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Trump suggests he'll end federal ban on marijuana

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Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on President Trump suggesting he would support an end to the federal ban on marijuana.
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bg5561742 (14 minutes ago)
How about cocaine
BC Barnett (33 minutes ago)
Fingers crossed!!! Will Texas grow up or let us down?
Nolan Chapman (35 minutes ago)
Let's not talk about, let's be about it. Let's get this thing done
Nukubu (56 minutes ago)
Make America High Again!
win field (1 hour ago)
End the madness ! its only Weed!! go Trump!
Tom Smith (1 hour ago)
I agree with medical use of marijuana, but not recreational use should be banned...wush Mr. Trump should just ban it....
Rashid Ibrahim (1 hour ago)
So now conservstives are finally on board with legal weed? Hmm.. interesting
pwoodson21 (1 hour ago)
this is a business move not a lets smoke pot move.....they'll actually make a fuck ton of money off taxes and banking just like in the select states are currently doing
G LasLast (1 hour ago)
Well at least there is 1 thing many liberals will appreciate from Trump... I don't think I've ever met a liberal millennial that doesn't smoke weed
forestsoceansmusic (1 hour ago)
The only players who want to keep Marijuana illegal are organised crime or officials in the pockets of organised crime -- to maintain the Black Market prices. (And Organised Crime has plenty of 'churchy' little old ladies to trot out and cry 'shock, horror' at the mere mention of decriminalising marijuana.)
SUPER AIDS (1 hour ago)
ugh...dammit trump take this W...dont tell no one
Amateur Boxer (2 hours ago)
Spread the love to the UK next.
starven artist (2 hours ago)
He can ban stuff but,, it’ll still be “HERE” Totally supporting the governments own drug dealers by shutting down their competitors... WOW!! The More time in office, the more time to spread his Ignorance... don’t be a sheep!!!!
johnny stewart (2 hours ago)
I took classes back in 2017 at a college in charlotte, and I smoked every day before going in. When I had presentations, tests, or homework, it always got done. I loved going to school high. I always made good grades high but sucky grades when o was sober. Makes no sense to me but marijuana does get creative juices flowin :)
King Green (2 hours ago)
Trying to distract us from your baby prison camps? Lol dumbass Donald the Bitch. #legalizeit
zuluula (3 hours ago)
Bloody politics
Mark R (3 hours ago)
Cannabis should have never been made illegal in the first place. The government needs to stop stalling and stop taking bribes from big industry and big pharma and re-legalize Cannabis already. It's clear that the majority of citizens understand how silly Cannabis prohibition is and if the government keeps up their hard-nosed laws against it, let's just say that the government will lose a lot of control over the citizens in the coming years. People are waking up and getting fed up with the feds. The truth is finally coming out. The truth can never remain hidden forever.
Soil Soil (3 hours ago)
Karen Dobrowolski (3 hours ago)
I live in Pennsylvania. I was going to try medical marijuana for chronic nerve pain in my back. The hoops I had to jump through, and the cost, after everybody concerned got a share of my money, were too much for me. After all was said and done it would have cost upfront $230. That’s with no drug yet! The drug itself would have run between $75-$150 @ month! I’m on SSD; that is well past what I can afford. Plus, even though it’s legal, your health insurance won’t pay for any of it! So, here I lay in debilitating pain. Go Trump!
SPIRIT DOT (3 hours ago)
When the black man sold it it was a problem. Now whitey wants to sell it so no problem.
J978 Ma (4 hours ago)
Federally legalize for the vets
joe b (4 hours ago)
What a Fucking joke. Cmon trump. Stop supporting the degradation of our youth.
Larvitar Dratini (4 hours ago)
Lol there was a PragerU ad on this video with Ben Shapiro. What a joke
jeffrey jeffries (4 hours ago)
Obama should have done it. I had hoped that it was gonna be the last thing he did just before leaving office. Its the least he could have done for black people in lieu of ending racism
Jessie Anderson (4 hours ago)
Why not......Alcohol is legal. Cancer causing Tobacco is legal. A lot of no good stuff is legal as long as somebody is making a dollar....even as far as letting people DIE of Cancer, outlawing alternative options to keep big PHARMA racking in folks hard earned cash for poison pills that often require people to take 2nd mortgages on one's house in an effort to live 5 measly years, if that!
as ad (4 hours ago)
you cant get hungover on weed. but you can get hungover on alc. i arrest my case.
Jason Ripley (4 hours ago)
I wonder how the biased liberal media is going to spin this into a negative?
Doktor Skeletor (5 hours ago)
The federal government has no right meddling in state affairs, marijuana should be a state regulated issue.
Abhilash John (5 hours ago)
host looks ugly!!!!!!!!
tobber08 (5 hours ago)
I don't do the stuff, and have to take annoying drug screens all the time for work. But got to face the fact it is not going away, so generate revenue off he stuff is the option that makes sense. Another realistic win for Trump.
