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Ripple Partners with MoneyGram! - XRP Moon Shot - How High Will XRP Rise - Ripple XRP CryptoCurrency

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Ripple partners with MoneyGram! XRP begins to moon shot, how high will XRP CryptoCurrency go? SIGN UP FOR MY CLASS: https://goo.gl/H2hDe3 Start Mining Bitcoin and Ethereum Today: Make Money Mining Bitcoin Here: https://hashflare.io/r/774D78A6 Make Money Mining Ethereum Here: https://hashflare.io/r/774D78A6 Great Crypto Products: Get the Best Crypto Wallet Ledger Nano S: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/d0ea Online Crypto Wallet: http://cryptopay.me/join/04dc8786 Start Trading CryptoCurrency: Coinbase (BTC ETH LTC BCH): https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a1e15a67c77270157a476e1 Binance (ALTCOINS): https://www.binance.com/?ref=11785856 Cryptopia: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=aviatorgaming If you'd like to donate some XRP to support us! Deposit Address: rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh Destination Tag: 107556119 Follow Our Instagram: https://goo.gl/AuKUDn Follow Our Twitter: https://goo.gl/TZf4YS All ICO reviews are paid reviews. All opinions are our own. Do your own research before clicking any links in the description and investing any money.
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Text Comments (304)
Crypto Coin News (6 months ago)
How high do you think XRP will rise from this news of partnership?
Walalal Hahaha (6 months ago)
Ulf Josefsson yeah 1.7
economy Collapse (6 months ago)
MrBon3Stripp3r (6 months ago)
Nowhere apparently.....
Karly Warly (6 months ago)
One meeeeeellion dollars
AVLRECORDS (5 months ago)
Thomas Tomchak (5 months ago)
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Walalal Hahaha (6 months ago)
If we miss coinbase, we gonna go back to 0.5 even with the big news
Walalal Hahaha (6 months ago)
The only pump we can get is coinbase.
Walalal Hahaha (6 months ago)
If Ripple can't get on coinbase, we will drop hard AF al the way to 0.5 dollar even with the big news , that is the reality people
Walalal Hahaha (6 months ago)
Lost the hope on ripple even with the big news still under 2 dollar
Hope ForTheBest (6 months ago)
Disabled combat accepting donations to invest. XRP Address: rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh Deposit Tag: 107300888
Baz (6 months ago)
Ripple is coming to Coinbase real soon
Jesrael E (6 months ago)
A lot of people are curious how to buy BTC (Bitcoin) ETH (Ethereum), XRP (Ripple) and Stellar (XLM), and how to invest. Here is 5 easy steps to do so. Here is how to buy XRP 1. Make an account with Coinbase here, You will get 10$ worth of Bitcoin once you Buy or Sell 100$ worth of coins https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a594534aab28001d760585d , purchase BTC or ETH. We suggest ETH as the transaction time is quicker and cheaper. 2. Make an account Binance at: https://www.binance.com/?ref=20629802 3. Transfer your BTC or ETH from coinbase (or any other exchanges) to Binance. 4. On Binance exchange your BTC / ETH for XRP 5. Hold on to your XRP and enjoy the ride! You can buy XRP on many exchanges but a lot of exchanges lack proper security, good trading rates, and quality customer service. We have found the best place to buy/sell XRP is Binance. It is user friendly, very secure, they have good trading rates, and best of all quality customer. If you are currently using anything else we suggest you use Binance.
Pablo Diablo (6 months ago)
First, the haters said that Ripple did not reach $ 1 and now say the Ripple does not reach $ 100 Hahah so bad that you're not in the rocket with her sons of bitches!
ZapataS (6 months ago)
Global Low-Cost Digital Currency Exchange Stop putting up with lousy exchanges. WCX offers a pro experience with 10x lower fees. 50 free coins https://ico.wcex.co/?ref=Y1On4fg
Dave cars (6 months ago)
Dimecoin and Voise ( thank me later)
J Halla (6 months ago)
Centralized coin... defies entire purpose of cyrpto
dilan chathuranga (6 months ago)
I think ripple go down again
Bruce Ahlheim (6 months ago)
been waiting weeks for my bitstamp verification to buy some xrp. any suggestions?
Patrick Ricci (6 months ago)
Matthew Sobel (6 months ago)
What's this hype about LINDA?
Maz Zaher (6 months ago)
10 000usd for 1 xrp Means 10 000 transactions worth each 1 ripple . Each will cost the bank 1 $ rather than 30$ . Hold
PredCaliber (6 months ago)
So.. here it goes.. My first small steps into crypto. 120$ in Ripple. Do I have an idea what I am doing? probably not :) I know its not really a popular currency, but I have a feeling that with this price it just HAS to go up at some point this year.
