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Patrick Corsino (7 days ago)
AUDIO ISSUE FIXED! SORRY FOR THE HUGE DELAY! BITCOIN (BTC) GIVEAWAY RULES: 1.) BE SUBSCRIBED 2.) LIKE THIS VIDEO 3.) COMMENT SOMETHING RELATED TO THE VIDEO PORTFOLIO REVIEW: https://goo.gl/Fx6xc9 FREE Facebook Group: https://goo.gl/ph4Hpz BINANCE: https://goo.gl/ej3P51 Hashflare: https://goo.gl/FGCqgz **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.
point end (7 days ago)
Can you take a look at Lindacoin? They are building lots of great features  and partnerships.
Kevin Frost (3 days ago)
thanks a lot for nano... 19CNp5EeDBQ1Qb491ZJkr4fLZ6VFKquamX
W Sal (4 days ago)
348wA4oZxoSe9BtkFM3GsaayjdM7uApURK Stilling holding on to tron. Question can you place new coins into trezor hard wallet?
Paul Zedric Drilon (5 days ago)
Long term hold is the key! Go for $ONT, $BNB and $VEN Btc: 1PWJ4EdvAcmAXZG26f3BAFpXmhZzPeAbAd
VeChain isn't going to the moon....it's going to Neptune. See you all on your spaceships. #RocketOut
Matt Vargas (6 days ago)
Can't say it enough too! Binance Bro they make money on a crash or Run! love to see a BNB review and love the air drops no problem holding some EOS 1EqmsCQqLaEVm7QndtafGTKkYPog5ngsUa
Travis Reynolds (6 days ago)
Thanks for you time and resurch what do u think about ripple and how do u think tron and forex will effect tron and it's progression
xX_CHARTRAW_Xx (6 days ago)
That sounds better. Good info.
Admin Ads (6 days ago)
19awQa1BEpJf2vgossEnZQrd7WN8okTH6F Nice channel I'm enjoying you channel a lot
Louis michel F. (6 days ago)
Ola amigo! gostei da sua video. Ja me inscrevi. Abraços a partir da Thailandia
julio rodriguez (7 days ago)
I think TRON is the best cryptocurrency to invest right now
Reyno Pluhar (7 days ago)
Maybe eos ,mmm
shan (7 days ago)
keep it up nice video 19MawVGhCGRhnzYk1cdwjom7CFDLAQfqTY
Everyone has to have a Zilliqa - token of in portfolio! If you have no money, take part in free airdrop www.myairdrop.ru/air-zilliqa
Berry Roest (7 days ago)
Moonlight ico looks nice as well.Idea for review? =)
Flex Pro (7 days ago)
nice predicTion again
komradeloya (7 days ago)
Hopefully Alts become more independent from Bitcoin soon
SeadreamerPS3 (7 days ago)
Longterm EOS, ONT, BTC, NEO, XRP, ICX, AION. I see this selection as the Swiss Army knife. 34ZJXdm748heJ1G4dxNzUpHqjdurbsUAbs
Ian West (7 days ago)
Perfect dip to buy alt. Good stuff on the horizon for crypto.
Crypto Double Up (7 days ago)
Man what a sale!!! Im so excited! Wish i was just getting into the market right now! 12k6jPsxEgiLeP5krjRrgbJHLebhsecgHp
sameer dhayal (7 days ago)
Binance will be huge 1ENwsp1pSwGnNcGdtYXJVVtxr8LrdVhX42
suparuff (7 days ago)
Great video Patrick thank for letting us know about the eos airdrop had no idea! 19SfiBD9Ahb2whXiASoCM8AzM8MqfnnJ3F
Hans Peter Ringnalda (7 days ago)
Sound is beter 😂 but great vid... Im realy curious what trx is going to do im holding now.. maybe buy Some Eos now its at $10,-
The TechG33k (7 days ago)
Go crypto. Thanks for the video
Tony Moreno (7 days ago)
Nice def grabbing wanc hain got ripple and vchain today 1E9CX7QCfpsq4pFtSi8KNEaoBpvK4gMJw
Archangel0376 (7 days ago)
Yo Patrick we are definitely in a bearish market. Tell your subs that cost dollar average doesn’t work in this bearish market and you could lose more money. Just be calm and go with the flow just watch the market bfor doin any more buy ins. ✌️🇺🇸 Becareful with Bull traps too. This is where the real wolves comesout to get your money.
