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How do you tell a girl you love her?

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You might think this is a hard thing to do but it is not. You might be really nervous and that is okay. Read more at http://jerrybanfield.com. You do not have to make a scene like in a movie. It is better to take her alone and make sure you guys are one on one and tell her that you love her and why you love her. Something simple without any of the crazy! Read more at http://jerrybanfield.com/category/dating/ Subscribe to my YouTube channel at http://jerry.tips/ytsubcription
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Text Comments (515)
Dhamaka gamer (5 days ago)
You are looking so cute
Jet Drummer (6 days ago)
I did but I didn’t know she was DATING someone else💔
Zach Alzawkri (8 days ago)
That's the best idea I've ever heard in my life I mean wow I love this idea
Amit Thakur (18 days ago)
Fuck off bitch I just want pussycat
Greek God (21 days ago)
Hey girl you know what i saw your video first time and i sub and i think i love you . what you think?
Emanuel Amegandjin (27 days ago)
Yea it does
Hari Joe (28 days ago)
i tell her i love her she said syke i have a bf ;-;
Addu Bhai (28 days ago)
Hey i love u
Rares Melinte (29 days ago)
Okay, so, it's just 26 days until school ends in Romania, I still have 6 years to tell my crush that, but i want to tell her THIS year. If i will tell her my feelings, i will comment...
Michael Cruz (1 month ago)
om kidd ha ha you have no idea what love is!!!####
I love you
MysteryBounty (1 month ago)
I have a co-worker that I get along with very well, we aren't dating or anything but I have known her over a year and I've had a crush on her but lately it has become more than just oh I think she's cute or something, like my stomach knots up and I get nervous just having normal conversations....I want to ask her out but I feel like that puts her in a bad spot...if she says no I just made working together awkward as hell. Any advice anyone?
Matt De silva (2 months ago)
Thanks . Good advice. Don’t want to scare em away
Trinidad Costeno (2 months ago)
I am tell her i like you on monday wish me luck
Will Porlem (2 months ago)
Who is that girl ?
theGala? - Edits (3 months ago)
well thankfully you boosted my courage
beaujolais (3 months ago)
What do you do if you can't love her?
Nick Amerson (4 months ago)
This girl so pretty
dan c (4 months ago)
Yeah you dont have to be like "I LOVE YOU SEMPAI CHANNN!!!" Just tell him/her you love them (Btw im a huge hypocrite as of writing this)
Etnies Fullclip (4 months ago)
I got lost again, god damnit
AttackOnAndrew Oof (4 months ago)
I told my girl I love her and she said that she loves me to and that she could barley breathe when I told her I love her so much
ScowlingBus4875 (4 months ago)
i am so detemined to tell her that btw i love her so much that it is not love, but i am obssesed for her (bad english xD)
Never works, cuz maybe I'm too ugly.
Ace Of Spades (5 months ago)
All the comments are about it worked it worked. Tomorrow I will take the chance !
NordBroz (5 months ago)
Next week oh no.
Sidra Saddat (5 months ago)
U r the best today I fucked it up by being so much nervous I don't know how I am I going to tell her that simple words again
Joshua Angulo (5 months ago)
I am going to tell my gf that but I want to tell her in person but she is in Hawaii So I have to wait 2 weeks. She told me she never wants to leave me and I same with me💙
chirag chouhan (5 months ago)
But I will try this too
chirag chouhan (5 months ago)
I girl rejected me plz help me to prove her plzz
Luigi Brodie (5 months ago)
I told her I love you and she said I love you too and I was happy and I cried.
_Akin (5 months ago)
Well, I told her that I loved her since we first met (3 years), she told me she didnt feel the same way, we are still friends but... you know.
Westyn Poe (6 months ago)
thanks this helped me
محمد البلوشي (6 months ago)
EdgyTheHedgie (6 months ago)
Planing it on friday😶wish me luck
MahalKosya OmG (6 months ago)
But friends are for EMBARRASMENT
stella ok (6 months ago)
I really want to do this via text when a holiday starts because then I dont have to see her face to face lol😂
GodLike Geeze (6 months ago)
I told her that and then I found out she was going out with my best friend😭
Theluvingdreamvevo (7 months ago)
This help me a lot because after i said it we made out for about 45 seconds
MebTV (7 months ago)
Woooow, that was helpfull lmao
Somebody (7 months ago)
The only problem is girls travel in packs there never alone 😱
Hitman Ku (8 months ago)
Every one is hsaring somthing wtf
alex Reyes (8 months ago)
FIREWOLF MC (8 months ago)
I am going to tell my crush i love her on Halloween
Anthony Frangos (9 months ago)
TensorPlays (9 months ago)
lol I'm getting ready for this Sunday to confess
serialgriller4life (9 months ago)
How do you tell a girl you love her: You don't - _ -'.... Not unless she says it first.... Never *EVER* say it to her first!!....
