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Bytecoin in a Nutshell

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Text Comments (260)
Calin Falcoseanu (8 days ago)
I found this site. Have good foucet for doge coin https://dogeminer.cc/index.php?boss=108142 and for exchange link https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=NM2r1g have 0.1 % fee
Pete Gonz (1 month ago)
Thank You, the problem i'm having is how do I store Bytecoin? Is it an ERC 20 token? How do I store it? Thank You
Hardau Daniel (1 month ago)
A mining farm . It holds over 45 cryptomones including USD. It offers a registration bonus, has 3 mining farms, namely China, Russia and USA, and New York has its central office. A link to this page is here https://bithash.cloud/Welcome/Partner/20161
Strizer Quel (1 month ago)
its $ 0.16 now
D3Barbaari (1 month ago)
Listed in Binance now
Bitstump (2 months ago)
Great job!
Barbara Towers (2 months ago)
I'm confused as to its value as the circulating supply is huge and the value is less is better so how would you make any money
Barbara Towers (2 months ago)
An you put bytecoin into ledger nan
BurgerStupr (3 months ago)
Bytecoin is a scam.
AC (3 months ago)
Bytecoin in a nutshell: That's a scam!
Namie Amuro (4 months ago)
Bytecoin in a Nutshell - SCAM See proof: https://btcmanager.com/bytecoin-the-cryptocurrency-scam-resembles-a-black-hole/
new records (4 months ago)
Share karo Bhai mainee bhi Kiya hai
vijay rathod (4 months ago)
Bytecoin is going to match its total supply soon do then price only go high? No extra supply right?
EXCALIBUR4040 (4 months ago)
Have a look at the comments on their website. Lost web wallet, disappearing Bytecoin's and no response from support when they can't get access to their account. Not looking good. https://bytecoin.org/blog/the-wallets-issues-official-statement-and-deadlines-from-the-development-team
AS GH (4 months ago)
Here you can buy Bytecoin and others cryptocoin: https://www.binance.com/?ref=23697510 Good stock market.
Mythrays1 (4 months ago)
They have a online wallet now
Rafal Boduch (1 month ago)
Mythrays1 nice bq
johnathan robinson (5 months ago)
This is an amazing miner app to mine Bytecoin. https://minergate.com/a/b41a7950706642671505727a help me by signing up from the link above.
johnathan robinson (5 months ago)
get in on it early
Div8814 (5 months ago)
Donate pls: 27HsWByaRvkDeA1yKMGWT3GCb7VckSjp1Bdu5fyBfjA4BDyx13AMZpXRgr2SbD5fXAUqjahq6WYrG87hXQgTg9CzBYNh2vU
Energy (5 months ago)
Bytecoin is the king of instamine schemes with a plagiarized white paper and is inferior to Monero
Ken Mackay (5 months ago)
Can you go through the process of moving ByteCoin from exchange to a paper wallet. Also how to confirm it worked on the blockchain? Your help/assistance greatly required. Thanks!
Bytecoin 4 You (5 months ago)
There are different option to store BCN see their website: https://bytecoin.org/downloads In February and March 2018 new updates will be released also have a look at the Bytecoin news, the road map 2018. If you want a full node wallet then download the blockchain from the official www.bytecoin.org website and let the wallet synchronize. As far as I know a new full node wallet version will be released in february 2018 (Betaversion) and the stable version in March 2018. Again see the road map and read the bytecoin.org news for more information. REPLY
Patrick Canete (5 months ago)
is bytecoin ERC20 token? If not then where can we store them? I don't want to let it stay in an exchange because it's too risky.
Patrick Canete (5 months ago)
Bytecoin 4 You thanls dude!
Bytecoin 4 You (5 months ago)
If you want a full node wallet then download the blockchain from the official www.bytecoin.org website and let the wallet synchronize. As far as I know a new full node wallet version will be released in february 2018 (Betaversion) and the stable version in March 2018. Again see the road map and read the bytecoin.org news for more information.
Bytecoin 4 You (5 months ago)
There are different option to store BCN see their website: https://bytecoin.org/downloads In February and March 2018 new updates will be released also have a look at the Bytecoin news, the road map 2018.
