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Amazon ‘disappointed’ over Seattle tax

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Former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder on Amazon’s “disappointment” over the passing of Seattle’s new head tax.
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Dusty Warren (2 days ago)
i better nuke seatle for traitor policy. ill lunch the nuckclear weapons two three hours. when my duty at nuckclear silo is turn the just kill every for being traitors
Matt Hardy (2 days ago)
Amazon will simply leave. $ goes where $ is treated best
HR Pickinstuff (3 days ago)
They will siphon off most of funds and screw over the homeless. See the pattern. Use minorities, elderly, and now the homeless to steal money.
HR Pickinstuff (3 days ago)
Yet companies like Amazon support Democrats every election. These companies better wise up and start voting for Republicans Democrats are tax happy and business have a huge target on their backs.
eyewit (3 days ago)
Leftist amazon suddenly mad at leftist seattle?
D DuBos (3 days ago)
Downtown officials have their heads up their asses and are not one to help the ordinary person, like all corruption and misinformed ones they operate only on a narrow minded all about MEME crap, rainbow flags, not a true gov tainted by poli correct crap. Seattle has always been one to burn bridges and fight for stupid things by loud mouth yellers, very unfriendly place.
D DuBos (3 days ago)
Waaaaaaa it is a fight ego against ego!
Matt West (4 days ago)
Leeann Pham-Dhabhar (4 days ago)
Libturds eating libturds alive. I am loving it
Charles Johnson (4 days ago)
So again we are faced with people that are dysfunctional. There is only one useful discussion and that's what to do to help them...Right? I lived in SanFran during occupy, and as a tax paying citizen I did not want to walk down the street and see human feces...OK! No war on homelessness, only solutions. I paid over 4 grand on a apartment by ATT stadium and I wanted my money's worth. What's 4K to Bezos?
Nicholas Esposito (5 days ago)
liberals consider themselves the one tenth of one percent and all the wealth should go to them
richard feldman (5 days ago)
I see the city tax was scrapped. Amazon needs to move from Seattle they will try this crap again. Amazon we Texans love you move on down.
GentlemanXCreed (6 days ago)
The socialist are trying to take advantage of the company that employs 45,000+ people in their city... That could backfire immensely to create more homeless people.
MegaSkilla (6 days ago)
Taxing the rich takes jobs away from the middleclass and creates more homelessness and poverty. Leftist Democrats will never learn. Just like when the Democrats formed the Confederacy to keep slavery, the Republicans set things right then like Trump is trying to do now.
James Guthrie (7 days ago)
Move Amazon to Texas.
Glenn Heiselman (8 days ago)
The best way to solve any damn government problem is to get rid of demoncrats. Demoncrats destroy everything they touch.
Donald Daedalus (11 days ago)
Yes, the talented young people that Amazon hires, from the best computer science and MBA programs will move to Tennessee.Good luck with that genius. How many big tech companies are in Tennessee? Let's see, Google, Apple, Facebook....hmmmm
Diecastcow (12 days ago)
The tax is probrably less than the parking benefits the amazon employees get. So why is it that bad?
Nelsononics Runs (12 days ago)
Bezos is a leftist and a huge supporter of socialist policies... for Other companies. Hes a king when it comes to government handouts and cronyism. Nashville should NOT Want Amazon to come in and destroy its city with the leftists it hires and policies it will pour money into.
stan burdick (13 days ago)
MrQuickCast (14 days ago)
Amazon doesn’t want to give Seattle head...tax
weallbfree (17 days ago)
Let me see if I've got this straight. There are lots of homeless because there aren't enough jobs. So we're going to tax the "rich" more which will cause more companies to move out, resulting in fewer jobs... Somewhere in heaven, Ayn Rand is having a really good laugh.
Jeff Moore (20 days ago)
Amazon pays no federal tax. A tiny tax on Amazon in Seattle means nothing but will start to provide some housing for the homeless. It's a fine idea for those of us who pay taxes on everything to welcome Bezo's to a miniscule taste of the real world.
Maxwell Speedwell (20 days ago)
Bo Ski must have slept through Econ 101.
Maxwell Speedwell (20 days ago)
Will the last person from Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, Staryucks, Costco, Classmates, Clearwire, Alaska Air Group, leaving Seattle please turn-out the lights?
