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TDV: Jeff Berwick on Fox Exposing the Federal Reserve and Defending Bitcoin

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The Dollar Vigilante, Jeff Berwick, on Fox Exposing Federal Reserve and Illuminati Symbolism on the US Dollar and Defending Bitcoin. Original video from FOX Business can be found here: http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/2302645969001/bitcoin-crash-coming/?playlist_id=937116503001 Links: The Dollar vigilante: Http://www.DollarVigilante.com
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Text Comments (185)
Vince Wynne (1 month ago)
Whoa... that guy was being extremely aggressive and antagonistic. Great job keeping your cool Jeff.
scatty cat (1 month ago)
here u ya auld coffin dodger, go read up on the topic of discussion on your show, you're sounding like a chipmonk vomiting up a mouse, ie, full of shite. ITS FOUNDED ONLINE YA SKUDBOOK, ask yer grandkids, lawl.
scatty cat (1 month ago)
yeah, bitcoins funnily enough actually exist... stfu usa and get the gold out? har har.
metal garurumon (1 month ago)
I am sure there is not this long conversation the last time i watched this video. Is it because Mandela effect?
County Secession (1 month ago)
I can't believe Varney doesn't know what a federal reserve note is.
Mark Caldwell (2 months ago)
It isn't important loud mouth! Anyone can study the mechanics of the block chain. Very arrogant and hostile the instant Jeff mentions the Fed...
coldburn909 (4 months ago)
Stuart Varney gives me unprecedented levels of cancer. Every time he opens mouth, I actually consider suicide.
It's Okay to Eat Mayo (5 months ago)
Jeff. You're too funny.
Ricky Bobby (5 months ago)
Wow! Didn't know what a federal reserve note is!!?? Really??
lisulove (6 months ago)
truly, a classic. did they have you back yet Jeff ?
Cris Movistar (6 months ago)
I bet this owned fucking wanker news presenter is eating his words now on who the fraudsters are or is probably still too far asleep to see it. Big mouthed programmed robot!!!
Tom Cellie (6 months ago)
This interviewer is an asscown
DJ W (6 months ago)
I'm actually shifting from anger to sympathy for these brainwashed mouthpieces who are dumb enough to defend the entities that imprison them.
Robert Graham (6 months ago)
Jeff, please go back on this show haha! What a tool. BTC over $10k!
Vincent DB (6 months ago)
The host is a sick old fart. Jeff replied very well !
James Hopkins (6 months ago)
Well done Jeff..... Well done.
Don Wood (6 months ago)
HOW amusing to watch this on Wednesday, November 29th at 11:33pm where Bitcoin is now $10,489.00 each. :D By the way, I have gotten some Bitcoin out of an ATM and vice versa. :D
John Woodhead (6 months ago)
Keep this interview Jeff it will be goldust in years to come, this man obviously has a agenda and is going to far in his Spanish inquisition, hopefully he will be around long enough to get to see a playback in years to come, then he will realise how he was on the wrong side of history, King dollar will be king dollar no more, it's a scam will rightly then be recognised as describing failed fiat currencies
Computer Guru (7 months ago)
Very smooth Jeff.
toocat2000000 (7 months ago)
Oh! What is Bitcoin worth now you snotty jerk!!? $5600 plus 2017!!!!! At the time of this video a mere $100 ? What an idiot! Good job Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Armagh Putaranui (8 months ago)
I wonder how this dildo feels now hahaha top man Jeff
João Santos (8 months ago)
How can Jeff stay that calm when he deals with those IDIOTS? RESPECT Jeff
Graham M. Lawrence (9 months ago)
Wow! This video is from 2013, when the bitcoin was worth a hundred bucks or so! I bet that old fart anchor is kicking himself with bitcoin hitting $5,000 recently. Well done Jeff for keeping your cool, I would have walked out.
D Champers (10 months ago)
Bitcoin went from 205 down to 98....oh no...hahaha I love watching these..never rely on the pundits
Strong Hand Crypto (10 months ago)
BTC over 3400 as of now
Roots of The Land (10 months ago)
Smug so in so. I commend you on how well you maintained yourself through that interview
Dominic Maddox (10 months ago)
Awesome interviews!