DinoRexGamingHD (5 months ago)
byte coin is really rising from 33 it went to 19th now
Jordan Stevens (5 months ago)
LOL, I put $60 USD in with some leftover dust after a couple trades... whatever... lets gooooo! HAHAHAHA
conf test001 (5 months ago)
Bytecoin 4 You (5 months ago)
Bytecoin is the peoples crypto all over the world people endorse BCN. Thank you for this video you explain it very clear.
Jay C (5 months ago)
fucking weird, you look like my twin lol.
KeOKe BlackShot (5 months ago)
do digibyte nutshell
Geno Murray (5 months ago)
Im trying to start a community bytecoin website so we can help spread awareness for the coin and its potential in 2018 and beyond.  Any donations to help kickstart this things will be much appreciated.  Want to keep this entirely byte coin so here where you can donate! thank you!        234vVY5RwLViniV1pUqNTAD2MiTMKeZwi4bbawV7zydzK87HC7kVvY8MHrpRYuACTBgX6XxievtfUHqMRDC75EbUGrcsi9x
shani bhatti (5 months ago)
I am just beginner in cryptocurrency and just started minning bytecoin a month ago on my old i5 laptop CPU 😂😉 using only it's one core 😂😂 at average of 40 h/s.😋 Just tell me reliable source from where I can buy bytecoin
li rubo (2 months ago)
you can buy bytecoin from hitBTC.
breath888 (5 months ago)
I keep checking for an offline wallet generator because I only like paper and hardware wallets. It's a dealbreaker if a coin group only offers an online wallet, no matter how much I would like to buy. And if I were to use a desktop wallet, I'd much prefer one for the Mac (when I fix PCs these days, it's mostly for malware/ransoms/viruses so security is a huge deal to me). Exodus is beautiful to look at, but I haven't used it after seeing the glitches (zero balances). I'm not sure many of these coin groups were prepared for the recent rush of people looking to get rich in 3 weeks! So many sites seemed bogged down now. Love your vids!
C. Pol van der (5 months ago)
Liking the gains lately, things are going up1
keep doing anything with bytecoin and calm.
na1s0r (5 months ago)
Mine Bytecoin onyourself with your pc/laptop/smartphone https://minergate.com/a/8f2df831ded0df646348ffa4
Crypto Network (5 months ago)
Bytecoin BCN - Join the Community on Telegram - https://t.me/bytecoinchat 🚀
Ralfs Goba (5 months ago)
Hey, how do you store this coin? Is it possible to get it into ledger nano?
Ralfs Goba (5 months ago)
Thanks Thomas :)
Thomas Wilcox (5 months ago)
It's not available on the ledger nano, yet. You can use desktop wallet but I would be wary as that is very glitchy. I would, however suggest their online wallet as a temporary wallet while they sort the issues.
Toxiatris (5 months ago)
Hey guys! Spare bytecoins are welcome and will be rewarded with a free hug <3 26R9UkMg2FeSNHgEjnFbcFeWgHAZMXm4GiiJcuPQ1vFTBrjDUm5EcGy4D8NEgR7Koxj2AS7LkgaLqRnjXtSw9GNuAcHZUhP
C I (5 months ago)
Hey :-) please make a new Video of Bytecoin. New Developer Team! New wallet - The Price is increased over 100% in last month. BCN
Thomas Wilcox (5 months ago)
Apparently there isn't a "new" developer team...
Catherine Morris (5 months ago)
Which exchange is the best to buy bytecoin on?
Jose Jiménez (5 months ago)
Btc I guess.. buying 80k coins now
Seppe Tank (6 months ago)
Watched a few of your videos. Thank you so much for staying on point, not taking longer than 5-7 min and no bullshit speculations. I appreciate all your hard work with regards to research and making these videos accessible to everyone.
Div8814 (6 months ago)
bytecoin mining: https://minergate.com/a/5f6ed68ba40d95622c2c226f
Patrick Luy (6 months ago)
But how does it differ from other tech? Almost every other coin I see emphasizes privacy. How is this different? What makes it stand out? Those I do not understand.
Reinhard Huisamen (6 months ago)
I have not gone wrong with any of your suggestions, thanks for the videos please keep them coming.
Thegotoguy (6 months ago)
Donate bytecoin.... I'm living on a dream 26xGsT1JbNNVYPXHQTnp4nWcT6reqqyKmRaCRsVLozXaTBZV3b1u1jFd64HvDAk4CbW31H512f9Gw4oVJpaeokr4JnErzvn
Keith Fellows (6 months ago)
4 days to load wallet. and still not finished!!!!!
