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You Can Relax! Steve Mnuchin Peers Through Ft. Knox Window And Confirms Gold Is Still There!

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Text Comments (258)
snifferdogg forfreedom (1 month ago)
I just found out the gold in Fort Knox is gold plated tungsten steel . (Fact)
snifferdogg forfreedom (1 month ago)
There's no gold in Fort Knox it's fake gold .Let's see like fake news fake laws fake government fake money.
Remskii (9 months ago)
I want to know what kind of investment Steve M does after peeking inside FKnox.
DJCJ512 (9 months ago)
DJCJ512 (9 months ago)
Sonix711 (9 months ago)
AWESOME !!! :) !!! :) say it how it is !!! :)
Rick Barrett (9 months ago)
If you really want to look at the American gold you'll somehow have to find a way of getting into the Rothschild family vaults , where ever they are !
Surud Patel (9 months ago)
The statistics tells a story and the question in my mind is ' Is Gold less valuable than the Dollar ? '. The answer lies within.
RockBottomMafia (9 months ago)
Don't worry. We won't gamble our houses away on this
RockBottomMafia (9 months ago)
you have space
Tmanaz480 (9 months ago)
You sound suspiciously Canadian. Also, you can't pronounce Mnuchin, Louisville. Idiot
KalKyuLayTor (9 months ago)
Whoa. What's wrong with vaccinations?
6006133 (9 months ago)
2:46... does he really believe that shit?
Good enough for Murikans! They believe anything...
braun786 (9 months ago)
this is a joke. the US govt is a joke. the real enemies of the americans are the people who tell americans who their enemies are through their bogus and zero integrity jew controlled media. Look left if they tell you to look right.
Jean-Jaques Rousseau (9 months ago)
Hello! What's your take on theories that bitcoin was created by either US, Russian or Chinese government? And they would be in possession of the fattest wallet
SamStam12 (9 months ago)
bitcoin as it is now is on track to become the new world reserve currency.
Apocalypse (9 months ago)
Steven Mnuchin is a Skull & Bones member.
Phobos777 (9 months ago)
Dennis Gartman!!
Luke Skyfeller (9 months ago)
The pentagram :-D, Yeah :-D :-D :-D
noodlesdoctor (9 months ago)
Now you see it. Now you don't...
John Stewart (9 months ago)
I believe he said, " The Federal Reserve's gold is still there. The difference is that gold is carried on the Fed's balance sheet as gold CERTIFICATES, at $42 per ounce. The TREASURY (Steve Mnuchen works there, I think) holds the PHYSICAL gold. THAT gold is worth $1200 per ounce. A sharp Wall Street guy would immediately see: we can SELL 2/3 of the Fed's gold, and STILL have enough pallets of gold to "cover" the Fed's $42 deposit. No problem..."the Fed's gold certificates account perfectly matches the amount we now hold for them." Ok, the books balance, the guy responsible for guarding the chicken coop says all eggs are "accounted for." May I request a second opinion? It would make sense to me that the Treasury has been buying back dollars with gold, to keep the impact of monetary easing in check.
TheDanielkhesin (9 months ago)
Why not just buy and hold Bitcoin? Bitcoin is taking over the function gold served for thousands of years as would be expected with rapidly emerging technologies. Gold is just very difficult to hold, transact with, and to transport. In the modern wolrd holding gold is absolutely pointless if we have Bitcoin.
Arn zar (9 months ago)
Took a gander
Patrick Bateman (9 months ago)
There is no gold left at all.
Empress Theresa (9 months ago)
It doesn't make a difference.
jmcarp98 (9 months ago)
You mean we can't trust Goldman Sachs?
Richard Llewellyn (9 months ago)
Did it have Property of Iran Lybia and Ukraine stamped on it. Fucking murderers and thieves Karma is coming America.
