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Gavin Newsom will double the state income tax: John Cox

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California gubernatorial candidate John Cox discusses the problems with Democratic California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom’s policies.
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Chris A (16 hours ago)
That's great so we were going to get double the taxes the rent is high enough as it is for us workers.
Kim O (20 hours ago)
Also Gavin wants to take away the guns this guy is a lunatic you don’t want him in the office he will cause a Civil War in the state
Shoe Shine Boy (1 day ago)
I'm just glad that crook Antonio Villaraigosa ain't in the race anymore
Ramone' Detroitguam (2 days ago)
let him raise taxes.... illegals and liberals will pay...
bigw86 (2 days ago)
Get all the poor out of California. Most homeless are white so send them to Texas or Virginia or another hick state where they belong.
Nestor Alegre (2 days ago)
Trump told me to vote for John Cox and I did ... and will again ... anyone who don't like that...too bad
yekalf (5 days ago)
John, if you win please help with the overpopulation of the state. It seems that although many are leaving, there are still loads of people from other states coming in for whatever reason.
Christophe Blanchi (7 days ago)
Fox News is the Trump/State propaganda Channel. The are nothing but a Trump stooge and will lie to protect him at all cost. Fox News is anti American values.
Roy Aldridge (8 days ago)
Remember who's writing and saying this before you believe it !
Dibblydooda (9 days ago)
helloitsdammy (9 days ago)
guys travis allen was a good shot but we still have a voice with John cox. get out there and vote for him ! 10x better than newsome
Elijah El (9 days ago)
Wtf happened to the Democrat party. Never again. I’m out.
John Hanson (9 days ago)
Can you imagine over 30 million Californian's out of work? They probably will blame Trump for their follies as the rest of the States can't find enough qualified people to fill the open jobs today. Typical Democratic thinking. "IT'S THE OTHER GUYS FAULT."
martin stanley (9 days ago)
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gangcai2876 (9 days ago)
He will win.
Elijah El (10 days ago)
Bastard wants to raise taxes? The fk!
81coollambo (10 days ago)
J V (10 days ago)
Vote commie neusome and just rename Cali to New Venezuela then put a fork in it bc it’s done
Elizabeth the Leo (10 days ago)
Let’s Make California Great Again! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Red Poppy (10 days ago)
Double?? Income should not be taxed.
GiarkReleos (10 days ago)
Historical data shows emphatically that when the conservatives are in power that the cost of goods always goes up, and the economy always ends up tanking.  Not sure why everyone is surprised?   donald trump and his clan are Imbeciles, AND puppets to the jews. (Please stop conflating jews with Hebrews, they are different peoples)
Paul Chamberlin (10 days ago)
Thank GOD for Donald J. Trump.
Ben Magee (10 days ago)
I’m moving the hell outta here but I have a lot of family staying. I hope Gavin Nuisance losses big. Ca can’t afford him.
Grumpy Mushroom (10 days ago)
I'm voting RED ...
Gladson Abraham (10 days ago)
Gavin Newsom kind of looks like Matthew Mcconaughey...
Cap'n Krunch (10 days ago)
Go Gavin! Tax em to death!
Laventador Alindog (10 days ago)
if gavin became gov. i will throw fiesta with the help of my illegal immigrants. partying all night. while singing thnks to you newson for making my california even worse than ShitHole!
chris corona (10 days ago)
Thank god I moved 4 years ago
Gilbert R Flores (10 days ago)
California has to voted For Cox For governor California save our state
Bayou billy (10 days ago)
I went Allen. Now it will be cox. Hope you all do the same!!!
Conrad Gaarder (10 days ago)
Even if Cox is elected, so what? Scwarzeneggar was elected and what changed? “Government of the public employees, by the public employees, for the public employees.”
Jake (10 days ago)
The interview kinda brought a smile to my face
Destiny tran (10 days ago)
All GOP and independent must go out and vote for Cox. Otherwise, Gavin will win. And California will be doom.
