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Fasco-Communist Globalist Criminal David Rockefeller Finally Exits The World after 101 Years

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Text Comments (171)
Spyros Illusionist (7 months ago)
Hehe you missed a good one. His father also funded the organization that established compulsory education in the US (and I assume consequently elsewhere too) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Education_Board He also traded with German IG Farben right before WW2. IG Farben has an interesting history too. Among other things they made Zyklon B. And one of the companies that sprung out of it is Bayer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IG_Farben
Eisen J Eisen (1 year ago)
I never could have believed how evil Rockefeller was with all that money trying to enslave people as i am for following our constitution direct democracy we the people.
Jorge Cornejo (1 year ago)
burn in hell son of a bitch...
J P (1 year ago)
God, I hate the abuse of the word 'fascist.' 'Fasco-Communist' makes absolutely no sense. If you have to invent a compound adjective like to that, it means you can't think straight.
Elaine Walters (1 year ago)
These people inbred and insane filth.
whydotheheathensrage (1 year ago)
the demons are having their way with him now,,, what a fool!
Jacobt Thoronn (1 year ago)
wow.. WOW WOW WOW.. Evil bless my pippi..
Empress Empress (1 year ago)
One less demon in this world!!
dennis neo (1 year ago)
He who was first shall be last. And he who was last shall be first. David, you're at the back of the queue.
HowISee TheWorld (1 year ago)
I hope I also live to see Bush jr, Hillary & Bill Clinton, George Soros, Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Paul Rumsfeld (and more) kick the bucket, and I do hope it's a nasty little death for each other them.
Nicoy Badresingh (1 year ago)
he deserves to die twice
David Bradley (1 year ago)
im surprised no one is hunting these scumbags down and stamping this shit out,the law wont do it..
Diego González (1 year ago)
How come you say so much truth and you are still 1) Up on JewTube and 2) Alive? Things that make you go hmmm....
Pamela Rice (1 year ago)
Heavy, sad. Not his death but what misery he brought. Spring is sprung. It's a new day.
Reef Surfer (1 year ago)
It's going to get worse before life gets better...
Alex Thatcher (1 year ago)
operation mocking Bird and mk ultra are the same thing
Rush Shukla (1 year ago)
I like your channel dude. Just subscribed!
Victor Runciman (1 year ago)
You know when I was learning history I was questioning the quo of Democratic elected Presidents.
LondonSpade (1 year ago)
And here I was admiring Pinochet thinking he was based for killing communists. How little I know, the more I find out the more depressing this world is.
Look up. (1 year ago)
Grandaddy John D Rockefeller and his banksters buddies orchestrated and manipulated the Spanish-American war over Cuba's sugar cane in the 1900s.
MrFreiheit (1 year ago)
Fuck David Rockefeller.
Gianfranco Fronzi (1 year ago)
Don't you get it One world government is what we need .
barry rodgers (1 year ago)
FuzzyFTW (1 year ago)
his whole family needs to die
georgka74 (1 year ago)
The bitch will burn in hell!
ionlyemergeafterdark (1 year ago)
I'm glad Rockefeller is dead. I wish there were an after life so that he could get what's coming to him. Thanks for the research and information.
Andy K (1 year ago)
I wish David Rockefeller die twice.
jackpotsearlytapes (1 year ago)
"And left this plane of existence" Love it! Our new reality..
mb1968ca (1 year ago)
Well said .
ro866432 (1 year ago)
when i searched david rockefeller, it froze twice
Andrew Cwiklinski (1 year ago)
excellent video 👍 👍
YankeeClippa (1 year ago)
Very Well done ... Nice Job
Vera Miller's Channel (1 year ago)
Hey Jeff, did you hear that Tatiana Moroz knows you're a scammer?
ANARCHY LUiS (1 year ago)
Vera Miller's Channel Lol I'm sure Tatiana and her Tatiana Coin aren't a scam whatsoever? Lol YouTube - Zionist Project 3
Bruce Scott (1 year ago)
There is no evidence that David Rockefeller had even one heart transplant. No one has seen his medical records for a start .
