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American workers don’t want amnesty: Ann Coulter on immigration

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Conservative commentator Ann Coulter on why amnesty won’t help America’s immigration system.
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steve plonka (4 hours ago)
As an immigrant myself i am opposed to amnesty because i see how those around me are using the system . It is really bad folks.
steve plonka (4 hours ago)
America is doomed. I am a foreigner saying this. Immigrants will fuck up your country .
Tobby 999 (1 day ago)
Trump lied. Mexico was to pay for the WALL.
Paul Griffin (1 day ago)
American workers want our damn country back ! We are tired of illegals driving down wages for American citizens ! Why is that so damn hard to understand !
Paul Griffin (1 day ago)
Damn DACA , damn amnesy ! SEND THEM BACK !
I live a hundred miles from Mexico border, we need a wall!
Ariel Hunter (2 days ago)
Stop calling black people African American. We are different. Black people are not immigrants from Africa. Black people are black AMERICAN.
Ariel Hunter (2 days ago)
paul ryan looks like a me too-er
Lying Press (2 days ago)
Why separate the families. Kick them all together out of the country.
Lying Press (2 days ago)
USA is gone. Destroyed by liberal values like Open Borders.
K D (4 days ago)
Trump has the house, the senate & the white house, he cant repeal Obamacare or do anything about immigration & as much as I liked the tax cuts idea, theyre doing a piss poor job of getting the word out.. do something GOP or you deserve the blue wave freajs in November.!
ryan U and all other rinos need to be beat to death...take maybe a month, copious amounts of pain inflected...
Bob Sellers (4 days ago)
We tried amnesty before. Remember 86'? Now look where we are! You cannot reward illegals criminality and expect things to turn out good.
Love Talks (5 days ago)
Americans haven't been first since Trump won, illegals illegals illegals that's all its about.Citizens are making motels hotels rich cause there pushed out on the streets so illegals can have a place to fraudulently live those officials aren't for citizens should be in jail for treason.
token787 (5 days ago)
Ryan was never on Trumps side! Why don't Trump see this!
Jerry Lawrence (5 days ago)
America has betrayed her own.
doczg88 (6 days ago)
Americans don't want amnesty.
Brother Barton (6 days ago)
Ah Christians.
Ricardo Lemus (6 days ago)
man shes annoying and passionate about immigration
Blaxsaidwhat? (6 days ago)
Clearly Trump does not have control over his party!
Firecracker (6 days ago)
ALL we wanted was a wall NO Ann we wanted a wall and host of other issues, like deporting all illegal immigration, massive deportation triple of what Italy is doing, put them back in to their own country, get rid of the moslems put them at safety inside their own country, and as for the destruction of the cartels in office in California send them all back, and fire all these communist Marxist running California, it is huge what is going on in Cali, and I don't ever hear of any of it on Fox, why is that, the corrupt communist Marxist are destroying our country, plus, De Leon has said publicly that he is forming a Brown Mexican people to take over and come against Trumps every agenda, he says its ok with his own mouth that he is fine with illegals stealing social security numbers, falsifying all documents, and false green cards, he says half of his family memebers are illegals and that is just what needs to happen for them to survive, De Leon say people steal SS numbers every day
Christophe Blanchi (7 days ago)
Fox News is the Trump/State propaganda Channel. The are nothing but a Trump stooge and will lie to protect him at all cost. Fox News is anti American values.
Peter Menningen (7 days ago)
He looks Cocky
Steven G Steger (7 days ago)
NO AMNISY ! That's is simply to the point
Vayishlach (7 days ago)
She's in her 50s but still very beautiful & very sexy
Vayishlach (7 days ago)
What does the President wana do with the immigration issue, is he gona grant amnesty or say no
nature lover (7 days ago)
Paul Ryan. Why don't we just take money out of YOUR paycheck to pay for all the illegals...just like you expect us to....you new world order prick!!!!!!
nature lover (7 days ago)
Paul Ryan you f ing traitor!! No amnesty! You basturds are ruining our country
Non ya (8 days ago)
No DACA, no amnesty. Build the wall and deport all illegals aliens. Enough of this insanity.
