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CobinHood ICO Honest Review. Best New ICO! Zero Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange!

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COBINHOOD - A ZERO Transaction Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange. ------ website: https://www.cobinhood.com/ ------ Join Genesis Mining https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/1002902 Use promo code " IX7VRg " for 3% off Follow Me on Steemit: https://steemit.com/@imredryan Follow Me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoRedryan - Cryptocurrency Exchange with ZERO Trading Fees - No Trading fees for Margin Trading & Funding - Safeguarded Crypto Assets both Online & Offline - ICO underwriter as a Service - Your Money, Your Way - Completely Universal
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Text Comments (22)
Regragui Lachhab (3 months ago)
cobinhood will be destroyed by digitex very soon
kevin b (5 months ago)
Security is Great and the layout is user friendly
kevin b (5 months ago)
working great in COB waiting for Huge gains more Coin coming is great
Crypto with ImRedryan (5 months ago)
HUGE GAINS COMING SOON. I haven't sold a single one of my 8288 coins.
TheArapata (5 months ago)
why does it say there is a spread, if there are no fees?
Sonny Lue (5 months ago)
Neuromation looks very promising for investors http://bit.ly/2m2Tnhj I'm going to buy some NTK tokens now.
milkywaymusic (5 months ago)
I was really looking forward to using this platform but unfortunately I happen to reside in the only state where it's use is prohibited for some reason. Oh effing well!🤢
denjo lim (5 months ago)
milkywaymusic and where is that?
Crypto Chronicus (5 months ago)
Looks like we did purrdy good on that COB ICO! :)
Rochelle Douglass (6 months ago)
what do you think of Crypterium?
Anatoliy Kulbabskyy (7 months ago)
жалко не успел(((
Ed De (7 months ago)
Drool Alot (8 months ago)
How to buy? They say don't use coinbase and others
Crypto with ImRedryan (8 months ago)
No Problem! Your coins will be stored in your My etherwallet. I show that at the end of the video as well.
Drool Alot (8 months ago)
Mining with ImRedryan wow.... Thanks for the quick response...... Now when you sign up for copinhood...... I don't see a place for your name etc....... How do you know and they know you invested? Link to my wallet only?
Crypto with ImRedryan (8 months ago)
Yes don't use coinbase or any exchange you will lose your coins. Deposit Ethereum into a myetherwallet.com and invest from there. I explain how at the end of this video.
COBINHOOD (8 months ago)
Thanks for taking the time to review COBINHOOD! We really appreciate it especially the part about using the wallet, it's really useful to get a video demo and I'm sure many people will appreciate it as well. If anyone's interested, here is our website: https://www.cobinhood.com
Crypto with ImRedryan (6 months ago)
ChurchofCryptos They make money off their Cobinhood token, they offer margin trading and earn interest off every margin trading loan issued, and they make money off their ICO underwriting service.
ChurchofCryptos (6 months ago)
So What is their REVENUE model if they have ZERO fees?
Crypto with ImRedryan (8 months ago)
You're welcome! Excited about your project!

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