Chris Hodge (5 hours ago)
😂😂😂😂Trump all the way 👍🏻
Rubber Band (5 hours ago)
I used to be a heavy stoner and it brought out severe depression and anxiety disorders for me. I can’t smoke anymore without having panic attacks. Anyway I know this isn’t true for most people and laws should definitely be less harsh. Weed does help a lot of people. Some of my best friends have cured their anxiety with weed and stopped using pharmaceutical drugs like Xanax
Azn Mike (5 hours ago)
mounika lewinsky gave him an angry handy j
David Tomlin (5 hours ago)
Yeah Right! ...only if he gets paid for it!
chefpete1978 (5 hours ago)
Good. We have a lot of meth here. Albuquerque NEW MEXICO. where the TV show "BREAKING BAD" was filmed.
andrew (5 hours ago)
yashir320feili (6 hours ago)
Laapsus detected. O o
Vijay Varghese (6 hours ago)
MAG..... wait what were we talking about? JK lol I hate trump and thinks hes a stupid shit but if he does this that will be the 3rd thing I will agree with him on during his presidency. Well done president drumpf, well done. I hope you get it done
Cheep Cheep (6 hours ago)
Just leave it to the states... end of story
Go against present country and U.S. state recreational marijuana legalization because it continually supports criminal organizations. For example, plethora of criminal organizations and individual criminals were caught exploiting recreational marijuana legalization by owning/operating facilities to get Colorado marijuana to sell it both in and outside of Colorado according to (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 5: Page 4). These examples out of many more proves recreational marijuana legalization continually attracts and supports criminal organizations which increases criminal activity in Colorado and outside the state.
Read my comment against it shows evidence U.S. state recreational marijuana legalization supports criminals.
shiit winds (6 hours ago)
actually if it is legal then it will greatly damage criminal organizations because people will be buying from the dispensaries instead of them. btw your logic is completely fucked.
Brian Stevenson (6 hours ago)
Just a suggestion
November (6 hours ago)
Adam Quinn (6 hours ago)
If he does this it would be about the only good thing to come out of this admin.
Donald Brown (6 hours ago)
If president trump legalize weed and free some of these ppl that got locked up for marijuana charges he got my vote and I’ll wear a America great again hat 🎩.
Luis Villalobos (6 hours ago)
If you legalize weed Mr. Pelos de elote 🌽 you’d be doing us all a major favor 🙌🏽🔥
Lisa Adler (6 hours ago)
Its about time he does something that will not only help the cops not to worry about BULLSHIT but actually help a lot of economic situations.
kingfish slayer (6 hours ago)
I love u all! DAB🙏✌️
tomforest2012 (6 hours ago)
Legalize pot , totally harmless, a boost too the economy. Legalize hemp cultivation at the same time . Hemp could save the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4_CQ50OtUA at the least, The most valuable crop , a real Trillion Dollar windfall too the economy.
Jah Live (6 hours ago)
Finally... a reason to support Trump.
J F (5 hours ago)
Jah Live there's a lot of reasons, but like most black people, you're too busy letting the mainstream media manipulate you and tell you how to think. Black unemployment at a record low in US history, Trump funding black colleges after they were defunded previously under the Obama administration, the list goes on... You don't hear about that stuff on TV do you?
BitcoinsBest.com (6 hours ago)
Holy Ducking Sh*t! I already love Trump but if he does this he will go down as the single greatest American in my lifetime!
clifton fix-it (7 hours ago)
Come on Trump we want weed you want a wall. Legalize weed and tax it. Use the tax money for the wall. Everybody wins
Haha love to see all the conservatives angry about the legalization of the "devils lettuce".
derp derpison (7 hours ago)
Said he'd support an end to the ban. He can't end the ban himself. Congress has to. Which is less likely to happen with a Republican majority.
Jesse Curtiss (7 hours ago)
Not to be a stickler but he keeps saying it's schedule A. It's schedule 1.....not A.
Kenneth Thygesen (7 hours ago)
That one picture where trunks got his elbow on the table and he's looking on a phone he looks stoned as hell
*TRUMP* *WILL* *NOT* *END* *THE* *FEDERAL* *BAN* *ON* *MARIJUANA* . This is just political games and fake BS from Trump...I will come back here every 6 months and say told ya.
Marc M (7 hours ago)
wont happen.. ill believe it when i see it
Chernobyl Reactor 4 (7 hours ago)
Marijuana should be illegal in all 50 states. The gov't should stop caving in and catering to these lazy unemployed neckbeard stoners who's entire existence is centered around smoking weed. If marijuana is legal then I want Ketamine, LSD, Mushrooms and MDMA to be legalized as well.
"Aw fuck how am I gonna get reelected" -Trump before announcing he wants to legalize weed
sieve5 (7 hours ago)
Man I never thought I'd say this but I AGREE WITH TRUMP HE'S ONTO SOMETHING HERE.
J F (6 hours ago)
sieve5 and if you quit listening to the main stream media and letting them manipulate you, you'll see there's many many more things you like about him. He's done a multitude of great things, but you won't hear about even one of them on the news. Do your own research, and think freely
john arnold (7 hours ago)
Dear Donald Trump you want 2020? legalize it!
