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Link to Support Future Giveaways and Channel Projects! https://www.patreon.com/BradsCrypto?alert=2 Coinbase now has a debit card from Shift that can be used to spend BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH anywhere that accepts visa! This is a great advancement for the use cases of cryptocurrency! Also in my opinion it will bring more exposure to how great crypto is. Sign up for Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a00a74caccbe60351721d5a Ledger Nano S Crypto Wallet: http://amzn.to/2H4CDjA Twitter: https://twitter.com/Brads_Crypto Recording Equipment: Computer: http://amzn.to/2EQ5vL2 Mic: http://amzn.to/2F3nocE THE BEST EXCHANGE: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11630516 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brad.crypto.39 Mine Bitcoin with Hashflare: https://hashflare.io/r/F4018C9F Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell, and leave any thoughts or questions in the comment section. See you in the next video!
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BradsCrypto (2 months ago)
To Enter The LTC Giveaway: 1. Subscribe To The Channel 2. Like This Video 3. Turn On Post Notifications 4. Comment Your LTC Wallet Address
Mark Benjamin (2 months ago)
LU8ZvJCcfZKSTXsAsam9DyKmecmG3w2xmp have you heard of rouge coin on rouge money channel i think you might like it and what are your thoughts on SUB
john kibaja (2 months ago)
BradsCrypto Big stuf MUbbnjShwN4G1TUMLxNXUgMF2WBYkfu27x
Daniel Jones (1 month ago)
token pay smashing it
steven Mabe (1 month ago)
Lite my Coin LYR42q371wceeFKcC7Gq7xZdJRMAyqfyAW
jay miller (1 month ago)
Dean Wilkinson (1 month ago)
Yes, go lightcoin! I'm looking forward to awesome 2018 for all cryptos! My lightcoin: MTeGqQi4czLqfVf5ZoRau9YgGFZRQv9sas
haungoTube (1 month ago)
cosasverdes (1 month ago)
I already have a shift card... it works just fine.
Jim Stone (1 month ago)
This is kind of old news because I've been using this card since around June or July 2017
jessica hannon (1 month ago)
not brad's crypto no?
Obie Dube (1 month ago)
Sweet! This is good in regards that it will give #crypto more utility! LLXrXS9BX15gJhgHmnMSMnZSR7Qb95fK2j Thank you
Jim Stacker (1 month ago)
Great channel. Keeping it up to date. Short and simple. Thank you. LdorW2ZmCffyhKXHh5fBBTtSsbrApjGyXW
AudiBroz (1 month ago)
grate video!! Lh8QMCFPfipkkkyViGW6RwVXrK7vwvvock
donshishkebab (1 month ago)
Cool Channel! Thanks for info, & coins! MDTb8G7ko2rFPBTkkApCxKc5Swzj2WpbhM
Gloria Ford (1 month ago)
Litecoin $144 today.....
Barend Hammer (1 month ago)
Litecoin should be €1000. LPcxd37LMAFjWRUE8SDRvsWShHjViBK2aR
Darryl Brown (1 month ago)
Hope the ban is temporary La4AejgiyEqrTUw9yGFPiDi15DeCmJDCF5
kyambadde ronald (1 month ago)
Vincent Albanese (2 months ago)
Nice info and to the point. Ltc: Lh9EqeSTqKKd25GqWB8FAS5kLtEAJJwpJv
Josh Ross (2 months ago)
Josh Ross (2 months ago)
Thank you for keeping us up-to-date!
Mission Crypto (2 months ago)
Great Video! Um, I’m a new investor here, interested in some new ICO’s. Anyone heard of iBit? Trying to find some info. Little help?
