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Brexit, The Left-Right False Narrative and Why Trade Protectionism and Socialism Always Fails

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Richie Allen for the Richie Allen show, topics include: will the U.K. leave the E.U? issues around Brexit, anti-Brexit propaganda, divide and conquer left/right politics, government vs the will of the people, cultural indoctrination, David Icke to speak at Anarchapulco 2018, Trump a total insider, the mainstream media are actors, the farce of voting, trade and tariffs, the importance of understanding economics, blaming capitalism for the evils of over-regulation, "free trade" agreements, government subsidies and interference in the free markets, the central bank scam, money printing and hyperinflation, the attractive and dangerous folly of communism. This interview is from the Richie Allen Show recorded on June 4th 2018: https://youtu.be/gjMWMRkVI2k Subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante newsletter here: https://dollarvigilante.com/takecharge Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico Anarchapulco 2019 tickets now available at: http://anarchapulco.com Facebook: https://fb.com/DollarVigilante Twitter: https://twitter.com/DollarVigilante Instagram: https://instagr.am/DollarVigilante
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Text Comments (139)
cyz44 (2 days ago)
wait a sec?? david ike?? i hope this is some kind of sick joke..
Minute Repeater (3 days ago)
Im glad their are more people who see the "populist movement" for what it truely is; which is nothing more than controlled opposition to distract everybody and spread nihilism. It still amazes me how many have fallen for this, same thing goes for Trump. It was clear he was a globalist way before he ran for the oval office.
V for Veracity (4 days ago)
Wow, Richie is painfully uneducated on economics. Kept using the word believe. Hats off to jeff. He did the best he could in 20 mins with a guy who is sure of himself but is clueless how little he knows.
Graeme Docherty (4 days ago)
There's not enough houses due to restrictive planning regulations!
Graeme Docherty (4 days ago)
Richie shows he doesn't understand basic economic principles.
Alain Irgendwer (5 days ago)
I have to disagree Jeff Baselland Cantonal Bank created money out of thin air and gave loans to young couples who where to build their own home which worked very well and boosted the economy after world war 2
Lee Morgan (5 days ago)
Ritchie exposing himself as the raving communist that he is.
Richard Neal (5 days ago)
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David Stark (7 days ago)
And Jeffs solution to the world - is "sort the money out" and "have no government" - You believe that crap - you're just as brainwashed as Jeff is!
chad gogort (7 days ago)
Richie, I think you are DEAD WRONG about the American Trump supporters. I'm sure Jeff will agree, that we Americans were never really presented with a choice to vote for the direction of our country. Our choice was Hillary... or Trump - there were no other options. With Trump or without, and given the ongoing and exponential state gains in power, finance, media, and tech, we can no longer run or hide. There are no forests or caves or distant remote wildernesses. Just like Britain will never get their "Brexit", we Americans will never break our chains; it's check mate... and we lost. Yes, perhaps due to all this, we tend to whistle "trump" in the dark - but what is our alternative? On a different note, I find a lesson here to be drawn for future humanity, the 'NARRATIVE IS EVERYTHING'. "I care not who makes the laws, so long as I control the..." "NARRATIVE!"
Ute Ute (8 days ago)
It is quantitative easing in a way. But the difference is your not propping up the big end of town.eg,banks,share market.as what they did 08. Steve keen thinks qe should be given to the people directly.
