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Miss America Pageant: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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The Miss America Pageant…how is this still a thing? They claim to give more scholarships to women than any other organization, and, unfortunately, they’re right. To illustrate these problems, John Oliver stages his own pageant with the help of Kathy Griffin. Here are the links to the women's scholarship funds that John mentioned on air: Society of Women Engineers: http://societyofwomenengineers.swe.org/ Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund: www.rankinfoundation.org Patsy Mink Foundation: www.patsyminkfoundation.org Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/last-week-tonight-with-john-oliver
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Text Comments (8194)
Min (5 hours ago)
Trump doesn't even have a soul.
Garrick Saro (8 hours ago)
I love Oliver, too bad he decided to go where the money is . I can’t blame him.
Garrick Saro (8 hours ago)
This Bullshit should be banned.
Kartikeya Sarin (14 hours ago)
Did u think at this point of time that trump will become president elect trump😂😂😂😂
canadiananim8r (16 hours ago)
5:11 thats your president people...
Jackson Wald (16 hours ago)
So this is just the show? Some random news story devolves into pulling out tax forms? I love it 10/3
Scorch428 (1 day ago)
Wow, looking at me vs Gisepee...you wouldn't even think we were the same fucking species... I sux :(
Vasco Apolonio (1 day ago)
Are they selling Horses ?????
mohnish vishal (1 day ago)
That answer made my penis shrink
Desi Lyn (3 days ago)
can't even watch an old run without seeing our dear president fuck up
Multiifangirling (4 days ago)
Lmao it’s ironic that trump is president now 😂😂😂
Anonymous John (4 days ago)
But looks do matter. It's rude but it always will be true.
Anonymous John (4 days ago)
Why mock the way people talk back then? I honestly prefer it.
iyanna louis (4 days ago)
Spasoje Kulasevic (5 days ago)
Kristian Brandt (5 days ago)
America has..... tendancies.
Rajan P (6 days ago)
This man John Oliver Is Gold. Respect dude 👍
Elizabeth Vasconcelos (6 days ago)
RyoHazuki224 (6 days ago)
Wow, it is sad to watch this in 2018 and see what would be the president there....
Dalma Flanders (7 days ago)
Can I like a video twice
Daniel Paskucz (7 days ago)
5:08 you fucking what? I am amazed that this man is president...
Daniel Paskucz (7 days ago)
4:52 - yeah he's now the president of the United States..
Ashley Atkisson (8 days ago)
Watching you talk about trump when he wasn’t president makes me wanna hop in a time machine
Goran Roganovic (8 days ago)
killed it!
petwisk (8 days ago)
I stoped The vídeo when Cathy Griffin showed up
The Lemming (8 days ago)
Support the death of humanity Do the right thing
Superficial people in a vain competition expecting plastic, silicone, and surgery barbies to be intellectual. Classy America. Here's a Nobel and an Abel prize in MickeyD's disposable.
The Bloodroyal (9 days ago)
No, I'm just going to donate to a men's only scholarship fund, if it exists!!!
fuzzy (10 days ago)
Women only being the key words
Julie W. (10 days ago)
6:54 - "How'd your scholarship interview go?" "Well, my ass is still sticky, I think I've got it!" That soooooo does not sound good (plus, my ass is still sticky, and I'll I got was enjoyment, lol).
Maya Reads (10 days ago)
This hurts now. It hurts so much
Phoenix (11 days ago)
I did a report on pageants and when I googled who owned miss usa I screamed
Fredric Hallas (11 days ago)
Get off me Giuseppe!
Ayanna V (12 days ago)
And that man will become our president
Avery Finney (12 days ago)
Well. Now he’s in charge. “Yay”
john gideon (12 days ago)
Kathy Griffin has had some experience with construction of the head, am I right;)
Itward (12 days ago)
And then that sexist bastard became president
Andrew's closet (12 days ago)
It’s funny watching People talk about trump in 2018 knowing what’s coming for them
Fernanda Thompson (13 days ago)
LegzFallOffGirl (13 days ago)
I'm so lost on the math here....
John P (14 days ago)
WOW, what a fairytale ending! I sure hope josepie pounds cathy really hard, she sure deserves a good “hard reset”. I do wish that the show had a larger budget, he didn’t even have a shirt. Back to cathy, I would give it to her for the meanest three minutes of her life. Her and that human parrot. 💥
Luna T (14 days ago)
Watching this being jealous of them not yet having to have gone through the Trump presidency, SAD!
Emily Harrison (14 days ago)
Obligatory comment about Donald Trump now being president
sjhmagic1 (14 days ago)
the pageant went from mildly offensive, stupid and boring. to borderline criminal. but they are not taking away anybody's rights, so I don't care. people should do like me, and not watch it. And women shouldn't join. problem solved.
Jyotsna Gokhale (14 days ago)
Hilarious! And true!
Samuel Vesey (16 days ago)
Oh that trump section
Hello World (16 days ago)
These thots got a good education.
LovelyChicable (17 days ago)
"A clown made of mummified foreskin and cotton candy" 😂😂😂😂
allietip (18 days ago)
Thank you.
Creator industries (19 days ago)
fuck josephi
Maniac Logic (19 days ago)
This video didn't age well.
teagbroh643 GDC (19 days ago)
Lola Loud is not Happy
Ion Camin (20 days ago)
Seeing this in the future is SO WEIRD!
