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5 Words Every Bitcoin Investor Must Remember

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There are 5 words that every Bitcoin trader or investor needs to not forget. I explain in the video. For more on Bitcoin, see: http://www.leadingtrader.com/bitcoinwebinar/
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mister ribeiro (1 month ago)
yeah with all the supposed negative views surrounding bitcoin it makes sense its current long term bottom would begin with a six
whatthef911 (2 months ago)
Even if BTC drops below one dollar, it could rise again at an undetermined time. HODL may not be a bad strategy if it's money you can afford to lose even if you leave your hard wallet to your children nearly worthless. Your heirs could become wealthy with your HODL.
Bitcoin Bank (4 months ago)
Here's how to Link your bitcoin wallet to Bitcoin diamond: https://youtu.be/wThI7YXjhtI
Handige Harrie (4 months ago)
Buy and hodl easiest way to make money. Trading is the easiest way to lose money.
Handige Harrie (4 months ago)
HODL HODL HODL HODL HODL (or trade if you know what you are doing)
Divya Gopi (4 months ago)
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Che Nabil (4 months ago)
One of the greatest vd which I did really enjoyed.. Thank you so much !
Lance McGinnis (4 months ago)
This guy has no credibility at all. Here's what he said in October 2011 in a video about the Eurozone rescue plan: "...in less than 12 months, my prediction is that savings of millions of people is gonna vanish and this is just the beginning." One year later was October 2012. The Dow Industrials went from 1130 when he spoke to 1220 one year later. And now the Dow is at 2600. And now he's a bitcoin expert? Give me a break. Ignore whatever he says.
Ggdivhjkjl (4 months ago)
BTC has dropped below US$9300 :(
Tyler Moran (4 months ago)
Taylor Neilson (4 months ago)
i love this channel
Mike Müller (4 months ago)
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Philson (4 months ago)
Just HODL for the long term. Hang in there guys!
MrManBuzz (4 months ago)
Philson Weather the storm boys!
Arising-Tale (4 months ago)
never said it was less likely
Iman Akbar Arifialdi (4 months ago)
alessio what about today,, please make another video about your 2nd scenario, as it proven to be right bitcoin price is rejected 2nd time entering 12k, bounce back at 11700, now already heading to 10200 resistance, will the next low still 6000 ??
purple8348 (4 months ago)
very logical and realistic.How do we cintact you and learn from you
Jeff Wong (4 months ago)
Thank you Alessio! You're a great teacher!
Piotr Leib (4 months ago)
Hi. Would you also think that each one of us should assume, that each INVESTMENT we are in will be a loser? Not a trade, but long time investment. It may be hard to hold for long time some positions assuming that those investments are going to be a "big loser". Dont you think?
Fantasy Couch (4 months ago)
Thumbs UP!
Roy Delgado (4 months ago)
I learn so much from your videos! Thanks!
antalyaaerial (4 months ago)
Great information . Thank you
Jay Dee (4 months ago)
what goes up goes down... there 5 words!
Monkey Tron (4 months ago)
I’d like to know where ethics come into trading in your opinion. Isn’t shorting damaging a potentially decent company I.e. hitting them when they’re down? Isn’t profiting from privacy coins supporting crime (drugs fine but sex trafficking no way)? As a socialist that bumbled into this libertarian utopia I’m seriously confused about (and really interested in) the ethics (and the real world effects) of trading without a political goal. I hope crypto will bring financial products to the 3rd world which would be both a wonderful political change and profitable in tandem.
Biddy Boy (4 months ago)
So it might go up, or it might go down? Got it.
Elliot Ford (4 months ago)
You are amazing!
Aleksandar Vidojevic (4 months ago)
How to distinguish between an ABC and a 12345?
Karl Barker (4 months ago)
I love the way you rationalise and explain!! Awesome 👍
shadyparadox (4 months ago)
Pilots don't prepare for the unexpected? Now I'm hesitant to get on a plane again...
Finnbarious777 (4 months ago)
you are the man!!!! love it!
Белый Халат (4 months ago)
Rynaard Burger (4 months ago)
Another great video! I just want to say thanks for the top quality videos, really informative and educational.
rollandoTech (4 months ago)
Invest only what you can afford to lose, kiss your money goodbye and you will become the best trader. Invest, set your sell target and forget, simple.
Artem Gordon (4 months ago)
I second on the book Trading in the Zone by Mark. Very great book. Another book to go along with it is What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars by Jim Paul. Together those books have significantly improved my trading ability and psychology.