Crypto Ty (2 months ago)
good info. the industry is still in it's infancy stage. LTC at $500+ within a year? LTC Wallet addy: MC6cSbXk6pCA3jR3grPJ1UM29ihPZyVjCr
Bartosz Szymański (2 months ago)
Danny Frank (2 months ago)
I'm broke! Donations gladly accepted! Ltc: MAhHJtBuDDjGuk6UtRye8yk4kGptNvLmsJ
Hans (2 months ago)
Thank you! LiQoT5tkXqLAbcfRSsVT55rxe122dbNJru
Anthony B (2 months ago)
scott sr boileau (2 months ago)
Litecoin to the Moon baby hope I win me some Litecoin!!MGPzjy35cqetjUsNVArSsiuyYkgHm9oZUU
Trew Skye (2 months ago)
There is NO WAY i'm ever leaving LTC on an exchange just so I can use their debit card!!! Hacker Heaven!!!
hassan langhost (2 months ago)
Hope i won MG8R7DuQMwGbMSWXMCQhWq6AzAvjG9NyuT
minero lantero (2 months ago)
thanks guy LKT4VU79MpFV8Y9o6aBKTS7e8j5RT412UR
pipi cha (2 months ago)
Ltc wallet LWXAFdBTxvNsjea9CMcEKXEoVQWaBpPF1e
Anas pomberan (2 months ago)
Awesome LTQNFyiET7CAyLRe2Z6SJh4YYSVrSctaFs
tindra fortna (2 months ago)
Good luck LX7NXUkvuqhcBsxEkAhssjehf4eke93SaQ
Soufian sousou (2 months ago)
Thanks LLQJSceRN5oDgzSZfyzeKucDYr3yPKaaLr
Soufian sousou (2 months ago)
Thanks LLQJSceRN5oDgzSZfyzeKucDYr3yPKaaLr
Soufian sousou (2 months ago)
Thanks LLQJSceRN5oDgzSZfyzeKucDYr3yPKaaLr
Soufian sousou (2 months ago)
Thanks LLQJSceRN5oDgzSZfyzeKucDYr3yPKaaLr
john kibaja (2 months ago)
Big stuf MUbbnjShwN4G1TUMLxNXUgMF2WBYkfu27x
soumaya condrahol (2 months ago)
Thank yu Brad! LZBTZdrVhCepqtUiwVpfUMDXCfuRNEHLDC
Yasmeraiz juliko (2 months ago)
yupi LZDKkf6py6gp2aKrzTps3JD25Ak19tk9xs
crypto earner (2 months ago)
Ok man! LYVcwqRqayvh3sK5HubSbavhgk1QTe5yv9
Honder mopata (2 months ago)
What's going on? LSi7kzQy2qaMcfXr1V28jXq93RSGUEpqm3
mia dora (2 months ago)
Done. LPexaHKfMWcxjapGMVSE1e5YXCvJDmzsvr
amine larbi (2 months ago)
Btc to the moon LdRbNuTK21pSBVCUBJZxR13toFtLbhpW6P
Aditya mibasa (2 months ago)
Congrats 3k subs ltc1qtvjxk0x938y9f785evk8zzyjtp62g04sdaqgq3
Unlu stig (2 months ago)
Good job! MKGpUagXGXdjuMvRwTs9tKC2q1UyifTgk6
music is life (2 months ago)
Keep it up! LP1ZYRCxpMjgapXv2vPdAUjE5QX6347vgQ
elma tesfaye (2 months ago)
What do you think about LISK LabBMWpNnGUb31RHRfYowDDJjEv8en3XvC
leonardo ancherd (2 months ago)
Litecoiiiiiin😃 LQmzbvEni3TnA3ebsLcmbdH9FXaaUE5R1y
luise ambro (2 months ago)
I love coinbase LPCfFvoDYsS5CTsMmnnSgEDJEecxhFo4Y5
Camille higate (2 months ago)
Great! LPSaysAG6UVvAutp4otP8PAvVyVeyRsXvV
mehdi amsen (2 months ago)
Any neo news? LP11NTbcsn4NVweUP3NRnhSHcKwMyavktz
Mark liberta (2 months ago)
Good idea LYWSqpypQQFAd7aPw8s8vkmDjK2nnTRJkQ
richard mosta (2 months ago)
Thank you LSRshhRvQqz8JDYLGFBWBfd87SCvPABYhP
rommel capistrano (2 months ago)
Thanks for updates LTC: Lg2UPPkXiiK7zcM6WxSPa6Y2CShD4smAuo
canopener505ify (2 months ago)
MH3Xfe7g8beMwySjrAsimb7Y4NKEiP9eqp subscribed, great news that I heard here first!