Nick (6 months ago)
Need bitcoin just 1 please ..that is all. 13LG9ZzSysEKBP86XJdEFBm9CtFkjkVfmm
feminists are arseholes (3 months ago)
Josh CousinsBrand can I have one?
Nick (4 months ago)
Marcus Dei (4 months ago)
easy tiger
Nick (4 months ago)
No fuck u
Marcus Dei (4 months ago)
can you send me one too please? 1GbzH3TZpXE1kvjQDhg4tRNjCxhhaYaXWs
Shaun Glidden (6 months ago)
just getting started in this crazy crypto world any help would be greatly appreciated 25YwVZmbdjLJHQFB3BcnYsMe2hLXfNzC8XojqBRfkbKq8R5XLkSHTFxQqP7sAEfhJDC5AvE1LTgJnUwAodE3QgdnELgP6Mr
Qenis Lord (6 months ago)
Best way to mine bitcoin by far https://minergate.com/a/387b0e86a1244e36f5c7eed5
OogyBoogy (6 months ago)
It’s all a con
Pascal V (6 months ago)
New to the crypto world. I'm grateful for whatever I receive. Thank in advance 27wRxGRz9cwimQ1gvAQC8beuLikbn25ixT7UpWcWStpgTroCnSv6tx6KA32X5SrJuDPBgXTsSmQRoAbCzcDvM2d2PctE9nF
peter heighes (6 months ago)
bytecoin is on the move. up and up! :)
peter heighes (4 months ago)
Hollanda1975 yes I sold mine a while ago
Hollanda1975 (4 months ago)
peter heighes And back down again
Edward Orem (6 months ago)
how about an update? the coin certainly hasnt lived up to its potential...why?
Adoknight Official (6 months ago)
Bytecoin has improved, and is now neck and neck with doge almost constantly. I predict that within the next few months, it will eventually surpass doge at least as doge is inflationary and won't be capped (correct me if I'm wrong).
Control Consciousness (5 months ago)
Adoknight Official u were correct my friend
dirar msakni (6 months ago)
send bcn to this address 25amiSn7wiFcBmLqpUN2bgY9iwsVm4uwnFp6ZQTNyPoJJirGQKrTt5XWnHKANkncnUUpxhmAqmec19sfJrepAF1MPr1TrUf in 3 hours you have back 150% of the total.. for more info contact me
Ivan Tolic (3 months ago)
you think that you have a dick hahahaha, bytecoin is a shitcoin which I will use to become rich because its a shitcoin which I will use in my other projects, wallets are not syncronizing support doesnt care about their customers, so forget about bytecoin bye bye
dirar msakni (4 months ago)
Ivan Tolic suck my dick
Ivan Tolic (4 months ago)
fuck you.
SolucionP (7 months ago)
Hey im really stupid,bytecoin is growing i should invested haaaaaash Can anyone donate a litle plz plz plz. If you whant of course. Adress here: 25Qgdg8gfnSYCoAu1irHnW6ukzesiQNFQHajsdWPafU4NECc63NFjnufNCezqRpKfLJf5dmANoy6uA2bGtZ3uT5fJLRBkDR
trav v (6 months ago)
It's cheap as fuck just buy some.
Sam Piazza (7 months ago)
It would be awesome if this video explained how to buy bytecoin..
RLGAMES Yt (7 months ago)
If Simeone wants to help me with Bytecoin (BCN) My Deposit adress is 29VEwgCnQ2Z85qtwRhbfYpHzajvap8DNQ4oCsSpMq3g8Dothce8fpUeKA32X5SrJuDPBgXTsSmQRoAbCzcDvM2d2PfsG2Tj
Heavenly Hope (7 months ago)
Pool without fee: http://bytecoin.uk/
Fabrizio Benedetti (7 months ago)
Hi. Great video. I have some questions though. Bitcoin are becoming harder an harder to mine, will this happen also with bytecoin? Do you expect that their value is going to increase?
TheBomber eRoTeX (7 months ago)
Holy!!!!!!!!!!!! He got 25k in bitcoin donations?! WTF I am doing YT :D
a a (8 months ago)
Bytecoin has some great goals for this year actually. See new roadmap https://bytecoin.org/news
Alessa N. (8 months ago)
Bytecoin has lots of merits. The wallet is excellent.