Lena Romero (9 months ago)
this shit really has me stunned...what in the hell was he doing...who is he trying to assure the countries we owe money to? Jim Willie said theres only a barrel of old coins in there lol. Jim said Bushes and Clintons took all the bullion.
bev lower (9 months ago)
"Glad gold is safe"  doesn't even IMPLY that he saw ANY inside Ft. Knox...just that "Gold is Safe"... H---! we KNOW gold is safe...WE WANT to know if WE own any!!!
Adrian Tyler (9 months ago)
I would love to see Jeff do a stand up comedy show.
MARLO TREE (9 months ago)
"They will throw their money in the streets, tossing it out like worthless trash. Their silver and gold won't save them on that day of the LORD's anger. It will neither satisfy nor feed them, for their greed can only trip them up. Ezekiel 7: 19 Anyone?
Joe M. (9 months ago)
Thumbs up for the beard. Great end of the world look.
Saturn33 (9 months ago)
Jeff, your video is hysterical.  You are right too!  There definitely needs to be many independent audits of the FED.  Bitcoin is all they way up too!
Sobuka (9 months ago)
Saturn33 I agree. 😂😭. He is top on my list of mostly non-BS stuff.
Beckham Vlogs (9 months ago)
I don't think they could just increase the gold price out of no where. Especially not to 15,000usd per oz of gold. What about things that are made with gold, like phones. It would increase costs on alot of stuff
ryn76 (9 months ago)
Epic breakdown Jeff!!
Robert Graham (9 months ago)
TyRCelto (9 months ago)
Check out what occurred when Germany started to ask questions about their gold deposits held at Ft Knox.
Rob K (9 months ago)
Jeff...There is a reason that each stone is selected and meticulously placed in a Japanese garden. As you stroll thru the garden, you will notice places where the ground becomes very rough and uneven with small jagged rocks. Those were strategically placed to bring your focus to your feet for a reason. This is when you need to pay attention, you will notice a very small and beautiful specimen plant that would have gone unnoticed if you had not paid attention AND you avoid tripping. Then when you come around the corner, there are large, smooth flagstones to bring your attention up so that you can take advantage of the beautiful, expansive view. When you have rough, hard times in your life, be grateful to the Universe because your attention is being directed to something beautiful that you would have missed. And keep asking the most important question, "What am I supposed to see (learn) from this rough patch in my life..?" Most people ask, "Why did this bad thing happen..?" You may have been viewing the rough patch as a bad thing, And if you are able to learn from it (the Universe gives you an answer to your question) you must come to the conclusion that it is good. You learned an important lesson. Isn't that what this life is all about..? The Divine Matrix, God and the Universe are on your side and want you to be happy and successful my friend. PEACE and good health to you and yours. PS..stick to your vegan diet. :)
s404n1tn0cc (9 months ago)
Fort Knox is just a depository just like the NY FED. All of is owned by England thru proxy. All of it has a blanket encumbrance by The Queen. And enforced by her Minions ... Mason's . IMO
dzign555 (9 months ago)
Haha. He also saw a few silver eagle ounces.
nimitzmidway (9 months ago)
gold, silver price does not reflect 40 trillion dolllars printed out of thin air.
nimitzmidway (9 months ago)
I wonder if traffic is bad cause of so many people working 3 jobs.
Truther One (9 months ago)
Bitcoin is gold and Litecoin is silver. Charlie knows.
Joe B. (9 months ago)
How bout dennis rodman with a live web cam, a scale, hoola-hoop and a chicken.
mrjunker (9 months ago)
Well that's alright then...
MineCoins.net (9 months ago)
All I gotta say ...Bitcoin
Odilo von Steinitz (9 months ago)
*DID Mnuchin wear his glasses* when he peered through that window at Fort Knox? How does he know that he was not looking at gold plated Tungsten bars? When Germany wanted some of its Gold back that was in the US for safe keeping, the Americans could not return the Gold on demand. When they finally returned a small part, those bars were not the bars Germany had originally delivered to them.
Sheri Ucar (9 months ago)
BitcoinCash in my new Gold :)
Emmanuel A. (9 months ago)
I'm so happy that this time I hadn't to listen to any rap.
