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Thank you for 2,000 subscribers! The details of the Litecoin giveaway are announced in the video plus a quick update on recent news and developments of Litecoin and the possibility of litecoin futures. Also the crypto market reversing into a bull pattern potentially. To Keep Your Crypto Safe, Buy One of These: http://amzn.to/2H4CDjA http://amzn.to/2CqfRPH http://amzn.to/2sBCbGq Recording equipment: Computer: http://amzn.to/2EQ5vL2 Mic: http://amzn.to/2F3nocE Register for Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11630516 Buy Bitcoin Here: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a00a74caccbe60351721d5a Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bradscrypto/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brad.crypto.39 Mine Bitcoin with Hashflare: https://hashflare.io/r/F4018C9F If you feel like donating, here are some addresses: BTC: 1Lq9EcXNp1QjjAjz9TquVudc7Gz3i3jTpm LTC: LNed5yYKzig5qG1kc3k7JoMLXohDDRd1QU ETH: 0x5696329c8331bc658093d2508a953ed0c617cfb8 Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell, and leave any thoughts or questions in the comment section. See you in the next video! *Disclamer: This is not financial advice, only my opinion and personal strategy regarding cryptocurrency and other investments.*
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BradsCrypto (3 months ago)
TO ENTER THE LTC GIVEAWAY: 1. Subscribe to the channel and turn on post notifications 2. Like this video 3. Comment you LTC wallet address Thank you!
NURUL ALOM (2 months ago)
,New subscriber here....Nice video Your all videos are so helpful BTC- 13AxoaqVYtKshLcXHAmx85cm94gVCcdb1p LTC- LTZaKGsXWxsUAB7tccEmXfZS47nTXzMhP3
Kurt Barlow (3 months ago)
BradsCrypto good video today... LVJWYetHcFHAG9rJaeBXm8uJRum63e1zrM
Tyler Joseph (3 months ago)
Completed! Litecoin address: MPJeejQe2YeZQg73BoKrwmJoiEL7Kh5jLT
Keary Nicholas (3 months ago)
Vinnie Mac (3 months ago)
Congrats on reaching 2k Subscribers :) Its about time LTC got the shine it deserves! LXUqN4C553oSuGLdyvi9LLnabDrmSndZDR
CryptoFree (3 months ago)
Good Luck to everyone LS4bRU72fS4VtjkbzXydRZQfUsx5p6CnP9
A Google User (3 months ago)
Soy nuevo en Cryptos y necesito ayuda LS8UUuY9ugSVCfKJ6Ks3KcfGZjcxdojvG7
Veeri Beeg (3 months ago)
Done subscribes LcENQriP5nhbvYq7gWhLskzFKieifL6SXe
Secret GT Society (3 months ago)
Dank u wel, mijn vriend LWc1nnRD4MG2XSikNoKKCanDAx8qu3wMYW
Android legend (3 months ago)
Congrts Because it great Ltc: LW2BQFKRvxuQps4Mg9acm813mx8S2vVmSF
Marco Martorana (3 months ago)
Always have a Good luck with tour Channel! Thanks a Lot man! Ltc : MS6BoU7jktmEfCRkiwqJkjqDGGFq8myy4A
AllAroundGuy (3 months ago)
Andre Fuentes (3 months ago)
good stuff man! LSWrF5SU8UTMbyK1qer6WJ95W9YRZ9Mop9 :)
Javier Windeveld (3 months ago)
Nice video. Lc3vaKt4g6jEa21ypKQ3pwGCkfvZ6mmRXr
shehbaaz nageshwar (3 months ago)
can u review ncash too? cant decide when to buy! LParyvzALKSWCwp2tXvd3BPUhgSoyAt6NH
zehneer mukanesh (3 months ago)
congrats on 2k subs.hope ur channel also moon LNx1GS5TRnJHyx3CSozFHr1NBWPEsWTV4w
Tetra Yuga (3 months ago)
here we go again, promises, promises, give away litecoin but you never did, you turned 2k subscribers a long time ago, now you have 2.1k.