Wolfgren 112 (8 months ago)
Do you know how to transfer your bytecoin from minergate to bytecoin wallet on mac?
Wolfgren 112 (7 months ago)
Christian Miramontes i resolve it
Christian Miramontes (7 months ago)
Wolfgren 112 what type of wallet are you using ? It should of gave you and address lik this 8ds4ChFT1BzVFtYAVukFWhbf4psX5gGLLH (with different numbers and letters of course)
xuamont (8 months ago)
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SupremeRevival155 (9 months ago)
BYTECOIN is a risky investment. It should have already tooken off. Unfortunately, Monero went to the Moon instead. Monero is nothing more than an Advanced Superior version of bytecoin. Many members of the byte coin team broke away years ago, and helped develop Monero. Monero inherited it's code from Bytecoin. Also, 80 % has been pre mined for founders, stake holders, and developers which means they have a huge influence on the price which can pump and dump for their sole benefit. Leave your emotions out of this, and look at the facts, and scenarios before claiming that a certain coin will Moon. You guys should take your eyes off bytecoin, and focus on cloak coin which is a direct competitor to Monero. I bought CLOAK at 1$ now look at the price. CLOAK has an advanced development team that is better than Monero. Cloak coin will experience shocking price increases! Buy now while it is still cheap. Dont miss out my fellow crypto investors!!
Konstantin Agejev (5 months ago)
what's wrong with u? I bought bcn on 0.003$/ Sold 0.017. It's already 500% profit.
Thomas Wilcox (5 months ago)
You're just someone who puts down another coin to promote your shitcoin. You should've just made your point instead of trying to promote CLOAK as well.
Pranjit Baishya (9 months ago)
Amber Poudyel (9 months ago)
I wanna buy Bytecoin with USD. How can I do that? I have tried to use https://changelly.com/ but it doesn't support here in USA.
Adoknight Official (6 months ago)
Amber Poudyel buy bitcoin through coinbase and transfer to freewallet. There is a native conversion feature
The Dubai Review (9 months ago)
Great video, I just did a bytecoin video on my channel too. Check it out. It might be time for an update as they've got really active recently!
NeoGeo (9 months ago)
Great info, thanks
Maurits Rodermond (10 months ago)
thank you for your video. Are you considering lowering the amount of coins? I think we as stakeholders would very much like that now with all the new coins coming in and people speculating on them simply because of measures as the amount of coins/ ask and demand ratios.
Breaking The Matrix (10 months ago)
I can mine bytecoin, and sell my bytecoin. That is not a scam. Thats money. Idk why people keep calling it a scam
Christopher Durias (1 month ago)
It was not well distributed. Many whales took a lot of Bytecoin in the begining so Monero forked off from Bytecoin
ARCHANGEL OF LIGHT (4 months ago)
Breaking The Matrix I am mining BCN everyday and also confirm it is not a scam
N1NJ4 (10 months ago)
One of my favorite things about bytecoin is the difficulty you can actually mine with a low hash level and you can make a decent amount but if you get something like an asic or asic USB or a block erupter you can make a decent amount. Believe me there are block erupters specifically made for bitcoin mining which first of all I wouldn't recommend mining bitcoin but it can also be used to mine some currency's such as bytecoin.
Dmitry Aleksandrov (10 months ago)
telegram group bytecoin - https://t.me/bytecoinchat
H J (10 months ago)
does anyone think byetcoin would hit 1 dollars ?
Xbox Master (1 month ago)
H J possible but i dont think so
Roy Vines (11 months ago)
Just bought 160k for $260 AUD ;)
nas damian (6 months ago)
can u please donate some bytecoin :) 21YGNpgrbt4AuynUkmCmNiNLq1pBmDo5sRSZgqYeBF7PRWynb9TCPCrKA32X5SrJuDPBgXTsSmQRoAbCzcDvM2d2PaC2W2n
Hammad Abbasi (6 months ago)
Roy Vines from where
sabin jiji (11 months ago)
Bytecoin is going to make me a millionnaire
Ma'az Khan (9 months ago)
Alwin Maxwell (11 months ago)
Bytecoin will definitely overcome Bitcoin in the near future (2-3 years) due to significantly larger max coin amount, privacy and speed.