Wojman12 (8 days ago)
@37:16 Jeff I'm sorry but you are incorrect, the Treasury on a federal level can create the currency debt free and issue loans to the banks for them to spend it into existence yet the QUANTITY must be strictly regulated to avoid the inflation, as well as the banks borrowing capabilities, they would have to compete fairly on the open markets. Banks would not be allowed to practice fractional reserve lending, and governments wouldn't have to borrow. Their currencies could compete openly and fairly on the free market via which ever would have the best properties or reserves, and would end the corruption of the derivatives markets. Debt free money backed by the credit of the people. Interestingly enough the states can charter their own banks, to allow even more competition and be the depository for all revenue within the state. This is not a foreign concept in fact the Bank of North Dakota is a state chartered bank made from an early populist movement in the early 20th century. Its going onto like its 100th year of being around thats not at all "untested". This way states can compete state-to-state and incentives on less taxation and perhaps lifestyle preferences
Wojman12 (8 days ago)
@25:30 people voted for Trump because they were tired of social / identity politics and socialist systems that need to be eradicated without creating a shit storm, and its up to all of us to drag ourselves out of this shit heap. Populism is exploding across the world and people are sick of governments and their control structures and will vote for anyone who will destroy them
Dane Robinsen (8 days ago)
Steel was produced in Australia 15 years ago and the standard was just fine. It's the cost of living which Has gone up. Housing has tripled in value in 15 years in some places. Houses going up is just the wealth effect bubble to make people think they have mire money so they get themselves into more debt. It's all part of the same system to make you a slave too debt.
Andres LeBon (8 days ago)
So..at the beginning I thought this guy was a free market guy....anyway, despite he labelled himself as a journalist he was not well informed about economy...free Tommy Robinson!
Boris Zúniga (9 days ago)
Richie could read some of Mises and Rothbard. Maybe he will understand that his ideas are not as new as he thinks. That's what makes a communist to be a communist: "This time will be different."
LaFvnk JMC Media (9 days ago)
Guys lets stop following Richie on youtube and start following Jeff! @TheDollarVigilante
Richard UK (9 days ago)
I think what Richie is saying is that the supply of new money needs to be kept in line with GDP. So as stuff comes into existence, it is matched by the supply of money that comes into existence, so that the ratio of stuff to money remains constant (i.e. the price of stuff remains constant - that is, no inflation/deflation). The problem with the printing of money since 2008 and before, is not the printing of money itself, but that it has been printed without being matched by the GDP of the countries printing it. That is, it’s been printed to support consumption and not investment/growth; Namely the consumption of products made in some other country. The under printing of money results in deflation, whilst the over printing of money results in inflation. But that’s not the end of the story, as things get really complicated when one is forced to take into consideration consumables or products that degrade over time. For as these products drop out of the market, then so to should the equivalent amount of money. Good luck to anyone trying to get that balance right. The above being the case if one does not have to pay interest to those doing the printing, who lets face it, contribute nothing to GDP.
WetFishDuff (9 days ago)
If we got rid of central banks and government, we'd still have the issue of private banks creating 97% of the money supply out of thin air (printing).. effectively a monopoly on money creation. Free marketeers generally don't mention this.. wonder what Jeff thinks?
Daniel P (10 days ago)
With no cops, people would act like fkn lunatics, how safe do you think the society would be Jeff? I get your point, but I have seen too much crazy people in this world knowing no cops/laws/GOV wouldn't work
Daniel P (10 days ago)
I get it, we have high taxes, but how will the system work without it? Cut the bullshit with volunteerism
SC87Returns (10 days ago)
Richie is taking out of his ass when it come to central banks
Aeon Mouse (10 days ago)
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are BOTH 19th Great Grandchildren to Kind Edward III.....Keep it in the family. The reptilian family.
Alex Ventura (10 days ago)
AdvEx (10 days ago)
The key would be neither printing Money, nor borrowing to get rid of taxes, but to actually do those tariffs on foreign industry, but INSTEAD of taxes and INSTEAD of having a central bank. That would be a huge step in the right direction. Oh by the way, I di a few BTC transactions of up to 0.25 BTC with a max of 0.10 Eurocents mining fee. Just throwing that in, since everyone still lies that BTC has such incredibly high transaction costs. So, 1.) do some transactions in BTC to see, 2.) Keep on lying, or 3.) just STFU about the topic.