Sarah Allen (6 months ago)
legalize now DONATE RIPPLE rBMGYFiDrJBB7zkUvhQCW9Ea6Dhn7xCYPe
RAIDER GAINZ (6 months ago)
Everyone keeps supporting centralized coins in a decentralized market and wonders why we keep having red days. Dont sell the movement out for a gain ripple when theres over a thousand to choose from.
Mark landers (6 months ago)
Can somebody please send me 1 ripple to open up my gateshub account once and for all.i will send you 2 ripples back for the favor ! rPrySDv5NAs8y26t2c11dEUQWAd1Jjsyaw. Thanks for the help!
badbeatking80 (6 months ago)
Mark landers ur joking right?
Euquila (6 months ago)
Jed McCaleb, the guy behind Mt. Gox, co-founded Ripple. Let's not forget the that!
kunbi10 (6 months ago)
XRP is going $5 by this which will be next support level. It’s going to be $25 by end of 2018 which is next support level. By 2019 it’s going to be $115 and $300 by 2020 at least.
gamerZsoul (6 months ago)
I was hoping and bought more on 1.80
Mary Jammeh (6 months ago)
Tim Burr (6 months ago)
XRP TO THE MOON !!!!!!!!
Atte Leskinen (6 months ago)
I just bought my first XRP´s! Wish me good luck :) rCoinaUERUrXb1aA7dJu8qRcmvPNiKS3d tag: 1329719168
Hélène Petit (6 months ago)
Achain, a new revolution ! Read this and you will understand : https://blog.goodaudience.com/friendly-fork-the-next-zclassic-6deb9dd62280 And https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/achain-this-unknown-blockchain-platform-in-china-already_us_5a572a0ae4b0d1a645f96c2a
mashed potato head (6 months ago)
Jerry Seinfeld?
Iacob Florin (6 months ago)
That's how altcoins will dissappear,banks will take all of our money...idiots!stop supporting ripple!
Miguel Wallace (6 months ago)
buy ripple @ https://www.binance.com/?ref=10180806
72dodge340 (6 months ago)
And, now watching this 9 hours later, everything is back down again! Heavy volatility!
4,5$ and later back to 2$. 40$ or 80$ possible not earlier end 2019. But possible. r9roN6GMroT66Wp5reQjQBSaYF6qWtDQXS
Living Gospel (6 months ago)
XRP and DGB!
Living Gospel (6 months ago)
Horribly cheesy radio voice.
thingsofleon (6 months ago)
hodler since 0.25!!!
Hiren Prajapati (6 months ago)
Leon Ross If you can spare some, I would appreciate. rLdinLq5CJood9wdjY9ZCdgycK8KGevkUj
Maxwell Gaudette (6 months ago)
New Exchange gives you $500 to start https://upcoin.com/?ID=dd776150
None (6 months ago)
Most annoying voice ever?
Timithy Boli (6 months ago)
Sold at 2.60 to see where the market was headed with xrp. Bought back in at 1.95 after the news, never lost held gains. Hoping for more.
ZipitGaming (6 months ago)
you messed up selling in the first place. you're quite the impulse buyer/seller based on all the videos you have posted.
Hector Nonayurbusiness (6 months ago)
I predict it drops to 1.92
C K (6 months ago)
i bought an assload of bitcoin yesterday
adam hall (6 months ago)
which exchange do use CCN to trade?
busnumber3 (6 months ago)
I bought thinking it was goin to go crazy.. went the other way (for now.. i hope) - I'm looking at 1337 Elite Coin.. only .0007 and has tons of community support, and 21% APR for playing games like Minecraft. Anyone have any opinion 1337?
Sean Scholte (6 months ago)
how long will it take to grow? the news is out about 8 hours. i saw a short rise which descents already?
Dewayne Smith (6 months ago)
I have 10k XRP will Hold my position.
Buy Riple XRP at https://www.litebit.eu?referrer=162004
Brian Adams (6 months ago)
No real moonshot but i wish there was, it settled back out but we'll see when asia wakes up
badbeatking80 (6 months ago)
Brian Adams Crickets
Morketh (6 months ago)
dude is that your normal voice or are u making yourself sound like that? sounds retarded if its not ur real voice
birdc50 (6 months ago)
https://discord.gg/HdEByam group of pump coin, join for x2 , x3 profits!
Fucking President (6 months ago)
Ripple is controlled by banks and not a free market crypto currency. It would be a risky move to buy or hold Ripple at this time.