Max Wu (9 months ago)
Wrong. Always say it to her first. If you show confisence they will like you more rather then a shy guy in the corner
Notice Me Senpai (9 months ago)
I have zero problem expressing how I feel towards my girlfriend through text but in real life we are a little more friendly. I've talk to her for three months but I've started seeing her in real life
geen idee (9 months ago)
well wish me luck only 5 days left until im going to tell here i really hope she feels the same or il be hearthbroken :(
IT SO COOL (10 months ago)
I can say that I don't know how to start am nervous
Nestor Jr Deaño (10 months ago)
Thanks for the advice, It's now or never Irish.
Theclown doll (11 months ago)
does someone love u or what
ayoub madi (11 months ago)
When you love someone you won't know why , you can't tell her why u love her cause love doesn't need a reason
lappen 99 (11 months ago)
I need advice. My Crush has been recovering from brain damage and a coma. Sge got a phone and our parents gave each other our numbers. Nowadays (shes still not back btw) were texting all the time even with hearts and shes comming back in 4 days and were meeting up in a park should i ask her thereor give her time to arrive
Savage69 rodriguez (1 year ago)
you helped a lot for me and my girl
Blueflicker19 (1 year ago)
This is what I told my Girlfriend when she move. Love isn't about how much I say 'I love you' but how much I do to prove it. Before I met you, it was like there was something missing that I'd been looking for, for a very long time. I remember, one day, I caught my self smiling for no reason and than realized that I was thinking of you. And I juts thought ' There are a million things to smile about in this world but she is defiantly my favorite one.' I loved to talk and there where so many things I waned to say to you but, you always rendered me speechless. And when I do talk, as hard as I try I still feel like these words aren't enough to express how I feel. You've been though a lot of things and I can't promise that I can fix all you problems. But I can promise that you don't have to face them alone. Now you're going to leave and I may never get the chance to see you a again. So, I just hope, that one day you'll find someone that loves you as much as I do. And you have a happy life with him because, as the saying gose, if you love them, set them free. Goodbye Is that a good thing to say?
Mxffin (1 year ago)
you soooo cute omg
hadif danish (1 year ago)
Thx for the tip i have a tip to if you want to tell the girl that you like him,1.Bring the girl to a romantic place,2.have a good time with the girl that you love,3.tell the girl you love him and there you one sweet heart for you
KingRitos FRANK (1 year ago)
I don't get nervous yelling people I love them
Savage Night (1 year ago)
This video is more helpful than the ones that go in depth and are like 20 minutues long
The_Juan_And_Only (1 year ago)
what if i'm in orlando for spring break and the girl i love is back home? Do i text her or wait ti'll the end because she was my date for a ball last saturday and we both had an amazing time and the slow dancing with eachother was awesome and i admitted she made the dance fun and shw said the exact thing about me. what do i do..? i don't want to wait too long as to where she will move on and that amazing time with me will start fading away. should i text her..?
Michael Ratcliff (1 year ago)
you love me for all the wrong reasons-killing you asking alexandria
Andrew Colin (1 year ago)
Why did Jerry Banfield Upload this? This is so out of context.
Jerry Banfield (1 year ago)
This is a very old video when I started my channel!
Skinny Gangster (1 year ago)
Well!! it didn't..!
Jerry Banfield (1 year ago)
Mohamed acro (1 year ago)
I want to ask you actually I like her but recently someone started to speak with her ...so now I don't know what I do what your opinion? so what I do ask her hand or forget her because I see it with other persons ...what your opinion
Mohamed acro (1 year ago)
Jerry Banfield any way it's my fate not married how I love her 😐
Mohamed acro (1 year ago)
Jerry Banfield there's no need to do this she always speak with him I lost her it's my fuse not to tell her l love you since I see her first time 😔😢
Jerry Banfield (1 year ago)
Yes, see what happen and you will be able to move in either direction.