The Fibler (10 days ago)
lol...why do Republicans even run for office in Cali? Waste of your time. We Liberals rule the 6th largest economy in the world and always will. Go run your banana republics such as the bottom 15 poorest states in America, of which are all run by the GOP. LMAO
MCR (10 days ago)
Vote Cox California! Save California now!
M P (10 days ago)
Wouldn't surprise me if the system will be rigged in Newsom's favor. We only believe what the MSM reports statistically and we all know they are liars.
william carrillo (10 days ago)
John cox for CA governor's MCAG!
Michael Miller (10 days ago)
Newsom will beat Cox this November.
Does cox have any evidence for this or is it utter bs like usual?
I believe that California is worth saving. I believe we can win this race, and we can win the fight over immigration too. Conservatives, don’t give up on that California dream. Let’s make it a reality.
Salvador (10 days ago)
As a California resident living in Los Angeles it is sad to see how failed our State has become under Democratic leadership. California must wake up and understand that Newsom is going to run this State further into the gutter. Small business should especially be concerned with the high taxes (double tax) and regulations that will be put forth if Newsom wins. Everyday I see a rapid increase of homelessness on our streets. In fact, I see tents lined up a couple of blocks outside, in parks, and under freeways, everywhere! It's SAD!! The road conditions are horrible! We have a major illegal immigration problem which includes MS-13 that is rapidly increasing. I'm especially furious that gas prices have increased to just about $4 a gallon. RIDICULOUS! I was personally impacted by losing my job because the company I worked for deciding to move to another state because of high taxes and regulations. Yet, we Californians allow this to happen by voting in the very disgusting Democratic party and politicians that have cause this mess in the first place. Just think and ask yourself, am I better off today? Has any of this impacted my family or friends? I'm sure the answer is YES...This should not be a political matter just because you don't like Trump or the Republicans or that you're told to vote Democrat just because you're black or Hispanic. I hear it all the time. I used to be Democrat, but no longer. I studied the facts! The simple fact is I do not choose to live in these conditions and I'm sure most of you with any common sense feel the same way. California vote your conscious and study the facts. We MUST vote John Cox in as governor of California if we expect any changes of improvement to happen.
Rodger william (10 days ago)
music man 1970 (10 days ago)
Fox should change it name to the trump bullshit conspiracy network
Farmer Dude357 (10 days ago)
Never happen. These people will die and rot before they vote red.
Draco04 (10 days ago)
Pro trump cucks.
VS30131968 (10 days ago)
If California votes in the traitor Democrats they deserve what happens to them.
David Lomax (10 days ago)
Biggest myth I always hear the hardcore right say: CA is a mess! Yeah we have a budget surplus for years now We are the #5 economy in the world largest contributor to GDP. YES we have HIGH TAX.. but guess what? Shit is nice here. I'm cool with paying high taxes as long as we are succeeding. Our main issue is that so many people want to live here that we cannot build housing fast enough and the cost of living is high. This causes people who were just scraping by on the bottom to go homeless. Other than that, CA is a phenomenal place to live and to be honest a lot of people try to shit on that because it's a liberal bastion.
djpcan77 (5 hours ago)
David Lomax you have millions leaving your over priced state . It used to be nice . Now it’s a over populated piece of shit full of illegals. It’s great for the rich . But working class people it isn’t anymore . Surplus my ass . Your 4 years away from a pension crisis you won’t be able to make payments on . Also jackass California is ranked 50th in the country for quality of life 2 years in a row . There’s a reason people are fleeing California and other liberal ran states in record numbers. I bet your rich and that’s why cali is soooo great for you ; if not, then your are simply delusional like your average Democrap . Have a nice day 👍
Hunter Jones (10 days ago)
Soon in California you wont get a paycheck anymore, you'll get a tax bill telling you how much over the amount you made you still owe in taxes for the week, don't worry though you'll sleep well knowing that illegal immigrants are welcome and that people like maxine waters and nancy pelosi have great healthcare and really nice homes.