JenniFree (10 days ago)
Mah jerbs! Damn.. what a lack of overall vision. How much amazing progress is forgone in the name of temporary suffering? I hear fear and anger in Allen's voice when he gets close to coming over to the abundant side Richie, I think you probably have a lot of heart.. wishing you have faith in humanity & freedom Voluntary force for the win! :)
Matt ward (10 days ago)
I'd rather watch Jeff walk his dogs than listen to this moron Richie!!!!!
Hey , the crypto bull run is coming soon. Love what you do. Maybe you can spread this song around 😉 Culture and art can do a great part in helping worldwide adoption. https://youtu.be/UWlwMZzciQE
Nathan L (10 days ago)
Arguing with the idea of freedom and natural order is many people's first and most fundamental mistake and from that point onwards nothing they can say or do will make any sense.
Frank Bauer (10 days ago)
Sounds like Richie is a communist that thinks he is not a communist. :P
Scott Payne (10 days ago)
Haha! Thanks Jeff! - another fantastic display of patience. I am trying to picture how a simulation could work (like Larken’s concept for the mirror) so that Richie could test his ideas and see the end game of his concept, without actually destroying the planet and everyone’s lives.
Christian Hodges (10 days ago)
Jeff is right. You can't create money by lending it. People will use an alternative currency if they have the option.
Kathleen M Sheridan (10 days ago)
"...government 'money'"?  Honest to God!  There really is no hope.
Marina Knife (10 days ago)
Martin Hann (11 days ago)
Really enjoyed this exchange, thank you!
K FIN (11 days ago)
Rich is a bit out of touch
Matt M (11 days ago)
Many British Expats received the voting packs WITHOUT the ballot paper!!!!! They miscalculated the Brexit vote.....
Guy Mulry (11 days ago)
O dear Richie. Bad day at the office!!!
Stokjockey (11 days ago)
OBOZO and "Big Mike" his Wife............LMAO
Tao Jones (11 days ago)
Jeff is looking sharp.
finn1951 (11 days ago)
Hitlery Clinton George Soros CIA and the FBI run most of the western world !!.
SAJ ALI (10 days ago)
Israel controls the majority of the world! Catch up or get out!!
finn1951 (11 days ago)
Brexit won't happen !! The people are just too thick and brainwashed, if it does it will be in name only.
MichihiroHonda (11 days ago)
Poor ol Richie came out of this one looking pretty clueless. Jeff was very patient with him.
Shiveone (11 days ago)
I agree with Jeff here! WE have to let the markets decide! This isn’t the Gregorian Age, or the Industrial Age anymore. Things will change for better or for worst depending on the actions we take today.
Matthew Littlejohn (11 days ago)
A flat tariff is the least immoral way to fund the government. Anything but a universal flat tariff on all goods entering the US is just another boondoggle. Maybe a resource exemption would work.
Michael Cole (11 days ago)
earthing issue
David Garvey (11 days ago)
Jeff doesn't know what communistism is
MichihiroHonda (11 days ago)
David Garvey what the hell is communistism? Whatever it is I'm sure it doesn't work.
Snake Griffin (11 days ago)
At 34:40 The host sounds like a protectionist ideologue with no basic economics understanding. What about every other industry besides steel? Should we subsidize them too so they can keep their jobs. How about the prostitution industry or all of the employed in the tobacco/marijuana industry? They want to keep their jobs too
Maile (11 days ago)
Cheaper and way SHITTIER quality dude, not cheaper and better or equal quality! China sends the worst quality steel knowing buildings and planes are made from it here. There are many examples of things that used to be more expensive but lasted and was solid. Now its cheaper, made in China and breaks right away. Its all about the bottom line with businesses. You are assuming the market would put whats best for people over profits in many of your statements. Like auto makers, they don't recall faulty cars knowing inferior parts cause malfunctions that kill people unless it would be more cost efficient vs settlements.