TAM HOANG (2 months ago)
Thank for all the news. Here is mine MNXLNYFdBbXaVh4XoNbDWwMDY72HrJYKFj
CRYPTO JQKER (2 months ago)
Thanks for the vids and the giveaway! Much appreciated! LVBEZrpjAEXa7wFq791Z5eFVzxzPwBxnvo
raja Khan (2 months ago)
Hey bro keep up the good work .... we appreciate youre time and effort into making these videos.... MSuLX9QXLJ7Bk1xhT8uXzy7z2LmHygwXeF
francescocostanzo36 (2 months ago)
Thanks for the video...Ltc 1/5 Btc soon LaFvdokNAnGRZwmSnsxqJRFr1FKHk9bMCj
Skrubb (2 months ago)
LdaNtkc4Kc6knPQ9EHJP5sxrEo38porHqU LTC is way undervalued right now. It should be #2 or #3. I also think the reason they cancelled the LitePay was due to Electroneums patent. LTC is going big places very soon.
Yaritza Espadaz (2 months ago)
Litecoin wallet: MDdUKtaUcfkCriEJuvCYtD5LiVrMZ3CD1H
The Gent (2 months ago)
The more positive use-cases to come..the greener the market..jmho! LTC Addy: LNKGRSU5AEWShXXxiNULkU9WYeWi7v52UY
Excelente videos, You ROCK!!! Keep the good work. LTC: LcDhCHvfEDc98mTSKrQJzjCKPegD7Y1QTj
Clifford Ritchie (2 months ago)
LRsjdZWvf2DwyDEWLtQMqJ2Cf8uYthXv1Q Thanks for the great tip! I never noticed the dropdown to switch wallets. I've just set my Shift card for Litecoin!! 💸💲😁
Chee Ly (2 months ago)
im prettu sure fees will be over .5% or more
Marco Pepino (2 months ago)
Lai Nguyen (2 months ago)
thank you for giveaway LSmaaWefuzRBHYtj1zMhNnzutZKeVeRHAz
Modesto Modesto (2 months ago)
Hodl and then Spend when the price is high :) MNAuHWThRsfF9Mr5fQVZxjWvVvdJjzYuJa
stephanie laurie (2 months ago)
Nice video with good info.....whoa they all just pumped on coinbase !! LNgwiApbxLYM7hYwmoRnawGxJFjgjcAvfM
Stuart H (2 months ago)
Guys I have been using the Shift card for about 2 months now with BTC and ETH. It works well once you get used to it. You have to keep about 10 percent more in there than you charge if you are using BTC but that is not the case with BCH and I am going to assume that is the case with LTC too. It can be used at any store or ATM that takes VISA. There is a $200 cash withdraw limit at first but you can pay any amount for any bill you want.
Paul Rouleau (2 months ago)
Thanks! Downloaded the Shift app to get a card.
gdawgzz (2 months ago)
Thank you for the great videos hope LTC goes crazy this year LXnw5eb6Zq5qGLfWLQTLUBqgz9jojwRugF
kai (2 months ago)
Much support towards you and your channel from Australia🍺. I’ve been subscribed for a while and loving the videos, keep up the great work. LSd55brWi8Ma78hm3KAy6YVdcUHE8yF5Xs
Richard Bladek (2 months ago)
Thanks for all the valuable information you post. LQ2yVjwLf6wvGU7P6ES6NwaY1kfN8i9Dyi
josh ackermann (2 months ago)
That makes 3 debit card options for Litecoin! Thanks for the giveaway! LakeY2ZY6uVXcweSrgwooweDC7LqdsR5kf
neil abbott (2 months ago)
Thanks for the debit card info... it will drastically affect the U.S. crypto market for 2018... LTC: MJBvoy8eGA7HJefQJZCGMmw4hEoPCr3Aey
Hoang Tran (2 months ago)
The card is available world wide?