adonaiinfidel (10 days ago)
If you are living in a Democratic Party controlled state or municipality you are living on borrowed time. Check out the failure rate due to bankruptcy,crime, single parent families,dilapidated neighborhoods,vast numbers of welfare recipients,and overall hopelessness. The best case scenario is that you will die quickly if you stay hoping for the revival,a turn around,or a mass gentrification. There is no Marshal Plan for California,Michigan,Maryland,Illinois,New York,New Jersey,Florida,etc. The billions that have been thrown at these shitholes was consumed by kleptomania as is standard Democratic Party practice. Blaming the NRA or anyone else for Socialism and tyranny is just cowardliness ad nauseum. You can only decide what side of American history you are going to be on before the collapse of the Constitutional Government. After it falls someone else will decide all things for you. You can only decide what side of American history you are going to be on before the collapse of the Constitutional Government. After it falls someone else will decide all things for you.
Michele Patak (10 days ago)
Go to the California mountains many conservatives hidden there and it's nice in bog bear rogjt now
Michele Patak (10 days ago)
Anymore tax in californa will end California
UR DAD (11 days ago)
B Rad (11 hours ago)
And blacks are just sour that a white man was elected as president after a failure like Obama. They would vote for anyone (regardless of how shitty their policies) over a white man even though he would be the most qualified for the position. How do you wake up a group of people like that? D-rats are playing their favorite song of oppression and racism to keep the blacks thinking they are held down by white people. They dont realize people dont have time to oppress someone else, everyone is just trying to work and go home or go out right after.
B Rad (12 hours ago)
Hard to wake up a bunch of uneducated nitwits on the D-rat side. They love being broke and ghetto. They are too stupid to understand the simple concept of supply and demand, so they invite the whole world in to live with them thinking we have infinite housing space and infinite resources. Mexican immigrants can be the most ignorant people in the world. They really dont understand jack shit on what goes on in the world outside of their little cultural bubble.
PawtucketPatriot66 (8 days ago)
Dibblydooda You would have to stoned out on weed to vote for Gavin Newsome. Thats why the DemoncRATS like legalized pot.
Dibblydooda (9 days ago)
Sour Cream (11 days ago)
Bernardo Perez (11 days ago)
minimum wage Cox pay
American Born Patriot. (11 days ago)
Jerry Brown's commandments water limit strictly 55 gallons, Gavin Newsom is seriously going to raise all of your taxes, And when nobody's really looking he's eyeing a bevy of lasses, Swept Kate Steinle to the back bum rushing illegal alien masses,
Philip Berthiaume (11 days ago)
I pay higher taxes and don't see a problem with it. Our gas taxes has given our municipalities billion dollar light rail systems everywhere, everyone has health coverage in a publically paid system, we have highly paid teachers who provide excellent education to everyone of every racial background, we have a high standard of living and very low crime rates and we are a capitalist economy. I have no problem with higher taxes because it lets me sleep at night.
Philip Berthiaume (10 days ago)
J V your reply comes across as close minded, entrenched and is insulting. You need to express yourself better to be taken seriously.
J V (10 days ago)
Philip Berthiaume - you’re either a nutter or a dingleberry troll, either way I’m still laughing at your inane gibberish
Philip Berthiaume (10 days ago)
D Chase thanks for ur reply. I am not in the US. My point was to point out that there are places where high taxes do provide for a healthy society. But it's an evolutionary process based on strong education and civic obligation.
D Chase "and you’re still 45th down of 50 in education" Actually they are 26th. " you have the highest homelessness in the country" No they dont. "you have a dead small business development, your health care systems are overwhelmed and under functioning," Source for your lies? "your crime rate is going through the roof" Crime is going down. "nurses, firefighters, teachers, police officers, social workers and the like cannot afford to live in the state and they will be the first to exit." Yes teachers cannot afford to buy homes in downtown sanfran. Not surprising really. "In addition can these liberal leaders even discuss the WATER issues." Look up the tunnel projects.
D Chase (10 days ago)
Philip Berthiaume and you’re still 45th down of 50 in education, you have the highest homelessness in the country, you have a dead small business development, your health care systems are overwhelmed and under functioning, your crime rate is going through the roof, the drug epidemic is exploding just to name a few. But let’s stick to the big shit...your public servants that make life sustainable in a society ... nurses, firefighters, teachers, police officers, social workers and the like cannot afford to live in the state and they will be the first to exit. There begins the societal collapse. Good luck with the continued support of these gross failures. In addition can these liberal leaders even discuss the WATER issues.
