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Bitcoin cash ‘CEO’: We won’t need banks anymore

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The digital currency Bitсoin, once a toy for computer nerds, is now soaring in price, triggering a new gold rush. Is it just another bubble, or a glimpse into a radically different financial future? We ask Rick Falkvinge, CEO of BitCoin Cash and founder of the Swedish Pirate Party. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on VK https://vk.com/rt_international Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT Listen to us on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rttv RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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Thurbe Days (1 day ago)
HODL your LEDU Coin! This will be the future of cryptocurrency!
Jasen Ericksen (4 days ago)
do you think teling banks that they are going down the tubes for not embracing bitcoin & crypto means they wont also sell & buy Crypto too?
Kara N Troche (4 days ago)
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Sunny Rocks (4 days ago)
no name (5 days ago)
fine.... you take all the bitcoins and I will take all the silver, gold, farmland and rental properties... Money must relate to confidence.... bitcoin is a dogfart which comes fast and will likely leave fast... it is still spoken in terms of dollars, pounds etc. Saying bitcoin or facsimile will replace the central bank and money is inevitable..... but then saying which one is a gamble? Sorry I am not willing to place my life savings in a currency that is changing from the newest flavour of the day and is a "gamble". bitcoin is a dog fart. I have no confidence in this.
5:00 The same way I see it. The future is bright with crypto. There will be bands of light that teleportation waves travel across: sorry, it's won't be like Star Trek. Bitcoin will run the teleportation network, which will basically be everyone's basic mode of transportation. A drastic change in average standard of living will proliferate.
Wesley Chia (5 days ago)
08:02 she looks like a sexy silence killerr
J o n a t h a n (6 days ago)
the banks have ripped people off for years. They use our savings to lend to others at a interest and the banks take the interest.
Frederick Nichols (6 days ago)
she did not mention many parts of Russia are poor and don't have internet, she did not mention many parts of Eastern Europe is poor and don"t have internet, but, racist always use Africa as a punching bag, but why don't you start off in your own backyard.
thriversoffset (6 days ago)
OMG the interviewer's body moves are borderline arrogant to the viewer. Hey WOMAN fuck you and learn some manners
17Hermeticone17 (7 days ago)
As long as you use an exchange , the government will always know how much money you have and spend .the governments will pass laws so they can access people's accounts on rhe different exchanges.
Rushikesh Babar (7 days ago)
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Carlá. (7 days ago)
this guy's answers are genius. Good video.
anil bhujel (8 days ago)
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arean ads (8 days ago)
idiot...banks control of paper currency now but there rule... and it's say :they need excuse to doing something they can't do what they want "when they want" ........but with this international Bank Called cryptocurrency they won't need government or agree for their trade because they do trade by billions Dollars ....they will be potential to monopoly more the market Than any Market Have Been in this world ......Be aware They want fraud you...them who made bitcoin in first place
Richard Neal (9 days ago)
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The only One (11 days ago)
This woman knows nothing further from her long nose
KingFahtah (11 days ago)
Hey Rick, what happens if internet kill switch or EMPs?
Manu Foy (7 days ago)
You will need to kill the internet to the entire planet to destroy Bitcoin, because of it’s decentralised and permissionless nature. So, that’s not the top concern. Also, in an internet outage, modern banking will also be severely hindered at best.
KingFahtah (11 days ago)
This interviewer knows shit about crypto and looks bored most of the time.
kurien tom (12 days ago)
Bitcon Cash lies, lies, lies, they want to trick folks into thinking their crypto is "BTC". Its not and prob. will never be.
R Rosales (12 days ago)
Great if government does not get involved
Hinuha (12 days ago)
ceo? how do you define decentralized again?
Hinuha (6 days ago)
Audiences with contrasting say to such videos deserve sarcasm sweetbrain. Nothing to get serious about. I understand why he's there. Just a prank bro.
