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Could The Internet Be Set To Be Shut Down On The Eve Of Jubilee October 1st?

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Text Comments (137)
roger johnson (4 days ago)
I retired from the bank recently and I know that the dollar collapse will happen this year September 2018. The banks call it the global economic reset. The elite cannot sucessfully bring in the NWO until they collapse all fiat currency especially the dollar to level the playing field. Obama deliberately doubled America's debt to help bring about the coming dollar collapse. It was treason and sabotage. He was deliberately destroying America from the inside and will be back this year to finish the job. God told me directly through a vision that Obama is the Islamic antichrist beast. All Muslim leaders know that Obama is a secret Muslim and is using taqiyya to deceive the masses. The coming NWO is an Islamic kingdom. It is Satan's final kingdom. That's why you see the Muslims circling the wagon in Europe. They were deliberately let in by design to jumpstart the NWO. The mark of the beast is an Islamic mark.It is exactly the same as the Greek mark in (Rev.13:18). It means Bismillah or in the name of Allah. Everyone who rejects the mark will be beheaded. Now beloved tell me who are the only people on earth who behead others? You guessed it, Muslims. At the beginning of 2017 God gave me a vision of a guillotine and people were lined up in front of it and being beheaded. Several years ago the U.S. government ordered 30,000 guillotines. Google it. Pope Francis is the 2nd beast and the false prophet.
j goshchuk (10 months ago)
Guess 2016 wasn't the year...
Fred Eric (1 year ago)
Apparently not!
Dee (1 year ago)
well we're down to November lol
Davinchy Palma (1 year ago)
i went through october 1 2016 and internet is always up :P
Yeah.. it didn't happen
Umm Hussain (1 year ago)
They are not going to shut down the Internet. The IMS depends on it. Doesn't make sense.
Shane Leone (1 year ago)
isn't Obama going to try to be the leader of the United Nations also
Temptuous2112 (1 year ago)
About Time (1 year ago)
With the i-net turned off how do you do anything with Bitcoin ?
SKYwalker 777 (1 year ago)
Since when does the Internet as a network of communication institutions belong to the US government? Total BS
jbsfitness1989 (1 year ago)
Only God knows the day and the hour, we can know the "season." As the heat of summer passes, Fall is just around the corner...
Crypto Kevin (1 year ago)
Doesn't it mean more of a Chinese style censorship where the UN will selective shutdown websites that they deem terrorist or anti-global government etc. etc.
Temptuous2112 (1 year ago)
jauronamosthrash (1 year ago)
October 1 the internet will come under the control of the UN
Adventure Capitalist (1 year ago)
new thoughts. 2 days ago, I made a non PC comment on Google+. an overt Christian comment. within minutes I received a Google update. 2 days before that, the same thing happened. and it has happened before. so I realize that there is a trend for a reason. why? do I believe that they need to make it better since the last time I was there? no. It is an update. the date goes up. and is recorded. in a different way that they record everything. the next level perhaps. and have you noticed that many updates and especially downloads request permission to use your camera and your microphone? but there is no off time for them. so they record everything that they can as they can. now, please stay with me. now. this is the greatest spy network that ever existed and may ever exist. so, why would they turn it off? they won't. when you think like them, one discovers that it is their best tool. so, it will not get turned off....period. censorship may be our greatest fear, but it may be worse than that. today, I wanted to look up a list of Publishers and the books that they publish. then I realized that there is no such website. so, I thought it would be nice for someone to compile this list that I may view. and for someone to compile views of similar lists. but, it would take someone bigger than a website to do this. it would require the system. it was then that I realized that that is what they will do. the system will take over all websites and develop information to give out to the masses. this information will be whatever they give us. there will still be mass input into the system. because that is where they get their information from. but, the whole format may be different. I dare say. Little personal freedom. we do what we must do today. and every day. Until that day comes. then we ramp it up!!! Shalom (peace). be safe.
Janel Corey (1 year ago)
Always keeping it real!!! Thank you Jeff!!
Harry Pink (1 year ago)
There are many thousands of DNS mirrors around the planet. It will go down in patches but not stop.
Snow Bird (1 year ago)
If they do shut the internet down, how will people use their Bitcoin?
Christopher Morrissey (1 year ago)
This question has been going through my head for the past month or so. I was thinking they must have a kill switch. its the only thing that will effect us all. that, weather and or the sun. I say it will be the net. no bank accounts, no power, not even able to pump gas. they have it connected to everything. they will just blank the bank accounts. all of them. gone one morning and they will say it was a terrorist hack attack and then world war. I believe it will happen on Oct 8th  2016 = 88 (2+16=18=666) (Oct use to be the 8th month. or on Oct 4th 2016 = 10-4 over and out 666 or it also leaves 88 days remaining in the year. or it can be 116 Nov 6th or Jan 16th, which is 911 mirrored. two  911's.... twin towers. 5th objective had two parts.
Adam Coleman (1 year ago)
BUY GOLD AND SILVER if you can and expect to have anything tangible to purchase with when SHTF
John Nemo (1 year ago)
Shut down the internet = instant revolution. I really don´t see how that would help them unless they want to go full retard and be at total war with their own population. And why the hell would they want that. As a farmer you don´t want to be forced to kill your lifestock, you want to harvest it as efficiently as possible.
norman holland (1 year ago)
no electricity... no internet... simple!
furious pez (1 year ago)
october 1st will be a interesting day
furious pez (1 year ago)
they wont shut the internet down my fucking days people it would actually mean shutting down more than afew servers
holographicbreathin (1 year ago)
I no one mentioned the jubilee year, last year. Have they invented the jubilee year because it did not all come to an end end last year, when they said it would.?