Jonathan Flores (10 months ago)
lolz hahaha... still a scam??? hahahahha i wish i had seen this video when it came out.. hopefully i am not late to the party
Ross Kupisiewicz (10 months ago)
Where's your smugness now mate. Go Jeff you legend. The decentralised system giving power back to the people
Conor Sullivan (10 months ago)
This is great. Jeff laying it down
The Osho (10 months ago)
Jeff keeping it ice cold like a boss.
Conner Hillman (10 months ago)
Damn I bet that old fart feels like such a fool right now
Martin Camilo (10 months ago)
That fool should of bought bitcoin he could.of retired and his grad children wouldn't have to work
paulczar (10 months ago)
He doesn't see that the fact no one controls bitcoin is a positive.
Curtis Scott (10 months ago)
What's hilarious is to watch these videos TODAY and compare the value of BitCoin/Crypto(market-cap) with those quoted in the video! LOLROFPMP! "BitCoin surged past $200 and then collapsed"! Recently watched it surge past $3000 and then "collapse". I suspect the surging trend is going to continue for a while yet ...
Little Missy (11 months ago)
The govt could have started this for all we know. But I think digital currency is the RV happening right in front of us. Buying BBC is a f-you to the banks so I say yes bring it on.
Justin McFarlane (11 months ago)
This guys defending the federal reserve and doesn't know it says federal reserve note on the danng bill. doomed
chrisiden (11 months ago)
jeff did not explain how there was a limited supply of bitcoin being mined and therefore it will become more valuable as time goes by... currently we saw bitcoin rise to just a penny under $3000 lately
nick harris (11 months ago)
can you say Tulip Mania
Motripoid aaudiolan (11 months ago)
bitcoin worth now 2700 $ XD
Yasaswy Nagavolu (1 year ago)
This is the problem host haven't even done any research or tried to learn the tech just raging at the person who is answering questions.. its like talking about bitcoin to 2 yr old.
Tyler_Plurden (1 year ago)
Fuckin idiot doesnt know what a federal reserve note it
trifecta t (1 year ago)
Ignorance and arrogance tend to go hand in hand, this anchor guy is a great example
M.R.Mohan Ratha (1 year ago)
Wish Some one can ask him. why its 1800$ not $99. Ignorant guy..
SomeBodyIUsedToKnow (1 year ago)
Such a tosser the interviewer was
longbeachboy57 (1 year ago)
That is like asking 'who controls all the gold in the world', mined or un-mined.
longbeachboy57 (1 year ago)
So you want to sell me a bitcoin for 98 bucks???!!! Do you think I am stupid???
Chris Cristian (1 year ago)
That Fox News guy is such an annoying asshole!
thaboomer53 (1 year ago)
The thing that most "anti-bitcoin" people refuse to consider, is the fact that no matter if they use it or like it, bitcoin is here to stay. it is going to be one of the crypto currencies that are around after the dollar is gone. Like it or hate it---it's here to stay. And all over the world, the use of pieces of paper with numbers on them to pay for things is about done with. A chip implant, a chipped card, an account loaded to a phone, anything but paper currency is the wave of the future. get used to it.
Y SR (1 year ago)
My friend Jeff insists in establish comunication with dinosaurs and spects they will understand a thing. Jeff my friend that is not possible, let then become extict!
MIchiel deRuyter (1 year ago)
Well done Jeff. I did not realize that Stuart Varney had been indoctrinated to the point that he had, moreover, I did not realize that he had no idea of how the US Banking Cartel (i.e. Federal Reserve) was founded.
Zulma Z (1 year ago)
what a pathetic host and trained puppet. good job Jeffy, put them on the spotlight so people c how paid puppets are trained to attack the truth seekers and keep people blind folded......people NEW WORLD ORDER IS A F-A-C-T, not a theory. dont belive me, check illuminati playing cards, what a coincidence these cards published decades ago with precise things that have happend, are happening and will happen like ww3 and 911 attacks along with martial law and gmo food poison
Sting fist (1 year ago)
funny part :was trying to figure out the woman's business in the show.
Mino (1 year ago)
The same as PayPal, virtual money till you transfer it to your account. Will work, I like it.
rhy o'drinnan (1 year ago)
Does that shitty British guy still have a job? Because if he does, I'd love to interview with him and tell him about how BTC is currently trading well over $1200. LOL What an abrasive and silly way to interview people.