Philo Jones (21 days ago)
Sweet irony! SJW Bezos objects to Seattle’s new SJW tax. Physician heal thyself!
douche douche (21 days ago)
Amazon must pay its fair share. ....
JCDenton 2012 (21 days ago)
Look, the whole $10 minimum wage thing in Seattle backfired big time. All it did was make sure that the little guys couldn't compete with the big guys and drive out startups. The politicians got their day in the sun as the noble defenders of the working class, but it did more harm than good. This is just another effort to do the same damn thing. I'm going to be honest. These people aren't fit to govern. They are more obsessed with looking good and winning than actually governing and being economically prosperous.
X (21 days ago)
Fuck Amazon
Anton L (22 days ago)
HEY, CORPORATIONS! Councilwoman Sawant wants to “fight big businesses”. So you guys are now the bad guys for providing jobs to Seattleites. You bad guys better pack up and scram before Seattleites chase you out for the evil that you are. SCRAM!
19leeryan (23 days ago)
Liberalism is a mental disorder
Free Market Capitalism!? LMFAO What hypocrites the white fucks are. You just banned business with ZTE because of their trade relation with Iran and you imposed tariff on China and blocked Chinese investment in American companies, and you are now talking about Free Market Capitalism without the influence of politics!!?? ROFL what a self slap in the face.
Larry King (23 days ago)
"Bezos Leans Heavily Democratic, Good for Obama, Washington Post" so why does amazon ceo bezos disapprove new tax? he should be happy to pay his fair share that odumer and he had been spouting... https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/bezos-contributions-democrat-washington-post/2013/08/07/id/519168/
fvhitman4hire (23 days ago)
Keep the taxes coming, the companies and 'rich' will leave town...
Amazon has brought so much prosperity to Seattle yet they are punished with this tax.
Rycto Hernadez (24 days ago)
It going to turn into another San fransico
kekistani (24 days ago)
Hehe, liberals don't spare their own when the knives come out for the cash!
Asian Invasion (24 days ago)
This is what you get as a liberal state... Big companies provide jobs and you greedy Democrats keep slapping taxes on them. They clearly forgot who gave them the job in the first place. Next Detroit it is, and it will be for every liberal state.
Sheldon Cooper (25 days ago)
Basically Amazon is saying: We are the job creators: we have the real power here! You wouldn't be able to earn a decent living without us. Amazon is not required to create jobs and do business on anybody's terms. If Amazon's policies are so bad for employees, let the free market take care of it on its own. Employee turnover will rise and productivity will go down. Only then will Amazon be economically incentived to offer more.
97szig (25 days ago)
Seattle is full of retards
douche douche (26 days ago)
Tax Amazon $500 per employee... Amazon has to pay their fair share in tax.
joseph keeney (26 days ago)
Democrat way rob everyone.
Jonathan (26 days ago)
Hey, it's the AT&T "Batman" building and the R2-D2 building next to it.
tskjesusfreak (26 days ago)
Being an expat sounds great as government grows...
charles barkson (26 days ago)
It's for companies that make over 20 mill annually, amazon will lose pennies by doing this tax and yet they are so greedy that they won't give a little to help other human beings struggling but what do I expect from mega corporations who have no empathy or compassion cuz thats all business is for the greed machine. #fuckhillaryclinton
Test Channel (26 days ago)
Hey morons with the "Tax the Rich" signs, the rich are taxed a whole lot more than you are.
chemical mike (26 days ago)
Increased wage blls on wage payers, higher taxes, bad management that is badly funded, badly managed, badly planned, badli implemented too. Sounds like Utopia! Nahh its politics! True!😮
Proman (26 days ago)
This is what happens when you put your trust in loony Left politicians. I hope that Jeff Bezos has learned his lesson. Stay away from places run by Liberal Democrats!!!!
chris smith (26 days ago)
The richest American's never went to college they went to work an created jobs,college graduates went to work for none college graduates!!!
chris smith (26 days ago)
Yea always tax the rich an hopefully when you are rich you'll just give your money away an think woo we I don't care the government will take care of ME!!
Cat Garcia (26 days ago)
Seattle will just move future projects they'd planned for Seattle to better cities. The true loss will be Seattle. Amazon can handle the $12 million, Seattle cannot handle the huge losses coming their way. Not to mention the companies that will see Seattle as anti-business and not set up shop there.
