iam looking at bitnation and coinfi icos what are your thoughts on those have you looked into those ?
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Sorry, haven't had a chance to look into them :(
Boi (8 months ago)
Merry christmas from the christmas elf!
Tony Ji (8 months ago)
merry christmas lark what are your plans for christmas man
Gregery Barton (8 months ago)
Continuing the trend of making things smart by putting the word "smart" in front of it.
MrHarrilasagna (8 months ago)
Looks pretty solid.
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Yep :)
VokAin (8 months ago)
Interesting way to protect the privacy but I'm trying to put my head round it? They burn all the coins everytime they are sent? Is that a new tech? I'm more fan of Tor Network and anonymous coins like DeepOnion which I think have more potential (we've seen the rise of other anonymous coins already) . I would also like to get your view on the 20% Mining reward, dont you think that it could cause problems for keeping the miners interested to make the blockchain sustainable?
VokAin (8 months ago)
Yeah fair point, I just think privacy coins will be in more and more demand going forward with all the IRS "issues" etc
CryptoWag (8 months ago)
To build off of what Lark said, SMART isn't trying to be a "privacy coin" per se. They offer that to the people that use it but by no means is it trying to be "the best privacy" coin. Look at it more as an incentive than a foundation of the coin.
lotjeboerboel (8 months ago)
Thanks for another great vid. I like privacy coins and I own some Pivx. Thanks also for mentioning zerocoin and DeepOnion. Those are new to me. I will definately check them out. Would love to hear your opinion on investment potential.
VokAin (8 months ago)
Ah Ok sorry! btw I think SMASH is a great name! You should trade mark it! :D... which vid did you feature the DeepOnion in? I will go check it out
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
"zerocoin protocol" is being used be zerocoin, pivx, and smartcash at the moment Mentioned Deeponion in my top ten low marketcap coins to check out!
Red One! (8 months ago)
Great video!! :) Dash is pretty awesome! I love that you mentioned their strong community and voting system and that they actually went corporate as not many people are fond of that. You do notice all the details! Love that! Do you possibly take suggestions on coins that we would like to see you do reviews on?
88Zero (5 months ago)
its not going to be the next Dash, look at the total supply of Dash and look at the Smart Cash total supply, price action will be limited 😆
Red One! (8 months ago)
Thank you for taking time to reply. :) I was looking at zerocoin protocol that is looking hot hot now and a coin like deep onion that runs native on Tor, that caught my attention. Wish you a nice holiday and looking forward to new videos!
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
I do a weekly community coin video - voted on by subscribers, plus I usually choose one of my own. That being said I am on holiday so am not keeping the normal schedule until I get home
Richard P (8 months ago)
why would u tell us so late
NoelSphinx (7 months ago)
Time to buy. Dipped.
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Still pretty early by my reckoning
Johnnytturbo (8 months ago)
Any update on DragonCoin? Disney link real?! DRGN I'm seeing a "residual income" coins video coming up. Great work lark!
Rocket Rocket (8 months ago)
"Don't have fast transactions, must be bitcoin" lol! I like that SmartCash has a username for send/receive. BitShares does the same thing and I think it is a good idea towards a more user friendly experience. Nodes seem to be the "in" thing right now. A lot of the newer privacy coins are doing it. Shield, COLX, Phore. Do you have any thoughts on some of the con's of masternodes? Some have said it limits privacy, isn't truly decentralized at that point..etc.
Yay Fish (8 months ago)
Sup Lark love you man, don't want to be a bother but have you thought of making a video about what's going on with VeChain? Close to a flat straight line for 6hours yesterday
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Hey! On holiday so not keeping up the regular posting schedule - hope we see a pop on Vechain soon though!
marloesje (8 months ago)
You make the most videos, the best videos, even the big crypto youtubers watch your videos (they mentioned it a few times) yet after all this time you are still not getting the subscribers you deserve in comparison to some others! Is there no justice ?! And you have the coolest vibe!
The Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Thank you for the kind words! All a question patience :)
Nick Mercado (8 months ago)
Happy cryptodaze lark!
t395delta (8 months ago)

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