Charles Barham (8 days ago)
Kim A (8 days ago)
This was what Rino Ryan said would be his last "screw job to America" before he left office. It will destroy our nation...economically. Why are the illegalls getting freebies galore and American citizens are homeless. Take Ryan's pension. Apparently he doesn't need the money...
Mike OZ (8 days ago)
During War, Ryan would be SHOT for treason & treachery!!
TheJuggalo509 (8 days ago)
No amnesty for none of the illegals Paul Ryan we're wake you are crony
tubeviewerX20 (8 days ago)
The Cock Brothers
Vista C (8 days ago)
Who !! Does Paul Ryan Think he is ???? ASS !! STAIN !!!!!!
I want DACA. You want DACA. We want DACA. DACA = DEPORT ALIENS CANCEL AMNESTY. MERITOCRACY. VETTING. BUILD THE BARRIERS. ARREST CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATS and RINOs. Arrest George Soros. Fuck the EU. Lawsuits against employers/businesses that employ illegal aliens.
And get rid of rhino Ryan swamp slime
IcantSeeReplies (9 days ago)
Big business financed the rise of Communism just to make money.
Michael Powell (9 days ago)
DACA my ass. Paul Ryan has to go. Take YOUR illegals with you on your way home to Juraez Paul.
Derek Minnema (9 days ago)
This was so entertaining and spot on. Great job to Lou and Ann.
Jeff Smith (9 days ago)
The wall will never be built, I don't know why Coulter and Fox propaganda keep talking about it. Move on!
BrianC6234 (9 days ago)
The only way amnesty should ever happen is after the complete wall is built and Mexico pays for it. We made that mistake in 1986. The Democrats lied to Reagan and look at the mess they created. We have an even bigger problem than we had in the 80's.
Joe Mancilla (9 days ago)
Ann Coulter went black and never went back
Broadstreet Bully (9 days ago)
Lou dobbs is a dicksucker trump must be paying him off
Jess Highland (9 days ago)
She talks out of her a$%.
Jess Highland (1 day ago)
Hazel Robinson No I don't. It's you that does.
Hazel Robinson (1 day ago)
Jess Highland No, apparently you do. Now go get your self a brain demwit.
great outdoors (9 days ago)
Trump wins the dubious distinction of being the worst president ever....Hands down!
Hazel Robinson (1 day ago)
great outdoors No, he's Maga and he is the man we need for this country!
Christina Pankey (9 days ago)
Ryan is a real loser and doesn't represent anyone but Democrats and big money he is a joke
John (9 days ago)
Looking good Ann. BUILD THE FUCKING WALL OR NO 2020
Merlin Grim (9 days ago)
1. Close the north and south borders to all non US passport holders 2. End DACA policy to stop the bleeding and end the incentive for coming to America 3. End catch and release 4. Hold the immigrants, the NGOs and the country of origin accountable for breaking, abusing, or facilitating US immigration law. 5. George Soros wants to help people so I think we should take all of his wealth away from him so we can decide who to help and how. Two can play that game. Perhaps we should do the same to all who think they can meddle in our country.
Rob's Airgun Cave (9 days ago)
No amnesty deal, no deal on DACA... just get the fuk out of our country you POS leaches!
martin stanley (9 days ago)
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michael dodge (9 days ago)
The Vatican sponsored satanists Koch bros should be murdered on live cnn for their blatant demonic faggotry
theothertroll (10 days ago)
is Ann growing a mustache?
Hazel Robinson (1 day ago)
theothertroll No, but your mammy is.