Neil Lupton (2 months ago)
Great news on card . Thanks for giveaway MJiLXxv83VAGX9Fhb3Pkih5o6RbizxJV7n
Temple Ray (2 months ago)
litecoin also has a nda with tokenpay also i think litecoin is going to go in with tokenpay to buy a bank also
Jason Smith (2 months ago)
Cool! ....but...Fiat endpoints are our bane. Close the loop! Respin if I won :)
Lt. Dan (2 months ago)
How does the tax work once you spend LTC? Do you pay capital gain every time you spend? LSdJVLYgL3fqzaTZxvBDgMG27ndBCNdsrr
Luis Aguilar (2 months ago)
LTC > BCH MU5QK73UY6BXAoMpzgfHpQcb4nieG4GMDk
Ahmed Dari (2 months ago)
Great news ! The bulls are here! MK3zhAzuUvehya9nUXup26QY1sG9qJs1rF
ANTEC BOX (2 months ago)
Thank You Brad LavYB8D7mb8KyGgx9o2NMZ4S5RG8GS79t9
Izy To Nv (2 months ago)
Great vid. I still think its not yet a bull. LTC: MDeEwCXPUjrV4rJyAi5a2WU7jNFA44PAC4
Metalhead Wiz (2 months ago)
Great informative video. Like you, I keep a bit of ETH, BTC, and LTC always on Coinbase for trading. I had some BCH but finally sold it. Although I like BCH, I believe the other Cryptos will do better in the long term. HODL!!! LTC: LXpPib1JVvdVkBUUXxcgwek23uJgU3KQWa
paul derbita (2 months ago)
Good LZ1WASr63spuNRTDjDF9c8cS31XGHYZtRp
dave new zeland (2 months ago)
Hey hey what's up LPP7rqa6hcn8A63Ys1hDePGurkR5RYxSmi
Josh spikter (2 months ago)
Thank you Brad! MEC69empSRnwRMJe1cS6uo4jfidLoxLPsc
Stephan Rachuk (2 months ago)
Would love to see LTC make some moves, my wallet would like to see that more. MDVgFXpzMVX1NrmbzstfFJCYUeZ8Nf4uF6
Alfonso Suarez (2 months ago)
Will the btc transaction take forever with the card ? From what I know btc is slow. #Ltcarmy! Ltc# MWL1ZXkrCYAjGo3nSKv2SG9JKaKDHntNMy
fawad farooq (2 months ago)
Xcellent ! Ltc : LNt6Qn5dWYVvge3k837mnXv4oDmFzZ74jD
Nice videos MNse6YBe6zRQQsFhfCFrniEpn2QuVz1zcw
K Hill (2 months ago)
That makes 2 of us that never spent crypto! Just got into crypto in December. Went through my first bear market...Great point about it still being early in the space. How much do you think the market will be worth by Decemeber? Thanks LSLbMUyG4hkqJnmd21z5UGgcM6Wh2Qe4HK
coolezum (1 month ago)
K Hill wow, I was Born in Beantown, originally from Jamaica Plains. That is cool! Go Sox , Pats, Celts. Still a fan, been livin in Tampa Bay Area for many years now But, still get up to Boston and Lawrence to see friends and Family. Peace Brother :)
K Hill (1 month ago)
coolezum crazzzzzy! I live in Boston fam...hahahaaa...small world
coolezum (1 month ago)
K Hill keep the faith brother, I grew up in the housing projects of Lawrence Ma. Went in the Army to get out of that place. Lived pay check to pay check as well. But, things will get better with a vision and focus on where you want to go! Party to that. Go Litecoin. Peace :)
K Hill (1 month ago)
coolezum thats dope! I plan on holding for at least 5 years.. maybe take a lil profits...we will see! Living paycheck to paycheck but you kno wat? Work has gotten a helluva lot more manageable!!! LOL...We gna party in the near future bro!
coolezum (1 month ago)
K Hill , been on the LTC Train since March 2017, going big brother. Bought @ $28 and up. I believe should be at least $ 400- to 500 by Dec. maybe better, good luck man!
Kortise Krypto (2 months ago)
This will be more easier to use and more options then Bitpay. Awesome update!! LUkncBvzB1QLuSE67fqcrkQqKH2Y8cNvCG
the wolf (2 months ago)
I Always like your videos LX9UHpo84gC7uCrA7AgDDB77e4VP7R1Xtc
Issen nejmi (2 months ago)
LMAO LZokvowegC9Sxg12gXGuRGhNtF4EfwtKR5
yassine lmeryoul (2 months ago)
Bitconnnnnnnnect LLsy4QB9RwWXRMwKDt12PREXjWrbEpcbgG
aleš polanec (2 months ago)
Great and thanx Lf9pjJv89k1PcY4N54drnazf4CAQPpz7BZ

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