Mohamed acro (1 year ago)
Jerry Banfield you mean I try and see what happens like ask her hands? iam only afraid of negative results
Marvel Gaming City (1 year ago)
Isn't that a little straight forward, just to say to your crush I love you? Wouldn't it be awkward? Please somebody help me!
Donald Trump (1 year ago)
So if i bust a nutt inside her mouth and she swallows....... does she love me or my Babies???
Ricardo Amado (4 months ago)
what ?
Max Wu (9 months ago)
Donald Trump nigga what
BTBossBrant (1 year ago)
Wow Quality 51 seconds of content
D3rp7 (1 year ago)
D3rp7 (1 year ago)
No wat! I'm gonna do it! Full savage! If anyone says ewww or make fun of me I be like shut up you little gay retard who won't get a girlfriend
Mythical Animation (1 year ago)
GoldenD3rpY 360 did it work ???
Sure Khan 48 (1 year ago)
GoldenDANKY 360 good luck
KnG Weekend madness (1 year ago)
So theres a girl I like and we were talking on the phone and well we've. dated before and we now are again but the night before we were she started balling saying she felt so bad for telling everyone that she dated that she loved them because they said it first but she felt bad because she lied to them because the only person she has ever actually loved is me what should I do........😕
Grimes (1 year ago)
I did it. She sad I'm nothing more Than a friend. Now I know that know. I will have a sex whit a prostitute Than for Christ sake
Grimes (1 year ago)
I'm going to a date tomorrow.It's a second date. We go shopping etc.. God damn I know her since 2002, but I don't know how she feel about me. Please guys, pray for me :D
Aminals (1 year ago)
I didn't have to even do that. After being apart for 3 months, she told me she never wants to be away another day from me. Made it so easy to tell her I am in love with her!!
youssef yassini (1 year ago)
😡 i can t tell her
Andrew Legend (1 year ago)
also I forgot to tell that I REALLY LIKE HER
Andrew Legend (1 year ago)
I am in first high school class, I am crushed on a girl and it's soooooooooo difficult to tell that I love her.😢😢😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Daniel viper (1 year ago)
me too i want to tell nicole i love her its hard
MikeHDtv (1 year ago)
+classifed Warnock it's so easy
The kid Gamer (1 year ago)
I know it's so hard
patrick (1 year ago)
мe: υмм cнeryl cнeryl: yeѕ мe: wyd cнeryl: nм yoυ? мe: υм ι need тo ѕay ѕoмeyнιng yoυ cнeryl: go on 🐒 мe: ι love yoυ ! cнeryl: ι alwayѕ loved yoυ ! 🌸
patrick (1 year ago)
мe: υмм cнeryl cнeryl: yeѕ мe: wyd cнeryl: nм yoυ? мe: υм ι need тo ѕay ѕoмeyнιng yoυ cнeryl: go on 🐒 мe: ι love yoυ ! cнeryl: ι alwayѕ loved yoυ ! 🌸
Awsomenerd332yo NERD (1 year ago)
i need help, for 2 years i have liked a girl and we seem so similar and i know she is the right one but ive waited so long that i get shy when i just say hi to her. in the mornings i kinda look at her a little bit but i try not too because she is so pretty and she is single and also kind of my friend, if i get hurt she asks if im ok and she laughs at my jokes a little bit but i am just too shy to ask her, and im feeling if i do she will never talk to me again... so i just need some help and i would be glad if someone could help me. ps. i think about her alot and also think she's(evenembarrassing to say), the cutest,hottest, prettiest girl at my school.
Tech Hybrid (1 year ago)
I'm in the same boat as you brother 😎😍
Awsomenerd332yo NERD (1 year ago)
im also 12 if you needed that
Bradley Grissom (1 year ago)
i used this and got slapped and then she said sorry she wasn't expecting it the she hugged me and said I love u too
boss man (1 year ago)
I cant find a place where no one else is around. i know how she feels but im still to nervous
KickassGaming64 (1 year ago)
If you tell a girl you love her and she doesn't say the same back to you then she's not the one for you. I tell my gf everyday and she tells me she loves me to so I know for sure she's the one for me. 😁
sasuke Uchiha (1 year ago)
I love you
IridescentKiwi (1 year ago)
"You don't wait for the perfect moment to tell her you love her. take the moment and make it perfect". -Unknown
ThatWas EZ (2 years ago)
Marshie420 (1 year ago)
get off my lawn
Vincent Miller (2 years ago)
Thanks for this +Jerry Banfield
SquallLionHeart (2 years ago)
what if shes ur cousin? im in love with my cousin
Levitate 2 (1 year ago)
omega con4 (2 years ago)
Society and it's double standards. I think women have the same obligations to tell men that they love them.