Minimaran (6 months ago)
Fucking President the reason you gave is exactly why it is a smaller risk. Ripple will not be subject to the regulation that is coming unlike something like bitcoin. Or how the fuck are you thinking, really?
kevin spangler (6 months ago)
Erik Engheim (6 months ago)
I've lost so much money on selling ripple too early on multiple occasions. Too easy to freak out each time it drops. But I should have stuck with my theory on ripple which is that they keep getting deal after deal and each deal is going to push up XRP. One just have to have patience.  But I think this MoneyGram deal is VERY big. Finally a big case of using XRP, which has been the major criticism towards previous Ripple deals. It should hammer home that Ripple do actually care about getting XRP in use. For those who think that banks merely using XRP shortly for transactions isn't going to push up the price of XRP, then you need some Economics 101 ;-) The reason why central banks print money is because if they didn't the number of goods and services would increase while the amount of money would remain fixed. That means that carrying out the same transactions as before requires the price of money to rise. Ripple is deflationary, as there is a fixed supply. You can't "print" more XRP when all XRP coins have been released. That means as XRP get higher usage, their price has to increase. Say good and services worth 1 million dollars is traded using the whole ripple XRP supply each day. If the trade increases to 2 million dollars in value,  then the only way to handle that increase in trade is for the value of XRP to double.
Erik Engheim (6 months ago)
shane marco, I am still doing my research as well ;-) I intend to make a video later on various coins. But anyway here is my current thinking: A lot of coin value comes from pure speculation, and so when you judge its potential value in the medium term, you can't discount the psychology of traders and speculators. So a lot of value will be down to what people THINK a coin will do not what it ACTUALLY will do. Under normal circumstances with a stable currency, I would suspect that if say the value of of products bought and sold with the coin doubles, then the value of the coin also has to double unless you increase the supply. A lot of crypto currency has limited supply, so as they get used more for trade, their value will have to go up. However actual usage of most coins today is way below their market value. People push up the price in anticipation of future usage. But wide usage of crypto currencies is probably still many years into the future for most people in the west. We are already well served with credit cards and bank accounts. So I think whoever can create a solution for people in developing countries, with few choices today will actually gain most value. By that I mean remittance payment e.g. Sending money from a rich country to a poor one. People working in rich countries sending money to their loved ones in a poor country today have to deal with steep fees. Ripple could be a solution there. However Stellar which is similar to Ripple, seems to have an edge at the moment with their IBM deal. Still with all their bank deals and the moneygram deal I think Ripple still has the strongest position. Also people in developing countries often don't have credit cards, there are view payment terminals and they don't have access to bank accounts. However they often have cell phones and internet access. I think this is an excellent opportunity for crypto currencies and Stellar seems to grasp this well. So that is one potential I see. The second is criminals and anybody operating at the fringes of the law or what society is accepting towards such as marijuana dispensaries, adult entertainment industry etc. All these people are kind of excluded from the mainstream banking world, just like the poor. But for them the primary properties they would be interested in would be anonymity and privacy. E.g. people buying drugs don't want anybody else to find out. Hence privacy is first priority for them. Stellar and Ripple are poor choices for these people as these coins/payment systems are much more about transparency and working with authorities. That means I think privacy oriented coins have real potential for actual usage as well. E.g. the darknet selling drugs have already moved away from Bitcoin because it is not offering good enough anonymity. Monero which focus on this is gaining ground. But really any privacy oriented coin such as ZCash, ZCoin, PIVX, Monereo etc could succeed in this space. Personally I have a preference for ZCoin and PIVX. This possibility are coins tied to services we can't really get easily any other way. Sia, Filecoin, Storj all offer ways of paying for storage kind of like dropbox and google drive, by letting users rent out hardisk space and getting paid in crypto. Other users can then use this space transparently as if they had some cloud drive like Dropbox. Except it is something like 10x cheaper. This is an obvious usage of crypto which I think will gain ground quickly and which offers a sensible way of calculating their actual value. E.g. their value can't go up so high that it is cheaper to use Dropbox, while it can't drop so low that nobody wants to rent out their hardisk space. I am not great at putting a number on what crypto currencies will be in the future. They tend to increase a lot more in value that I expect. But that Ripple could say go 10x I think is totally unrealistic. Maybe 2-3x. The market cap is already so high that even if they go up that amount the founders of Ripple would be among the richest people on the planet. That seems very unrealistic.  You might be better of participating in an increase and then sell out before a correction. Then move in for a new rise. Crypto is bound to fluctuate a lot.
shane Marco (6 months ago)
Erik Engheim what’s a good coin to hold and how much growth could you see xrp going up if banks start using it and what would be the value of xrp with in the next few years
rippledude (6 months ago)
i heard a fly at 2:43
crypto currenciespk (6 months ago)
holding ripple. it will hit $5 by end january. coz it will also be listed into canadian exchange. and money gram news is also a big factor.