Chris L Chiappa (1 year ago)
lol bit coins like at a grand now lol
Vince Wynne (1 month ago)
eh...funny how things change. Nine grand now. lol.
Christopher Hightower (1 year ago)
Fox news is bullshit.
RiffRaff (1 year ago)
I wish I could keep my cool like that when talking to professional fools.
OMG, I'm dying here. Jeff gets so annoyed by the stupidity of the host he actually calls Satoshi Nakamoto SAKAMOTO!!!! LOLOLOLOL I can't stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!! I'm speechless!!! Holy Ghost, can you believe what this ' FUCKs' guy is saying??? He probably doesn't use internet cause, you know, he doesn't know WHO OWNS it, lolololololol
Christopher Gilliard (1 year ago)
When bitcoin achieves its full potential, this video will go down as a classic. It was a complete illustration of the establishment having their heads handed to them in SO many ways.
quantum leap (2 years ago)
oh jeff u are way better than any politican in hong kong in terms of the elegance and fluency in response. (ps u would make the interview more dramatic if u light up your cigarette at the end LOL, Just kidding, pls quit smoking, really dont want to see a talented person's health defeated by smoke...............or substitute with cuban cigar, rumored to be less poisonous).
John Dillon (2 years ago)
"A Federal reserve note from my account - what does that mean !!" ha ha - you educated him!
Theresa Price (2 years ago)
Ref the FRS, no one knows who owns it or who runs it.  Oh, no", you can't say THAT"!  Only from Faux News would such a statement be made.  Bwahaha!!!
Jack Hamilton (2 years ago)
Another caustic FOX moron who couldn't find his ass in the dark with both hands badgering an intelligent, INFORMED guest! Who listens to FOX anyway? Only other morons!
cheekymonkey (2 years ago)
High five JEFF!  I was beginning to have my doubts because you don't know about the murder of the I think she was president of Bit Coin.  She died under 'mysterious circumstances'.  Whenever 'they' want something some one has to die.  so that makes Bit Coin very suspicious and the fact that you never mention it makes me wonder if you then are the one they gave it to.  kinda like Bill Gates got Microsoft.  someone always dies first.  just saying but good job in this interview
Dr. Dave Schlute, DC (2 years ago)
The interviewer didn't want to hear what Jeff had to say. He would ask a question and when Jeff would try and answer, he would cut him off. The interviewer was totally biased, and kudos to Jeff for keeping his calm and cool during the interview. I might have decked the interviewer for being so pompous, ignorant, and interrogative.
Cliff Taylor (3 years ago)
Smug self-satisfied British BS...won't be convinced until his local boozer takes bitcoin.
Sarah Dean (2 years ago)
+Cliff Taylor hahaha his local boozer! Lol hahaha
KrAzZzHD (3 years ago)
This fucking host HAHHAHAH thought he could ridicule the bitcoin currency. what a twat fucking paid CIA slave !! HAHA Jeff FTW!!!
Paul James (3 years ago)
FermiGBM1 (1 year ago)
Comedy gold
BRAINROTTDAVE (3 years ago)
Fox news correspondents don't know what a federal reserve note is!  Go ahead & ask the fed your questions & see where that gets you....
I'm CIA (5 months ago)
I just about lost it when he asked what is a Federal Reserve Note. Any fool with even the slightest bit of education, who has handled a dollar bill, should know that.
taebaek (3 years ago)
JEFF, you handled this INCREDIBLY!!!! SO proud of you man....wow....just smiling over here in China! hope you are well, peace man.
Joe Om (3 years ago)
Yea whats this interviewers problem?
ian turner (3 years ago)
The host is a fucking idiot.
Pat Kaiser (4 years ago)
Green backed dollars?!? Backed by jacksh#t!!!
Silver Kook (4 years ago)
Staged? Yep
brianstacync (4 years ago)
this old fart will go down with the ship like most everyone else very well handled Jeff forgive them, for they know not what they speak
Davidka1978Xoroshiy (3 years ago)
hi +brianstacync .ususally people like this have no conviction, and they can easily say one thing and do another. big money, sadly, will convert pretty well into the new paradigm. it won't be just noobs (new money)
Rudy Telesford (4 years ago)
Jeff I appreciate the fact that you kept your cool and let that baffling idiot rant about elementary school indoctrination. His agenda was clear...