Manu Foy (7 days ago)
You are missing the point entirely. The reason why Rick Falkvinge titled himself as the CEO of Bitcoin Cash is to demonstrate the principle of permissionlessness. The entire point is that no one has ever granted anyone permission to anyone to be a CEO of something that doesn’t exist as a company. That he just choose to take the initiative and make the declaration.
Ray Easton (12 days ago)
A government backed crypto currency may be the way to go. However, the interviewee is right printing money to pay off debt is NOT the right thing to do. Creating CRYPTO money to pay for WORK done, like replacing America's crumbly infrastructure is the way to go. When we borrow money from a bank that money is created OUT of thin air, the thing that gives that fiction it's value from the bank point of view is the borrowers PROMISE to repay the loan, but the thing that gives this money it's true value is the borrowers implied promise to go to work an make build something, that is do so WORK. By creating money to pay for much needed work, a government could introduce CRYPTO into an economy, it would then be DEBT free money. Because the work has already been done, then it would NOT be owed to the banking system. That is the world could be DEBT FREE. YOUR THOUGHTS? TROLLS NEED NOT COMMENT
mrjonno (13 days ago)
Except crypto currency can't be taxed and tax is the cost of civilisation. Sorry but this is a total fail for those that don't understand how the real world works and how to maximise our potential. Also - It's not just about you or me but us and although I may hate aspects of you I have to respect the parts that make a civilisation.
Scott Walls (13 days ago)
this is silly...governments are hiding true tax rates/payers...need to move to flat tax, sales tax, and NO CAP GAINS tax (taxing same $ twice).
corey mack (14 days ago)
This guy is a philosophical, intellectual, articulate, and magnificent vocal Beast,who with ravenous appetite, viciously devours all that dare to cross his path!......Thats all...Shalom
Tabb Martin (14 days ago)
Cryptocurrency pegged to GOLD is the best.
N2 DaAIR (14 days ago)
Bitcoin is shitcoin! Lofl, wow, I can’t believe how many completely brainless people there are out there. It’s actually fukin scary that this many people can be scammed into buying this crypto shit. Wait, that just gave me a great idea. So many dummies, and LOTS of scams to be made. Buy more crypto, hurry!
Harry Briggs (18 days ago)
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autocaptcha 257 (19 days ago)
Melvin Beaulieu (19 days ago)
This guy smokes crack...... jokes. But somethings off for real
Lucas Ellis (20 days ago)
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Lucas Ellis (20 days ago)
Its a new company that puts your wallet addresses into one link to accept tips from your viewers, www.tipwithcrypto.com
Bryan Lucas (20 days ago)
What’s that?
pashminagal (22 days ago)
You need to be an adult to play in the cryptocurrency arena... Taking responsibility for yourself is a foreign concept to most people.
Lily Cohen (22 days ago)
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IPushHard (23 days ago)
Most taxation systems that I'm aware of have a very solid idea of someones overall worth with just a little logical digging. What home do they live in? What car do they drive? What is their profession? How long have they worked in that profession? What is their education level? ....all of these things paint a financial picture of someone and that information is not anonymous. Additionally, with the richest individuals their holdings may span multiple markets which also are not anonymous. So unless these individuals dumped 100% of their liquid assets into Bitcoin, there is still a clear picture available to tax collectors of what someone must pay to the government. ....and we need to remember that information like yearly earnings are reported by law to tax collectors, so in any given year the collectors will know exactly what amount that individual earned from work. The only caveat to all of that is that money held in or earned by crypto-currency is indeed protected from being counted for the purposes of determining tax debt. But again, Bitcoin is not the sole investment opportunity on the planet. Far from it, and I don't think those other investments are going anywhere on Bitcoins account. So, really I think that the impact on national treasuries will be far less than this video made it seem, and until those other markets...those other investments... disappear from the planet I think that the overall impact will be minimal. ....which is not to say that Bitcoin will not bring about some change that affects the traditional system dramatically via other paths. It may. But I dont see Bitcoin breaking the back of government anytime soon, or even altering the traditional systems flow very much.