Abel Kooter (4 months ago)
alessio, what is your opinion on NEO?
FiVibe (4 months ago)
Another great video Alessio, thank you. Do you ever analyse the Gold chart? I would be very interested in seeing your thoughts on that
Sheraz Uddin (4 months ago)
Oh boy! You're God of markets, please post more videos also consider posting videos on altcoins.
akshay bhai (4 months ago)
Sir which software do u use for technical analysis.plz reply sir
HardcoreTrader (4 months ago)
just 1 word market cap will rise overtime ;D
black6master (4 months ago)
there are also different rules..for example..nobody knows if and how market will move and do not believe anybody who claim such...and holding proved to be more effecting and secure than trading especially long time holding..so with all respect I do not buy this business with rain...type of prediction...if it is not raining we will not get soaked..or market will go either up or down..this is my impression sorry...
Som fss (4 months ago)
Abhi Pobbati (4 months ago)
Basically he's saying none of the people in the comments section are traders and will never make money day trading. Buy and hodl instead.
GGMuscle (4 months ago)
crypto market right now is one big game. In other words pumping and dumping and will continue to be the norm for at least another year. It' short term trading that are making the big bucks, those who spent big early and got out after doubling, tripling, four folding - rinse and repeat. If you invested for long term then the one big risk is that whichever alt coins you chose to keep in your portfolio better have real world value in the future otherwise all you have is hope. When those alt coins that will actually have real world use is when we will begin to see similar patterns in them that we see in the stock market so my advice would be if you are looking to get in now, do your research on alt coins and stick with the ones you think will have real world value no matter how bad they might be doing as of this moment. Even if you bought at 20k high if you were lucky enough to pick the right coins in the long chances are when the market is back up you should see gains enough for when you put sell orders that you will be making profits. A bit more complicated than that but you get my point. Also regarding bitcoin think about this. Bitcoin at some point in the future will take over fiat. This is fact. Bitcoin is like the old internet right now. The old internet was once slow, expensive, faulty and limited but had incredible value to it. Speed and reliability is what was needed. Eventually it got so fast and efficient it then opened those doors to pretty much everything we do on our computers today. Bitcoin is the same. It is improving like the internet once did. The lightning network now, cheaper transactions and soon all vendors will accept it as a form of payment. When this happens bye bye fiat. The next generation won't even had experienced using fiat, just like this current generation has never experienced the slumber of using dial up internet. So in 30 years would not be surprised if we will see bitcoins market cap alone be over 1 trillion on average.
alpesh solanki (4 months ago)
very honest person
Fatal Fury (4 months ago)
If the market doesn't go my way...I have money on sideline to buy the dip. Thanks for the vid
Excellent vid, a wake up call for everyone, specially in such a volatile market combined with a known proximity of a huge collapse market in the horizon. Allesio are you buying, selling or holding in the last weeks? You gave two possible trends in the market. So what do you do? if you kind to reply. Thanks
PrivateCry (4 months ago)
Brilliant videos and i learn something new after each watch as a noob. Thank you @AlessioRastani for your great work .
Explorer 24K (4 months ago)
You are my mentor
gabriel chin (4 months ago)
i love your videos thanks for sharing your knowledge, i am detached from the outcome , from whatever happens day to day
Sundance Kid (4 months ago)
your videos are great ! thx much! my reason to learn better english 👍
fernando sanchez (4 months ago)
Alessio. First off let me start off by saying that I have been following your work for several years now. I have been very impressed with your knowledge. With that said, I decided to purchase your trade indicators. I very much looked forward to using them as they looked promising. My interest in your indicators is to use them to trade the crypto space. Unfortunately, charting platforms that your indicators currently work with do not have data or charts for the crypto currencies other than the BTC futures market. The marketing video which explained these indicators mentioned that they could be used for the crypto currency space. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. It is true if I wanted to trade BTC futures, but I do not. I have requested a refund from your customer support team and they are dismissing my request. They have been professional and have tried to help me, however, at this moment in time, I have spent $997 on indicators that are useless to me. As I mentioned to your customer support team, I have not downloaded any of your indicators yet. I understand that you have terms and conditions regarding refunds however, I felt like I was misled with your marketing video when it suggests that it is possible to use the indicators for crypto currencies when that is not the case. I'm hoping that by reaching out to you on your channel, that you can make this right on your end. Hoping for the best. Thank you.