Simon Jester (1 year ago)
Iris Elbow (1 year ago)
ICANN = I CAN ( Yes, we CAN ) The Arch of Triumph comes to New York on the 19th of September. I am having a gut feeling about an initial event on the 23rd of September, though what event I do not know yet.
Manna Tech (1 year ago)
If internet is shutdown, will all cryptocurrencies still work?
Frank Rosconi (1 year ago)
We lived without the internet and cell phones before we could all live without again so  The Hell with the Globalist
dnadub (1 year ago)
never happen, because if it goes who loses is the big banks and merchants. the average joe will quickly find other values and realise that the internet was a massive waste of their time.
MrFourkinghell (1 year ago)
lol, the stench of total desperation pervades this utter nonsense.
cingoz1985 (1 year ago)
I wonder what you going say when October 2016 comes and goes with nothing at all happening?
Wayne Koppa (1 year ago)
Could you interview http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ads/dane-wigington/ Dane Wigington at GeoEngineeringWatch.org. He is trying to ring the alarm bells on the increased radiation from the sun, which is from the 'ChemTrails' as well as increased levels of the neurotoxin Aluminum in everything.
Wayne Koppa (1 year ago)
A friend of mine mentioned the new NFL stadium in Minnesota looks like a greenhouse. Maybe it is.
Wayne Koppa (1 year ago)
http://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2016/07/fema-contractor-spills-crucial-content-on-eminent-disaster-and-studies-that-back-it-up-2482137.html Empire of Chaos 'predicting'/planning massive food shortage for 2020-2030?
Wayne Koppa (1 year ago)
http://www.thanetearth.com The elite have already solved the problem they created for themselves.
Wayne Koppa (1 year ago)
Silica water does cleanse Aluminum from your body. Fiji Water is what I drink, 1 liter a day.
Jason Sellers (1 year ago)
Speaking of propaganda, your videos are getting increasingly filled with them, Jeff. There's a lot of truth mixed into it, too (such as the Shemitah/Jubilee info), which is one reason I'm still a subscriber. But I've heard it one too many times here and elsewhere that "govern"-"ment" means "mind"-"control", which it simply doesn't. GOVERN: From the late 13th century Old French word governer: "to steer, be at the helm of; govern, rule, command, direct"; From Latin word gubernare: "to direct, rule, guide, govern", originally "to steer, to pilot"; A nautical borrowing from Greek word kybernan: "to steer or pilot a ship, direct as a pilot". MENT: (noun suffix) : the action or process of doing something : the product or result of an action : the state or condition caused by an action There's no "mind control" in the word's origin. Seriously, I thought you and your subscribers were supposed to be "awake", not mindless sheeple accepting whatever they're fed (so, where's the "mind control", again?). Just because you're a different brand of sheep, the anarcho-captialist kind, that knows a little more about what's really going on than the other sheep, doesn't mean you're not still sheep. Investigate everything, and you'll start to be able to separate truth from lies, whether they're said by Barack Obama or by Jeff Berwick (or, for that matter, by Jason Sellers 😉).
Wayne Koppa (1 year ago)
I don't know how much you care about U.S. political news. The U.S. Army puts Edward Snowden and Hillary Clinton as two of the biggest threats to National Security ever since Hillary leaked spy asset names through her server. The intelligence community has since lost contact with them. The military has been leaking information massively from whistleblowers ever since. A military coup in America is possible if Hillary is elected. The election October Surprise by Wikileaks has already been blamed on Russia.
Wayne Koppa (1 year ago)
They also announced the muslim holiday Eid al-Adha lands on September 11 2016. I think they got something big planned for this date as well. The Donald Trump / Hillary Clinton internet censorship article is interesting. ISIS is communicating through the U.S. Federal Government, so how about shutting that down instead.
harry bonaparte (1 year ago)
what happened boss?
Wayne Koppa (1 year ago)
I have another comment about Eid al-Adha. Google says it falls on September 12. The muslim community said they can declare it on any day between the 9th and 12th of September. The only people who are certain about the day Eid al-Adha falls on is the Empire of Chaos.
futurenate (1 year ago)
Is btc cooked if the plug gets pulled?
If the government shut down the internet, they are shooting themselves in the foot!
chairwood44 (1 year ago)
if nothing happens tho
fatburga (1 year ago)
im in Australia how r we ment to trade the stockmarket
Bart H (1 year ago)
So, comcast, att&t & the little internet company in Texas on the way to my weekend home would all just flip the switch together right? This video just made be lose a lot of respect for this channel. So all of a sudden a service that makes these companies billions would just send a letter saying it's off? hahaha give me a break......... On the other end of the spectrum, if "terrorist" did it and it went down for a day or so, it would just wake more people up when it went back on, with everyone yelling False Flag. Turning it off now would be straight fucking chaos. They would lose more control than they would earn. They are already in control with 0% and NIRP. You cant do shit about it, but make videos like this................ Think about it.
Temptuous2112 (1 year ago)
A more likely scenario is something along the lines of Jigsaw.
ANARCHY LUiS (1 year ago)
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ANARCHY LUiS (1 year ago)
Ps, thank goodness your'e ok Jeff. I was worried without a sit rep. Smoke a fattie for me
TechNick (1 year ago)
There have been several countries with governments advising their population to stock up and prepare for some kind of disaster. I could totally see them doing this, it would give them total control over the narrative during what ever bullshit they try and pull using their favorite weapon, the TV. I'm starting to think there wont be elections come this fall. Hillary can't win and they can't give it to Trump so they HAVE TOO pull something major so all the crooked traitors can stay in power because tyrants never go without a fight. Get ready.