Ian Prado (23 days ago)
14:19 Jesus Christ..... The majority of people in Africa have a cell phone
andy pease (23 days ago)
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Michel Simard (26 days ago)
Non-sense.,, been smart enough to get in early doesn’t make you a investor genius.. I bet he as sell all his bitcoin .. And crypto is the futur be sure to see misery time a head . As no bank can print and make us buy a house for exemple .. And bitcoin is fully manipulated with spoofing and wash trade ,, the biggest pump and dump scam
Lonwabo Fololo (26 days ago)
alexander brown (26 days ago)
who is this lady? cash is back by gold LMAO ok buddy. called petro dollar for a reason. ignorant statements about africans. He kept checking on her lol.
Andy Owen (26 days ago)
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Andy Owen (26 days ago)
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wayne gordon (26 days ago)
If you bought BCH in jan of 2018 you are crying right now may 2018 1000 bucks down from 4000 bucks..
peter pan (26 days ago)
the lady looks like she is thinking about the future and is frozen in time thinking about btc
balbinder bains (26 days ago)
fbi can seize your coins and have been doing so so what rubbish is this guy on about also courts can take your coins as well
Mindy Aguliar (27 days ago)
I'm down with this..This is unavoidable currency of the future.
G Dogg (27 days ago)
bitcoin i think is like a fools fantasy. bitcoin technically is not legal tender and has no value behind it other than peoples bids. nor does any crypto currency, which explains why most countries deny it.
Money Maker (27 days ago)
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Chandra Singh (27 days ago)
Wrong. We need banks
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Greco Veritas (28 days ago)
Bit coin can be destroyed
Craig Gibson (28 days ago)
Great video
MetalJacket (28 days ago)
Banks? Where we're going we don't need, banks.
marconi314 (28 days ago)
Bitcoin trash is a joke alt-coin, really. They just forked to allow 32 MB blocks when the average block size currently is 0.2 MB. I really can't believe that anyone is putting cash into it - because even fiat has a brighter future than this ridiculous alt-coin.
Manu Foy (27 days ago)
The reason why the Bitcoin Cash blocksize is so high is to allow for future growth and scalability instead of waiting for the network to congest. When the 1MB blocksize was originally set as an anti-DOS mechanism by Satoshi Nakamoto (with the intention of raising the blocksize in the future), the sizes of the blocks were about a hundredth of the 1MB limit. The fact that the block size limit in Bitcoin Cash is much larger than the size of the actual blocks is not a weakness, but a strength.
Trend News (28 days ago)
how can this shit head bullshitter say we won't need banks again. Full of crap. you think no-one borrows money what fucking idiots are you talking to RT News bullshit line
Ercan Turgut (29 days ago)
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Everything Africa (29 days ago)
This bitch said "half of African people don't know what a cell phone is" I'm willing to bet she has never been to Africa.
Taps 1 (30 days ago)
I really follow RT news and I'm trying to wonder why they would hire someone like her she had so many objections and just reading a script seriously retarded
Ralph Gertis (30 days ago)
Easy too solve the tax problem you just get rid 0f all taxes and rise the GST , like 30 pc.
ANTON (30 days ago)
That Russian fake British make this prostitution
Alligator Jack (30 days ago)
Rick reminds me of Sid from Ice Age
Jim M (30 days ago)
B-CASH to the Moon!
No Censorship (1 month ago)
B trash ( BCH ) has single handedly hurt BTC more than any other factor and they will probably bring each other down. :( !!! Asses !!!
Joseph Lawrence (1 month ago)
This dude probably jerks off to bitcoin before going to sleep at night
Alex Cancado (1 month ago)
paper wallet, keep backups and done.
StarFox85 (1 month ago)
take that ubs!
Heather Rose (1 month ago)
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Carlos Salinas (1 month ago)
Bitcoin trash
Clint Whatley (1 month ago)
No Man may Buy or Sell witho ut the Mark.
zanmirrob (1 month ago)
Excellent points and responses Rick. Brilliant.