Albam mehur (3 months ago)
congrats on 2.1k subs mate.ur reviews are great. LSbhJwas8tBnj6cETBpAk2SrY5NZSUpxHh
Matthew Yan (3 months ago)
Thanks for this opportunity! LTC address: 33HMEpKXbJmX2bmTYjb6UKGdQ7ZNkjCLGm
Crypto PaulyD (3 months ago)
Hey bro , what u think about daytrading? Ltc LRQhGgxSRoVJnGh8pHUaDRBVhZfN1h5w5q
satoshibobby1659783 (3 months ago)
Awesome video bro Ltc LT8ufReEqvVPbfQS9UGZAr3KyuYw6GF8Fh
basketball fan (3 months ago)
subscribed, well done on 2k LTC LdeJivLTvQ5HWSNZDfCJgBMyQpiURxhui8
Ryan Lee (3 months ago)
Hey hey hey wasu wasu wasup suuubbbssscccrrriiibbbeeedddd lol Ltc LL8k1zKvNbnwqi32FJyxJc5BSAsieATRNw
Hodl King (3 months ago)
Just subs bro ltc LQfEjz1UEW8AEsPiGPgovReVo8vm5sapCR
alex makis (3 months ago)
Congrats dude ltc LTYx6MzMrTDiTmM2chVRy859Cg3kB8djus
Nico Edits (3 months ago)
Congrats on 2k also! LWbKjChPrQUwRiuydNrnB2G61xp7UCAQPp
rommel capistrano (3 months ago)
nice video great info thanks LTC: Lg2UPPkXiiK7zcM6WxSPa6Y2CShD4smAuo
Nico Edits (3 months ago)
Hope I win! LWbKjChPrQUwRiuydNrnB2G61xp7UCAQPp
Vic (3 months ago)
Nice video! Keep up the good work! LWUBQcyjhYVB3VVf5CL3gPYFCaoJwTnvHQ
shubham bhabad (3 months ago)
best of luck everyone LNMzsvDUSyJDXVdFyqSa5rFPu7ZL4Bnn3f
Devin Kelly (3 months ago)
Thanks for the knowledge. Appreciate you breaking it down to us. I'm still learning and this helps out big time. LTC MPQ5GNiA2n5rX9wFs9WM6Wmf5rpRDF8ypb
Patrick Tee (3 months ago)
thanks for the info MVBEiBgotbpBWuC9GfM6SEnWhthZs7yDMR
Moltak Firewind (3 months ago)
i love you LYqz2C255Dg55z7nifAHe3pz3yMpUAfffR
Matt Jordan (3 months ago)
Great video! MBeZ1MD7xGj9KiAgEM3nVYeQ6tQkKstoU3
kevin T (3 months ago)
Phillip Tan (3 months ago)
look what happened to btc with futures.. LVSBjD5f9nrRR8VUpncoPFMUfDVsdLQbwR
ren tan (3 months ago)
u deserve it bro great channel MBVimXN6juhRnJE1cMoo7U8T2hiMpgAg8Q
John williams (3 months ago)
Kurt Barlow (3 months ago)
Good video today! LVJWYetHcFHAG9rJaeBXm8uJRum63e1zrM
Pan Lam (3 months ago)
congrats on 2k subscribers ! LTC: LMveSepN25cbGTzsEbVKhFkfkhYqEESM1s
Trina Stein (3 months ago)
subbed LLrccZ7HGhdhNasNYku1RPMgHkuGS6UCGJ
Froi Dona (3 months ago)
Hit the like button and subscribe! This guy produces great content continuously.   Litecoin: LXjFtzy4g6xp5ewLorsJ1t7hAGV1x3gGFH
Billy Bop (3 months ago)
LITECOIN :LPizkN56CPAHEo1pmzp5v74DuRz7tqYr1m I love LTC
Neil Lupton (3 months ago)
Nice video.. fingers crossed for a run... MJiLXxv83VAGX9Fhb3Pkih5o6RbizxJV7n
Ian Bang (3 months ago)