Marlju Sweety (20 days ago)
Uhm. In Norway, education is free. To all genders. You may have to pay 50-100 dollars (rough conversion) for the resources used (like paper or use of a copy machine). But enrolling, lessons and exams etc are free and if you are smart you can order the text books through public libraries on loan for free. Its expensive to live here, food, rent etc., but the education is, by law, supposed to be free and available to all. I even got economical support for my bachelor and masters degree because I was a single mom with a toddler and therefor was unable to work while studying. I still racked up student loans, because I had to pay mortgage on my home and childcare for my daughter, but all in all I got an education I would not have gotten if I had to pay for enrolling as well.
Jess RR (21 days ago)
"You wouldn't have your job if you weren't beautiful" Trump is a pig
brih Mendiola (21 days ago)
Donald Trump was a clown from the get-go. Once a clown, always a clown.
brih Mendiola (21 days ago)
John Oliver is way more attractive than Guissepi.
UnYin99 (21 days ago)
It's not for me but I guess if people still want to watch it and women still want to be in it, who are we to stop it?
Kimberly Boensch (25 days ago)
When they start talking about trump the first thing to pop into my head was “and they all laughed not knowing that in a few short years this joke would become president of the United States, the world was in for a nightmare”
Astro Wolvez (25 days ago)
I think John's comment is why trump ran for president.
Sandra Kranz Winther (26 days ago)
I'd rather have sex with John 😍
Across The Across (26 days ago)
7:34 Excuse me? How was that money made again?
Emily Barber (27 days ago)
I’m so happy for giseppi and y’all are talking about trump
The Hot Kielbasa (27 days ago)
Why is this British Peter Puffer even talking about this?
TheScreamingMoist (28 days ago)
Gender exclusive scholarships are bullshit. You should be happy so few exist.
Serra Kamanga (28 days ago)
Mummified skin, cotton candy hair and verbal diarrhoea all powered with a brew of covfefe
Kilo Mintoni (28 days ago)
John has had some work done to his canines.
JackFrost (29 days ago)
Fuck, Trump makes Miss North Carolina sound intelligent. The USA is in serious trouble.
William & Fannie (1 month ago)
Porter Schoen (1 month ago)
Little did he know, had had just called out the future US president. Kudos to him!
Corey Henricksen (1 month ago)
little did he know Trump would become president
BaldingClamydia (1 month ago)
Do we have the Miss America Pageant to make fun of the "prettiest" people? lmao Edit: She fucking nailed that ISIS question!
Jason Grimes (1 month ago)
Mummified foreskin, and cotton candy! Jesus Christ, that's a [email protected] classic
Saber2th (1 month ago)
I would've finished it with a one liner - "Elect me president, and I'll show you" 😂
Nyx Shadowhawk (1 month ago)
Trump may be "president" (and I use that term very loosely) of the United States, but he's still one of the ugliest souls on the planet. Could you imagine going up to a member of his Cabinet and saying, "You wouldn't have your job if you weren't beautiful"?
Shelly Bee (1 month ago)
Here in 2018 to review the John Oliver Effect.
liz dean (1 month ago)
So miss America has to be beautiful talented and able to solve all the worlds problems in twenty seconds.
turbodharma (1 month ago)
the guy in the background was hiding his face.. cheating on someone?
Frank Bowman (1 month ago)
Confederate monuments, feeding greasy fast food to our children, cockfighting, smoking, beauty pageants....how do we still have this shit?
Graham Pinkston (1 month ago)
LoL and that guy became our PRESIDENT !!!
paul thomas (1 month ago)
funny how times change. john oliver is "who is that" and donald trump is president of the united states.
Hana Spahia (1 month ago)
And now he's president. You complained about Obama, and voted him in. Pathetic.
VerDeLanceDeNigro (1 month ago)
hate on
Bev Howell (1 month ago)
Ladies this is not how to value your worth, 😞
j g (1 month ago)
But are they Halal? Have they been bled out?
Madelane Quijada (1 month ago)
Is it me or does the girl who comes out on 2:30 look like Debby Ryan??? 👀
That Random Guy (1 month ago)
John, you have no idea what the future would eventually hold for the US. How nice it must be to still live in the past. Where people actually prefer Obama as president over who is now in office. I'll give you a hint, it's a man you insulted in this video.
Large Soda (1 month ago)
The questions are so hard. One day they'll ask. "What's the cure to cancer?" "How do we unite the world as one nation?" "If the world ends, what is your plan for colonizing mars?" "How do we end ridiculous questions like this?"
GypsyLeah (1 month ago)
oh how the turn tables
kaas master (1 month ago)
Good to know he was allways a creep
Dawn Marie Roper (1 month ago)
Oh, God this is so funny. Especially that last part with the pageant. John Oliver, keep them coming. Good stuff.
liberty Ann (1 month ago)
Kathy Griffith before her ugly disgusting haircut.
Mr. Spock Chap (1 month ago)
Ahh, those good times back before mummified foreskin was the president
denise331 (1 month ago)
John Oliver for president!!!!! PLEASE
Xeodus Reborn (1 month ago)
i mean its called a beauty pageant for a reason. Obviously a portion of the score is awarded based on your looks...
rick mack (1 month ago)
Who is this Giseppie guy? dam
rick mack (1 month ago)
In 2018 in the midst of the me to movement you have 50 women parading across stage getting judged mainly on their looks and we cry out when they get objectified
Emma Zijp (1 month ago)
2 years later the clown made of mummified foreskin and cotton candy is your president!! Well done America!!
ADEM B (1 month ago)
Good work! One of your finest piece.
Max (1 month ago)
and now he's the fjucking president I wanna die

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