Prim Lopez (11 days ago)
I'm voting Cox in November Gavin is a Socialist retard
zombiekush760 (11 days ago)
Im all for equality and shit and I hate trumptards, but I'm voting for Cox again in November because of all the damn taxes in CA.
Isaac R (11 days ago)
Go Cox! Crush Newsom in November.
Fuck the Democratic Party. Let’s vote all the bastards out. And if the republicans don’t perform well. Dump them assholes to
Matt Gritsgo (11 days ago)
I support you, John Cox.
Jeannie Alviz (11 days ago)
John Cox is a LIAR just like Trump, vote for Garvin Newsom in November
Salvador (10 days ago)
Jeannie either you're illegal or just plain dumb!! Think about what your saying and understand the facts of what is happening to the State of California under Democratic leadership!
Thomas Murphy (11 days ago)
Cut all funding to all Sanctuary States and Sanctuary Cities,
Thomas murphy unconstitutional.
Mata Pendejos (11 days ago)
It's the illegal aliens that vote through the motor voter act.
anony mouse (11 days ago)
How can this guy serve my purposes
Robert Todd (11 days ago)
Debates PLEASE, Publicize Rallies. Throttle League of Women Voters with truth. Demand absentee and provisional ballot counts. MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN TOUR!!!!!
Purple pants Lady (11 days ago)
Well the rest of the smart people who live in CA will definitely be moving out!! What will happen then? Pretty sure the homeless and immigrants can handle all the job vacancies that will open up!!
The Mendoza (11 days ago)
You are an icon Lou Dobbs. MAGA!
dank worm (11 days ago)
Maybe he will give us standard gun magazines instead of this ten round bullshit
Peter Dugan (11 days ago)
Gavin Newsom is a communist Pig as bad at Jerry Brown and attorney general Xavier Becerra they all got to go.
Nena De la Torre (11 days ago)
Let’s vote now for Cox, galvin will only make California worse than it already is. Just look at San Francisco, it’s a mess!
Javier Gutierrez (11 days ago)
You mean youl raise taxes raise gas prices higher unemployment and more homeless. That's exactly what your saying.
Jason D (11 days ago)
I wonder if they will be watching for illegals voting in the mid terms. Democrats need to be voted out of office
Andy Rohach (11 days ago)
Then how about anyone out of good faith to the country that make over $50.0 per hour have a triple tax to support the people already struggling to make end's meet?
lisa e (11 days ago)
I don't understand these democrats, they love their stupid policies yet they complain and flee California . Then they try to change the red states to the shit Hole they came from!
tropolite (11 days ago)
If Rep Cox doesn't get in you may as well hoist up a new sign and re-name California to 'The New USSR'. People are searching high and low for collusion of President Trump with Russia... they are missing the forest for the trees! Democrats are so tightly tied to the socialist communistic philosophies that you have the old Soviet Republic right there in front of you. The Left and Democrats in California is so 'Left' now it may as well become a communist state in itself. So long as the entertainment folk can still make their money from you (a capitalist view), that's okay, but no-one else is allowed to become a capitalist and want to earn the best they can for their family. So long as the elite keep the little people down to support them in their castles and mansions it's all fine. #Trump2020 #Cox2018
Doris Dady (11 days ago)
If Newson comes in ,we move out and many companies are leaving with us
anak sunamoon (11 days ago)
Liberals are a cancer to society. Good god
anak sunamoon (11 days ago)
I don't like Cox but he's better than newsom
Autojones (11 days ago)
Of course Mr Nuisance wants to increase our tax's  It would be cruel of him NOT to make sure his endless flood of foreign born voters are comfortable and well cared for. To hell with the shrinking number of productive people pulling the load, let's load on some more !!!.....  Work harder and pay your tax-ez US born under class !! .. It's the future model of the US !!!
