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Ripple Getting Added To Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange DMM

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The massively popular Japanese entertainment site DMM.com has announced that it will be opening a new Bitcoin Exchange on January 10th, and will including 6 other cryptocurrencies initially. Ripple (XRP) will be one of the altcoins added to the exchange, which could make it more readily accessible to more people within the Japanese market. Even though DMM does not currently exchange cryptocurrency, this is a sign of it becoming a more mainstream idea for big businesses. People in Japan will be able to exchange in and out of the Japanese Yen (JPY) and Ripple tokens.
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Altcoin Buzz (7 months ago)
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muntazir mahdi (7 months ago)
Ripple is gonna be huge thing this year. It's gonna be atleast $300 or more this year. Keep rippening.
Forlornguild (7 months ago)
Everyone get back on the RIPPLE ROCKET. Please? At least pump enough back into it so I can get my money back.
Masterr Laster (7 months ago)
While I do expect to see some spike in price. It's lowered so much in the past few day (1.70) at this time. I really don't see it helping much maybe it might get it back up to $2 and some change but no where near it's all time high.
Bons Buns (7 months ago)
Get on Ripple now! It's going to hit $9 soon. Guide here for noobs: https://theripplecryptocurrency.com/
silverballs007 (7 months ago)
Buying XRP all the way. XRP #1 in 2018.
Shibu B (7 months ago)
now xrp is huge down..... coming days it will pick up
Inter Stellar (7 months ago)
Offical information about DMM Bitcoin https://tokyobtc.jp/
GeneralAppeal (7 months ago)
every thing taking off like the rocket space: where were you at people lol
Kryptonite (7 months ago)
there is such a great want from the market for 2018 to repeat and then surpass 2017 (especially because of all the new money who didn't get to participate) that it will happen. and once the market reaches that watermark, a lot of investors will have a psychological (real or imagined) sense a satiety and cash out. i think a lot of the projects without real legs will begin to fall to the wayside and we'll see who the last remaining coins really are
TheEgzi (7 months ago)
Death to ripple!
Louis Romas (7 months ago)
Maria Gomez (7 months ago)
XRP backed by banks .its going back up .as always up down up down.....on and on .
Maria Gomez (7 months ago)
XRP backed by banks .its going back up .as always up down up down.....on and on .
D Man (7 months ago)
WHat coins will go on DMM ?
isaac (7 months ago)
please take a look at APPC on binance. It's newly listed! looking promising
TheCornbeefsoup (7 months ago)
If you're not getting all notifications on their channel then you have to click the notification bell twice until you see a pair of single quotation marks around the bell. When clicking the bell you have the option of getting "all" notifications or "occasional".
Scarlett Warren (7 months ago)
Hi guys, maybe someone can send me one ripple? who knows, maybe I will be rich soon :D rHgNDTyHb8YxVoJwVCUpLPk7xohoBM3m41
Amazing Videos (7 months ago)
I am impressed with your Neblio predictions its rocketing today, keep it up, great job bro
erkanbatti (7 months ago)
Half the video is about increasing their subscribers
LFCTREEZ (7 months ago)
People get in on SHND dirt cheap right now, about to go to the moon
Glen Sponder (7 months ago)
Going all in on AST 🚀🚀
JetBlackThreat (7 months ago)
So Coinmarketcap doesn't include the Korean Won anymore....how can we view that as accurate ?
K Freeze (7 months ago)
Nice work Steve good pick me up after the Jeff video LOL
Enter the Bully (7 months ago)
Bought more on the dip. I see it going back up to $3.5 pretty soon again
David Barkowitz (7 months ago)
Stop pumping this shitcoin
RicViperMoto (7 months ago)
Xrp was my gateway drug. 👈😲😲
pppillyyy (7 months ago)
Video on Neblio? (NEBL) It's going cracker. Get it some more exposure. Rumors of news from devs and beta app release, stock and hodl!!
Erik Jürmann (7 months ago)
And in terms of solving real world problems Ripple is tackling a very serious problem of slow cost-ineffective transfers. I don't want it to be bigger than bitcoin but it seems to have real utility. Just look at succesful companies like transferwise, that focus on cutting out the middleman and decreasing transfer fees. This is exactly the crux where bitcoin fails atm, fees are sky high, and it does not yet function as a real currency. For one thing, a currency should be stable for day to day use.
Erik Jürmann (7 months ago)
It seems that XRP is is set to increase its decentralization in 2018. I reccomend reading Hodor's blogpost: https://xrphodor.wordpress.com
BecomingfreeCOUK (7 months ago)
Ripple lost 20.5 billion in 5 minutes! Be careful with this bankers coin! https://steemit.com/ripple/@sol0mon/20-5-billion-withdrawn-from-xrp-ripple-in-5-minutes-what-is-going-on
rene herrera (7 months ago)
DMM will add GTC game coin.
xxx xxx (7 months ago)
Hello, any update on Stellar, please?