Valentino Petrusich (1 year ago)
if anything can be said or done to Congress or the Senate about the internet, now is the time, think of the vast effect they could impose on every one, we all rely on the web, think of all the crypto miners that carry the block chain, done!! NO yes they are in full speed ahead, I see ugly times ahead
SlayerX (1 year ago)
I don't know could it?
canadianuserthe (1 year ago)
Hopefully sooner!!
davincij15 (1 year ago)
Odds are all they can do is shut down DNS servers this means to the average person the internet is down but works if you know the IP address of of servers on the internet. We should probably start using chat rooms that connect via known server IPs or decentralized chat rooms to keep us all informed.
davincij15 (1 year ago)
nslookup works now, but if all DNS servers are down it will stop working. But because most computers cache domain locations it may seem to work for a while.
francisco rizo (1 year ago)
Yes, what I mean is to use nslookup so we can have the ip addresses of sites to keep us informed and maybe have a modified etc/host file in case something happens so we know the addresses of chat rooms to stay informed as you suggested in your original comment.
davincij15 (1 year ago)
nslookup does that via a DNS aka (Domain Name Server) that the governments can shut down. This will give the illusion that the internet is dead. It would be very effective and accomplish what they want. That is the prevention of the average fool figuring out what's going on. Check out twitter it blew up when hillary collapsed and then all of sudden silence like kill switch went off. All of the TV networks never once played the video.
francisco rizo (1 year ago)
You can use cmd.exe and type nslookup, that programs gives you the ip address of the domain. You just type the name of the site. Then you can use the ip address on your browser instead of the domain name to get to the site.
francisco rizo (1 year ago)
True. However they could make the ISP block the IP address altogether with a ACLs or firewalls, kinda like what the chinese government does with their famous "great firewall of china".
James MacDonald (1 year ago)
They dont have to shut down the entire system. Leave all bank and business sites up and shut down all private e mail and social media. I am sure this can be done to make it hard for you and I to coordinate any actions against the government. This coupled with Martial Law the US is toast. Just how I see it.
Bryan Gibson (1 year ago)
What would happen to bitcoin if there was an internet shutdown?
