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Daily: No SEC meeting afterall? / Bill Gates wants to short BTC

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The crypto community was disappointed yesterday after no announcements / public hearing was made regarding if Ethereum is a security or not. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet play the same old game of claiming crypto is a scam. New York Stock Exchange rumors about trading crypto. 👍🏻Subscribe for Daily CryptoNews + #Altcoin explainers: https://www.youtube.com/c/boxmining 👑Recommended Exchange - Binance: https://goo.gl/joe55C 🔒Hardware Wallet: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/428b 📲Mobile Wallet: https://enjinwallet.io/ Download the BRAVE browser (No ads, no tracking): https://brave.com/box831 ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Telegram groups: Telegram Discussion Group: https://t.me/Boxdatamining Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/boxminingChannel ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● ♨️Social: Steemit: https://steemit.com/@boxmining Twitter: https://twitter.com/boxmining Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boxmining ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● I'm not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● I talk about: #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Cryptocurrency #Crypto #Altcoins
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Text Comments (139)
Boxmining (1 month ago)
👑Recommended Exchange - Binance: https://goo.gl/joe55C 🔒Hardware Wallet: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/428b 📲Mobile Wallet: https://enjinwallet.io/
Deemantos (1 month ago)
Yes and no. He is using their money to buy up the majority stock in companies. That gives him complete ( centralized ) power over that company. Some cryptos at least try to be more democratic with things like masternodes or actual proof of stake.
cl_washed 1 (1 month ago)
Mainstream media outlets spreading bullshit. Who would've guessed?
S Bell (1 month ago)
Mike, cool , calm and collective. That's you my friend. Tinfoil hat is on: I wouldn't be surprised if these two events were over egged due to consensus week and NYSE crypto entry. Why plan such fud? Perhaps to suppress growth of crypto given next week could be an extreme fever pitch in growth. Funfamentntly any extreme growth or loss is bad. Please cover EOS and NEX Peace :)
Alston Fernandez (1 month ago)
I wouldnt be surprised these guys are against bitcoin. all their billions are is stored in fiat currency. if people start using cryptocurrencies to transact you devalue their billions. also the bankers and billionaires have special rights that you regular hard working people dont have in the fiat currency system. they get bailouts when they gamble and loose. we regular people dont. they just pass on their mistakes to us tax payers. so keep hating on cryptocurrencies and help keep the rich richer and pay the tab when they gamble and loose
Hash Girl (1 month ago)
thanks for the info!
Scott White (1 month ago)
Yeah Buffet and Gates credibility is being revealed. Or lack there of.
Scott White (1 month ago)
I dont trust American politicians. I think If they can rig the market and crash it to buy cheap. I think with out a doubt they will try.Greed in America is atrocious
sdrawkcabgnipytmi (1 month ago)
Oh gosh, who would have thought that the Wall Street Journal would turn out to be fake news?
bb (1 month ago)
Well said about the bank share holders.
posparadox (1 month ago)
I want to boycot microsoft
Alan Land (1 month ago)
The US$ is being robbed blind. Catherine Austin Fitts posits that $21 Trillion has "gone missing" in the last couple decades. Wall St is complicit in this theft, and they cannot manipulate cryptos as easily. The Wall St thieves are very concerned about the rise of cryptos, because they lose their exclusivity for scamming the people.
Ron Martinez (1 month ago)
LittlePaws (1 month ago)
No interview😂 Good one, shouldn't have said it was going to happen👎
SignUps (1 month ago)
Power to The People!
Hero Jason (1 month ago)
He miss the bull, and he wants in at 2K. Keep dreaming bill
Mark Lindley (1 month ago)
Richy is rich and the joker is wild Money begot more money. Richy is going to stay rich while the ants do all the work. . .
Sobuka (1 month ago)
It’s kinda strange how Microsoft accepts Bitcoin and how they are part of the Ethereum Alliance. And it’s also weird how NEO is working with their systems. Kinda strange..
Robin B (1 month ago)
dont apologize,, it was fudded all over the net
The Flying Ben (1 month ago)
When a billionaire calls a cryptocurrency a "Rat Poison" or a "Turd", buy it.
Deemantos (1 month ago)
They do not hate crypto because they are old. Gates fully understands what crypto is. He has, and wants more, central control over everything and everybody. Crypto is decentralized. That is a threat to his empire. He and Buffet are also embedded in the traditional financial ecosystem which they feel is threatened by crypto.