Neuro Pulse (1 year ago)
When you say things like that last statement about the equonox and "something big in motion" it calls into question everything you say because it hightlights you as a conspiracy theorist/divine believer/anti skeptic.
alfie bruce (1 year ago)
ele não morreu só trocou de corpo por que o dele JÁ estava velho e podre. a tecnologia que eles tem reptiliano facil fazer isso.
Buysome Bitcoin (1 year ago)
DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!! Regrettably, there are more minions to replace him. Like flying monkies. Jeff you sound way the hell too happy LOL
Zenith (1 year ago)
what did he do bad?
Richard Kranz (1 year ago)
The US people should round up the likes of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Soros, etc and send them to the moon and there they can continue with their one world government
Sobuka (1 year ago)
I'm not worry about David. I am more worried about what his kids are like. That's the generation we now live under. For all the money David has, he's probably in a new body or chemically preserved. Won't be too surprised.
Uniroyal Mish (1 year ago)
burn in hell like the hell you caused during your existence
modelmark (1 year ago)
You can't rightfully criticize a man overthrowing a government which nationalises his property. You can however if he funds the overthrow with taxes
Eric Sanchez (1 year ago)
Thank you beautifull report to remind people the crimes of this government hopefully all this Elite be hang and display there corpses on tv, oh no Hillary not going to jail i forgot those are Trump friends it was just a dream we have to wait for nature to do the social cleansing
horsefaceemily (1 year ago)
He live`s do not be fooled, he`s just working In safty now behind the scene`s, watch more of tem faint death to escape punishment remember jjoozz lie Its normal for them to do so but not the Goyim.
Karl Schurmann (1 year ago)
I think you seriously need to learn the difference between communism vs capitalism and dictatorship vs democracy. Countries that failed at communism did not implement communism, they implemented a warped variation that was governed by capitalistic dictators. That is not communism. That is blindly misleading the world whilst profiting off the back of the 99%. This is what the ruling elite do, the 1%. It's been happening since before the industrial revolution. The 1% will use properganda to brainwash the people into thinking they are fighting some far away evil, which if this so called evil won, then the 1% elite would lose their profits at the back of slaves. People like rockafella don't care who runs another country, they only care that that leader allows them to exploit that country. But they will spend millions convincing people that they are fighting "evil communist terrorists" only to distract them from what is really happening. Global Slavery.
nameowa desu (1 year ago)
now hes casper the evil ghost
autenticosanx (1 year ago)
Too bad there's no such a thing as summer and winter equinoxes 😂🤓
Icefox (1 year ago)
Being one of the most hated men on earth was that what he wanted?... if so he reached his poor goal
George Marc (1 year ago)
Good Coverage!
jdwalker0726 (1 year ago)
Jeff good to see you back. I know you had the Mexico conference going on. was just worried thought you may have head to the bat cave with the family. Be safe and watch your 6.Jason Dewayne Walker.
Dwayne Sompson (1 year ago)
one thing this scum bag couldn't buy is life...and I thank God for that!