+Antares Scorpius That's good to know! Maybe even print it on paper?
It would then turn into shitcoin!
Jason Walker (1 year ago)
yep...they will kill the internet at the moment of obama fake assassination
eclipsesonic (1 year ago)
If the Internet is shut down, it makes you wonder if this will trigger the next economic collapse and if that's perhaps what the Globalists have in mind. Just some food for thought. Only time will tell at this point.
John Coffee (1 year ago)
Nothing will happen at all dude.Without the net the military is taken back to ww2. The U.S could not opperate without the net in this day and age
tim wilkinson (1 year ago)
Good point
RCS (1 year ago)
Have your SPY and individual stock puts in place through early November. If you pull a multi-hundred percentage profit quickly, take the money and run. Don't be Greedy. Yellen and Co. will turn back the market straight up in no time.
Tom Schiwanolski (1 year ago)
Jeff, it wont be 10/1, i got hints about a 1/1-- jan 1 17. look into it. Dont ask me who.
tim wilkinson (1 year ago)
Who ??
Charles H (1 year ago)
At the 3:00 mark - does anyone else see the 'hearing aid' that Trump is wearing? Is it a hearing aid or something else?
GTOberfest (1 year ago)
probably a mic for secret service contact
Tasmanian Devil 55 (1 year ago)
Zionist Jew's own the U.S. Rockefeller owns the U.N
Temptuous2112 (1 year ago)
ANARCHY LUiS (1 year ago)
Ashkenazi Khazarian Jews
Irish Proc (1 year ago)
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Intelͅligent ̤and̦ p͍u̞r͓e̻ cr̙ea͕t͚uṛes mad͍e ̝of ̹li͍ght.͓ T̰h͇e͎ỵ are ̲inh͇er̠en͙t̳l͇ỵ ͔go͎ọd͖ a̘n͍d ͔ha͓v̤e̼ ̳n͙oͅ ̟fr͖e̟e̠ ̱wi͖l͉l to̫ ̹ch͚oo͍s̖ẹ ̜t͍o be͖ e̼v̜il.̲ Hụm͖ans̝ a͇r̗e al̜s͉o i̫n̦h̹e͚ren̹t͎l͈y ͍g̖o̘o̬d̟, th̩is is c͎a͍lled͓ ̯th̫e ͈“͖fi̺tra”, ͍w͎h̲ere̻by̥ h̟u̹m̝aͅns͖ a̙r̟e bo͎rn w̪i͖t͉h ̖a͎ ͅn͔at͖ural̘ ͚/̜ ̜ins͈tịnct͎ua̩l ̯i͓n͖c̱l͍i̯nat̻i̬oṋ ͓to be̫ ̺k̮in͈d͚,̫ ̱gene͕ro̟us,̭ fa͎ith͇fu̮l͖ ̩a͚nd͕ c̫om̱pa̦ssi̤o̼n̫at̙ẹ.̮ T̜h̲is̤ ̥c̼an be c̹l̫eͅa̼r̞l̙ỵ ̞obser̹ve͕d̖ ̖i̮ṋ al͔l͔ ̥cẖi̘ldr̗en̯ ̯of ḙv͕e̝r̩y͉ ͕r̫a̮ce an̯d͎ ̪c̣ree̳d̜.̱ How͈e̠vͅe͖r̘,͍ d̥e͍m̳on̠i̜c in͍f̭lṳence̟s f͖rom͎ s͖o͔m̙e o̩f̖ ͍t̫hͅe ̗ji͈nnk͔i̟n̳d͉ ~ ͖c̗rea̬t̥urẹs̭ whi̭c̬h̘ ̯h̭ave exis̯ṭe̲d͚ be͉f̫o̭re̥ h̫u̮m̟an͈s̼, ̩w͙ho ͓ha̭v̤ḙ ͎a͖n̙ ̼an̳a̭t͈om͔y̤ o͎f̞ ͎f̩ire/̬pͅl͈a͍sm̭a ̠b͓ut̲ a̫re ̠uno̺bs̘eṟv͓able͉ ̲to o̹ur̦ ̭eyes ̰much li̟k̟e͍ ma̦ny col̳o͔u͕rs̬ ̙i̻n̰ t͖he elecțr͕o̬m̤a̘g͈netic ̲sp͎ec̬tͅr̬u͎m.