Alex Thon (7 months ago)
its soon ready to go ! load up
TheRevoltecs (7 months ago)
seems like the new Mt Gox
JayLo SoFlo (7 months ago)
FidentiaX (FDX) is a sleeping giant. Read about it. You can thank me later.
Crypto Update (7 months ago)
They add 7 coins to their exchange one of them is ripple. So no need to scream only about ripple. The founder of Ripple of ripple has 35% of the total supply . bad vid.
Sade Siren (7 months ago)
Coinmarketcap has been off for awhile it's been showing XRP over $3 for days now when it's been under. Worldcoinindex is more accurate
Timothy L (7 months ago)
The real MVP of this video was the squeaky chair.
GSHeverything _27 (7 months ago)
Not my damn coin
Jorge Echeverri (7 months ago)
Sold my ripple for Neblio, time to make thousands!
Random Guy (7 months ago)
Get 1000 coins free just for signing up. New ico coming this year. Or dont,do what you want https://actioncoin.io/ref/361951/
delta Digger (7 months ago)
I can see people being some cheep coins on this sight giving it enough pop to start another bull run
dato (7 months ago)
It's nice to see 20 Billion Cash out in one minute for XRP
Lucas H (7 months ago)
I'm still standing by my decision to stay the F away from $XRP. It is centralized horseshit that needs to fall out of the top 20... And it will.
magnus4g63 (7 months ago)
Buy the dip guys! :)
Annmarier1 (7 months ago)
Neil Takle (7 months ago)
It's really bad that you can't see down thumbs on youtube anymore. This platform has gone down hill.
James Francis (7 months ago)
how about a few apologies for spruiking Ripple on Coinbase and getting this wrong. Also, you announced that Segwit2 was about to happen on 28 Dec, which also was wrong. As I type this you say that Bcash went from $600 to $3000 after it was listed on CB. BCH was pumped before the CB debacle and had gone down 20% in the days post listing. XRP getting listed on a kiddies exchange is not big news. Sorry man unsubscribed you...you're a pumper and dumper
Brit Morrisey (7 months ago)
bye bud.. alt coin buzz has made all of us rich.. sorry u missed the boat kido
Avery Mortenson (7 months ago)
Fun Fair is an easy 200% increase even at its high right now, their live gambling platform has not even been released yet I would seriously look into it guys!! #altarmy!
pppillyyy (7 months ago)
Fuck that's greedy
Jermaine Parker (7 months ago)
Avery Mortenson I loaded up on those at .04! I'm not touching those till they hit $10! Should be soon!
Benson Chin (7 months ago)
I love how Jeff told us about $GTC yesterday and Justin sun tweeted about them today. They are a brand new coin and a hidden gem!
Benson Chin (7 months ago)
pppillyyy I was confused at first but make sure to pick up GTC on gate.io Perfect time to get in! Just got listed 4 days ago and this coin has high potential to moon.
pppillyyy (7 months ago)
How the fuck are there two tokens with literally the same stock name? Global tour coin and Game? Both GTC
Batty Platypus (7 months ago)
$$CampusCoin$$ is the next big bread maker get in while its dead cheap and under the radar they just started a new add campaign. Just got added to a new exchange and mining pool!!!
Da Freaggle (7 months ago)
Interessted in this too. But can't get it, bc Cryptopia is closed.....
Michaël C (7 months ago)
What is your analysis on Eidoo (EDO) ?
Lee Mooney (7 months ago)
Any info on omise go getting added to this new jap exchange? Thanks for sharing your insight/video
mr daytona (7 months ago)
Binance has temporarily re-opened with limited spots! Go join quickly!! https://www.binance.com/?ref=12759521
Philip Lee (7 months ago)
you forget Japan is already huge on crypto, much more then USA
Nick (7 months ago)
Just wait until Ripple announces it's big company partnerships coming up. It will go up BIGLY
Steve Kernahan (7 months ago)
Checkout SHND... cheap! easy exchanges to jump on. REPLY
Simon Heylen (7 months ago)
Check out DigiPulse! They aim to ensure that crypto wallet users have ultimate control over who inherits their digital and crypto assets when you die/vanish from earth. Still a very low mcap (7mil) but a very promising project so a LOT of room to grow. Get in nowwww!
Winter Bear (7 months ago)
XRP is getting dumped as expected losers.
Winter Bear (7 months ago)
hey nick did you put your fucking life saving into XRP? if you didn't you should just jump off a building bitch.
Nick (7 months ago)
Maui Gold Good. Cheaper for when I buy more
Sharjeel A. (7 months ago)
Got this news.early. So bought a thousand more.
Patrik Banek (7 months ago)
Ryan Prentiss (7 months ago)
Just sold my BTC and ETH for more XRP and EOS. I'll buy ETH back whenever I'm in need of ICO capital.