Michael Mangold (10 days ago)
Not just California, but California without the weather.
imaprinta (10 days ago)
Ann Coulter went to Cornell University, became an attorney for a short period of time and has a career defined by writing multiple books, being on countless opinion shows and touring the country giving paid speeches and appearances to promote said books. All she does for a living is observe and state her opinion publicly. What has she really accomplished that would make anyone care about her opinion. Yet she consistently tries to come across as if she is speaking for the common working man (and woman). Really? Could there be anyone more disconnected from that reality than Ann Coulter.
imaprinta (9 days ago)
Missy Norris If you assume I'm a liberal that would be incorrect. Coulter essentially had a 50-50 shot on the election. Wasn't it in her best interest to stand behind her conservative base and support Trump? She would come out ahead in that scenario and be able to write about the election and Trump, win or lose. If she predicted Hillary, her base would never pay attention. The 'truths' are generally nuanced around conservative dogma, often being dismissive of even the most logical argument of liberals. Contrary to popular opinion, liberals do have a point sometime. Her truths are only obvious if your source of information comes mostly from conservative leaning outlets. While I am very familiar with her ... opinions ... many have just as logical a counterpoint, which she never fully alludes to. Which is why I consider them opinions, not facts. You'll have to pardon my bias towards all these opinion shows and celebrities - on both sides. I'm sick of them because all they do is stir the pot, promote acrimony and are rarely based on verifiable bipartisan facts. Good for them for getting rich off of it - bad for the public for thinking it's gospel.
Missy Norris (9 days ago)
She predicted Donald Trump would win the 2016 Election. She was right. Her work as an AUTHOR is thoroughly researched and far from being merely opinion, her work points to obvious & logical conclusions & truths that Illegal Loving Liberal LOSERS can't stand.
Mr Solo Dolo VI (10 days ago)
Why do you think so many, and i mean sooo many kids are being stripped from their parents ? THEY ARE FEEDING THE SEX TRAFFICKING CIRCLE GUYS!!!! Who is to account for all of these immagrant children? Nobody! They are selling them off for these kiddie porn sickos. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!
Lennox1492 (10 days ago)
No deal! We want the wall and we want our jobs... we are tired of waiting
Three One (10 days ago)
California is getting cut to 50 gallons per person, per day. Overpopulation is real.
Shane wazhere (10 days ago)
frank hernandez (10 days ago)
Lol they are bragging about the 3% unemployment rate from this administration but still chanting no illegals, they take jobs. Fkn greedy bastards. Only person of making sure to getting a job is yourself. Let DACA through already.
Hubba Bubba (10 days ago)
You're a low life,bottom of the barrel,go fk your dad. There,is that dotard enough for ya?
Graph Guy (10 days ago)
Amnesty? Sure... turn around leave and we will wipe your slate clean when you apply LEGALLY to be blessed to be an American citizen.
DeMeaning Plebny (10 days ago)
"She just won't quit, folks." LOL! Don't quit, Ann. And thanks, Lou, for letting her rant.
CD Sayz (10 days ago)
We repeat this so often, what don’t politicians get? Actually they get it, but the businesses using illegal labor are all for it.
James Bryson (10 days ago)
Ryan is what Boehner was blathering about..."the GOP is taking a nap".
Wasup Fool (10 days ago)
Ann Coulter needs to disappear lol. She is one of the dumbest people ever allowed on television.
Mata Pendejos (10 days ago)
I want mass deportations. Ryan should be in Guantanamo Bay with a black sack over his head right.
walterson (10 days ago)
Ann Coulter looks so lonley.
Deplorable Dave (10 days ago)
I am an American. I want ZERO amnesty for fucking Illegal Aliens. Ship ALL those invaders back! ALL OF THEM!!!
archlutesmith (10 days ago)
We need a lot more than a wall. Ending Chain migration is more important. And dropping legal immigration numbers and anchor babies also just as important.
1974tmm (10 days ago)
She's Right. The Wall is A NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE. Falls under military budgeting. No need for congressional approval.
wtf66611 (10 days ago)
888strummer (10 days ago)
Much of the black community are against the immigrants who take their jobs and lower the wage scale. Dems are blind to this
Hazel Robinson (1 day ago)
Cainmma MMA They better, because many are leaving the demwits plantation. Dam sure glad I did!
Frederick Dorsey (3 days ago)
Cainmma MMA We are the second largest voting electorate.
Cainmma MMA (6 days ago)
888strummer who cares what the negros think
MrChaes (10 days ago)
says a non worker and barely american
Sheersha TV (10 days ago)
117 Infinity (10 days ago)
Anna you feel so happy because evry time when I say something right. You flying to the screen. Remember next life your ass is hunting the seat when you walking with cock middle of legs
mikolanimator (10 days ago)
He doesn’t need congress, to build the wall.