Dio Genes (11 days ago)
Change Richie's word "money" from the Fed, for "sex". Richie: "We need to have control over sex. We can just have more women available to have sex with". Jeff: "But that's rape." Richie: "I'm not a rapist. But you know no one has ever tried it before."
trattface (11 days ago)
is there any way i can contact you jeff? or you to me
Ute Ute (11 days ago)
Everyone should at least read The Creature from Jekyll Island Once in there lives.
Brian Bradford (10 days ago)
Ute Ute also need to read the art of war first
Brian Bradford (10 days ago)
Ute Ute soon. On my list. Sadly havent even joined steem yet. But soon.
trattface (11 days ago)
who's the guy at 3.04
Ute Ute (11 days ago)
Far out rich. You need to brush up on how money is created.
Dan C (11 days ago)
¡F K U¡ jef berwick you want to destroy mexico in several countries thats why you are saying this things because the plan from you and your friends from mexico is almost destroyed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has to win to save my country from you and david icke is just another infiltrated agent like you ¡busted¡
Scott Stankis (11 days ago)
I'm glad you guys can have a debate like adults. I respect you both for your concern for humanity and right and wrong...
Scott Stankis (11 days ago)
Everyone in every country should vote on every law that's put into effect!
Scott Stankis (11 days ago)
Corruption is human nature. Nobody can be trusted. If you don't get this you're retarded....
Scott Stankis (11 days ago)
How many more houses can this planet handle. Look at all the insects and animals that have become extinct because of our seperiorety...
Scott Stankis (11 days ago)
Great discussion. Keep in mind there are a lot of smart people living in poverty....
Donna Haight (11 days ago)
Never listening to this channel again!
V for Veracity (4 days ago)
Logic has a way of shattering people's fantasies. Remember this 15:29 ? Look in the mirror.
Aeon Mouse (10 days ago)
You're just having a Youtube temper tantrum. We all have moments. You're ok.
MichihiroHonda (11 days ago)
Donna Haight ok bye. You'll be missed. 💔
Scott Stankis (11 days ago)
How the fuck can we be competitive when housing is so fucking expensive! The federal reserve manipulating interest rates and every other aspect of the market for their benefit. Face it government is a poison to prosperity!
crypto digger (11 days ago)
1) I cannot believe, you did not touch on J McAfee presidency 2) There is a hope for transparency in voting systems in far future thanks to Bitcoin technology and electronic IDs behind it. Perhaps Estonia will be leading in this field 3) Jeff, look into decentralised youtube based on cryptonight algorithm: www.bit.tube and start uploading there too, you can monetize in crypto
Scott Stankis (11 days ago)
The problem is we haven't found a way to use our human resources in an efficient manner.
Dio Genes (11 days ago)
like a whip?
Marc John (11 days ago)
Oh dear Richie. Complete lack of understanding of economics there. It’s really not complicated. You don’t want tax and don’t want to print money. Those are the only two ways that governments / central banks can get money, other than looting the resources of others of course. So in order to subsidize you’d have to do one of those things that you are against. Still a bit of old socialist MSM brainwashing in there to root out.
Bad Santa (11 days ago)
I think he richie may have down syndrome, you can tell he has no idea what hes talking about.
Kathleen M Sheridan (10 days ago)
I held off on responding to this comment because I thought it was a bit harsh, but once Richie got to the "workers owning the means of production" and refusing to accept its direct correlation to communist ideology, I had to give you a thumbs up.
Bad Santa (11 days ago)
MichihiroHonda maybe a bit hyperbolic I like most of what he says, the statist crap I can't stand.
MichihiroHonda (11 days ago)
Bad Santa maybe a little harsh but it's true that he has absolutely no idea about basic economics.
Tanner Gray (11 days ago)
Richie: "We are going to subsidize the steel industry" Jeff: "With taxes??" Richie: "No, of course not, with magical unicorns"
Rebel Glory (11 days ago)
Bad Santa , okay "pay the fee or go to prison, and if you resist -- we kill you" Fees, taxes, penalties, etc are all authoritarian words that deny consent from the individual; which leads to the same miserable conclusion.