AEC (2 years ago)
I'm a bit confuzzled with it though, because there is a girl, that I really like, and she keeps calling me darling. How do I respond to that, I've called her darling. But how to tell her properly, I mean, I care about her, she has a physical disability (besides the point I know) but I don't want her to think I'm being crazy
Agent Owl (1 year ago)
that's probably a sign she loves you too
AEC (1 year ago)
+Vertigo Beast confuzzled is a great word
Vertigo Beast (1 year ago)
holy fuck, someone else said confuzzled
Tech Hybrid (1 year ago)
just be nice and have fun 😎
Vonye Music (2 years ago)
I love you
Voldemort (2 years ago)
i have girl in my class that i never liked before but now she has changed and she is beautiful i dont know how to tell her,and there is another problem -she HAS a boyfriend but it doesen't seem she likes him they are fighting all the time WHAT SHOULD I DO.
Anomalyzed (2 years ago)
Ok, so I have a girlfriend I'm 13 and I'm in the 7th grade but I've never told her I love her because we've only been dating for a week but we've been friends for 2 years so do I wait until later on in put relationship to tell her I love her? Or do I tell her now? And I also have a question, is it true that a good relationship starts off with a good friendship? Thanks in advance! P.S. I'm planning on telling her I love her next week just to see how she reacts because it's her birthday and I want her to be happy! :)
The MemerTM (1 year ago)
Dude... Take it slow. Make it matter.
Anomalyzed (1 year ago)
+TBelt890 Gaming Channel That's good to hear! :) Sadly, we broke up about two weeks ago! But I did tell her that I loved her on her birthday and she loved it! Hope all goes well to you and your gf! Have a wonderful day!
Trevor Belt (1 year ago)
Me and my current gf were really good friends before too and that is pretty smart to tell her on her birthday
neko tahan (2 years ago)
you know its not that easy . you feel so nervous when even thinking on doing the move and how do you know if she will love you .
Hani Gamer (2 years ago)
:'( The Mission is Fail i say to my girl I love you :) but shy dont tolk me again :'( Why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+KittenLover1013 actually another mistke. not "my girĺ" but "my crush"
Hani Gamer (2 years ago)
Lydia (2 years ago)
:'( The Mission is a Fail I said to my girl, "I love you" :) But she didn't talk to me again :'(
Secret Gaming (2 years ago)
I just told my crush that i love her and she said she does too. I feel like im in the heaven now *.*
ecelectro (4 months ago)
You're getting lust mixed up with love
biscuit (9 months ago)
Secret Gaming bro if she's a crush you don't love her idiot
Secret Gaming (1 year ago)
I don't remember but something like "i love you" i quess XD
Lal Chhuanmawia (2 years ago)
I wish I could get your girlll....hahahah😂😂just kidding
Your mum Is saucy (2 years ago)
i told that and she dont love me!!!!!!!!!:(
Jose Barrera (2 years ago)
thanks for the advice i told her how i felt and she felt the same way
Itz Aero (2 years ago)
I met this one girl at a baseball game. My friend technically got her to give me her number. Next day I text her. Ever since then we have been texting for like hours daily. I don't wanna be weird and ask her out when I've only seen her once. We have a lot in common and I don't wanna lose her....
JKPRising (2 years ago)
Be careful about texting her a lot, you could come across as needy. I'd say after building some more rapport, plan a meet up. Save all the juicy stuff for in person & texting for meeting up plans. Also if you don't respond to her after a bit, you could have her start chasing you. Good luck!
Jhireyn Ducre (2 years ago)
i like wait did i said like i ment i love the girl that gabe me rules and setting about how to get a girl she is pretty
spike 11 (2 years ago)
ok i met a girl her name is ellie sooo i have met her like 6-7 days ago and i see her everyday i dont no if she loves but when i see her its like my heart is getting very fast soo i dont what to do what should i do
Andrew Simmon (2 years ago)
OK here it goes ..... I love you

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