fernando sanchez (4 months ago)
Can you look into this for me Alessio? It would be great if your indicators worked with a platform like tradingview. I assumed that the charting platforms that you mention are compatible with your indicators would be able to provide similar charts like those found on tradingview. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Your customer support tells me that the indicators will work on trading view in the near future but until then, I'm stuck with indicators that are useless to me. One suggestion, please be more clear in your next marketing video for these indicators about the charting platforms and the charts that are available on them. You should also specifically state that for the time being, BTC futures prices are the extent of the cryptos that your indicators will work for. If I'm missing something here, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. your indicators looked very promising, which is why i purchased them. On top of that, you seem like a stand up guy with integrity. I'm hoping to hear some positive news from you. Thanks!
fernando sanchez (4 months ago)
I can't comment on the premium membership because I don't have one. I subscribed to the leadingtrader site to get alessio's video updates that appear on youtube. Now I get email from leadingtrader. One of the email messages that I received was a video for trading indicators that you can use with various charting software. I was under the impression that you could use the indicators on charts that have crypto data but that isn't the case. the only charing software that is compatible with the indicators display the BTC futures prices only along with all the stocks, not other cryptos. I'm not interested in trading BTC futures or the stock market. This is the link for those indicators. http://www.leadingtrader.com/btc/ I'm hoping to get a refund on this despite the terms and conditions stating that there will be no refunds. doesn't seem fair that i'm stuck with trade indicators that I can't use for trading cryptos. the video in the link above claims that these indicators can be used for any market, including cryptos, but that is a bit misleading. sure, if you want to trade BTC futures, then I suppose you can trade "cryptos". I'm hoping that I am issued a refund but it's not looking good right now after several back and forth messages with customer support.
CmanCorporations (4 months ago)
Is his other content any good? What about his premium videos? I'm hoping to buy his subscription, but not sure if it's worth it. Based on his free video's, a premium membership seems reasonable just for the premium content videos
spinoza4167 (4 months ago)
What a voice....
Kuga (4 months ago)
Thank you for your videos. Wish I had a found you sooner. Greets from South Africa
Alfred Ko (4 months ago)
I just found my favorite trader and teacher. Alessio deserves much more than other experts.
Abel Kooter (4 months ago)
I love you
Andrés Garcia Castilla (4 months ago)
I wish I had discovered you before Alessio! Like your videos a lot
Great info - Thanks
Dan Truitt (4 months ago)
Charting Man Dan over at The Chart Guys also, coincidentally, touted Trading In The Zone just yesterday. So there must be something to the book. (I just picked it up.)
Matias Martinez (4 months ago)
Great video as always, thanks for sharing your knowledge
Ari León (4 months ago)
thank you so much for all your info!
crypto ninja (4 months ago)
my thougt is : - obeserve the market and ackt accordingly :). Mayabe some 15% corection and than up
Abdul Mehraj (4 months ago)
Are they 👽 aliens who disliked this videos,I mean I'm just getting smart from dumb just by following this man's videos.
Abdul Mehraj (4 months ago)
Alessio Rastani thank you Bro for doing such a great work.... God bless.
Alessio Rastani (4 months ago)
Abdul Mehraj thank you for watching
Craig Neeve (4 months ago)
14 eighty year old ex stock brokers thumbed down this video
David Carson (4 months ago)
I have never invested in Crypto currencies, but I have stuck to the stock market. Thank you for those quotes for I have been wrong before with investing.
Big Wheel (4 months ago)
Thank you
Huerra (4 months ago)
I learnt not to get greedy
Raza Hassan (4 months ago)
You are quite informative about Bitcoin trading! What i learned about it that you must not lose your emotions while trading because when you do it you make wrong decisions. You must buy Bitcoin when you want to sell your holding and vice versa.
s3l3r (4 months ago)
Thank you for all videos. I learn a lot from you. 🌎 Facebook: Michal Szymanowski 🌇 Instagram: s3l3r 🐦 Twitter: s3l3r ♨ Steemit: s3l3r
maz Shah (4 months ago)
How can I donate?
bhavesh agrawal (4 months ago)
Thank you for sharing such knowledge. Opened a new window for me for trade analysis.
Arvind Kumar (4 months ago)
Thanks for the idea
Alexander Riback (4 months ago)
Really great stuff Alessio
Peter D (4 months ago)
Eddie M (4 months ago)
GG I agree
DaveTech CA (4 months ago)
Hahah ya politician great choice hahaha another great video man!
icyboy771z (4 months ago)
My research shows that bitcoin will be 46k by the end of year 2018. Thumbs up if i'm correct!