Bad Santa (11 days ago)
Tanner Gray fees not taxes lol.
OnlineRecluse (11 days ago)
Wow, painful to listen to someone who so badly misunderstands the inflation tax and misallocation of capital. Thanks for expressing these values Jeff. The education is a badly need out there...
Tao Jones (11 days ago)
OnlineRecluse Good point.
Manna Tech (11 days ago)
Please watch "Trump Card" of Prof Walter Veith.
Bad Santa (11 days ago)
I couldn't have said it better myself, I don't believe it's really that hard to understand maybe it's that Union background he can't get past.
MGTOW Rubicon (11 days ago)
"If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it." -- Mark Twain
Frank Putt (11 days ago)
RA, so WTF you twit. You are certainly wrong, so in your mind Clinton should be president now? Unfortunately you have to pick the best of what is offered. We'll see if Trump is going to do anything that harms America, your UK is going to hell in the fast lane, so what are you going to do about that?
James Panathlon (11 days ago)
Richie needs to decide whether, 'Governments printing money is a scam...'.... he wants governments to hand out 'free' money
Angel Oliva (11 days ago)
The schools dont teach you how to survive out here in America.
Dio Genes (11 days ago)
They only teach you how to be good livestock, like Richie.
soit25 (11 days ago)
Jeff does his homework responsibly.
Bad Santa (11 days ago)
99 percent of people in this world are completely brainwashed.
Angel Oliva (11 days ago)
What happened with the north dakota pipeline
Aeon Mouse (10 days ago)
George W. Obama took care of that like he took care of Wall Street.
Rebel Glory (11 days ago)
Angel Oliva , unfortunately it's been forgotten like a kid with ADD by the CIA funded media, while the people still suffer there with no help and no coverage. Take care of your self and take care of your mind, because in this type of world you're (more or less) on your own.
Rodrigo Alvarez Prieto (11 days ago)
Jeff, someone is deleting comments in this comment section. I can't believe it.
Angel Oliva (11 days ago)
Whats going to happen to oil companies ethanol biofuel and gas.
Kellyq16 (11 days ago)
Poor Richie, stuck thinking like an authoritarian central planner, people contRolling other people. Fuck, these dunning-kruger controlling fuckers. Wake up
GERGXReal (11 days ago)
Jeff stood his ground and this other guy is clueless :D
Angel Oliva (11 days ago)
I never voted
TON 618 (11 days ago)
Jeff someone is deleting my comments, I can't believe it.
Dr. Ho Lee Phuk (10 days ago)
It was Georgie Soros.
TON 618 (11 days ago)
Jeff, are you aware of the fact that Ivanka Trump was dating Nathaniel Rothschild before marrying Kushner and that Jacob Rothschild bailed out Trump via Wilbur Ross in the 80's? https://www.investopedia.com/articles/insights/121616/wilbur-ross.asp
Angel Oliva (11 days ago)
TON 618 (11 days ago)
Irrefutable facts about Trump, worth your time people, trust me please, this guy is risking his life to put out this information, don't miss it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhTMy9ma2mQ
Janko Giordano (11 days ago)
Good! no EOS b.s.
Janko Giordano (4 days ago)
TON 618 you can't tell anyone what to do your opinion is used toilet paper to people like me if you don't like the opinion of others try to bring something useful to the table don't push people around
TON 618 (11 days ago)
Go back to drool over the keyboard listening to that imbecile Bix Queer, you've got nothing to do here. Jeff is the biggest proponent of EOS and he will probably always be.