Jacob Garcia (10 days ago)
No amnesty. You don't get to keep your slaves.
Steve P (10 days ago)
Thanks Anne for asking the tough questions!
See the Light (10 days ago)
Paul Ryan is a RINO bastard.
anderson (10 days ago)
So much for the USA if this passes. A new country with actual borders will be required to preserve what's left of that which was formed in 1776. These RINOS must be thrown out of office no matter the cost. There will be no future to the party if they're allowed to import an entirely new base of Voters. Just 3 million new Democrats is enough to insure permanent minority status as well as throw the borders open for up to 700 million more. There will be nothing left of the United States in Fairly short order if these traitors get their way. We will have to rush towards independence because we won't have much time at all to re-establish meaninful borders.
Paul Chamberlin (10 days ago)
Thank GOD for Donald J. Trump. From CANADA Here.....
Mike Roerig (10 days ago)
Ann Coulter s right on target. I agree, I agree, I agree.
David W. Green (10 days ago)
No deal for DACA!
Lobo K. (9 days ago)
David W. Green is okay no need for it just gotta score on a 500,000 investment and green card automatically shows up haha... nice!
Jack Callcott (10 days ago)
Sure they want the cheap labour ..but they also want to disempower the classical white American race
measl (10 days ago)
*Ryn is a fucking TRAITOR, and should be EXECUTED!*
Just MeMe (10 days ago)
I see Gowdy and Ryan arguing over who sold-out the most.
Just MeMe (10 days ago)
Dobbs: _"Yes, Trump is going to bury Western civilization and the U.S., by not stemming the 3rd World invasions, but you have to admit, he will go down as a great president?"_ DERP
Promethius Unchained (10 days ago)
No amnesty. We have been sold out enough. Send them off and raise American wages!
Kaye Taullie (10 days ago)
NO AMNESTY, NO SANCTUARY CITIES, NO ANCHOR BABIES, NO UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS, NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE FROM US BORN TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, NO FREE EDUCATION, and NO FREE HEALTHCARE! Who pays for all the free stuff!! We believe in equal for all immigrants through fixing the immigration laws and giving all a pathway to citizenship or deport!!! No in between, this is causing violence, criminals, illegal immigrants across the boarder!! BUILD THE WALL and give Boarder Patrol tools to maintain a secure boarder, fix immigration laws to help legal access, and set into place a new immigration police that can be enforced by our legal Boarder Patrol, National Guard, ICE, POLICE, AND OUR GOVERNMENT IN THE FUTURE!!! No more bandages to temporarily fix this problem!! President Trump is right to find a permanent solution.
rickideemus (10 days ago)
Brilliant interview! Loved the final zinger.
Joe Smith (10 days ago)
send Ann coultier to where she came from ..she is not from the US
American GI 1967 (10 days ago)
Joe smith, you shouldn’t “Thumbs UP” your own comment. Secondly….since your a BETA MALE, Cupcake,SnowFlake its you Leftist who are Un-American..so STFU you Communist POS!
carol marshall (11 days ago)
Mass Deportations
damianyourass (2 days ago)
carol marshall fucking son of a European whore PUNK
carol marshall (11 days ago)
#BuildtheWall and close loopholes.
carol marshall (11 days ago)
Paul Ryan is going to be sneaky to add things to this bill. Beware!
Thomas Bodi (11 days ago)
Ann is a god
Tim Sullivan (11 days ago)
Paul RINO is Nazi Pelousy...in a Brooks Bros suit. A Koch Bros puppet!
Elizabeth Mejia (11 days ago)
NO AMNESTY...How do we make this POINT any more clear?! NO AMNESTY...California can help by voting out the Dems and showing these politicians that we will vote you out of office.
Silence Dogood (11 days ago)
If you side with Ryan, your history!
Jeannie Alviz (11 days ago)
No one should get amnesty, Follow the law, applied for Permanent Residency and wait 5 years to apply fir citizenship.

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