Dirtydj 823 (6 months ago)
Moneygram is just testing using ripple not a full partnership!
Minimaran (6 months ago)
They will pilot xrp and if the pilot is succesful they will implement xrp, which you hope won’t happen
Radomír Volek (6 months ago)
partneship trials with 700 M company brougt increase in value to ripple by 20 B ???
las vegas (6 months ago)
XRP, xRapid help source on-demand liquidity MoneyGram will access and use XRP, the native digital asset of the XRP Ledger, in their payment flows through xRapid, Ripple’s on-demand liquidity product. Here’s how it works: xRapid enables real-time foreign exchange (FX) settlement through XRP, which gives financial institutions the ability to unlock liquidity and access multiple corridors with one pre-funded originating account. What’s more, financial institutions will be able to send on-demand payments, reduce FX costs and fees, and customers will receive real-time insight into the status of their payments. https://ripple.com/insights/moneygram-use-xrp-faster-international-payments/
Bill Kwiatek (6 months ago)
Ripple CEO has always said the plan was for banks to use XRP to transfer money. MoneyGram news confirms this is happening now. XRP to $5.00 soon. HODL
Chris Cousins (6 months ago)
3.5k at 3.0 !! Need some big rises
WhiteArtsMagic (6 months ago)
If you believe in ripple and xrp you wont sell for at least a year or two
Mikyas Ayele (6 months ago)
Can you show us how much you lost in NEBILO? I dare you to show your portfolio
- Bitcoiner - (6 months ago)
On the Kucoin exchanger (https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=E3dnCD) there are very good opportunities for new coins with high potential still not listed on the best exchangers yet. Moreover, this "new exchanger" aims to become the top in a very short time, releasing prizes and competitions as the most famous Binance is doing and also sharing revenue to Kucoin Shares Holders (KCS). Without speaking of the inscriptions blocked on the other exchangers, Kucoin is "doing the numbers", and we'll hear a lot about it in 2018.
magnus4g63 (6 months ago)
Meh every crypto seems to making deals these days ...
Wesley Peters (6 months ago)
I think 4 dollars is on the cards now easy and will move 8-10 dollars in the next 4-6weeks
JFomo (6 months ago)
When you "take out position" in a coin, do you do so at a loss?
XRP God coin !
Crazyroller2010 (6 months ago)
I got 7,000 ripples of course I’m holding
Hiren Prajapati (6 months ago)
Crazyroller2010 no problem
Crazyroller2010 (6 months ago)
Hiren Prajapati I don’t give hand out who people who can’t manage
Hiren Prajapati (6 months ago)
Crazyroller2010 thought you could give away some for a guy who lost badly. No worries :)
Crazyroller2010 (6 months ago)
Hiren Prajapati yea I do... and?
Hiren Prajapati (6 months ago)
You said you have 7000 in your comment
Jim Christl (6 months ago)
Real life applications taking place w the Ripple team! Congratulations to the Ripple team!
Dio G (6 months ago)
Linda and Ripple going to the moon
thefamilyof3 (6 months ago)
Holding for at least a year...
Fermin Andujar (6 months ago)
3 Videos ago or so you sold all of your XRP and didn't seem like a believer. Now its going back up and you're back on the train?
gang plank (6 months ago)
neblio took a beating
TransformYourMind (6 months ago)
So binance has been closed of for a while. Are there any alternatives that are thrustwprthy ?
TransformYourMind (6 months ago)
Benjamin Whitcomb thanks but I was able to get my account now 😁
Benjamin Whitcomb (6 months ago)
NewAgeGuRu kukoin poloneix if they haven’t closed their doors. Other then that i couldn’t tell you. Think i haven and account at each exchange so haven’t ever had to worry about it
Rman Rman (6 months ago)
Holding my XRP for long term. CCN another nice vids👍👍
Sagar Maske (6 months ago)
Hell yea xrp .so many youtubers hate xrp but now they can eat shit .this coin can go up because the team behind it is great .their agenda is clear .hold ur coins guys we are going to moon soon !!!
