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Closed Webinars vs Open Live Streams for Teaching and Selling?

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For earning the most money especially teaching online and selling courses, how do open live streams on websites like Dlive, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch compare to closed webinars with things like GoToMeeting or Zoom? I will show you and you can decide although to be honest I am way biased in favor of open sharing after having done both. Closed Webinars vs Open Live Streams for Teaching and Selling? I've done almost all my live streams in the open. I've done a live stream with GoToWebinar. I've done a live stream with some other closed thing, Google Hangouts or something like that, and I've done some live streams to a private Facebook group. Now, let's show you the data. These are all of my videos on YouTube. What you will notice is that there is a bunch of these live videos that have a lot of views and a lot of engagement that came from live streams. Here's one I live streamed. It's a gaming video. I've got live streams all over the place that are tutorials. Here's a live stream Facebook tutorial. If I keep scrolling down, here's a live stream cryptocurrency tutorial. A lot of these live streams I've done have gotten thousands of views even years after I did them. Now, compare that with a webinar where if I just did the webinar and only the people who came to it could watch it, I would have got a fraction of the total results. Here's a live stream I did on Facebook ads, "Free Insider Facebook Ad Training." I show the best of what I learned doing Facebook ads over two years completely for free on YouTube. I've got thousands of views on this video. I did the same thing with Poloniex. 've done a ton of different live streams on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and Dlive. I've done a bunch of different live streams and it works way better than doing closed webinars if you actually know what you are talking about and you are proud to present it, and you want people to actually learn from what you have to say without having to pay you. In my opinion, the main motivation to do a closed webinar is fear. You are afraid that you are going to show everyone what you know. You are afraid that you won't make any money by showing people what you know. You are afraid that if you just do it on live you will make a mistake on YouTube or something. You are afraid, afraid, afraid. If you go forward in love and courage, it seems like by far the best option is to do it wide open. If you want some more data, let's take a look at a few different data points. This is my Thinkific website, which is what I use for my course hosting now. I've not put a lot of effort into promoting this and I earned $40,000 in revenue, nearly all of which is profit. Now, that's a small part of the total. If we look at YouTube, over twenty-one million views, and $39,000 in ad revenue. A lot of the ad revenue was a result of live streams, that then later had ads on them and got watched and helped people discover my video tutorials. Now, the most money, Udemy with $600,000 earned. A bunch of the course sales were a function of my live streams. I did live streams on "Facebook Ads" years before I joined Udemy, and then the first course I got that sold really well that inspired everything else was a "Facebook Ads" course that was based on my live stream. Literally, the first course I uploaded to Udemy was a live stream recording. A lot of the people who bought the course on Udemy saw my live streams training on Facebook Ads. On StackCommerce, $129,000 earned. A lot of the sales on StackCommerce are coming from things that I originally live streamed, and then I put into a paid video course. Continue reading at https://steemit.com/dlive/@jerrybanfield/0d173840-6dd4-11e8-8587-fb4bcb1f0470. Love, Jerry Banfield
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radjah amin (8 days ago)
can u make a video about ecommerce like shopify ebay or amazon
Wani Shahid (8 days ago)
How to hack fb account
cyb3rnetix ibot (8 days ago)
Hope you do another live stream for hacking, I would love go to it 😊👍
Malik Haris (8 days ago)

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