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George Soros Was Once a Dollar Vigilante, Now a Ring Wraith Buying Gold

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Text Comments (51)
Upgrade (1 month ago)
The bigger the debt the lower the interest rate - problem solved
Christine Caney (2 months ago)
No thanks, this is a great big pile of Bear scat.
Peter Meissnitzer (7 months ago)
All evil comes from the LEFT always has .
Peter Meissnitzer (7 months ago)
Good luck trying to shut it down , the people of the world will cause an uprising bigger than WW3 , NO ONE CAN STOP BITCOIN. BITCOIN , GOLD AND SILVER the real future.
be vere (1 year ago)
Pope and Saudi King has thé rings
mk mason (1 year ago)
Awesome bro!
kim miller (1 year ago)
better had he been a lampshade
Ian UK (2 years ago)
And the dark riders are all over the net, the airwaves, the television/telescreens, sniffing the air, got a file on us all, every text message, every phone call, every post of anything on the net, every item written not necessarily posted on a computer...thought police, Ministry of Love....I did not consider the Lord of the Rings to be 1984 with fur and horses?
Ian UK (2 years ago)
Maybe Donald Trump could be cast as Smaug the Dragon, or would that be Hitlary Clinton? Hard to say who Sauron really is? A Rothschild, an Israeli Prime Minister, an Empty suit shill that passes as Emperor of the incumbent hegemonic power? So many Saurons about.
Ian UK (2 years ago)
There is a silver lining to the whole one world government, one world currency, homogenized humanity, or decimate the masses mentality of the 'elites' or 'new world order.' and that is....it doesn't work. It is intrinsically and immutably a death economy and will implode upon itself. But we may all be collateral damage is the not so bright bit.
Ian UK (2 years ago)
Maybe Rupert Murdoch could be cast as Gollum or Smeagol, he's good at killing his 'brother' via his media crime syndicate at least. My precious, my precious News of the World....What's Rupert Murdoch got in his pockets? The world collective consciousness, pieces of string, that string us along....and the mass media are the goblins and orcs too. Is Ron Paul Gandalf? In this cast who is Donald Trump?
Ian UK (2 years ago)
I think that George Rupert Murdoch instead of marrying Jerry Hall should have married George Soros, they have so much in common, the are both have carbon dates for birthdays and are the fastest moving fossils in the divide and conquer oligarch, oligopolistic, monopolistic, global, centralized local, no representative world we find ourselves in, in the twenty teens. Same sex marriages are the new mantra for Killery Clinton who needs as many fringe and disenfranchised people as possible to support her dream of becoming a warrior queen. So George and Rupert, that would truly be a marriage made in hell. And here we are on planet mirth. A world where anything can happen and all the regulators are owned, sold, or at the beach or have their head in the sand. Welcome to the real world Neo.
Shalom Dunn (2 years ago)
Black lives matter has nothing to do with division of the population; it is founded by those who protect themselves vs. corruption and injustice.  On the other had your intent is dually noted.
nycrnr (2 years ago)
Both gold & silver are seriously undervalued. When utilizing dollar ratio, gold should be priced at approximately $7500 & silver $815 respectively per ounce.
Xx2ndAmendmentxX (2 years ago)
The Elves are on your side stacking heavily and getting ready - Legolas
lowslowflyer77 (2 years ago)
This is one of your best vids Jeff , thanx you really nailed it, i raise my Bullet Proof Coffee to you in a toast..
MrUseur (2 years ago)
Jeff I like what you are doing. I appreciate your clear language. Something that you won't find nowadays on mainstream TV/media. Speaking for Gemany, the country where I am living, there is no opposition in parliament left. Honecker, dictator of Ex-DDR, formerly was thrown out of office peacefully by the DDR people roughly 25-years ago; now we have Angela Merkel. This lady is awful. She deserves a kind of French Revolution experience. I think you know where I am going with that statement. These so called politicians have sacrified 100thousand of innocent people in Libya, Syria, Afgh., Ukraine..... and speaking for Merkel, she looked the other way. Licking the ass of USA and NATO criminals.
AREO (2 years ago)
i had a certain belief in dollar vigilante until i followed your advice to subscribe. You have a 3 teared subscription price, your prepared to disseminate your messianic message for a fee. Your no better than the people you condemn, if your a true freedom fighter you would not be charging a price for our liberation. You are a Capitalist at heart profiteering on the fears of your fellow man. your message is sound but at the end of the day you want your pound of flesh.
yaahme (2 years ago)
but but but...what about the Tin Man?
Omar Touzani (2 years ago)
Why is someone like Soros harvesting gold instead of stacking the most undervalued asset; silver? I only see one explanation to it. He Knows we are headed to an irreversible worldwide social unrest. Gold can be easily transported and liquidated anywhere in the world, unlike silver!
tim wilkinson (2 years ago)
+getoffmypage Hahaha -!! Ive just read my own comment back ! n i completely meant it the other way round !! { Golds obviously lighter } Think id had too many LARGE Vodkas ????? So no sarc just drunk !
wallythewhale (2 years ago)
Am I sensing any sarcasm there Tim? Aristotle once described the ultimate characteristics of real money. Durable, portable (which explains why oil is not money), divisible and valuable. The fiat currencies of today lose value when central banks turn on the printing press, which is why fiat currencies are no good money. But think of your net worth and then think of silver. If you have a 50k savings account and convert it to silver, you could never carry it. In gold, you could The current monetary system was created to give unlimited power to central banks which is owned by the Rothschild family.