Flavio capi (4 months ago)
Thank you, great information
parabola (4 months ago)
every time I buy BTC it goes down right after I buy and I've been doing pretty well since 2011.
Alessio Rastani (4 months ago)
You can achieve more. contact me at [email protected]
josephkjoseph (4 months ago)
Very informative thank you
Gujju Pappu (4 months ago)
to the point, conciseand clear , no rantand highly infornative. thanks
Frédéric Perazzi (4 months ago)
And in the (mid-term / weekly chart) bearish scenario at the end of this video, the ABC correction could as well be the X (failure of impulse up) of a larger WXY correction (where 4000-ish $ is the 0.786 Fib retracement of these last 6-7 years impulsive Wave 1). Or we are already back in the (long-term) bullish scenario and Bitcoin's market is in the building of a nice & long Wave 3 to the moon 🚀 (330k by end of 2020) Either way, I should get ready for both scenarios, and should stop hoping as you say. But I don't really know if I am, as I'd like just to invest & hodl... and I don't want to enter in a trader's job / routine.
crogruvm (4 months ago)
rossconuts (4 months ago)
I cant understand why anyone would give this a thumbs down.. I am new to crypto and markets in general and it seems everything i have been thinking about, you tend to say in your next video, does that mean I'm a genius? lol yessss!
Khalid (4 months ago)
I see too many people claiming they advisors but they really not , I really trust you and hopefully my capital will grow enough someday so I can be in your premium group , thanks for the awesome content
Joseph Dredd (4 months ago)
Something I’ve learnt myself through huge trading failures.... patience, patience, patience
emmm70 (4 months ago)
If you follow your own number one advice that says that "Anything can happen"", then you can consider the downtrend from 20 k as 1-2-3-4 from an impulsive 1-2-3-4-5 wave instead of an A-B-C of a corrective wave. In this case, Bitcoin has to go below 6 k to complete the 5th wave. -----------------
Michael Conroy (4 months ago)
Thanks for the good info!
MylSon-dono (4 months ago)
Thank u for teaching sir❤
Tolyngee (4 months ago)
Didn't this guy used to drive for the Sauber F1 team back in the 90s?
ShE HeR wE (4 months ago)
Fantastic presentation. I've learned so much from your videos!
Crash Monkeyz (4 months ago)
I love your videos I’m greatly appreciative.
Denis Bjelko (4 months ago)
The best youtube channel
Mgd Games (4 months ago)
Thank you.
Purre Purrsson (4 months ago)
Indeed. Agha Alessio I've almost fallen in love with you and your videos. True and honest people like you seem to be a rare breed on the internet. Keep it real.
GraVyin Grace (4 months ago)
Awesome.. thanks
Sophie (4 months ago)
were you the one reading trading in the zone book?
MElanie GUSTAvia (4 months ago)
Excellent advice. Can you make a video about money management and where to put stop loss.
Geoff Carr (4 months ago)
I've been into bitcoin for almost a decade. Sounds crazy as many still don't even know what it is. I got my first one in 2009 thinking it was a cool novelty thing. Wish I had of known then what I know now. Over the years I've had more than 5 words to say about it. Most of them contained only 4 letters. Every bitcoin conversation is full of 5 or more 4 letter words. :)
Steve Rosenberg (4 months ago)
Geoff Carr Thanx Geoff
Geoff Carr (4 months ago)
Steve Rosenberg - I'd like to respond here for others to see. I'm not someone that understands stock charts. That's why I come here. Lol. But I am involved in the tech sector and I believe in blockchain tech. Not necessarily all the coins but the tech behind them. Bitcoin was different because it really doesn't "do" anything. That's probably the reason I didn't take it so seriously at the time. When I first heard of ethereum I knew it was going to be a game changer for the tech world. So I started mining / buying early on. Look at all the ERC20 (Ethereum based) coins out there today. Yes, some are useless but I'm talking about the technology in general. Ethereum was a game changer. The banking industry is in need of change so after doing my homework on Ripple I decided to buy in. I was in Ripple when it was under 10 cents. I have mixed feelings about ripple (decentralized vs centralized) but that's a different matter. From a money making standpoint I figured Ripple was a good pick. I sold when it broke 2 dollars and haven't touched it since. Probably won't either. I do not buy junk coins that serve no purpose and I tend to stay away from ICO's for the most part. There have been a few exceptions. One of them being 0x. As everyone knows big tech is in trouble. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are constantly doing stupid things. The YouTube purge is getting worse by the hour. I believe the blockchain can fix this so I look into projects that are trying to address those issues. Twister and Squeek may address the Twitter problem. Bitchute the youtube problem. Then there is minds, gab and even tron (trx) to name a few. I'm not recommending anyone buy these. I'm just using them as examples of blockchain technology being developed to fix real life problems with the internet and beyond. My advice is use a site like coinmarketcap. Spend some time going through the long list of coins. Research them to see what purpose they serve and if it sounds good then look at the current price, volume and supply. Determine if you've missed the boat already. That's the most important thing. Many people buy in too late and lose out. I know someone that just throws 50 bucks at each one regardless of what they do. He says it's like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see which ones stick. While I don't operate that way, he's managed to do ok on them. Not sure I recommend that but to each their own. When I do find something of interest I research the development team. Who's working the project and what experience they have. Reddit has a forum for just about every coin. There's a lot of good info there but lots of fudd too. The biggest problem i see is people getting advice on the internet saying everything is going to the moon. Most people buy these coins/tokens and they don't even have a clue what they do, if they do anything at all. Many are just scams. My advice is do your own research. Take some time to learn what these companies are trying to accomplish and who's behind them. Then ask yourself if you think there's a real world need for their product. As an example, I like tron (trx). Providing they do as they say! I like their team and believe they are trying to solve a legitimate problem online. I also bought in early and early is important especially with this one. Look at their supply. Currently at 4 cents and many people think it's a steal. Maybe it is but unless they do a coin burn or something to reduce the supply then I can't see it going to the moon like some seem to suggest. I'm keeping a close eye on that one. Neo has been another one of interest for me. My advice on bitcoin? Honestly I have no clue. It has a mind of its own. I tend to get my bitcoin buying advice on this channel and so far it's worked out just fine. He knows the charts. I'm not really a chart person. I'm a tech guy so I tend to focus on the other stuff. You'll also notice everyone says HODL all the time. In other words buy and hold for dear life. That may apply if you get in at the bottom but you have to sell sooner or later if you want to make any money. In many cases HODL will result in you getting stuck holding the bag. Play smart and keep emotions in check. I know LOTS of people that bought low and did the HODL thing. They got a little greedy and didn't sell when they were up 5000%. They are still holding but now it's just in hopes of breaking even because they held and watched it go back towards zero. 5000% profit! What on earth are they HODL out for? Everyone wants to go to the moon but nobody has a plan for what they will do when they get there. Sorry for the long rant. It's pretty basic stuff but hopefully it helps someone. My advise / tips for new people maybe. Do your homework and don't fall victim to fudd and scams. The blockchain is fascinating. I wish everyone success!
Steve Rosenberg (4 months ago)
Hey Geoff, It was nice to hear your story. I'd really like to get to know your perspective and to learn from you, as you've been where most others here have not. But what stands out is after what you'd given up you still continued investing and found the way to became successful. in the other coins. That gives me much hope as fomo does set in but needs to be restrained. I seek knowledge and wisdom to know what, when and how as to making good decisions as I navigate thru thus trecherous crytoforest seeking only a select few treasures within . I would really like to get to know your perspectives and outlook.. kindly email me when you get the chance at steverosse1 at gmail.com ~Thanks, Steve
Geoff Carr (4 months ago)
48pluto - lol. Yeah I bought some pizzas with it and other random stuff. I actually had a ton of it at one point. Probably would have been a whale today. There wasn't a lot you could do with it at the time except buy and hold and nobody really expected anything like this to come of it. Some bought and forgot and ended up rich that way. I made up for my mistake with Ethereum but still feel sick thinking about my bitcoins. :( I did get back on the bitcoin train at the 300 dollar mark so I made a little money. Its the 300 for a dollar ones im sad about. Ok. Enough talk of that. Lol. Live and learn I guess. There is still plenty of money to be made on the blockchain. I did ok on ripple so that helped too I guess. Good luck to everyone!
48pluto (4 months ago)
I owned 20 BTC in 2012. Didn't understand it well. Send 10BTC to a random stupid wallet address and send 10BTC to silk road for some XTC :p Well shit happens. At least the XTC was good :)
SuperWarriorPoet (4 months ago)
Alessio, are you British? Do you teach trading or have seminars in the UK?
GAM3 MAS73R (4 months ago)
This is your best video
Dylan George (4 months ago)
My lesson. If I see the market crashing down, don't hodl. Sell on the downward fall, and cut your losses. Another great video as always.
Ritchie Williamson (4 months ago)
great video

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