EdwardHuitt (1 year ago)
Two thumbs up on this news! As Gore Vidal commented on the death of William F. Buckley - "I think he will be uncomfortably surprised that he is now in Hell !" Buckley would have appreciated Vidal's wit. But I don't think David Rockefeller had a sense of humor ! - An American listener in Switzerland
Mooja12 (1 year ago)
Going to try a impartial look into some of your claims here. "He was a globalist who believed in a "one world." If this is evil then both Jeff and I are evil also because I believe we both believe in "one world" of anarchists. Calling someone a "globalist" does not make them evil. What they do makes them evil. "His mothers father was 'intimately' involved in the founding of the Fed." - We crucify the grandchildren for their grandfathers faults now? I didn't notice this level of vitriol when ACTUAL leaders of the Fed have passed away. Why the disconnect? "He advanced his families interest." - What a tyrant? "His lawyer helped implement anti-democracy overthrows in Latin America." - We anarchists are pro-democracy now? "Guatemala President threatened to nationalize Rockefeller's fruit company so Rockefeller ordered the CIA overthrow him." - Even if this is true GOOD ON HIM. These communist "democratic" thugs that want to nationalize/confiscate privately owned companies "for the good of the people" OUGHT to be hung. "Chile's "democratically elected' head criminal nationalized/confiscated a mine that was 'under the umbrella' of a business group Rockefeller supposedly had interest. So 'his organization' bribed a bunch of crooked politicians to avoid it." - Ah, once again. GOOD! If some political thug wants to steal my mine I'm going to try to defend it. And since when did TDV start using the term "democratically elected" as some badge of honor? The accusations go on in this way culminating with a claim that his death on the equinox has some sort of hidden significance. Jeff, please review your own video from the perspective of an anarchist. Rockefeller may have been pure evil incarnate that people claim he is but I don't find a shred of actual evidence from this video.
Our chat room has been buzzing on this for sure.
Andrew Harris (1 year ago)
Well if those three die this year, we can say we`ve had a good year
Sylvia T (1 year ago)
Best video ever!!
Benoit (1 year ago)
you can even see the symbolism like the cbs logo (all seeing eye) .. i cant believe these people get away with this while rubbing it in your face
Brandon Breaker (1 year ago)
white people fuckin up the world like usual
mambang berasap (1 year ago)
good riddances 👏👏👏👏
Tim Wood (1 year ago)
Damn Jeff I think this is the best video you have ever done! Totally agree and will share!
Rev Durden (1 year ago)
Rockefeller died 33 days before queen Elizabeth birthday
withoutexcuse2011 (1 year ago)
Jeff -- maybe you're a better man than I am but I danced a happy dance when I heard that this Mega-Criminal (David Rockefeller) was dead. I believe that we should rejoice when evil is taken off this planet because it makes everyone's life better. Evil is to be hated. Now comes the payback - Rockefeller will be barking in hell for all eternity -- a fate totally earned and richly deserved. Make no mistake, if I were as evil as David Rockefeller then I would deserve the same. Lastly, many others (such as the Clintons and Soros) are in the same class as David Rockefeller. I'll make no apologies for these words.
moor1075 (1 year ago)
The man is dead but his evil plans lives on!
firstflyover (1 year ago)
Bag Of Scum...
Kip Gibbs (1 year ago)
May he settle comfortably in hell
Juno Moneta (1 year ago)
Jeff, you switch too much, from left to right, and from right to left. You got it 75% right.
Juno Moneta (1 year ago)
Are you his attorney?
Buysome Bitcoin (1 year ago)
Dude, because Anarchist, what you asleep?
Lanaa (1 year ago)
NEXT = Rothschild
Roddie Mc (1 year ago)
Holy shit...this is real news.
Warren B (1 year ago)
Amen, brother. One evil fuck down. Now, about Kissenger and the Rothschilds.....
gnak2 (1 year ago)
well he was 101 with history of 7 heart transplants
Gilbert D (1 year ago)
DAVID ROCKEFELLER - BURNING IN HELL.  “In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction..." —2nd Thessalonians 1:8,9
-ED- (1 year ago)
That fucker was a CAPITALIST, just how fucking stupid do you have to be to call him a Communist? You know he was made a "Lord" by the British Queen... are you also claiming that British Royal family (which are not even British but in fact German) also Communists? Clearly you hate Communism because you are yourself a Capitalist, but really, you need to get your facts straight you dumb ass.
john johnson (1 year ago)
Michael Goldman (1 year ago)
You are gonna die too like the rest of us!!!
good video
TheBoganHunters x (1 year ago)
Will Soros be next?
Malkism M (1 year ago)
Well said Jeff, the world looks brighter and an exemplary idiom,, Evil is mortal!!!