Michael Schöch (9 months ago)
Germany took their gold out! http://www.focus.de/finanzen/banken/schatz-im-heimischen-tresor-bundesbank-mit-goldtransport-am-ziel_id_7507011.html
Noureddine Younes (9 months ago)
Michael Schöch Die beste Nachricht des Tages!!!
Krisztian (9 months ago)
Of course its missing. Gold originates from the Sun. Its highly valuable for the beings inhabiting Saturn who created humans for their slave species eons ago and let ruler bloodlines behind. They form the Empire that runs the system. That's the reason why Saturn worship is the center of this whole civilization from Babylon through Rome til today. Gold is needed for smtg very important. Idk for what but certainly smtg to do with death, as these cults are all death worshipper's, see Jesuits with a skull, skull&bones, sacrifices...so the gold probably isnt here. The problem with this theory is that however I would like to debunk it it seems more likely then not.
zzyzx686 (9 months ago)
No, we can't relax. Unless that gold were collateral for the fiat currency they issued, and it is not, the American people have no stake in whether that gold exists, does not exist, or is the property of the country of Vanuatu.
Flip Fluiter (9 months ago)
But he drilled holes in a couple random bars, with his pointy tail.
Josh (9 months ago)
Jeff, you forgot to mention the Mnuchin's history in the Skull n Bones. Look it up
skirts365 (9 months ago)
Yes, in a mere subsidiary group. People who think all the power people come by way of just one university are not able to think straight. James Ben Ali Haggin (1827-1914) didn't attend Yale and he was known as "the greatest mine owner on earth." Just one of more examples than we have time to mention. Haggin owned 160 mines including the Anaconda, the Homestake Gold and a big interest in Cerro de Pasco Peru. How many mines does Mnuchin own? He's just a high placed flunky taking bossing from people who never attended Yale.
ej732 (9 months ago)
There's no gold at Ft Knox.
john smith (9 months ago)
M-NUCHIN not munchen
Russ D (9 months ago)
Fort Knox proves the earth is flat
Chase Williams (9 months ago)
lol Wow..
David Gonzalez (9 months ago)
Owned...just owned.
hon solo (9 months ago)
what if its gold plated lead bars?
Miss Kim (9 months ago)
Tungsten is the filler of choice, it weighs the closest to gold. We can assume it's gone. We've (the US, I had nothing to do with it) been caught with gold-covered tungsten already...
hon solo (9 months ago)
you look so much better...Natures Way: "Alive Whole Food Energizer" is a high quality multi for the money, I looked it up on consumer labs
Rkky (9 months ago)
That damn pentagram
Eki Rasche (9 months ago)
We can trust blindly this Zionist bankster.
Deblajio, Clinton, Putin, kim jong un,,
Sleven Calebra (9 months ago)
Good job Jeff keep reaping them apart with the truth. You can see it for yourself its jews who feed you bullshit on all the positions to keep you dumb! haha.. I am just saying its like you don't have to look for it anymore it happens in open day light nations keep getting robed and can't do shit about it but only complain..
james bond (9 months ago)
trust only your self
pedro magoo (9 months ago)
Geeze i glad we dont have that problem in Canada...our Leader tells the truth...we have none lol
Mr. C (9 months ago)
My mother told me 50 years ago that Ft. Knox has been empty for years.
James Maloney (9 months ago)
Wow how silly this system is. It's amazing how they've been able to control everyone for so long. No wonder they try so hard to dumb down, poison, control, intimidate, create terror, silence, censor, and everything else they do. Most of it is just built into the system.
Justin Martin (9 months ago)
Rodman/Boo-boo 2020!
mkmason2002 (9 months ago)
This ruse is like waving a muleta that screams "We have no gold!" This is part of the cabal's blueprint for an economic implosion. Prepare accordingly and keep the faith. John 3:16 peace
LaurelBlue (9 months ago)
Wow... Thanks for letting us know... We are safe, and gold is there... SMH Banksters everywhere in power
Karl Schipul (9 months ago)
6 government fellatio servers hate this video.