̳ ̣~̜ ̞ Th̞e̥se̲ ͕dem̖on͖i̝c͍ ͅin̪fͅl̙ue̹nce̬s c̭om̝p̮ete w̖ith ͎a͉n̲ge̗l̙i͖c͍ ͅi̻nf̳lu̺e̤nc͚es̖ in̻ ̫our liv̬ḙs. W̼it͎h ͉t͚he ̠fre̞e̮will ̳g̪iv͔en ͚țo̙ ̺us we mu̲st̹ ̤cḥoo͚s̙e͔, da͙il̳y͓, whi̥cͅh ̠in̼flu̩en̥c̮e̘ ͖to̮ fo͔ḽlow. ͇•̭ ͅB͙eli͉ef̮ ̥in ͔Di̲v̱i̺ne̼ ̥Boo͍k̙s. ͔Be̜li̟ef ̦i͔n the ͚B̘i͙b̥l̩e,̳ ̻t͖h͕e̬ ͅT̬or̖a̗h͔,͓ ͓the͔ P̥salm͎s̻, t̹he̮ G̟o̫spel a̭nd̟ all̳ divi͕n͙e boo̞k̳s w̪h̲ic̺h ͇do͍ (or di͉d̫) cal͙l y̩ou t͕o ̹re̘m̰emb̬er̬ ̥t͙he̩ One̻ ̮a̮nd ͓A̹lm̰ig̜hty G͎o̦ḏ i̩n ̯y̱ou̹r̜ ac͉t̰i̞o̯ns ̺a͍ṉd wor͚ḓs, ̫and͇ to o̙bey͕ ̯H͚i̠m,̞ ͙f̖o̪ṛ yo̺ur̙ ̣o͓wn s͎ake.̪ ̫F̤ina̲l̯ly͙,̫ th͙e la̮st̟ ͖d̯i͓vin͔ḛ ͉r͎ev͍e̲l̹a͈tio͉n͓; th̳e͉ Q̩ur̠’͚an̦, ̙w̹h̞ic̝h co̻ṇfirm̝s what͇ we al͖read̰y kn̲o̗w ̟ab̯o̘ut th̩e ̺pre̗v̪ious ̟script̳ures b̻ein̲g̥ ̠a̫l̥te̦r̺e̯d̙ ̲and ̲m͉a̪n̙ipu͙late̘d̗,̠ a͓nd whic̖h͔ recṭifieș th̩ose errͅo̺r̝s̪ ̰a̞n̹d͙ g̭ives ̫u̦s ̦a̫ fir̮m̹ ͚g̞rou͖n̺di͎n̖g ̱in̙ ̰au̬the̼ntic ͉g̠u̙ida͓n̼ce and̳ kno̘w̞lẹdge ̣fr͍om̥ ̼o̯ur͎ ̭C̗r̳e̗a̼tor͎. ̜As͕ ̭prom͙ise̖d i̗n̰ th̫e Qu̥r̙’̺an̩ ̙its̥e̲l̠f,̦ t̹hͅe͇ ͓l̞ast ̹r̥ev̲el̯ati̪o̬n wil̤l̮ ̙n̜e̯ve͍r̩ be ̙c͕ha̭n͎g͓ed ̦a̲nd ̖s̼o̩ ͚n̟o m̪o͇r͈e͙ ̮m͓ess̝e͙nge͖rs o͉r̟ b̺oo̙ks ̻wil̤l̫ b̙e̝ ̯s̮e͖nt ̩to hu͈m̹ank̭i͚n̙d̮. ͚T̩h̬e̞r̤ẹ i̳s no m̭o̯re̞ ̣g̱u̥id͇aṋc̙e ̼t͎oͅ ̼c̠o̟me.̮ ͉Gods̼ fạvo̙u͓r ụpoṋ uș ̟ḫa̳s ͉b̪een̼ cͅom̺p̠ḷe̫te̞ḍ. •̰ ̱B̬el̰i̙ef̩ inͅ ̗th̲e ͍Pr̥op̮h͖e̤ts. ͇Bel̠i̗ef̫ ͚t̹h̭at ̺eve̹ry̬ n͙a͖ti̠oͅn̖ ha̞ḍ ̠p̱ro̯p̬hetͅs s̟ent̲ to it, t̟o ̗rem̯in̳d t͕h̻e̜ p̼eop̻le about ̩o̺ur cov̰en̗ant ͕w͈it͎h̖ Go̼d̟. That b̦ef̙ore ̺He ̬p͇ut̟ o͙u̞r s͚oul̲s ̙i͎n̤ ͈th͔e͓șe ̗b̤od̫ie̖s̖, we̪ ͈a̫g̙r͙e̜ed̗ ̭to ̙t̺hi̹s̤ c̗ha̜llḛnge, ̬and̫ w͍e agre͉ed ͅto ̣b̳e̞ t̘est̬ed oṋ e̦art͇h.̗ ̦Ov̯er ̗1̬2̮4̠,̬0͔00͖ Pͅrop̖h̙et̯s have͖ be̥e̪n͔ ͚s̘ent ̥to ̜al̬l the p̗e̲ople̖ ͇of͉ thḙ wo̯rl̲d.͖ O̺f t̰hesḙ P̫r͙op̗h̜et̰s,͚ a̮r̞o̳und 3̫00̣ w̘e̳re Me̼s̥s͈enͅg̟ḙr̫s. ͔Țhey wẹre s̫ent̲ with ̤ḁ d͓iv̖ine͖ ̳r̥ev̭e̱lat̝ion̦. Ạs Musli̺m̜s we̲ d̮o̖ n̠ot ̤di̻ff̩er͚e̳nti͕ate͕ bet͉w͎ee͇n̬ ͚th͖e Messenge͇rs̗. Th͉ey̹ ar͚e̝ all eq̦ua͔l̬ ͙a̫nd ̼wḙ ̤t̫r̫u̬șt͕ a̙nd̼ ͉beli͕eve i͓n̟ th̳e̫m̬ ̖a̮l̥l.͍ Adam̭,͈ ̦En͈o̠ch,̮ ͙N͓oah, ̭Lot, ̯J̩o̞na͓h̘,͔ Ab̯ra̫ham͇, Is̼’̠ma̤eel̗,̼ ̱I͈s’͍aa͔c̻, Is͎’raeel͇, ̪Josep̱h,̺ Jḛsu̲s,ͅ ̱Muha̩mmad͔ ͉– A̤ll w͕e͍re͓ ạm͎on͍g ̦t̼h͖os̝e͔ m͎ost̫ b̘e̪l̪ov̟e̞d͔ ̺t̘o͙ ̳Go̮d.͈ Howe̲v̰ẹr; ̗Muha̘mma͇d,̘ ̗bein͓g ̘th̳e ͇vẹry ̪ḻast ̼me̹sse̯nge̥r ͍wa͖s no̰ṭ just sen̹t̙ to͖ one ̭nati͍o͎n͎, b̙ut͉ ̬he w̗as ̯s̺en̗t ͉as͈ ̘an ͈exam̻pl͈e ̣for the e̞n̠t͖i͖re̩ wor̗l̬d̠. ̬W̹hi̜l̫e̖ ̳w̘e̦ ̘Mus͖l͇i̘ms ̗mu̬s̝t b̙e̥lieve all t͈he̲ M̝e͚s̳s͇e̦ng̰e͔rs̗ a̗r͎e ̜equ̞al,ͅ w̰e u̼ndersͅt̫and̼ t̻hat̰ ̗being ͕th̜e̫ ̻laṣt͇ ̖me͕ssen͓g̗er ͍has very̠ ͉ho̟noͅu͈r̪a̹bl͉e̺ ͍i̪mp̞li̙c̘ati̠ons.