this video is the most important of them all. Period. Thanks.  Litecoin: LhrigktwuMAjhhCif1o6PiiQHyQmxRMt72
Mikhail Dmitry (3 months ago)
Thanks for putting the time in researching and bringing us these news, great times ahead! Litecoin: LdKJH6JQox6c3aYMXtnvbBMtxLfEeAJG83
Yaritza Espadaz (3 months ago)
Nick H (3 months ago)
ur channel is rad Lf9E7hKC8e5b8Qt2E5LXTbicvmjLjWVa8q
Crypto Senpai (3 months ago)
Great video. I agree with what you're saying. Litecoin: LfURTTAs5q8joGXmbHo54RvMgb3bvvgpP7
Neo Enthusiast (3 months ago)
great video and thanks for this news bro! i also think the worst is over and that now we can see bitcoin going up in price ! ;) Litecoin: LayeWKvdWTzT4gyqCxP1DFtnN6jMD6Xn2L
Warren Buff (3 months ago)
thanks man nice vid what u will say about ETC? I invested there please help Litecoin: LQEqhKw4JRxmrtC3jkFXpxPMsjQx92aMBQ
Katelyn Schuldiner (3 months ago)
Litecoin is superior overall. Litecoin: LgJXBxXaaA6Y8gyugQNxLTevRK44nU45T5
Robert Sulzberger (3 months ago)
Oguz Gursel (3 months ago)
Bullish months are on the way! LPaaX6fZ28Kwkd9BS6Y2GTJzaRLXjP26GA
MC Hod-L (3 months ago)
LTC is the first coin I brought in crypto. I will hold it forever just for the nostalgia of it.. Litecoin: LddCc6sSrJMYomKeQs2UqKFvyqwZGJG7HL
Crypto Moon (3 months ago)
i hope ltc go that high ill be at the lambo shop in the morning lol Litecoin: LUv4wobZLtJxYT3mcVZdEmuveGWS8MGnY2
PatrickRF (3 months ago)
congrats on 2k ! Lb9P7ZAC3rP7vgkw9GhBAuXzR9jsoYKmTP
Zac Spillman (3 months ago)
I think we have a little correction from this recent run before we really take off. Great videos keep it up! LMzYtB8dQp7zPhsPkiDnsxNdkfJxjfvKdh
Nathan MATMAT Vargas (3 months ago)
I have invest a lot of many in ltc. I hope it will go up...l have a feeling it will go up sooner or later... Litecoin: LQGHW9gvEDCuvk58thztK9SwzDvLCBUPQm
Crypto Nikki (3 months ago)
I enjoy your videos. I can tell you are a genuine person and would be fun to hang out with. Thanks for everything. Litecoin: LV3SHCstWnQqqLoyLUgsMEK3P57yHz7LLr
Chris_T95 (3 months ago)
Great vid, keep it up LSuKpmfSmrtn6JvcZE3iusHff74bCxmmEQ
Thomas Celarek (3 months ago)
Mate, you are a gentleman and a scollop! Great video, great insight, have subscribed and will be eagerly awaiting more of your content. My LTC Address: LWhuBxSwoc3SweiDyqmnaeX6G6KWXvp5M8
John Murphy (3 months ago)
Brian Adams (3 months ago)
number100 (3 months ago)
congrats LP8GXGMqT9qMtuKTtoVUHLBmuRQ6U5x36j
Alex Vanluit (3 months ago)
LgkkY972vPR7kp6saJkXnzJK6VbN74MizF My litecoin address, thank you.