Peter Meissnitzer (9 months ago)
Chem trailed , GMO , vaccinated drones ha , sounds about right .
francisco mrtinaez (9 months ago)
Now say it with me, we are free we are free we are free jajajajaja
Stanley Bashline (9 months ago)
just another lie
22robr (9 months ago)
Good info, thank you, well done
withoutexcuse2011 (9 months ago)
I voted for Trump for one reason: to see a long list of criminals behind bars. As time has gone by I had less and less confidence in Trump. When he appointed Mnuchin and many other high-ranking ex-Goldman Sachs criminals I knew the game was up - Trump is NOT one of 'us' -- he is one of 'them'. My hopes have been dashed to pieces. The criminals are in full control.
TheDragonflyDoji (9 months ago)
Kenny Wells needs to have a look!
KoiKoi (9 months ago)
WW will make people stop thinking about their valued aset, just lets it begin..
Shelley Fowler (9 months ago)
Goldmen Suck and George Soros is a psychopathic human-hating, economy-destroying insect.
D4RKFLOW (9 months ago)
Good when you come back to things that really matters not flat shit
Dat Andthis (9 months ago)
why does Jeff talk like a crazy person in these TDV vids?
annihilationHaven (9 months ago)
That's what you do to get attention, looks like it worked on you too.
Spare Time (9 months ago)
Great video, but neither are options. China and India would become super powers overnight, all the gold is there now. Gold is an environmental disaster, invest in walnut trees.
Earnest Funship (9 months ago)
Government is ALWAYS a bad joke.
Pat (9 months ago)
Buy Bitcoin Buy gold Buy litecoin Buy silver Buy ethereum Buy gold mining stocks
Pat (9 months ago)
Jim Rickards has estimated anything between 20,000 to 100,000 for an ounce of gold. There are things called m1 m2 m3 money supplies. All a different take on how many unbacked us dollars are out there.
Pat (9 months ago)
Any money I can't get my hands on goes to the four horsemen. Gold/silver/Bitcoin/litecoin. Maybe some ethereum and gold mining stocks as well.
l jessel (9 months ago)
They should have let Mrs. Munchkin in - If anyone is experienced at gold digging, it would be her.
l jessel (9 months ago)
did he see any signs of sawdust and gold colored foil?
10 Comm Media (9 months ago)
walmart and nestle are on the blockchain. this is not independence. this is a new world order.
Peter Jackson (9 months ago)
Back on form Jeff. thanks
B 4 (9 months ago)
buy bananas
braddockakalatis2 (9 months ago)
Thumbs up if you know vaccinations are wonderful!
Max D (9 months ago)
Up to this point we may have thought maybe, just maybe the gold is still there. Now we know it's gone. What a sham. But why did they do this ridiculous charade? Are they actually trying to fool anyone or is this just confirmation to everyone in power that, yes, it's all gone.
horsefaceemily (9 months ago)
If the US don't sort this ju mess out It`l be all GONE the IS that Is, Its being lost destroyed by ju`s world order.
kurt soenen (9 months ago)
gold plated tungsten probebly
horsefaceemily (9 months ago)
The ju`s nicked the gold many years back, fact there Is no gold left there.
Michael McGraw (9 months ago)
You s a Funny Guy. :)
FuuuhQ2 (9 months ago)
Andrew Harris (9 months ago)
And they only broke the seal on one room and looked in, the other 12 rooms, don`t look in there,
Nancy Wood (9 months ago)
How in the world does all this continue to hold together?
annihilationHaven (9 months ago)
All the big problems are put off till later by printing more money and immigrating more people. Every head means more money can be printed.
Nancy Wood (9 months ago)
Lord Acton, I'm sure you are right! Obviously the whole thing should have cratered a long time ago if there was any kind of reality to this.
Pat (9 months ago)
Nancy Wood the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. Just one of those "natural" phenomena.
The Mad Cow (9 months ago)
2:30 The Pentagram lol... Who needs gold when you've got the biggest guns on the planet?

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