ͅ ̦W̘e beli͖eve ̞i͚t̫ ̲is̙ th͔e͉ fina̠l̯ ̝m̭esse̘n̘ger who͍ ̤w̳i͔l̺l͖ ͍int̫erce̮d̟e a̼nd ̭aṣk̠ ̫Go̘d to ̱b͈egin̘ ̝J̙ud̫g̟ẹm̤e̹nt͚ d̹ay̩, w̰hen no̫ on̼e̮ ̻el̬se̟ ͉w͍il̞l̩ ̼and m͖a̦y pea̜c̺e be u̗po̤n h̯im and͇ ͉on̰ ̙al͎l ̮th͙e̦ pr̩ophe̲ts̫ ̘an͇d͖ ̝mḙṣse͎n͍ge̤r̬s.̝ ̗ • ̼Bel̺ie͕f i̪n tḫe ̣D͕aỵ ͎o̜f ̠J̳u͙dge̙me̱n͎t̘.̲ B̝eli̞e̜f̪ ͅin̜ the ͉sc̩ale͍s w̳ḥi̘ch̘ ̱w̝ill we̟i̠gh̖ o̱ur̤ d̬e̹ed͙s̳, ̤t̗he̤ ͙on̟ly̗ c̯o̙m̟m͓odi̺ty ̦on̹ ṯh͇at day̞ w̰hen g̤o͇ld a̼n̖d̝ ̻silͅv̬er̲ w̺il͇l̠ ̯b̝e ̺m͕ean̤i̲n̼g͈l̮e̪ss̯.͕ After ̫t̺his̩ ̮w̝or͓ld͉ h͕a͙s͉ ͚en̺de̥d͙ a̹nd t̻ẖere ar̮e ̮n͎o͙ ̥m̩o̹rḙ ͕p͕eoplḛ,ͅ al̬l̜ w̖ill ̬b̳e ̘r͙esur̤r̝e̳ct̝e̮d / re̟cr͇eated̠.͔ W̞e͖ b̹e͈lie͉ve m̖aṇki̬nd͔ ̠ạnd̝ ji̼n̠nki̠n̰d w̞il̺l t̙heṋ ̲bḛ w̭aḭting ̺f̼o̝r ̞5͔0,000̥ ͇y̬e̲a̤rs̝ ͉for ̙jͅudg͖e͚m̜ent ͙to ̩b͈e̯gin. F̰in͎a̯ll͍y̠,̦ t͎h̟e̼ las͎t P͚roph͖e͕t̯, ̜m͓ay̭ God ble͖s͕s h͈im̠, ̰will pr͚ostr̤ate t̠o ̝t̬he A̬lmi͇ght̜y̯ ̗an͖d͔ ͇hum͔b̬ly ̞a̞sk̼ H͎im̯ to ̺beg͇in. ̖T̪h̻is̳ will ͔b͎e̦ a ͅtorme̱nt̟i͖n̻g̻ ṱime and peop͎l̥e̬ ̞whͅo̠ ̦thi̟n̗k ̺t̼hey ̱a̺re̙ ̲go͓i͔n͓g̳ to h̲el̦l, ̺will sti̭ll ̼want͙ ̙j̟udgem̠e̟ṉt̩ to͙ ͅco͚mmḙnc͈e, ͈j̣us̟t ̯to̦ l̙e̩a͇ve̟ ̳thisͅ pl̲ace͖. ̹G̥o̰o͍d an̥d ̖b̦ad̦ ̟de̻eds w̫ịll ̟ḇe w̼e͕ig͎ḫe͙d. T̰he̪ ̯ul̞t̳im͕a͕te ͚f͎ate̺ ͙and you͇r ̭fin̳a̤l ̺d͎e̩st̮ination wil̜l ̩be ̲d͔eciͅdͅed̟. ͉H̬ea̪v̭e̜n or͎ hell̻ w̮ill̬ ͈be̖ ̞r͎ew̰ard͎e̼d ̤t̻o̜ t͚ho͈se ̻w͍ho ͙e̻a̭r͓n ̘w͓h̦at ͚t͍h̞e̝y ̫ear̹n. ̭Don’t͕ ̩fḛe̠l̻ hop͎e̯l͇es̪s ̦t̺ho͕ṷgh̻.͈ ̺I̼f ̼y̯o͉u͔ s̝i̱ncerel̝y̥ r̭e̻g̦ṛet ̖yo̦ur s͚i̭n̼s̝, a͓n̮d̺ ask ̭G̩od̖ ͍to f̙orgive ̮you i͕n this͕ ̯l̥i̦fe, t̖h̩os͎e very ͚s̯in̩s̤ w͙il͍l ̱be͓ t̯rḁn͖s͇f͈or̩m̭e̗d̗ ̩f̳ro̟m̯ bad ̱ḓe͔eds͕ i̤nṯo ̰g̙oo̼d ḍe͈e̟d̤ṣ.̺ ͇E̫v͈erỵ ̻g͔ood ͓inten̪ti̘o̳n̥ y̙ou m̺a͕k͍e ḭs̮ w̪o̹r̗th̘ on̟ẹ good ̮d̥eed, wh̺i̗l̖e͔ ever͈y ͎evi̖l̻ ͅinteṉt̰ion ͉i̹s̪ no͎t coͅu̺nted͔, u͈n̼le̼ss yo̗u ̣a͎c̠t ̪on ̞it ̭and commi͈t th͍e̻ ̠s̤i̫n. ̻If͚ ͔y̘ou̦ ac̣t ̖o͖n̫ ̫a͓ g̙o̭o͖d ͕int̟en̬t͔ion ̦iṯ ͍can ̜be̲ ̦wo̮rt̟h̰ 10̦0̘’s ͔of̻ g̪ood̜ ̖de̙e̝ds̫.̟ Rig̱h̩t̥e̘ousn̹ess̜, ̘bel̺i̙e̬f ̗in t̲he ͙l͚as͓t̮ ̦day͉ a̞nd ͈b̪el̰i̙ef i̯n̘ G͖od ar͚e̲ a̞l̥l ͇you ne̤ḛd ͎t̹o̥ at̮tai̱n ̹the͔ ͙ulͅtͅim̫at̗e vi̺c͈to̫r̩y̫. ̣T͕o̼ r͚e̠ma̻in e̬t̥ern͈aḻl͇y ̗i̠ṉ ̙Hi̜s ͚pleasu͎r̖eͅ,̰ r̩es͚i͓di͕n͓g̻ ̻ịn Hi̲s gardens o̤f b̮l̙i͍ss͇ whe̼re al̹l̹ h̙ar̬d͕s͓h͙i̯p, ͚evi̼l͔, ̬dis͍ease̙ ̜and s̱uffer͍i̬n̜g ̬are͙ re̮m̦o̪ved̥, ̠r̲eplacẹd by͉ ͍a̻ḻl̯ ͙t͕he d̳eli͎ghṭs y̖o̰u̹ can and ca̰n’̦t͎ i͓ma̦g̩i͇ne. ̼ •̤ ̻B͉e͈liͅef̞ ̤i͓n̻ ̘God̦'s ̹pr̰edesti̼na̼tion̲.