John Grist (26 days ago)
Too funny. Amazon is a libtard company that supports the very libtards that want to tax them. They help get these people in office then cry when it finally affects them. Pay that tax with a smile Amazon. Karma is a bitch. Hippocrates.
Tex Mex (26 days ago)
Socialist Demo-RAT's always take. Joseph Stalin called them, "Useful Idiots". because they used them for their own political Propaganda . Amazon should stop and relocate while they can.
Robert Lee James Welch (27 days ago)
I believe in reasonable taxation. But, taxation on this level exposes corruption and failure.
Alex Werges (27 days ago)
Cities are already prohibitively expensive by nature. I have no idea how Seattle thinks this is a good idea. Their desire to help the homeless must be balanced against the needs of the citizenry in general. No one is going to stay for a one-sided exchange. Not to mention they may just be making homeless people out of working people if they keep raising taxes on them. But honestly, if the wealth of california wasn't being used to support most of the US, they wouldn't have this problem.
Gohul Dhanarasu (27 days ago)
If there are too many Homeless People, then Seattle will become Next Detroit. Why Amazon can't pay 275 Dollars for Employee. When they can make a lot in Federal Tax.
KevinusarTV (27 days ago)
Dude is for companies that make 20 million dollars a year of more. They can afford it
Lois Holmes (27 days ago)
This is out of control just the way they want it
Peter Dubin (27 days ago)
A lot of these so called homeless choose their way of life. I know someone that helps the homeless in Chicago who tells me that the real homeless doesn't bother anybody pan handling, they seek the correct help. Most pan handlers choose that life, don't want to work or pay taxes. Scammers, just like the Amazon tax. They need to move all businesses to red states and out of Washington. City council sounds like delusional fools. Socialism is only good until you run out of everybody elses money. Then you become Detroit or California or Venezuela.
Time Traveler (27 days ago)
Tax Amazon until they leave.
Qmed Joe (27 days ago)
Little do they know Amazon will take their losses out of the workers pay or will up the price in their product in Seattle distribution centers. The wealthy didn’t get that way by being stupid.
Tim Sullivan (27 days ago)
Why won’t a good lib who owns the Washington Compost, like Bezos, pay his fair share in taxes?
Greg McLean (28 days ago)
This is the most hateful and uninformed comment section in the history of YouTube.
Kevin May (28 days ago)
Why doesn't the homeless just get jobs? It's really easy!
gaylord buttyshorts (28 days ago)
The tax is going to make more homeless people want to move to Seattle
joeblackakareaper (28 days ago)
I am amazed that they call Amazon an employer, like they were actually a real EMPLOYER. They are at best slave masters, they get 3 times the amount of work out of their employees than they pay them, and they beat them to death in the interim. It is because of companies like Amazon and WalMart that there are so many homeless in this country. The unions in this country got too greedy, now we have the opposite end of the spectrum MASSIVELY GREEDY corporations. This isn't the first time this has happened in this country, it's actually a replay of the early 1900's, it's what I call extreme Capitalism, a winner take all structure. TheReaper!
Sword Nika (3 days ago)
you can show me lots of Amazon and walmart current employees whom are homeless? that's interesting, please do. or are you just talking about your make-believe? how many low wage earners are we talking about? in the US all you have to do is 3 things leave government dependency 1) finish high school 2) have a full time job and 3) don't have children before you're married and in 90% of the cases you will be at lease middle class in the US. the answer is get people to make good choices in life, not give government more power. in terms of neo-slavery. do you honestly believe a 18 year old straight from high school is going to earn $50 per hour? you start at the bottom, you learn the skills, and you make more money. your idea of paying people $1000 dollars per hour may seem compassionate on the surface, but you are denying low skilled worker the opportunity for a better life. if you compel employers to pay their low skilled workers $30 per hour, with no experience, then no employer is going to hire
joeblackakareaper (3 days ago)
I can show you lots of them unless of course, they are getting government handouts. Here's a question for you, what do you do when there are so many low wage earners, that they all need government handouts? I freely admit I don't have all the answers, but I know the answer isn't a neo-slavery age like we are in now. TheReaper!