Michael Kimmings (7 hours ago)
Free the weed increase your populations IQ
Zachary Marner (7 hours ago)
Marijuana should be legalized across the country with strict age restrictions.
Todd The Triumphant (7 hours ago)
I don't use marijuana, but right on! If people want to responsibly use it then I'm all for it.
Gryphon (7 hours ago)
I hope Trump at least gives it a try, it would be nice to have a safer alternative to our current legal drugs such as alcohol and addictive nicotine.
Lionel Switch (7 hours ago)
He will change his mind again.
Albert Einstein (7 hours ago)
Old Jeffs head is about to pop lol
Asa Nelson (7 hours ago)
I don't smoke but am 1000% behind this. We need to stop sending people to prison for this.. our country can't afford it.
Moose Moose (7 hours ago)
The Nimble Ninja (7 hours ago)
If he does this, I'll go from hating his guts to actually liking him. Lol
Copulaxoxi Ranbooi (7 hours ago)
Alcohol is THE gateway drug. I used to do all kinds of stuff on alcohol. Like other drugs like cocaine, speed, opium. Smoke a ton of cigarettes. I would have sex with hookers, get in fights, my body was destroying itself. When I smoke weed I just chill at home and watch The Simpsons. Marijuana was only ever a gateway to drug dealers. LEGALIZE ALL THIS SHIT BISH!
Nicnine Murphy (7 hours ago)
This was going to happen regardless wouldnt u say.
Sora (7 hours ago)
why do people hate this guy again?? he does nothing but HELP the citizens ffs
bigbabyzubas (7 hours ago)
Its illegal at the federal level, but they leave the states with all the prosecition.....and the bill. Move cannabis to sheduale 2. Its time to end the war on drugs. So we can declare war on the real problem. The CARTELS!
Copulaxoxi Ranbooi (7 hours ago)
I knew this was gonna happen! Trump wants to be liked! He is so despised he wants to be known as the Greatest President of All Time! I would't be surprised if he ended up supporting health care for all and told us about the aliens! XD
Tammie Broggins (8 hours ago)
Stop taking children from there mothers
izeawalker (8 hours ago)
Marijuana is illegal for damn good reason. It kills and makes people insane. Maybe Trump has been influenced by democrats to pass bill.
Homey Van Smack (8 hours ago)
So Americans were dumb enough to vote for him now he wants to make sure we stay that way. Makes sense
jeremy steelman (8 hours ago)
Donald Trump is a genius.
Mark Diaz (8 hours ago)
F*** yeah!!!
DannyGranger (8 hours ago)
This is a major win for God loving cannabis users like myself.
marcos (8 hours ago)
Until now, his policies and AG Sessions say otherwise. We shall see since.
Earl Gray (8 hours ago)
Y'all would re-elect cuz of this?? That is assinine. He is still a scumbag. Immoral majority is alive and well!
Tony Castro (8 hours ago)
Well now I love trump 😂😂
Earl Gray (8 hours ago)
TEXAS gotta get with the program!! Come dine from your hi horse and Legalize that shit. 🇨🇱
Gerardo Vargas (8 hours ago)
Please! The one thing I miss since joining the army. I mean, I don't need it but it was cool just to relax.
Will Zimmermann (8 hours ago)
If trump gets this shit done id register to vote
Chris Hart (8 hours ago)
It's schedule 1 not "schedule A". It's the Cole memo not "the Holder decree". Side note public consumption of cannabis is still illegal in d.c. I doubt you could "light up on the floor of the house of reps" or whatever he said with impunity. These people are hilarious!
J. (8 hours ago)
Pulling this off would devastate the Trump hating democratic politicians.
Nick Hern (8 hours ago)
Thanks a lot guy...
MKruge 907 (9 hours ago)
Listen if the lets sessions touch it it will still be schedule one. That wouldn’t remove it.
adrian ortiz obando (9 hours ago)
I''ll suggest shot him in the head then spit.
Luisito Santiago (9 hours ago)
YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I FUCK WITH TRUMP🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
LA2ATL Media (9 hours ago)
The 1 thing people would love him to do
premiercconstruction (9 hours ago)
People will die... innocent will die as pot heads fail to respond while driving... doctors with pot in system hurt people.... pot kills the brain cells.. pot cause hyper tension, pot destroys immune system... hurts the lungs.... makes people depressed... destroys speech function of brain.... lowers speed counts.... lowers ability to respond.... dangerous while operating machinery.... can be used to control people .... is highly addictive in many people.... destroys healthy normal social interactions.... alienates children from real parenting..... breeds selfishness.... and narcissistic behaviors..... is hallucinogenic... smoking pot ruins lives. DRUGS ruin lives.
Unz360 (9 hours ago)
He said "Schedule A" but I believe it's "Schedule 1". Just thought I would correct the judge here lol
Alex Anderson (9 hours ago)
Helllllllll yahhhhhhhhhhhhh
SAMOA_814TM (9 hours ago)
Black people that work for Fox are puppets
Official kreative T.v. (9 hours ago)
Trump's the best.
Toppnotch Mike (9 hours ago)
I'm going to get out and vote if he does this... and wear a maga hat while I do it 😊

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