Crypto Blog (11 months ago)
Guys check my latest post about Bytecoin: https://cryptoblog.tech/is-bytecoin-a-scam/
KeepersWay (11 months ago)
bytecoin is a scam....
Blakroc (4 months ago)
No just the name sucks ^^
Christoff Rossouw (11 months ago)
Easy way to mine Bytecoin https://minergate.com/a/1fbe34e2f376af49032a711a
Christoff Rossouw (11 months ago)
great informative video thanx
Purchased 190K of byteecoin in april and still have not received them.
Jhono Gudiel (11 months ago)
guys what's the best pc hardware to mine ByteCoin?
DJ Highland (11 months ago)
Jhono Gudiel y7
hknp (11 months ago)
i mean 4200 mhz
hknp (11 months ago)
yes its a little oc i can get up to 850+ when i oc memory to 2000mhz
Jhono Gudiel (11 months ago)
hknp I get around 150 h/'s in my i7 4790 and around 650 kh/s in my 1070. I'd yours OC?
hknp (11 months ago)
i get 90h/s on a intel i5 2500k and on my gpu GTX 1070 i get 700h/s
Stoyan Atanasov (11 months ago)
thanks for yr videos . can you talk about antshares?
Hassan Kalakesh (1 year ago)
Guys I need help !! Can I use asic miner to mine bytecoin if yes which the best miner and if no then is there any miner hardware I can use to increase the mining from h/s to gh/s like bitcoins Many thanks 👍
N1NJ4 (10 months ago)
Hassan Kalakesh If you want to but it's probably better if you start low then progressively build up sry for the late reply I've been trying to do research and found out there are 2 different types of bytecoin (BCN) and (BTE) you want to mine (BTE) because it uses SHA-256.
Hassan Kalakesh (10 months ago)
N1NJ4 Buddy do you advice me to buy the antminer S5 ? And Does it mine bytecoin? I might buy 2 or 3 but I want to know your opinion Please let me know as soon as possible 🙂 Thank you mate
Hassan Kalakesh (10 months ago)
ok buddy ill let you know what happen with me, I am going to order one on ebay soon I'll keep in contact :)
N1NJ4 (10 months ago)
Hassan Kalakesh Not exactly you need to install a few plug ins before you can start byte coin mining but don't worry there are tutorials to set these asic USBs
Hassan Kalakesh (10 months ago)
N1NJ4 ok buddy I am going to buy one now and all I have to do is plug it in laptop and open my bytecoin wallet and mine from there ? Do you have line messenger ? My line ID there is 15kesh15 I would appreciate it if you let me add you someone so you can give me some help and advice Thank you buddy
Nikita Singh (1 year ago)
rapidfire question---bytecoin value in 10 years?
jj (23 days ago)
TheMusicYouLike (1 month ago)
the day has comed
jose queipo (4 months ago)
todavia ni llega al centavo...llego pero murio, ya han pasado 7 meses..
Jessen's Channel (10 months ago)
its still a fraction of a dollar now. about 0.002$
Mac Viking (11 months ago)
100 dollars in the next year and a half? It's not even half a penny yet! Where did you get your information Zen Dai?
Minecraft2Creators (1 year ago)
mine bytecoin on pc and on your mobile! https://minergate.com/a/3f9032a5e8be439bc001d165
Max Sound (1 year ago)
I used to work with mining with at my dads company
Bad Mr Frosty (1 year ago)
any idea how to get your bytecoin of polobiex if its disabled (temporarily)
Delores Hennesssey (1 year ago)
Oh Thanks I didn't know that.......Yikes :)
Bad Mr Frosty (1 year ago)
you cant move them to your own wallet though only leave them on the exchange
Delores Hennesssey (1 year ago)
It says Bytecoin is disabled however if you go to exchange on poloniex and click on bytecoin on the right hand side, you can do all the trading you want. It has said disabled for a long long time. Probably a glitch.
Aston Bright (1 year ago)
BYTECOIN is the number 1 Privacy coin. If the government tomorrow decides Bitcoin should be banned. It will be. But Bytecoin however. The government can never find and shut down BYTECOIN.
MrFatilo (11 months ago)
LOL far from it. No RingCT and conveniently forgot to mention it has 82% premine... Also coding skills and technical knowledge and understanding of the Monero team is like an order of magnitude better than BC
Jhono Gudiel (11 months ago)
Mac Viking I just have 260 :(
Jhono Gudiel (11 months ago)
Mac Viking that's buying or mining it ?