Explicit Tech (2 years ago)
There might be a new currency pegged to gold or just a cashless society. A cashless society would be like the end of the gold standard, except witg the end of a paper note standard. It's another step.
tim wilkinson (2 years ago)
+Omar Touzani Good point - I cant pick up my silver carry it around un-like Gold !!
cigaro (2 years ago)
looks like jeff is copying stefan molyneux's video thumbnail style
Anunt Patel (2 years ago)
Hi, I'm a deaf blind albino midget with no legs. I hope one day to buy a karaoke machine so I can become a great singer to seduce Miley Cyrus. Any help is appreciated. Donate bitcoins to: 1LYkz2cCysx37mbwBmAoxxoCSSemZ3zKJa
"the anarchist JRR Tolkien" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh you're serious.. So Feudalism is anarchism now? A place where royal bloodlines are more important than evil industrialization? A place where great walls and armies keep out the flow of people and commerce? You best go rethink that one.
Matty Watson (2 years ago)
The face of the Cabal, right in front of our faces - George Soros. The Agent of London and most probably the ruler of the Exchange Stabilization Fund that controls the world financially out of the US Treasury. Time to wake up and familiarize yourself with the "Exchange Stabilization Fund"
Erik Gelinas (2 years ago)
One of my best investments was joining. And I'm having a blast learning and sharing thoughts and ideas with like minded folks. Plus hey, Jason Burack is a member also!
ThisIsTurok1 (2 years ago)
I've purchased physical gold, but I keep hearing about profits from metals stocks. Did I make the wrong move?
Bill Laut (1 year ago)
When the SHTF, which would you prefer to have? Mere stocks claiming your ownership? Or do you want the gold itself already in your possession? In this era, gold and other precious metals are not wealth investments; they are wealth *preservation*. Big difference.
Roddie Mc (2 years ago)
+ThisIsTurok1 - I don't think it's a wrong move at all. Physical is not a trade, it's money. The Gov is printing and monetizing the system, dollar will go to zero, physical won't. Only a matter of time before the economy hits the proverbial wall.
politicalprisoner2 (2 years ago)
you can tell from the last few days prices that the silver prices get beat down way faster than gold prices so its obviously better to own gold than silver. The big banksters aren't going to beat down gold anyway since they worship the stuff, but silver will never go anywhere. I expect silver will go down to under 10 US Bux soon.
Tommex Wijs (2 years ago)
Jeff your so close to become a follower of the tru God believe in you hart that Jesus is God and you Shall be saved take care i will pray for you and your familie keep up the good work and expose the satanist for Holland God bless
Mitt Notned (2 years ago)
The Jewish NAZI collaborator that willfully helped load the trains to the death camps with his kin is now throwing us all onto the train of the evil of the one-world luciferian government. Yahweh God help us all.
Roddie Mc (2 years ago)
But the people Are submitting to the Government, just like the Bible teachings. And Washington is following the Bible. Over 80% of the voters polled say they would NOT vote for anyone who was not Christian. You can watch Senator Phil Gramm babble incoherently about what God wants as Gramm pushed, and succeeded, in repealing Glass Steagal. Clinton signed this as well. This is the 1932 era law that prevented the banks from acting like casinos and prompted a remake of the depression.
Mitt Notned (2 years ago)
+Roddie Mc dude, if you are atheist, that's fine. I agree "religion", the man-made kind, is bs. Most of it has been hijacked by the pagans. The bible is the best non-fiction you will never read. If people would follow it, and not religion, we would all be a lot better off. The elite have hijacked the "submit to government" verse and will use it to send people to the death camps. The same type of people that tried to pull off "The Business Plot" in 1932 are succeeding in this plot to depopulate the earth at the bidding of their master.
Roddie Mc (2 years ago)
+Mitt Notned - "God help us all" ?? What does that mean, really? Silly religious bs. The religions teach someone of authority is going to take care and look out for them. I've heard people quote the Bible, the only book you need. Not many Americans will educate themselves, just BELIEVE the government is looking out and will take care of them. They even vote in more laws that cause the loss of human rights. In the book "How to kill 11 million people" he talks about the train cars loaded with screaming people, the people in the church just sang louder. This kind of delusion and denial is why America is where it is today.
Jeff Corkill (2 years ago)
Obama is tricksy and false !
Robin Paydon (2 years ago)
I was just thinking about this today and your right there is something about the sense of power that comes with being a billionaire that is completely corrupting. Remember Bill Gates before he became one of the richest men in the world? He was a geeky kid who wanted to change the world for the better but now he's a eugenicist with his bloody hands in everything. They lost their souls and replaced it with money.
Robin Paydon (2 years ago)
+Calvin Hague yeah right so does Soros.
Calvin (2 years ago)
How is Bill Gates a eugenicist? He does charity now.
The Firm Joel Furber (2 years ago)
So true.. Bill Gates at one time was an ok guy
Apollo (2 years ago)
This channel is way to underrated. Keep up the gold work.
havfaith S. (2 years ago)
The very best video. It should win an award for best video.
Bob Johansen (2 years ago)
One currency to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them.
Michael Gebhart (2 years ago)
lol; Soros is as well liked in parts of the U.S. as commie invaders in Texas.
espada9 (2 years ago)
+Bob Johansen : On the Island of Jekyll where shadows lie.....
Libra (2 years ago)
Well put👍🏻
Michael Gebhart (2 years ago)
Hang the Lefty!
Peter Meissnitzer (7 months ago)

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