Jake R98 (7 months ago)
BNTY has gone to the moon and hopefully DENT will be next
Bill Sav (7 months ago)
ripple just had a huge drop
Doc Tom (7 months ago)
New exchange opening soon UPCOIN! There giving $500 to first 100000 sin ups upcoin.com/?ID=f63fc8cf
Lord HODL (7 months ago)
lol google, apple, microshaft and the rest of them will be crushed by the crypto market. Their time is over.... Internet 3.0 let's Go! 🚀🚀🚀 3 Trillion Market Cap 2019
Henry K (7 months ago)
HODL in 2018
ono24 (7 months ago)
What website is that?
Jacob Sloves (7 months ago)
Polymath" to the moon!!
Rupesh Jaiswal (7 months ago)
BUY RIMBIT (RBT) already UP 100%+ 2-3 Days will go to 7-10X Returns.. BUY BUY Target 700-850 Satosi.. Cheers!
TripleA007 (7 months ago)
This is a perfect example of why I like Steve. He always exhibits clarity of thought and in just a few minutes covers an entire subject eloquently and without hesitation. Great work mate, keep them coming.
Martin De Graaf (7 months ago)
Hey Jeff what you think of MANA. Havent heard anybody about it yet and is a very interesting project where they combine VR with sort of minecraft/sims kinda game. On a marketcap of 500 mil at this moment
Brianna Krishna (7 months ago)
steve just wondering what can you say about dentacoin? thanks
Bitclub Network Central (7 months ago)
I just see a lot of hype with ripple and no business partnerships being announced. Just some banks interested. Doesn’t mean much. Raiblocks is 5 times faster. Anyone feel that could be the future?
Damon A (7 months ago)
The price difference between the Korean exchange and say Binance is huge. The true price is $2.62 or am I missing something???
Thizz Laden (7 months ago)
Can you do a video about APPC ? Just released on Binance and in 24 hours it had way more volume than xrp . Moon mission ?
DimeADozen (7 months ago)
Ripple down
NATE97 (7 months ago)
Appcoins has a lot of potential; just seeing their already established background. check them out!
ItaloFontana (7 months ago)
Please make a video about APPC!
llshamelessll (7 months ago)
What bubble? The HERD is coming! Thx Steve
Chevy C (7 months ago)
i picked 1 crypto put a few bucks on.. ETN Whats everyone's price prediction in 6 months ???
Chevy C (7 months ago)
bought at .07 So far so good👍
Jose (7 months ago)
Market cap for NobleCoin is pretty low. Currently 21 million and is 9 cents. Dont' miss out!
TeamDM24 (7 months ago)
Please do a video about SNC (SunContract)!!!! Great application and low market cap! It will moon
ene831 (7 months ago)
Viewer 1,080
Vogekop (7 months ago)
Check NIO and PRL please, they are amazing
Emanuel Ribeiro (7 months ago)
i want Neblio or qsp plz im poor
NARAYAN SHRESTHA (7 months ago)
Fuck xrp. I sold all
alexbk44 (7 months ago)
Hey Jeff, have you heard of Pink? Donations via Blockchain
TeamDM24 (7 months ago)
Check out SNC (SunContract)! It’s about to go to the moon! Low market cap and a practical use!
John Wineland (7 months ago)
Appcoins just got added to Binance yesterday. Not even on CMC yet. Would love your takes on it. Small circulating supply and already hooked into Aptoide.
Altcoin Buzz (7 months ago)
Been eyeballing that too! -Steve
Ramakant Sharma (7 months ago)
Why ripple is going down
Godless Glen (7 months ago)
Shame on Coinbase for not adding Ripple. So retarded.
Arturo Gómez Tagle (7 months ago)
XRP market cap to $1T - lmao.
Fierce Deity (7 months ago)
Fierce Deity (7 months ago)
t.saravana Sundar (7 months ago)
At least it will come back to 3.50
Robert Tomkinson (7 months ago)
Investing in Ripple defeats the purpose of cryptocurrencies. It can easily become a new world order Fed-coin.
pppillyyy (7 months ago)
NWO is what will flood the fuck out of this market and leave a lot of the regulars to get rinsed. Jake and logan paul made like 12 and 13m each just from youtube last year. Do you really think that mountains of cash is going to sit around like that.... NWO is in on it. They are feeding and breeding the youtube cancer. There is such an unfair disproportionality of wealth within the youtube realm specifically. Such amounts of money can't begin to stack up against us 99%. The amount of money those faggots have they could essentially be whales in many many different coins while this is all still so infant (they probably already are getting mentored by silverstein and zoros themselves)
robert17 (7 months ago)
where can i donate my pacman coins
Nick Pare (7 months ago)
If you look at total market cap. 50 billion just left the cryptos market. Easily majority of it could have came from xrp. Maybe a bank sold it's coins...
Budget Wargamer (7 months ago)
Nick Pare it's all still there. Coinmarket cap is just excluding some of the Korean market values from their calculation at the moment.
Sam&Ash (7 months ago)
hey how you doing jeff? i been following you for long time and thank you for your head work man. can you talk about linda coin plz. i think its going grow really fast.
latafat khan (7 months ago)
appc coin not yet on CMC but trading on binance check it out good price to get it i guess.. please have a look

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