Ares Apollo (4 years ago)
This anchorman brit moron, does not appear to understand why humans have 2 ears and 1 mouth.
roggie77777 (4 years ago)
now 600
chessmoves (4 years ago)
interviewer definitely had an agenda....fucking failed though as I'm gonna get me some bitcoins & gold now.
Amagnon X (4 years ago)
The value of money is due to its monetary properties. Durable, divisible, portable, fungible, store of value (limited supply). Gold derives its properties from its physical composition, BTC derives them from its digital nature. The value of money derives from its MONETARY PROPERTIES - regardless of the mechanism that imputes those properties. BTC is real money - and because it is also a public ledger, a method of remote payment and is private - it has immense value.
V S Rahul. (4 years ago)
absolutely right. when you do penny stock trading get good suggestions from professionals is the wise idea. just listen for now, Best way to invest your money in stocks is to be a member of a renowned professional assistance team. have a try and make the most of them :) --> bit.ly/13BYZAP?=kiuiut
LOL so biased....The sheeple that listen to this deserve everything coming in the upcoming events...Me well..I'll stick with Jeff and listen to him.
Andrew Henderson (4 years ago)
Just about everything the financial media says is wrong.
Andrew Henderson (4 years ago)
Yep. The point of Bitcoin is to get the sociopaths out of the money supply.
Joshua Cloud (4 years ago)
True. I was only responding to someone who said that the USD is superior because it's not subject to inflation like BTC is. Fortunately, the inflation you speak of is predictable as it's built into the sound system, and is not subject to the caprices of usurers. As bitwallets are lost, though, the currency will compensate and we'll see a slight deflation.
Joshua Cloud (4 years ago)
True enough, in theory. But BTC Bitcoin will likely experience gradual deflation as bitwallets are lost and such. It's negligible, of course. I was only reacting to the moron who said the USD is way bettter than BTC because BTC is subject to massive inflation!
Jeff Berwick (4 years ago)
The US money supply has increased by more than 10% per year since 2008. Bitcoin has inflated by about 1-2% per year for the last year and will continue to do so for the next 100 years... until it reaches 21 million and then it will be a completely sound currency. The dollar won't exist in its current form 10 years from now, much less 100 years from now
Jeff Berwick (4 years ago)
As long as the amount of bitcoins never goes down, it is not deflationary
Gabriel Vine (4 years ago)
Do some research Herr Student. Cryptography prevents tampering with Bitcoin's strictly-controlled supply.
Gabriel Vine (4 years ago)
It can't "be inflated" . . . its supply is determined by the Bitcoin software. Unlike the Federal Reserve chairman, who decides on quantity based on unknown factors.
Gabriel Vine (4 years ago)
Well actually it is inflating at a steady, decreasing rate until 21 million are created sometime in the first half of the 22nd century, at which point it will genuinely be a fixed-supply currency. If there is economic growth at that time, it will be deflationary.
Joshua Cloud (4 years ago)
No, BTC cannot be inflated like the USD. It's a deflationary currency as there is a fixed supply.
Pete Haselden (5 years ago)
its voluntary. you dont have to use it.
herr direktor (5 years ago)
real deal? whats real about it? its a digital currency that can be inflated its 100 times worse then the dollar
herr direktor (5 years ago)
the fox guy is a moron but hes right what the hell is the diff between bitcoin and the dollar? the thing is even worse it can inflated with touch on screen i think bitcoin was created by the ppl who control the federal reserve its the next thing, world currency. after fiat crashes ppl will run to this thing, and a chipped ass also. bitcoin is worse the the dollar. its controlled by same ppl who control the federal reserve these ppl are buriying dollar and putting bitcoin up there
Anthony Mayfield (5 years ago)
I don't watch the MSM but it's nice to see them trying to knock Bitcoin. Very nice contrarian indicator that Bitcoin is actually the real deal.
MrOfce (5 years ago)
What's this? Some kind of comedy?
Ron Jefferson (5 years ago)
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Eirik Bakke (5 years ago)
I really enjoy Stormcloudsgathering, and he makes excellent videos. - But he doesn't have the slightest idea what he's talking about when it comes to economics. :) You should check out Stefan Molyneux's video after debating SCG on these issues. IT's called "Hatred of the Market".

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