Ciprian Iagaru (3 months ago)
Hello, LTC: LU9cxZ8HiridM2mgCxrqFXfiBm6n4t4vN7
Aaron Day (3 months ago)
Great content as always Brad, congrats on hitting the 2k mark - that was quick. You're getting some good momentum now! LTC: MRb9Er6HbHvxUn7S5MaAMzPWH6qdsz4LK3
sean ngeo (3 months ago)
New subscriber! Lets make litecoin big !! 💪 Litecoin address: Lf56ziKf31vHrf37hco1Et7qMA9MaG1BUg
Will Halliday (3 months ago)
Thanks Brad, love your videos and a big fan of LTC! LZR4CVEDeCvHZzTSGBsALkZYH81ntLVVHc
Coach Rick (3 months ago)
Im a New subscriber, Great video! MPqcnDmx73xe6CJwhgV454Q8v15mTheYXk
Byte Market (3 months ago)
Hey man just watched scrolling through all you vids thanks for the info!!! MB9AKUcdA2hAvDXk25zqfaTSP7dDfPHFar
Marko (3 months ago)
Good job keep it growing. MCKUQmeG7tWsiLNopwsJBenhA56r1d7icz
Phonexay Phetdara (3 months ago)
Thanks for daily update Brad! LfD4EcXimt7moCMzi9sLFCbLU1SrBfREjW
Stijn de Haan (3 months ago)
Did all steps to enter, thanks for the giveaway! LTC: LaaHw96wxgNQCtaoxfSbnGehPtVCkTR3YN
crypto beavis (3 months ago)
Thanks for info ,congrats on 2k!!! Ltc   LXDWuVPAtR7DtWxXXCcNvqgMduJL4Kk2cH
Desert Dan (3 months ago)
Interesting video,thanks man and congrats!!! Ltc     LhptMd4Q3frW83Vd8bThXDfvpCWAhU5Nxd
Crypto Stefan (3 months ago)
Great video,keep it up bro!!! Ltc  LTGCi3CWchpyAGBR1GCCLxi1Dad6RkjqLq
Paul Rouleau (3 months ago)
Excited about this Litecoin news! Congratulations on 2K subscribers!LXQRd4VTad1L1GZmjUfoJm5a6wYq8mGueK
matthew czarnecki (3 months ago)
Awesome video good stuff LU5KBMe17kCrEHFLmFPPbEjGwKUhKidUL8
Light Li (3 months ago)
Cool, awesome information. Keep it up! LTC: LdFNWyPm4G4dhJtPg98s8YijCg1yNsBDXy
jody jones (3 months ago)
great video as usual brad keep up the good work bro but how you feel about litecoin cash is it worth to invest in in your opinion LiteCoin: Lb3GbwiA8a3EJE1DCmdTgpRxmvw9LdRsQD
couhallan (3 months ago)
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michael barnes (3 months ago)
Sweet!!! I love LTC :MBmDhNB96FocjYdKH7YtLUJaQpqkh1nxWE
Martin Tveit (3 months ago)
Thank you for great Litecoin updates Brad. Congrats with 2k subscribers! MKaWH1qQEPjRcNFw9kG6QYDNPNdX6XX3jf
Greg Smith (3 months ago)
Good to have a litecoin channel. Loves me the lite. LcKtKtVgDhCddzbG4E8wFMhJGiCPKA5khF
Luis Aguilar (3 months ago)
Congrats man MU5QK73UY6BXAoMpzgfHpQcb4nieG4GMDk
Rebekah Liperote (3 months ago)
Great videos, thank you! LYCBj4XKkDYaPQmzzPJZG8GQzVStfTM3QT
King Soner (3 months ago)
Nice Video thanks for giveaway LTC: LgygpKdguxQFGuq5tnNrxKMKy8g5f8FbAU
Bobby Mosley (3 months ago)
ConGrats on the 2000 subs. LTC= LZPwM2cU1bd1i4Je39WFgiTe4ydzynpJFD
Natalie Lima (3 months ago)
ShAdOw Holder (3 months ago)
Done Ltc LXDnsCdjrHcA9m2LCdCqdDeHBHyfrmZZG3
Chris Touch (3 months ago)
Lite moon baby! Any news about litepay and paylite?? LMVapApZUicrzxKzh97kPvfUPihGuN89fB
Герман Аго (3 months ago)
cograds LTMov6MSkX2rJkabfRE8QHKjBraNdW3Nrm
Nancy McLaughlin (3 months ago)
Litecoin! LVXeGrCv7sCkTEj2TzcDXkZDKyZybM2N6s
Alex Q69 (3 months ago)
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peguuu (3 months ago)
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Fruitboer Henk (3 months ago)
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Excelente videos, You ROCK!!! Keep the good work. LTC: LcDhCHvfEDc98mTSKrQJzjCKPegD7Y1QTj
Tyson Mock (3 months ago)
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Crypto Future (3 months ago)
LTC LV9MJKkB7bfyhCgVnmF8Qus7dmc96Va5qa Great Video!
fghif f (3 months ago)
next month, ltc wil up, I think stiil.... hhmm LLBksiVmPzLRZjsDG78x8YDYRtHFCgy2yZ
Grigor Damyanov (3 months ago)
Great video, thank you ! LLcVnTmgQxQpj2KTt5fqTcPLHpZ1db8umM

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