A. T. Maverick (6 months ago)
20k holding :))
CARBiNOX (6 months ago)
This guy sounds just like Philip DeFranco I think I found his side Hustle
Adam Krahel (6 months ago)
CARBiNOX gotta push them defrancoins tho
michael Fariello (6 months ago)
Have 3,000, holding and not listening to the people who nothing about ripple, or are just pissed that they didn't get in a t 19 cents and 36 cents like I did. I even bout more at $2.62 and I'm ok with it's recent decline, because I believe in ripple. Banks and government are the greediest MoFo's in the world and they always win. Ripple solves a world problem for these banks and with 5 trillion in world fiat currently using swift, just imagine if Ripple can gain 15% of that business in the next 3 to 5 years, do the math. Not bad for a holding token that we can't use. < What ripple haters say.
Wesley Peters (6 months ago)
Ripple, hate it or love it, its going to moon bigtime.  I think 6 dollars is not far away and will be a lot higher then most people expect by year end.
Crypto Lion (6 months ago)
i have 3000 xrp....and still buying...XRP the next big thing
Luminary Wins (6 months ago)
Banks are done people. That is the purpose of real decentralized cryptos. Banks are middle men who take your money.
deep ale (6 months ago)
Raiblocks is the fastest 7000 transactions per sec and no fee.
Thanks for another video. Took new position
Luminary Wins (6 months ago)
Wrong! Money Gram is a losing company. Real cryptos don't need middle man company to send money. Ripple is Banksters Crypto garbage and will make you cripple. Not a Crypto. Wake up people. Hype garbage. Total Joke. No one uses Money Gram that is why the company is rated a severe sell. Pure pump and dump garbage.
Tommy Everitte (6 months ago)
XRP is such a garbage coin. The company has control of most of the supply. XRP is way over priced I would sell it ASAP
Mark McAllister (6 months ago)
I am a hodler, but this didn't have much legs. It's already all the way back down to 2.03 (and falling). I think it will be a few months before it gets close to it's ATH again.
현실 세계 (6 months ago)
This is only coin which can save this market..... This coin have real clients not like other hype coins
Aman Dihot (6 months ago)
XRP will prevail..... It saw a low phase.... But now is d time for it to rock the market...... #believeinripple
Alex Jordaan (6 months ago)
Holder since 0.16
Jonathon Hallett (6 months ago)
Bought in when it was only about $0.70. Will hold for sure.
Silver Eagle Investments (6 months ago)
America hates Ripple, as soon as American traders wake up they beat it to the floor. FML I actually dreamt I was driving a Lamborghini...
Chris Berardi (6 months ago)
Holding until 5 Dollars, then skimming off 25%. The rest will be a long term hold. I will wait until the next big dip to buy back in. I think if we can buy this below 2$ it is an excellent buy. I got in at 77 cents.
Tech Flash (6 months ago)
IM holding till 2019
Naoto Nakajima (6 months ago)
The Korean market is currently slowing down. I assume price won't rise.
matt c (6 months ago)
It's funny yesterday the markets was over!! People need to REALAX..
rubbertaco (6 months ago)
Hey everyone hoping someone here can help me, so I transferred some ethereum from coinbase to bleutrade and coinbase says the transaction has been completed but the ethereum has yet to show up in bleutrade?! It's been about 24 Hours now I am not sure what to do, please help if possible!
Shuja Rahman (6 months ago)
Raise a support case, I had to do the same and then eth showed up in my account. You will have to create an account on there support site and mention your account number.
c wilson73 (6 months ago)
rubbertaco Could just be slow because of high volume of users. Eth usually doesn't take as long as Btc, but could still be pending. I waited over a day a couple of times. If u are still waiting today u could contact support.
Bob Meiroff (6 months ago)
DId anyone here that Korea's government is to outlaw crypto trading exchanges?
magnus4g63 (6 months ago)
Bob Meiroff It is always recommended to keep most of your crypto in cold storage or at least have a wallet that stores your private keys :) binance is a good exchange, use it but do not keep more in there than you wish to trade :) I bought quite a lot of Electroneum on cryptopia a while back and at the same time moved them out to my etn wallet/app and on to a paper wallet. I also have a ledger and a tablet only for crypto use :) go for privacy coins like Monero, Electroneum and verge and soon Tokenpay ... the entire reason for privacy coins is to avoid the theft called taxation :) Happy trading and peace :)
Bob Meiroff (6 months ago)
I use Binance now, would you move it to another exchange?
magnus4g63 (6 months ago)
Bob Meiroff They just went and did their mafia thing "taxation" ... its to be expected, the modern version of slavery "govern-ment" is not going down without showing some teeth. But yeah at some point they will ban it when they figure out the potential for freedom that crypto holds (or rather when ordinary people figure it out).
Murat K (6 months ago)
3,50$ for this month and 35$ for the end of the year
Dardan Dema (6 months ago)
Im amazed how people get hooked in hypes, ,,there is nothing to be exited for. Moneygram agreed to test it.that does not mean they will use it

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