Ahoy Labuse (1 year ago)
whistlelike killbill (1 year ago)
cut the head of a serpent two grows back.
Didier deNice (1 year ago)
I know. It's pointless to celebrate the death of one very old man when the whole politico-financial system is rotten to the core... and his kins having a tight grip on that system... And the new equinox will not change anything :-)
whistlelike killbill (1 year ago)
Didier deNice the Rockefellers still own 90 percent of the us Treasury so one Rockefeller dying don't mean a dam thing.
Didier deNice (1 year ago)
Are you talking about the ((( J...))) ?
trav v (1 year ago)
LITERALLY the world is better without Rockefeller. It's just so good, it's not just "oh he is dead" like literally I have had good days since he passed. I'm sure there are reasons for this, his dark influence has come to an end. Let's hope these other equinoxes are also true.
ZIONISIM KILLS (1 year ago)
How could you forget OPERATIONS AJAX
007Stalled 7 (1 year ago)
37,173 days old actually. Nice and symmetrical! 371-173 = 99+99 or (9x11)+(11x9) 3+7+1+7+3 = 7+7+7. 3x7x7x3 = 441 = (7+7+7)x(7+7+7). Zach Hubbard also tells us that Rockefeller died 33 days before HMQE11 turns 91 years old. These two were born 3966 days apart which converts to 10yrs 10mths and 10 days counting both dates. 3,966 also = 666+666+666+666+666+66+66+66+66+66+66+66+66+66+6+6+6+6+6+6+6. 3,966 also = 3333+333+33+33+33+33+33+33+33+33+33+3.
Liber De Deum (1 year ago)
007Stalled 7 +amdg+ 3+7+1+7+3 = 21 he died on the 21st day 2+1 = 3 he died on the 3rd month Interesting it happened on this year, the 100th Anniversary of Fatima! +pax Christi!+
hal us (1 year ago)
a great unstoppable evil has just departed from this troubled world.. let's celebrate liberty and the death of slavery!
Johnny G (1 year ago)
Fuck David Rockefeller oh and the queen.
ceciLOVEtaco (1 year ago)
Probably this is the info you shall know . Queen Elizabeth II - Top of the Pyramid At the top of this global nuclear kabuki theater economic pyramid is Queen Elizabeth II. With over $17 trillion of her personal money invested in the depleted uranium trade, partly from owning the Commonwealth mineral rights and majority of uranium mines and deposits in the world, she has personally caused, and profited from causing, the global demise of humanity, making her nothing less than a globally genocidal gangster in a tiara." http://exopolitics.blogs.com/peaceinspace/2014/06/leuren-moret-fukushima-radiation-is-intentional-extermination-and-ecocide-that-haarp-tesla-technology-can-reverse.html
ceciLOVEtaco (1 year ago)
I don't think people in the ancient time knew that their Queen used the taxpayers' money to help invade China either . I'm not saying Queen Elizabeth did anything but probably this will help you . Find out what Bilderberg Group is doing . Your prince is on the attendance list , a list of 100 ONLY in the world . You should ask him what have they discussed in the secret closed door round table meeting .
LondonSpade (1 year ago)
Thanks for the information, my question however was in reference to Queen Elizabeth II, who I don't believe has been involved in an invasion of China
ceciLOVEtaco (1 year ago)
During the Opium War, the Jxxxsh Sassoon family proposed to the Queen of England to participate invading China in exchange of the profits of the sales of Opium in China . Queen of England agreed and sent out England's troop ( with taxpayers' money , of course) . And we all know what happened . China lost and got to open EVERYTHING as the invaders requested . And Sassoon family had earned billions of dollars by selling opium in China and of course the Queen of England got rich , too . Later on they used that money to build banks, drug companies , property companies ...ect and many even still exist until today. To be honest, the world today is not that different from then . The same logic still works, just with different participants.
scott murphy (1 year ago)
theres more than one rocky
scott murphy (1 year ago)
make sure hes dead silver bullet
ZIONISIM KILLS or a 357 to the back of his head
ZIONISIM KILLS (1 year ago)
WOODEN STAKE. 2 or 3 through the heart.
rehu fowler (1 year ago)
it is appointed for man to die once then the judgement
nanoaquamania (1 year ago)
maybe he migrated to mars.. lol
nanoaquamania (1 year ago)
why are these alternative media people uploading sooo many videos soo fast???? its was weekly before...