TON 618 (11 days ago)
Hey Jeff, you should do a video about that pig Bix Weir, he is slandering everybody behind the EOS project and pushing his Zionist agenda brainwashing people about the orange swine. Someone big like you should come out and call him out. It's very easy to show that he is talking bullshit, a simple 5 min search on google is more than enough to debunk 99.9% of what he says.
dastardlyman (11 days ago)
richie allen just sounds like an old school leftist
Snake Griffin (11 days ago)
More like an old school “that wasn’t real communism” type communist
TomTom22441 (11 days ago)
Richie completely misunderstands some basic principles of economics. This helps us understand why we are in such a mess - the politicians keep selling us a load of crap while they rob us blind. It will continue until we all check out and become sovereign human beings the way we were meant to be. Otherwise it will continue until blood runs in the streets. I prefer the first outcome...
Bad Santa (11 days ago)
He definitely doesn't understand economics.
dastardlyman (11 days ago)
in fact he is an old school leftist.
TON 618 (11 days ago)
Excellent interview Jeff, however when you say that the system saved Trump from bankruptcy you need to be more specific, here is the weapon that you need: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/insights/121616/wilbur-ross.asp This is the most evidence connection between Trump and Jacob Rothschild. By the way, Ivanka Trump was dating Nathaniel Rothschild, Jacob Rothschild's son before marrying Kushner. Google it up people.
Gail MacDougall (11 days ago)
PS Did you know that fame and glory in Hollywood, music industry, royalty and politics require participants to be transgender.
Dio Genes (11 days ago)
Miss America will be transgender next year.
Eyem Watching (11 days ago)
you're doing a great job waking people up - thanks jeff
TON 618 (11 days ago)
Oh please... don't be retarded.
Eyem Watching (11 days ago)
get a Flat Earther to speak at Anarchapulco
Gail MacDougall (11 days ago)
Bill Gates was here in a train called American Spirit (with CN at the bottom) last weekend (June 2, 2018). Canadian National Railways used to be owned by the Canadian Federal Government. Now it is owned by Bill Gates and others. Did he really give away most of his money? lol. They had a secret meeting in Halifax Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia (on the train) with a lavish lunch included. Agenda 21 (from the United Nations webpage) is now in place in many areas of Ontario. They are getting ready for Mega cities as they are in California. Here come the hunger games. See American Spirit Train https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVkmMDqQmAs&t=869s
Googolplexking (11 days ago)
7:44 seems like fake news. I can't find it
Matt Wymore (11 days ago)
In other news Deutsche bank price surges on news of eminent collapse... hmmm ya, that sounds right.
Matt Wymore (11 days ago)
Exactly just central banks pumping the price while the top shareholders sell.
MichihiroHonda (11 days ago)
It won't collapse though. It'll be somehow bailed out.
Rod Panhard (11 days ago)
People buying on the assumption the government won't allow DB to fail - they are probably right, once it gets a boost up it will go back down again when they sell and take their profit.
Gail MacDougall (11 days ago)
All it did was make the Irish have a harder time getting to the rest of Europe. Brexit will stop the flow of immigrants. That is all. All the "controllers" are still eating out of the same pot. Are you missing your arm yet?
Ali Klein (11 days ago)
Why does it cost so much money to run for office in America?
Dio Genes (11 days ago)
Displacement by regulation. The same as corporatism and "free" health care.
Brent Edward (11 days ago)
Jeff, defending the 'free market' is not a strategy or a position to negotiate everything from. Not your best interview today.
Tanner Gray (11 days ago)
Brent Edward If you get into the technicals then you might as well speak Chinese.
TON 618 (11 days ago)
What exactly do you want to negotiate? Not your best comment today.
magnus4g63 (11 days ago)
Socialism doesn't fail, its an evil insane coercive anti human wing of the destructive cult religion of statism ... and as so given the death and missery it has caused it has succeeded catastrophically again and again.
magnus4g63 (11 days ago)
Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am -- not stuck in the middle, but hovering above the entire farcical spectrum, weeping as I behold my fellow man's devotion to political illusion and self-destruction. Robert Higgs
magnus4g63 (10 days ago)
Kathleen M Sheridan You are welcome :) Higgs is awesome :)
Kathleen M Sheridan (10 days ago)
Thank you so much for this Higgs quote.  First I'm seeing it and I love it.

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