Trumble Research (1 month ago)
Zach H (1 month ago)
The billionairre boys club is so full of it.... but id love to know their angle. We all know how important crypto is as well as its potential. Its the next evolutionary stage of money. Im sure our grandparents were saying the same stuff all those years ago..... "credit cards?? Pfffft!!! Then our parents.... "paypal...wtf is that?" Crypto is the future bros n sis' IM STAYIN
A. R. Forsgren (1 month ago)
Don't even worry. You were not the only one. And at least you said you thought it might happen behind closed doors. Maybe it did.
Chuck A (1 month ago)
BOYCOTT anything Dimon, Gates or Buffet related! Gates stating "he would short the Hell out of BitCoin" is akin to relishing the idea of driving average Joe or Jane to financial ruin. Nice sentiment from the 2nd richest man in the world! If u love Actual Freedom of mind and MONEY it's time to exclude the Buffet/Munger, Dimon and Gates of the world from any access to your hard earned cash. BOYCOTT these MFers!
Gary Ksiazek (1 month ago)
I love when all these big billionaires etc talk about shorting stuff. It pretty much guarantees that shorting will fail.
Joe Bee (1 month ago)
Well said Michael, we as a new financial generation cannot afford to fall for the big banks and current billionaires FUD anymore, of course they try to protect their investments and their current empire, you would do the same. The problem is the current system is a Ponzi Scheme and does a lot of damage both financially and morally to this planet. Crypto can be some light in the tunnel, we must protect it and trust it just like we trusted their Fiat system for 100 years. Now it's our time! The future is bright.
Randomehro (1 month ago)
Old farts can short
Truth Spitting (1 month ago)
hahahaha Old bill and Old W buffed warran is nothing comparing to all the cryptos supporters, upcoming supporters. Their shit centralized trust system compared to trustless systems. Go home old farts.
Roy Wessbecher (1 month ago)
Did Buffett just call himself a rat? :-) If "Bitcoin is rat poison squared" for stuff like Wells Fargo and Goldman and other things Buffett is into, what else can we conclude? Buffett is nothing if not legacy financial stuff... That billionaire crowd is manipulating the market (as usual).
Austin Shotts (1 month ago)
No bank sees this as a do or die moment. I wish we were there but were not yet. They're just trying to figure out how to navigate regulation or lack thereof. Once one monetizes crypto, the others will follow suit.
Phil (1 month ago)
hearing from Matt Spoke and the AION project would be awesome! THX!
jared pfalmer (1 month ago)
theater!! fake azz crooks!
Kent Woodard (1 month ago)
You are forgiven. Thank you for the vids.
AVLRECORDS (1 month ago)
I feel like ethereum is about to blow up the next 12 hours
How I made (1 month ago)
dam youre soo late with this news now...its like 1 month old in crypto
Yiling Cao (1 month ago)
uninstalling windows and someone ddos microsoft, bill gates want cheap BTC, noob actor.
Aaron Ainslie (1 month ago)
Bill Gates, a very generous man through his foundation, was smart enough to let someone else manage Microsoft. Just as well if he wants to short Bitcoin. Can't do any harm to his company when shorting BTC.
Captain Cumalot (1 month ago)
Bill Gates is just sour because his lead technical engineer left Microsoft to work on Elastos.
LIX 59 (1 month ago)
You youngsters are going to find out the hard way what a complete sham the whole crypto market is.
jellomyths (1 month ago)
is it buried between Bill Gates' and Buffett's?
jellomyths (1 month ago)
Hay, show your face.
Boxmining (1 month ago)
isn't that what they said about the internet?
MMABeijing (1 month ago)
so those youtubers just blindly repeat fake news? that tells how little connection they have with real actors within the industry. Useless
Valeriya Kolomiychenko (1 month ago)
anybody knows about Luckchemy? Luckchemy an example of a project that already has a product, and now they are raising funds for the growth and development of all ideas. The company at the fundraising stage, now on the open sale with 40% bonus
Eric P (1 month ago)
What’s weird is that Bill Gates used to be bullish on BTC. Not sure why he’s a FUDster nowadays?
TJ Dikos (1 month ago)
Every time we have a nice rally there’s coordinated FUD to drive the prices down.