̼ ̤B̞eͅl̮ie̪ṿi͕n͕g̣ t̠h̬at͎ ͍G̼od ͙k͖no͉ws everyt͍h̹in̮g t͓hat̻ ha̘s ̦b̮e̹ḛn, ̱a̼n͈d wi̩ll͓ ͍b͕e. Bͅeliev͔ing ̣th͔at͈ tẖe̜r̹ḛ is̘ ͚no ͚po̰w̳er͉ ̖o͍r ͇abi̝l͈it̙y̩ ̘t̝o d͓o̜ ̖anyt̮h̫i̟n̫g ͅe̦xc͔ept̳ b͖y ͖His̫ p̮e̦r̻mis̙s̞ion̤ ͈a̭n̜d ̗pow̬er̟ ̖f̦r̭om͖ H̯i͉m. Be̗lievịn͙g̺ ̺t͔hạt ̘w̹e a̮re b̰u̱t̤ ͇a͈ ̙t̰im̝e̼l͓i̟ne ̩of ̤i̠nten͙t̪ions,͎ a̮nd̠ t̞h̯a̜t͍ H̝e ͇is͔ the o̫ne ̩wͅḫo̹ d͍ecid͔es̙ w̟het͚he͍r or̩ n̫ot t̫o ̘g͕ive us ͍the̟ ̝a͙bi̞lițy̩ to fu̹lfi̳l t̘ho͙se͍ ̯in̖t͓ent̺ion͕s. Be̲l̞ie̞vi̜ng t̘h͖a̩t̼ ̫He ͍is th̯e̱ Most̗ W̰isḛ,͇ an̝d t͖ha͉t ͖alt̫houg̝h w̤e̼ ̜m̳a͓y̭ n̝ot͚ u͓nd̥er̞s͎ta͚nd̘ ̘H̗i͔s ̭wis̮d̥om̟, w̬ḙ ̻s̥ub̝mi̭t t̳o̬ H̫im̖ an̼d tr̙us͙t̮ ṱh̳at̺ evẹr̜y͎thi͈n̜g ̗ṱh̙a͈t ha̺p̣pen̜s͇ ̮i̜s ͖u͉ḽt͉imatel͍y̯ ͅf͇or̻ ̹our̫ ow̳n ͚goo̫d.͖ ̩He ̹i̮s̗ ͎be͓ne̦voḽen̳t, mer̖ci͕f̪u̖l a̼nd̼ ̠l̬o̻v̮ing ͇a͚n͎ḏ ̝i͍tͅ ͇is͉ ̣H͖i͎s ͓p̯l̞e̺a͍s̩ur͇e̜ to̻ s̖e̺e͉ ̗u͇s be̦i̩ng͍ ben̘evolent̫, m̯er̲ci̝ful ̟a̠ṉd l̤o̪vin̤g͙.ͅ ̲ ̙• ̣A Mu̗s̱li͙m ̙mu͙st ͓te̝st͚if̩y tha̼t ̱G̬o̬d ͉is O̯ne, h̝as ̠no̟ ̭eq̯u̮a͈l̜s, no̺ ̗p̙a͕rt̤ne͚r͍s an͉d ̳t͕her͎e̦ i̟s͓ noth̯ing̣ li͉k̮e Him,̻ and ̬w̖e͇ ͎m̫us̞t͉ ̗t̫e͔s̬ti̹f̞y ̹t͚h̟at indee̺d Muh͕a̮m̳mad i̗s v̹e͎ry ̦cͅl̙e̙arl͙y͎ t̰he l̩as̟t m̰es̳șen͖ge͓r sen̞t b̪y͖ ̲God͍. ͔We̖ ͇m̘u̩st ͇pr̼a̦y,̯ gi͕v̬eͅ ͙ch̪a̗r̬i͓t̲y̯, fa͇st,͙ a͓nd͙ ̟perfo͖rm̞ ͕p̺ilg̱rimag̺ḛ, ͉th̟ereby e̥arn̤i̩n͇g̖ G̬ods͕ f̝o̥r̫g͓iv͈e̬n̘ess̜ ̟a͖n̯d m̰any go̯o͉d̫ d̻ee̥d̪s̱ / invest̙me̩n̹t͈s͍ ̗f͔o̺r͓ ̰tḥe̪ re̟al̹ e̤te͓rnal ̺l̩i̘f͚e̹ ̭w̻he̯n̠ ͚t̠his te̟m̖p̳orary̘ ͙ab̥o̜de̺ is ̗dum̥pe̻d̠. We̞ m͔us͙t b̺e̙ ̲h͇on̘es̪t,̭ tr̟uth͎fṷl̯, ̼trus͉tworṭh͚y͕ aͅnd ̥ṛi͍g̻hte̜o͖u̗s͇. ͅBe ple͔a̩sa̖n͉t, ͉h̤y͕gi̪e̝n͖ic, ͕ḫave̹ ̫g̻oo̜d c͈h̞a͖r͚a̩c͕ter and̼ ̤be͉ g̼e̱ne͕r̜ou̠s.̝ Be g͖r͈ate̹fu͍l̰,̼ ̤p̝a͇t̟ie͕nt̝, ̠m̝er̞ciful and ̝co̹u̮ra̪geous. ̪Basic͕ally ̖l̰o͙v͎e̦ ̦f̝o̯r͚ ̝yo͙u̲r ̪br͔oṱherͅ/̗s̤is̲ter wh̫a̬t͖ yͅou̫ wou̺ld l̙ov̯e fo͙r you̫rse̘l̬f.̫ ̝A̜ ̞Mu͉s̰l̖i͇m ̱is ̪c̳o̩n͍c̼er̳n̻e̗d wịt̫ḥ ͍pl͈easi̘n̺g tẖe C̻r̲e̥a͇tor͖ and n̖ot ̲the͓ ͓c̼r̻e̼a̪tion̥.͕ The͍ v̟e̪r̪y̦ ̺pu̞r̟p͉o̹s̘e̜ ̬o͍f̖ ͎our̰ ̖exis̹te̩nce̮ ̟is͍ ͔t̻o ̞w͉orsḥi̼p̲ ͍[i̠.e.͓ r̙emem̮ber,̪ ̦s͚e̞rv̜e, ̤than͉k̹, ̱pra̩ise͚,̖ ̜obe̗y,̳ ͖gl̲o͈r̝ify,̭ ̟et̩c] G͚o̫ḏ.̟ ̪If̺ ̤you ͈do ̻t̞his̬ sin̥c̠e͖re͖ḻy ̝y̹o̳u ̩wi͔l̻l̟ f͖i͉na͎lly ̹fee̤l͙ f̰ulf͙i̩lled̖ ̟an͚d c̥onͅte̳n̳t͖ ͉in͉ l̻ḭf̞e͓ ͅn͙o̞ ̮m̘atte̗r ̩w̝h͚a̩t ͔s̥itua͕ti̯o̜n͇ ̟y̺o̦u’re̻ i͙n͔. To̠ ̠f͕uͅl̪f͓i̫l your̻ h̞igh͕e̪r ͈p̠urp̫o̼se̜ ͎of ͙w̤orshipin͉g G̰od͙, mean̮s̘ t̻o̱ b̻ec̥o̳m̗e a̼ ̠be̩in͇g͈ ̖t͍h͓at͎ ̲i̝s̜ in ͙c̱o̗m͔munion̼ wi̪t̠hͅ Almigh͚t̥y Go̮d. T̳he͈r̖e͈ ca͕n ̘bͅe not̯hing̞ gr͈e͇a̬t̟e̘r tha̺n t͕his.̣ ͔ ͇Q͉ur̭a̘n ̤d̤o̥t ̥c̞o̠m̩ ͉f͖o̟r̮ an ̱o̺ṇli̗n͕e ̣Qu͚r͙a̞n ̜[̯[ṱh̤e ̹wo̗rd o̪f God]̼]͈ ͚S͎u̬nna͍h̯ ͅd͙o̲t ̫c̲o̘m ̠for͖ on̩l̩ḭn͓ḛ ͚p̤rop̫he̙ti͎c͉ ͉t̺e͖ac̥hin̠g̘s [̠[ͅthe͎ w͍ords ̫of ͎th̫e̳ ̯lͅast̤ ̦Prophḙt̲ ̳Muham̰m̺a̫d͇]]̮ ͓
Mark W (1 year ago)
Okay now this will not happen, but they might shutdown markets on calamity.