Eric Bell (1 month ago)
anyone who can say teleportation with a straight face... you get a pass, please dont dissapear me. i'm being sarcastic but think of what he has to know just to say that out loud.... (i don't think we'll ever get to teleportation because all the corny paradox's from everything from Back to the Future to Family Guy).
Kingy B (1 month ago)
You don't need anyone's permission to appoint yourself CEO of Bitcoin Cash? Don't forget that line when the FEDS come knocking.
Kingy B (1 month ago)
We never did need banks dork.
let rat (1 month ago)
Jason Eaves (1 month ago)
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Julien Clara (1 month ago)
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codedkid (1 month ago)
Madani Akhbed (1 month ago)
"CryptoCurrency"... Sounds easy to delete.
Patrik Banek (28 days ago)
It is actually immpossible to delete, that's the whole point. Your bank account, which doesn't sound easy to delete, actually is just numbers on a single centralized server, which can physically be deleted very easily. I've used cryptocurrency for 5 years investing and paying for things online, and never lost a penny. Here is my wallet with 300$ https://etherscan.io/address/0x81ad6f14f4394f35eae9a56d04b3aae847e7693d Please try to delete it. Not you, any hacker or government could ever do that.
Pekka Heikkinen (1 month ago)
I must say I feel a 'little bit' sad that 2009, I heard first time of Bitcoin, and was seriously going to buy them with just 1000 euro. Unfortunately I forgot it, so I din't bought. If I was, I would have today in Bitcoins more than 1 BILLION euro !! It just happen, so I started later to invest in few different cryptocurrencies, and I'm really happy I did :)
Esben Solgaard (1 month ago)
Research flat earth and the NASA moon landing hoax.
Andre Franks (1 month ago)
This "host" should visit Africa before making future insane comments about a WHOLE continent! "Half" of Africa? But there ARE people that believe that ALL of russia stays drunk on vodka as their communist system keep them locked down in their CORRUPT political system.....hmmm
Roman KFM (1 month ago)
16:30 It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.
Cinqua (1 month ago)
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Kirika Njoroge (1 month ago)
there's is a difference between knowing what a cell phone is and having access to one, or owning one!! HALF OF AFRICANS don't know what a cell phone is???
A4VEY5JRUE Colebroke (1 month ago)
half of African people don't know what a cell phone is. really?
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Jake Newyork (1 month ago)
bitcoin cash cannot have a CEO you idiots!
dvsxavier (1 month ago)
The U.S. Treasury is on ALERT to TAX internet sales. That means if you don't report hefty profits from Bitcoin sales, you'll get SLAPPED with a MASSIVE Tax Bill.
Fake Account (1 month ago)
She is such a dry biscuit
dvsxavier (1 month ago)
No Federal Bailout with digital "currency". It's ILLEGAL TENDER. Bitcoin FANBOYS have been re-classifying it as an "ASSET" which is ridiculous. Basically, you got Chinese sweatshops burning CPUs mining for UPC barcodes. 10 years ago, Bitcoin barcode was worth nothing, zero.
crypto beavis (1 month ago)
Sandwitch (1 month ago)
finally teleportation, ive been afraid it will never happen.
TheXgame (1 month ago)
ECA, Electra coin is the future. Invest now!!!
Peter Meissnitzer (1 month ago)
The kids call it ZIT COIN , because it makes teenage millionaires lol... Warren Buffett and the like have no fucking clue what BITCOIN is and it's immense potential , these people are in the dark ages of finance . They endorse FIAT currency which in reality is on it's last legs , debt ridden , endlessly printed one day we will have a one world currency think BITCOIN 3.0 , FACT.
Lachlan Cooper (1 month ago)
news reader looks bored af
Jnshox (1 month ago)
"We don't need banks anymore"? You need a bank to get the money out, unless you go to a bitcoin atm where they rob you 10% in fees or higher right???
GOLD & GHOSTS (1 month ago)
EOS is 👑💪🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Kevin Kristensen (1 month ago)
Muhammad Hataf (1 month ago)
Privacy coins are the future......

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