Jeremiah (1 month ago)
TJ TWD Sounds like a conspiracy theory, but I must agree. The banks are feeling threatened, and soon the government. This is going to spark a revolution as soon as right wing baby boomers die off and lose power and influence.
TheTradeBox (1 month ago)
They create FUD to buy the dips!
Daniel Kelso (1 month ago)
I don’t know why we should give a shit about what Gates and Buffett think about Bitcoin. Enough headlines of their thoughts on crypto. We already know what they think. Their opinions are irrelevant..... Aside from the fact that the market tanks every time they open their mouths on the topic.
Daniel Kelso (1 month ago)
omeria omeria How’d you come to that conclusion? There’s zero adoption so far. This “new era” is years away..... Just give me runaway gains based on pure speculation and I’ll be happy.
omeria omeria (1 month ago)
Let it go. Its actually good sign that means crypto is entering a new phase/era into mainstream adoption. If not then why would they dare express their opinions?
kpmoresco (1 month ago)
Big surprise. Powers that be want to kill what they can't get control
Crypto Explorer (1 month ago)
Ironically Microsoft was an early adopter of accepting bitcoin.
Crypto Explorer (1 month ago)
I just thought it was ironic that a company he started had the foresight yet the founder didn’t. Or wants us to think he doesn’t.
Boxmining (1 month ago)
bill stopped running microsoft :P
teeno7 (1 month ago)
Please lets all research these FUD movements. Educate all.
Ralph Raymond (1 month ago)
Hi Michael-As a traditional investor, I had my doubts about many cryptocurrency projects but having researched the overall market intensively since December, I found that some of the projects deserve much praise and in fact are under-rated. I feel W. Buffet and his team as well as Bill gates really need to educate themselves more. They are also very disrespectful. On another note, can you please explain whether it is wise to invest in some of the stable coin projects out there.
James Youkhanis (1 month ago)
People love to BS look at the charts nothing happened to BTC last year during the meeting?
Website guy (1 month ago)
Those evil jackasses have proxy investors and buddies to spread fud in the government. They are pumping and dumping sociopath assholes. Yes they buy and sell cryptos ...to damage them aaaand to profit. Soros now has accounts he admits to now too.
Nigel Davies (1 month ago)
The meeting was not only held but streamed live yesterday!!!! I watched it for over 2 hours. The chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and SEC head Jay Clayton were questioned by a 'steering commitee' made up of members of the SENATE. Jay Clayton stated that all ICO's are definately Securities and 'issued a warning' to all coins that have held an ICO!! This is NOT FAKE NEWS, - unfortunately the SEC want toREGULATE the current ICO format although they did not say what exact retribution the present generation of ICO'd coins can expect for not complying with existing regulations. I have read several reports today saying that the meeting never happened, but it certainly did, and the news isn't good as far as USA based companies that have held, are holding, or are planning to hold, ICO's. There will be a fight ahead by the look of it and I imagine a whole lot of Crypto companies will exit the USA and set up camp in Crypto-friendly countries unless the SEC, CTFC and other USA government commissions start to realise that the World of Crypto needs only NEW, APPRORIATE regulations that recognise the Revolutionary changes happening RIGHT NOW. Todays younger generation are interested in a Worldwide Sharing Ecosystem and expect to be given the FREEDOM to put their money into technologies and Ideas which Harmonise with their visions of a Sharing World. The existing restrictions on capital raising etc were designed in the early 20th Century. These restrictions favour very rich Venture Capitalists etc, and are no longer relevant to todays World of creative Blockchain innovation which is accelerating at a pace that is beyond the slow pace of the USA (and other) Government(s') to even understand what is happening, let alone to get regulations that worked in the 20th Century into place to harness it! The Horse has already BOLTED and cannot be stopped no matter what they do. They will however attach an achor to the Horses tail, slowing it down somewhat compared to innovation in other Crypto friendly countries, if they don't change VERY quickly.
Nigel Davies (1 month ago)
I meant to write 'was completely misled by the person who published the 'It's Live Now' link!!
Nigel Davies (1 month ago)
Thanks for pointing this out! I can now see that the link I followed - which was supposedly a Live replay was actually a link to a replay of a meeting that was carried out in February, so I was completely by the person who published the "It's Live Now! link. LoL. Let's hope that the relevant authorities have reconsidered their attitude in the meantime.