Sword Nika (4 days ago)
this is idiotic, you hire a worker because he will make you more money than you pay him, otherwise there is no point hiring him. plus it's a free country, you don't have to work for Amazon if you don't want to. Amazon and walmart lessens homelessness, show me one homeless person who is currently working a job at walmart or amazon
Saul Val (28 days ago)
Universal basic income needs to be implemented or your going to start seeing homeless people do more harm to society.
Adam Sternberg (28 days ago)
The leaders of Amazon are all super leftist liberals and then complain when the same people they support are the ones who pass liberal laws. Amazon deserves this insanity.
Demicleas 2 (5 days ago)
Adam Sternberg or at least less likely to sopport the left.
Demicleas 2 (5 days ago)
Adam Sternberg i hope they become Trump sopporters beacuse of this.
Giorgio Cooper (28 days ago)
Will the lefties ever learn how NOT to destroy an economy ....... ????? How I miss Milton Friedman and his lecturing of those ignoramouses ..........
Ed Alder (28 days ago)
Amazon,Texas is waiting with open arms.
glenn brunck (28 days ago)
You are correct!!!! If amazon does not move its operations they are going to get hit by all states where they have a plant.. I hope they take a stand and leave..
unleashed rider (28 days ago)
the free market without a master will pilliage all into victims and consume all that is in its path, with no thought in doing so. even a free market needs a master so it can serve well.
Juan Marco (28 days ago)
Seattle government is terrible. I have been here since 1960 and its never been worse.They literally proposed a tax on the "rich" a few years ago with no idea what they would do with the money they got from it. Bellevue which is nearby would easily soak up all the companies that want out. Boeing took its headquarters to Chicago a few years back. The Communist Manifesto seems to be their guiding principles. And of course the idea that government will solve homelessness is hilarious. They don't understand that rewarding them brings more to town....
unleashed rider (28 days ago)
theyre not getting taxed at all and they want them to pay some tax bc they should contribute something to the place they are in but the corp is so damn greedy they are whining. that really pisses me off.
mike takhar (28 days ago)
Instead of taxing big businesses more just stop giving them huge tax breaks so smaller businesses can be more competitive
Polarcupcheck (26 days ago)
They want to destroy small businesses.
gerardgmz (28 days ago)
Awww.... come on, guys. Just pay up. México does things like this all the time. What could go wrong?
Raghnall86 (28 days ago)
That person in the center title looks like she got down syndrome
Jeremiah Peterson (28 days ago)
Socialism won't come to America through the name of socialism. It will come to America because conservatives accepted to expand the power of the state and deemed it good. Through expansion of the state, people were thrown into poverty, through massive poverty, socialism will come to America.
Douglas Zelkowski (28 days ago)
Housing isn’t a right. It’s a earned. American needs to stop giving things away and taxing people who are already at wits end.
Gary McIntire (28 days ago)
Amazon Indy sucks too, worse company I've ever worked for .
Bicentennial Nagger (28 days ago)
Socialism is awesome, hunh?
Franken Stein (29 days ago)
Hey Amazon, bring your jobs to Colorado. Spoiled rotten libs in Seattle don't want you there anyway! We'll gladly welcome you and the higher paying jobs you would bring here. So many people here would benefit!
Gary Riggs (29 days ago)
Liberalism is mental retardation. 😐 That money won't help no one. 😐 Taxing the rich is retarded. 😐 It is the rich that everyone works for. 😟😐 Best thing to do for the sake and survival of America is: STOP VOTING FOR RETARDED COMMUNIST (DEMOCRAT) PARTY MEMBERS!!! 😐 Voting for Communist (Democrat) Party Retards is Retarded. 😐 They have proven that they hate Freedom and Liberty, the Constitution, National Security and Safety, Facts (Truth), God, Honesty, The Military, Jobs and Businesses, For anyone to have money, Anyone or anything good for this country, & this country as a whole.😐   ...They remind us all daily of their mental retardation. 😐 ...Still believe Communist (Democrat) Party Retards are worth voting for??😟😐
Wilma Perkins (29 days ago)
4 YEARS LATER all big tech job providers leave California for las vehas or phonix and seatlle truly becomes the Detroit pf the west coast blaming the big evil rich companies for not paying and staying all the way
Raptor Muhammad (29 days ago)
Haha WTF
mcconn746 (29 days ago)
They should take more money from rich folks and give it to the poor so everybody will be better...just like Chavez did in Venezuela. Of course on average they lost nearly 20# because of lack of food. Most Americans are too fat anyway.