HUGO c (1 year ago)
Thank you, for the facts on these devils. Coming out of so called white man. but all these trump supporters happy about a building a wall.we wouldnt need a wall if they let us live in peace. USA HAS ALWAYS BEEN INVOLVE MEXICO BUSINESS MUNIPULATING IN policies for there own agenda. Mexico has tons of resources but the devils always have THERE nose in it becuase of the gun but that will come to end. God is setting all you crackers for big war where it will take place in the middle east all big shots will be there God is in control of everything . so called white man aka caveman God is on our side you can have your gun but we got God . FOR ESUA IS END OF THE WORLD AND JACOB IS THE BEGINNING. WE WILL RULE .
ANARCHY LUiS (1 year ago)
Truth Monster Not as happy as your mother and sisters after I had coitus with them until i antiqued their faces...I threw your mom over the wall btw...👊🏻😎👍🏻 YouTube - Zionist Project 3
Truth Monster (1 year ago)
HUGO truth is you should be thankful to the White Man for everything you have. I know your mom was last night.
HUGO c (1 year ago)
Truth Monster The truth hurts.
Truth Monster (1 year ago)
HUGO ooh, you're a racist little bitch...
Knuckle_Bump (1 year ago)
The question is does Rockefeller' agenda die with him or is there someone to pickup the raines where he left off?
Craig G (1 year ago)
Knuckle_Bump that right. US will be nuked inside five years, maybe 2020.
YankeeClippa (1 year ago)
Not a chance... Their Agenda is firmly in place and is being executed precisely according to the plan. Make no mistake about it.
Claudia Potter (1 year ago)
Knuckle_Bump His family's agenda is tied in with a few others, for one purpose and one purpose only. Global control This is *far* from over. This guy is gone but the rest of his family, the Rothschilds, Soros, and the Koch Brothers are all still out there.
Craig G (1 year ago)
Knuckle_Bump Unfortunately the problem is bigger than one man. Search Joel Skousen
twisting 2018 (1 year ago)
As long as there is faith in Government, there will always be someone like him.
terry arcona (1 year ago)
good riddance to one of the most horrible human beings that has ever walked the earth!
BB Gunner (1 year ago)
Dulles Airport?
Nomad Wizard (1 year ago)
Rumor has it the queen died a while back.
NOREEN BADNEWS (1 year ago)
Right on. The world is definitely brighter with this cocksucker gone. Too bad him and all his crony bankers like the Rothschilds, Warburgs Harrimans etc didn't all disappear much earlier, like at birth. Family members should be too disgraced to attend this wretched bastards funeral. They should just soak him in gas, drop him off at time square and throw a match on the piece of shit - prepare him for hell !!!!
Jan Olav Solli (1 year ago)
Left this plane of existence 😉
kali kitten (1 year ago)
I celebrated
trav v (1 year ago)
Same. i did a dance lmao, then posted the information on facebook.
Richy of the West (1 year ago)
can't wait for George Soros passed away too.
Agent Lex K47 (1 year ago)
Rockafella died on my Birthday 😁 I hope Soros dies on yours bro! God bless!
YankeeClippa (1 year ago)
George Soros is clearly very very closely related to David Rockefeller. My guess is he's David's son.
Toomuchdebt (1 year ago)
Richy 17 slow and painful
Raccoon Eyes (1 year ago)
give them the electric chair, thats worse. then they can be used to roasting in hell.
Joe Who (1 year ago)
CanesFan65 there is such a thing as guilty by association ...hangem all on live TV

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