EOS Fanboy (1 month ago)
Nigel Davies dude that meeting took place in April
Jason Hewitt (1 month ago)
Buffet, Gates et al are just making themselves look foolish now. I mean these guys are not dumb but their blatant FUD is purely designed to help protect their conventional assets. Unfortunately for them they are now pissing against the wind.
watcher on the wall (1 month ago)
its got nothing to do with warren buffet gates no one , its the fact that bitcoin is traded on wall street futures and like anything else they can make it go up or down to zero now if they want , its totally controlled by wall street , charts mean nothing anymore , its a manipulated market , buy and hold bitcoin cash and nothing else thats connected to bitcoin , when you control the head the rest of the body is also controlled
Sirius (1 month ago)
Warren Buffet is a welfare bailout queen.
Enrique Velez (1 month ago)
Bytecoin is up more than 100% since it got put on Binance!
Hondo (1 month ago)
Michael! I will also be at consensus as a sponsored scholar. Are you doing any meet-ups at the convention? Been a long time follower and would be awesome to finally meet you in person. Let me know! - Hondo
Aaron W (1 month ago)
There is undoubtedly ulterior motives that they have. They aren't talking crap about Bitcoin for no reason or because its really what they think about it. And the absurdity of the statements that they've made is rediculous.
Bernard Macarius (1 month ago)
Great video Michael. Thanks for sharing your time. Might I suggest keeping an eye on the accredited investors only requirements. This signals their is an interest by the wealthy and crypto will continue to operate pretty much unfettered till the well dries up!
Andy Sharky (1 month ago)
WTF is bill gates ? who cares what he says ?
Gabriel Dimitrov (1 month ago)
Bill Gates actually said the technology is good, but the investment is bad.
jellomyths (1 month ago)
Yeah, isn't it what we've been talking about, investments.
Gigi (1 month ago)
I’m so excited you’re going to Consensus. Thanks for taking us along...
Rich Token (1 month ago)
How's you're uncle satoshi
alantzwong (1 month ago)
The 3 richest men will become the poorest men should they really short cryptos .
Rich Token (1 month ago)
Wall street are attempting to sabotage crypto
whatever_it_takes (1 month ago)
To Gates and Buffett and Charlie Munger and anybody else who wishes to short crypto, I have 4 words for you.... Bring it Damn On!!!!
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Rob Power (1 month ago)
Michael I know American politics as well as anyone you know. Everyone coming out against crypto are very powerful Democrats. If we can’t get the Dems support this whole could get set back years
Johnny B (1 month ago)
Yeah, the Bill Gates comment is really dumb. However, things look really bad - the BTC price chart for 2018 is almost a carbon copy of the chart for 2018. We have new coins and ICOs every week yet the market cap does not go up. Volume on the exchanges is very low. If the price continues to roll lower it will be interesting to see how soon panic sets it or if we can somehow stabilize or rally. Of course, if you bought BTC @ $ 2k or less then you have nothing to worry about and if you bought it @ $6 k you are still pretty safe too. If you mined it, then you have no worries at all.
H V (1 month ago)
Gates, Munger & Buffet wanting to short fried baby brains mixed with rat poison? What I think is the problem with these guys is FOMO, whereby the F = Frustration of having missed out. This is especially true for Buffet & Charlie, lets face it, these two are greedy as hell and completely missed the boat because they don't understand f*all about crypto currencies. On top of that, I'll bet they are constantly being asked by their investors why they missed the boat and when they are getting in, simultaneously being faced with net outflows out of their funds. It is pure vicious anger, it is as simple as that! Bill? Well I guess he is confused ! LOL!
Jeremiah (1 month ago)
Rob Power Exactly. Also crypto markets are a threat to their investment model, which is based on the stock market. Also they hold insurance company and bank stocks. These are the biggest scammers of all!
Rob Power (1 month ago)
They with the help of the Gigantic News Nets could push the price down then buy then push it back up for a quick 10% profit
JWKM69 (1 month ago)
Quit reporting on dinosaurs. They don’t matter to the future!