Mac Viking (11 months ago)
Yup it uses First Generation CrypoNote technology which keeps it completely anonymous. I have almost 500,000+ BCN (Bytecoins) so far. I want to get up to at least a million!
gosh brown (1 year ago)
if you want to exchange Bytecoin into Any Cryptocurrency FAST And CHEAP use this site https://changelly.com?ref_id=96254fd9c5d5 0.5% fees and it is presented by MinerGate
Nate (1 year ago)
great explanation! Thanks
TDavid Brady (1 year ago)
Sorry, Bytecoin. There are over 30 open issues on Github of people not receiving their Bytecoins. They are fully synced wallets with zero balances, even though they purchased or mined Bytecoin. The developers just keep repeating the same thing - "let your wallet sync" (fully synced wallets have no balance) - "reset your wallet" (doesn't change a thing) - "delete folder in /users/xxx/AppData/Roaming/whatever/youhavetobeanetworktech/phuchthatshitbytecoin directory and then move your .wallet file, and let it sync again" (which takes days and days, and doesn't change anything). A lot of people are concluding that Bytecoin is garbage, or a scam. I mined Bytecoin for three days. I was "sent" 100BCN for the effort by the democats mining pool, but it never showed up. Still hasn't. Democats investigated, found the block chain that showed the transaction, and this blockchain is NOT in my block chain explorer in the wallet. I personally know 2 other people who mined Bytecoin through the wallet miner and *never* got paid. Talk about entry barriers, Jesus Christ.
Ivan Tolic (4 months ago)
the freewallet was hacked few months ago....try to google.....thank me later.
Biofree movies (4 months ago)
i used their webwallet it worked fine for me
Konstantin Agejev (5 months ago)
Have u read news on democats? First time seen them. But it dosn't looks like a pool for mining )))
william marques (5 months ago)
In Taxi 🤦
Raj Singh (1 year ago)
Bytecoin and Monero might be banned by the gov and state in the future. I am a bit weary...
nofd1977 (11 months ago)
arsjaad poese they can try but these coins are the way they are for just that reason. Suck it Gov
Mark Al (1 year ago)
what is the road map for bytecoin
Thomas Wilcox (5 months ago)
Dave Young (1 year ago)
Dude, what's your setup like? Are you sitting in front of a green backdrop? Are you using adobe premiere? Wanna check out some of my videos? Please hit me up, I'm in NT.
Boxmining (1 year ago)
+Dave Young yeah premiere with c922 webcam
EagleView Trader (1 year ago)
Poloniex allow you to buy BCN but disable withdrawal. Sent ticket to customer support 3 times but no reply. Kind of like frustrated. Any idea what's going on with Poloniex action ? Delisting BCN in progress ?
Natalie Chickee (1 year ago)
I guess we can trade it only in poloniex but can not take it out. I'm having the same issue. I wanted to mine this coin, and it's really unfortunate they disable the wallet so I can't take the bytecoins out.
DJ239 (1 year ago)
I'm having the same problem, why does it always say "Temporarily disabled?" It's said that for about a month now. I bought some bytecoin but it doesn't do me any good if I can't eventually sell it.
Knewclear (1 year ago)
Were you ever able to withdraw? I'd like to know since I'm considering buying bytecoin through polo
Boxmining (1 year ago)
+EagleView Trader poloniex disables withdrawals sometimes for various reasons
Mike (1 year ago)
Bytecoin is great, but I hate that fucking name. sounds like Bitcoin.
Alan Johnny Keossayan (5 months ago)
Having a similar sounding name can be an advantage for Bytecoin.. Who knows?
Boxmining (1 year ago)
i made that typo so many times during the video!
João de Carvalho (1 year ago)
Good analysis. I do not believe in private coins very much, but I bought some PIVX, basically because people say good things about it and it uses PoS.
Boxmining (1 year ago)
they have a very strong vocal community
PIYUSH YADAV (1 year ago)
finally i found a video on most underrated bytecoin . never understand why no one is talking about this coin ?? why this coin is so underrated ?? who are the developers of this coin ??
Boxmining (1 year ago)
PIYUSH YADAV (1 year ago)
finally i found a video on most underrated bytecoin . never understand why no one is talking about this coin ?? why this coin is so underrated ?? who are the developers of this coin ??

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