MrQbenDanny (11 days ago)
JOHN COX, You won't win without reaching out to TRAVIS ALLEN and his base. Lou DOBBS, The absolute BEST of FOX. I wish CAVUTO would come a little close to you but he's just not gifted enough. SHEPARD SMITH is a true disgrace to the profession.
Wayward Beast (11 days ago)
Should be working to remove taxes not increasing them 100%... Just my opinion
Robert Montgomery (11 days ago)
Newsom! I hope he triples the tax! California deserves all the taxes they get. I hope he quadruples the tax. Newsom is for the rich! Woohoo!!! Newsom hates the poor.
SwapPart TV Repair (11 days ago)
The dems clearly have no idea how to win an election. Not anymore. They don't even make sense anymore.
C. C. (9 days ago)
They don't have to with the stupid electorate we have
Elizabeth Klimas (11 days ago)
double income tax, double gas tax, charge you for store bags, cut water off what else need to happen for PEASANTS to wake up..............????????? take away food like in Venezuela????????? but you still acting like you dont know whats that all about!!!!!!!!!!???????? THEY WANT TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!! or LEAVE YOU HOMELESS!!!!!!!!! (you dont use much water in the tent)
Corey Miceli (11 days ago)
Elizabeth Klimas CA ,at least parts have been charging for grocery bags for few years now and its killing me! $0.10 per bag
sick of liberals (11 days ago)
We need a new AG in Oklahoma, ours is retarded, just thought I would throw that in
Loopymcgee (11 days ago)
Another talking point that will get John Cox a lot of people out to vote is Breed Specific Legislation. Newsom wants to enact it throughout the state.. this is a law that says NO PIT BULL LOOKING DOGS ALLOWED. There are thousands of dogs that look like pit bulls that are wonderful animals and there are thousands of people who fight for them every day in shelters and rescues all over the state. Those people need to know what GN has in store for those poor dogs so they get out and vote for Cox!!
Franklin Archambault (11 days ago)
I thought the brown traitor already broke the state of idiots and now it s the state of give me
Sammy sausage (11 days ago)
Fox News spins a lot of time bashing California. Let me tell you something from a lifelong California. We winning out here yes it cost more to live but we make more on here. There's a million ways to make money out here. The housing is a little crazy but I got my home years ago so I'm set. We have beaches and we have lots of nature. You guys just stay in your poor little red States. And listen to these people tell you how bad it is. Oh and by the way most of them live in California.
Julio Cubias (11 days ago)
I am a Californian and God bless Mr. Cox for coming forward and be our leader, just like Mr. Trump is our America's Leader, we don't want to be another Cuba or Venezuela.
Larry Witte (11 days ago)
I voted for Cox
Elizabeth the Leo (10 days ago)
Me, too. #RedNationRising
Mark Vehar (11 days ago)
Gavin Newsom more like Gavin Nuesense aka Nicolas Madura Jr. your typical parsitical politician
Sharimiki (11 days ago)
Gavin sex scandal with his best friend”s wife is still so fresh.
leon singleton (11 days ago)
Democrats are taxing fools.
dany manchster (11 days ago)
Obama was not anit business but pro worker
nodozz2 (11 days ago)
California deserves everything they vote for...
Test Channel (11 days ago)
I hope what Cox says is true but I believe liberals are now so childishly stupid, they'd vote to have no lifeboats on the Titanic, knowing that it was going to hit an iceberg.
Kay Gordon (11 days ago)
The ones that want high taxes are the ones that don't pay. Like the illegals dead ass liberals on welfare street beggers .Democrats want high taxes then let them pay for it make pay for it .tax the Democrat trash .any asshole who is a Democrats is either on welfare or behind bars in not paying high taxes I won't file iam on security and that bastard obama rip my husband and me off forse to pay the federal when we didn't own anything.for the first 3yrs that fake bastard was in office never again will I be rip off by a communist piece of shit and that mean a communist dam Democrat govnor and he's going to lose.gavin netwon will lose and even the illegals won't be able to help him win.Democrats are the worst piece of trash on the planet .Democrats love to spend other people's money that's why their bank accounts are always high they don't spend theirs they spend the middle classes money working class and go on vacation and have sex parties all the time

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