Victor Tibalao (7 days ago)
(Looks down) bring you, a, brand, new. Hahaha. Crypto currency then diretcly to fiat, what it will do is that it will attract new people to crypto since everything will be easier! 197FcbhgGrSAghVTYRd1sEs58TuRTER4hX
shahid hamid (7 days ago)
Thanks for bringing to our attention NANO @ 2.60 its giveaway. 35GFpgsubpoetG7c3Tyd13tuV7ZXd8Cs1D
shahid hamid (7 days ago)
Right now I haven't got a clue in how to cash out and withdraw the money into my bank as I live in the UK. 35GFpgsubpoetG7c3Tyd13tuV7ZXd8Cs1D
Davey Ortiz (7 days ago)
Thank you... I think we will go even lower... 3KW1hFjgzhjNTtNLhDjUTGJXaBn1LDhWXz
harry camper (7 days ago)
Thanks for the update Patrick. Good prices everywhere. Also Deutshe .. doy-cha or doy-cheh Click on one of the blue arrows on the left. https://forvo.com/word/deutsche/
Cephas Blasu (7 days ago)
I really wish I had enough money to buy this dip.. Great video
Kelly Lynne Peterson (7 days ago)
Thank you for the news about Binance supporting the EOS airdrops!
Shane Lynne (7 days ago)
thanks for vid ethos airdrops on binance cool hold and accumulate more WAN while price down 175p1WzzSGb3oM9msmWM7xQitWqM7ye2zo
Allan Bastrup (7 days ago)
Ok, we need some serious money into the market...Im so tired of seeing dip after dip (Tron hodler). Im looking into buying Kin...whats your opinion on that?
CRYPTO DREAD (7 days ago)
How would I trade Tron to usdt with my binance and add coinbase account can you explain a little thanks
Dan Anthony (7 days ago)
Just stop it, stop it with the hands in the beginning. It’s not original and looks really dumb. Be yourself man. Your not selling a music video.
Chirag Dhruv (7 days ago)
Is EOs airdrop at binance confirmed?
Chirag Dhruv (7 days ago)
Thanks for informative videos
Suyetno Suyetno (7 days ago)
bnb wow this coin really still in uptrend in this crash 121WZi2XvyGcMUVCSZ1QEkmnefrG4MzFaL
msqueenearth (7 days ago)
Nice. At some point, this dip has to move. Great video! Eidoo does dope airdrops too! $lym
Stanc'd Polestar* (7 days ago)
msqueenearth Feel free to join our trade group if you'd like. We're not a pump and dump, just a big group of traders who love to make money every day. Our 2 admins are pretty cool too. They give us 3 trade windows to profit from each day as well and have never been wrong about a single prediction yet. I usually gain anywhere between 1-6% daily. Feel free to join us man! https://discord.gg/Euv9QSf
Richard O'Brien (7 days ago)
Thanks for the update Patrick. Hashflare has had zero balance payout last few days. I hear we all may lose our contracts if btc price doesn’t rise above 10gs in next 2 weeks. What have you heard?
Oregon organics (7 days ago)
Two for one. Cool. 3LwSjsiQrc2vqgSD44LX11JLBdmD9LoZk9
Smart-Tools (7 days ago)
Like the idea of offering fiat with crypto option. Easy, and will make it easier to attract new investors of all sizes.
Yonnata Habbo (7 days ago)
Did everybody manage to participate in airdrop Odyssey? This morning the tokens came best-airdrops.site/ocn-airdrop
Allan Bastrup (7 days ago)
SCAMALERT! They ask for private key to your wallet. SCAM SCAM SCAM :(
Mr Freeze (7 days ago)
What do u think about when the coins/ tokens reach the total mine able limit then there is no insetives to
John Dixon (7 days ago)
Once you will remember what I say and regret that you haven't the possibility to buy a coin which achieves a record among all cryptocurrencies! And it will be a GRAM coin from newtokens.org/gram-telegram
Strohdog (7 days ago)
the bleeding is real 😭
D.J. Magee (7 days ago)
Haha I listened to all of the first video with the echo! Great info either with or without the echo and I do love me some ONT!
Jhune Gasmena (7 days ago)
I think it time to buy EOS now at dip what do you? 1GPouMLATrTTMqDR6VsjxHjBgHAUn1Lg7D
Steven Becker (7 days ago)
Yesplz more altcoin news
Junior Guzman (7 days ago)
Great video. Much better without the echo. But all you can do is take advantage of the dip and built the portfolio.
Oliver (7 days ago)
Bitcoin Plug (7 days ago)
better lol

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