Russ G (29 days ago)
OK, how does this 'head tax' work? If Amazon hires an idiot and he doesn't last the day, does the co. still pay $275 for this worse-than-useless "employee?"
D Gunny (29 days ago)
Seattle loves to cater to the homeless. I live here and it fucking sucks to watch the way the city lets the homeless camp anywhere
Uncle Sam (29 days ago)
Move to southwest Washington where you will be welcomed. King county and Seattle is a dying socialist hot bed.
Avalanche2 (29 days ago)
Jesus H Christ, progressives are mentally insane. When Amazon leaves or scales back, they will have the nerve to blame Amazon. LOL!!!!
Steve M (29 days ago)
Who is John Galt?
theburners32141 (29 days ago)
Lol. Amazon must be thinking to themselves “Geez, maybe these conservatives aren’t the monsters we helped portray them to be”. Take some of your own medicine fucking liberal fucks.
SEMPER PROGRATIS (29 days ago)
Jack James I understand that Obama gave Amazon a really unfair tax rate but I don't think they should do it by the head or per person or a percentage I feel that Amazon is invasive and not beneficial to the human Workforce they're going into a monopoly by Google the owner of Amazon wants to monopolize the food market. How do you control people buy money and food. The women Seattle was going about taxing Amazon is just as bad as the low tax rate Amazon pays. By the way my parents were married in London England in 1958 you're active duty United States Navy. My ex-wife is for Manchester. She can't stand it when I tell her that England sent their best down south under. That really pisses her off anyways good luck to you
Jack James (4 days ago)
I live in London too. Here's the thing; even our CONSERVATIVES understand the need to tax Google and Amazon more.
douche douche (21 days ago)
法轮功李洪志大天师麾下右护法兼囼囲蛙研究所副院长——槑窑湾 - UK should deport you. Your a fucking commie and UK is a white majority where you hate white people. Go back to where your kind live, chink-na.
I live in London and own more properties than you can ever have in your whole life faggot. Awww, rekt.
douche douche (21 days ago)
Alex K. - no problem, if the merge 100 robots into one, then just tax the robots by 100x. Problem solved. ;)
Seattle has a state tax of 9.1% it isn't 0. They are going to loose all of their corporations and businesses that employ their citizens. A corporation will on top of having top of paying state and federal taxes, their property tax and income taxes not to mention all the taxes on their employees regarding workers compensation, social security and the like they are now also expecting them to sell out another $12 million. That's if they don't increase it to the $500 a worker that they now want it to be making it $20 million more in taxes. Just because they are a large corporation that makes money people don't seem to understand that a lot of that income each year actually goes to taxes and expenses yet is mentioned as total sales revenue for the year. A corporation isn't going to be able to remain in a state in which they take more than 2/3 of their income when they can easily go to another state where their taxes will be more than half what they are paying now. It's what any normal person would do if they were in the same situation with their own personal income that the state was trying to take from you when you worked hard and spent money to earn what you did. You don't do all of that to just hand it over to the government so they can redistribute it as they see fit for their own moral judgment and beliefs in socialism.
Leonard McCreary (30 days ago)
Should have just abandoned it. Greedy bastards.
Elizabeth S (30 days ago)
This is what happens when a government is run by socialist
Conservative Minuteman (30 days ago)
Don't these protesters realize the rich is where jobs come from?
Rick Believes (30 days ago)
Taxing working people to pay for irresponsible people....you will get less working people and more irresponsible people.
StormwaterJay B (30 days ago)
If Amazon was smart, they would follow the aerospace industry and split the business into a dozen or more states to obtain broad political strength rather than one or two major HQs.
Mr303medic (30 days ago)
\\ We need to protect the State from [Redacted], foreign and domestic. \\ Socialism equals state-sponsored theft. Bank robbers are socialists with a strong work ethic; where others want free money from the US Treasury. \\ If people earned their own way, and read books(!) with a simple description of what politically charged theft is, \\ socialism would not exist outside of whoever tries to surf your couch, in between gigs.

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