Mark W (1 year ago)
I'm glad you caught on. I cant say for 'sure', but I may or may not for legal reasons.
tim wilkinson (1 year ago)
May or do ??
Mark W (1 year ago)
I may work for a gov entity and i can assure you they will not do this.
Benji (1 year ago)
I don't know, Jeff. You're starting to sound more and more like Alex Jones with every new upload.
Stephen Bunn (1 year ago)
Thank You.
Game Over (1 year ago)
They said all this last year around the same time...What a joke.
Van Wijk TV (1 year ago)
Buy gold and silver
Gauntlet (1 year ago)
Aren't their alternatives to access the Internet.
AnotherBoringWeek (1 year ago)
This is ALL About NOT having to follow US Law. Spying on "We the People" will be policy. Capitalist Ideals will be eliminated from the Internet.
Temptuous2112 (1 year ago)
iThomas (1 year ago)
You can't "shutdown" the internet, it's not a switch that the elites have and they just have to press. You have to shutdown all the servers and demand every internet provider to stop their servers I doubt this will happen
norman holland (1 year ago)
duh? just turn off the power, click! UPS can cope for a short while, but if there is no power somewhere the repeaters are down....telephone exchanges will go down , so no internet in your house etc. etc.
l jessel (1 year ago)
just shut down the central routing nodes - everything stops.
Evolve (1 year ago)
3:53 Let's hope the power grids don't get turned off by "terrorist hackers"
Asdf Asdfz (1 year ago)
Can someone ELI5 to me what exactly ICANN does? Can't people just find a new way of managing domains and ips?
Kitty Koehn (1 year ago)
"Jubilee year" sounds so very festive, no?
ANARCHY LUiS (1 year ago)
Festive for Luciferians
dunamis333 (1 year ago)
The Jubilee Year has nothing to do with money. But has every thing to do with being redeemed from an evil life by the Lord Jesus Christ. The Last Day of Redemption is on the 8th of October 2016. This the Day our bodies are going to be redeemed from the bondage of decay and corruption.
Empress Theresa (1 year ago)
Now I ask you: When did someone managed to predict a 9/11 type of event? Never! Never is the answer.
GTOberfest (1 year ago)
Bill Cooper
Nothern MI (1 year ago)
um the people who did it could have...
Camilo Perna (1 year ago)
I dont know if the owners of the world are prepared for the consequences of shutting down the internet
David Patton (1 year ago)
"F" bombers always strike me as being credible and super intelligent.
Harlie C (1 year ago)
Nothing would happen, people are fucking stupid.
NBF1865 (1 year ago)
Yes they are they will wipe out people's accounts, bit coin, & investments while they shut it down. When the public is allowed access to the internet again they will realize they've been robbed with no recourse. This is by design❗😕
ANARCHY LUiS (1 year ago)
I🔫🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 YouTube-Loose Change YouTube-Israeli 9/11 Connection YouTube-Occupation 101 YouTube-Communism Backdoor #DancingIsraelis #Benghazi_Gate Instagram @ANARCHYLUiS ✌️✌🏾️✌🏽️✌🏼️✌🏻️✌✌🏾✌🏽✌🏼✌🏻
Charles H (1 year ago)
The ONLY thing I am sure of that here in the U.S. all Hell would break loose. EVERYTHING is run through the internet!
Omar Touzani (1 year ago)
The UN is the US.
Omar Touzani (1 year ago)
+v How is it Islamic biased when they turn a blind eye to the crimes committed by the west and Israel against Muslims?
viddha (1 year ago)
The UN is Islamist biased!!!! They will censor sites.
Rockapulco (1 year ago)
true the US is the world leader
Matt Dlka (1 year ago)
Lets hope! Tired of this shit! Either collapse or move on!
Spirit of Friedman (1 year ago)
do you get what click bait means yet?
Poelo Siel (1 year ago)
Every time you say Super Shamitah, I remember Goku.
Jason (1 year ago)
Invest in Chinese currency for theres is backed by gold. Ours; by debts..
Shani Ro (1 year ago)
+Omar Touzani yep...I have been waiting to see when they would be backed by gold...
Rockapulco (1 year ago)
why don't you avoid any third-party risk and invest in gold directly?
Omar Touzani (1 year ago)
The Chinese currency is backed by air, just like the dollar.
The Rocket Radio Show (1 year ago)
hey jeff, would you do a video and explain what happened on your boat. you could make an inspirational video. Show some pictures of the boat and tell us how your boat sank and the what happened afterwards. cheers.
P Des13 (1 year ago)
Pretty please.
tim wilkinson (1 year ago)
Come on tellus
MrJRLT (1 year ago)
What happend. Tell me
neurotraveller (1 year ago)
Namecoin fights ICANN
Nicholas Hart (1 year ago)
he'll yeah monero! I made like 500$!!
Nicholas Hart (1 year ago)
Nicholas Hart (1 year ago)
It's a cryptocurrency
Sara Thompson (1 year ago)
What is monero?
Random Rants (1 year ago)
With the Obama administration handing over national control of the internet to unaccountable globalists, I think anything is possible.
lamont814 (1 year ago)
Totally agree.
Camilo Perna (1 year ago)
Eyes of the World (1 year ago)
very productive comment

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