GalacticWoman (1 month ago)
Take the fiat away from Bill Gates..what have you got left?;)
jellomyths (1 month ago)
Oh, forgot to say, my message is for Mikkel. Anyway, this is not for Bill Gates, but too many extremely rich people steal cheat and rob and become rich and then later becomes a philanthropist. Even in olden days in Chicago, a lot of gangsters robbed, sell drugs, and on the surface, donated money to the organizations for the poor. Oh well. I remember Bill Gates father is a lawyer, correct me if I am wrong, and he quite and went to Africa to take care of the money where Bill Gates donated.
jellomyths (1 month ago)
No offense, yes he is a philanthropist, I was working for a Philanthropy office at that time 2001, and it was ALSO because his mother at that time was with another Philanthropy office and he donated, but that office was famous for being extremely wasteful. Anyway, no judgment from me, but that's inside info.
GalacticWoman (1 month ago)
ZClassic Just Tanked then he should not try to influence emerging crypto markets with ignorant comments
GalacticWoman (1 month ago)
Mikkel Kristensen yes but what is his role now ? His views on crypto are not that relevant
Mikkel Kristensen (1 month ago)
A genius philanthropist that created Microsoft.
Crypto Squatch (1 month ago)
Bill Gates can cash me ouside how bah dah
Jacob bennett (1 month ago)
Best comment ever
Crypto Squatch (1 month ago)
Rob Power thanks. i make no videos though. just for comments lol. maybe i should? crypto news in a monkey suit
Rob Power (1 month ago)
You have the best name outside of SuppoMan
Yves Nicollier (1 month ago)
i am so excited that SONM is a titel sponser
dcptiv (1 month ago)
BCN = 198sats on poloniex & 2345sats on Binance. Bought on polo hoping it falls inline with Binance
I Finn (1 month ago)
If you go back to your last video I already predicted this in my comment before anyone reported or tweeted about it.
FAB IT-Solutions TM (1 month ago)
Gates was never a technologist. He was adopted by Buffett in 80's with his Microsoft label, to snatch real inventors ideas and sell it as his own. He was constantly in court being sued by real technology inventors, eg.: DOS, NTFS, TCP/IP but by using his capital and family background in banking he always got away with his parasitical approach towards life. That is all Warren Buffet his best friend and Charlie Munger (The three stooges) are about. It is very perplexing to see such retarded minds such as Gates, Buffett and this third stooge are so rich and have power and authority in our society and the world. https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-nearly-as-bad-as-trading-harvested-baby-brains-berkshire-vc-munger/
Highlander McCrypto (1 month ago)
Well said, hes nothing but the front man for the banker/corporate elite games, just like the fake Elon Musk, another front man for the elite, to pretend he owned Paypal and Tesla and spacex I mean do they think we are zipped up the back. Bill Gates is a fraud!
bsc44 (1 month ago)
Nice one Michael, hopefully you run into Sunny on Tuesday :)
bsc44 (1 month ago)
at Consensus***
Dhul Qarnayn (1 month ago)
Great video. Yes the Elite just want to buy crypto on the cheap so they manipulate the market with FUD
S Bell (1 month ago)
Doctor Yas broadly I agree :)
John Smith (1 month ago)
The media loses credibility every single day.
eXXposed.org (1 month ago)
Marry me <3
Charona Plutoni (1 month ago)
So why doesn't Bill Gates short bitcoin? Is he that incompetent?
Gates, Buffet, Monger & co are definitely too old to get the point about cryptos. Just ignore them.
Boxmining (1 month ago)
so true. Dinosaurs fudding to protect their investments. I bet when they dump their shit in 2-3 years they will be pro crypto.
Adi Kuala (1 month ago)
good job (back to subscribe to me)
Dj Robbie Rush (1 month ago)
Yes wsj trolling us 😜 down with the billionaires 👎
Dj Robbie Rush (1 month ago)
Boxmining did you get a chance to look at nlc2 Michael?
Boxmining (1 month ago)
So true. Epic troll.
FancyTacos (1 month ago)
Boxmining (1 month ago)
Andy Raman (1 month ago)
FUD news by wall street
Boxmining (1 month ago)
karma police (1 month ago)
I knew it.
Christopher Manning (1 month ago)
karma police crazy how SEC can influence people to write articles, host news, if they just "think" about doin something, so much for freedom am i right
Boxmining (1 month ago)
WSJ trolls
Ignizer Trading (1 month ago)
Fake news?
Ignizer Trading (1 month ago)
Thanks to you i discovered POLY some months ago... :)
Boxmining (1 month ago)
basically no news.

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