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Paypal Amazon and Starbucks Joining Crypto? - CryptoCurrency Market News - Crypto News

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Paypal, Amazon and Starbucks joining the cryptocurrency space? Crypto Market News! Help Fund Our Crypto Show: https://igg.me/at/ccn/x/18117460 Our Social Media: Follow Our Twitter: https://goo.gl/TZf4YS Follow Our Instagram: https://goo.gl/AuKUDn Follow Our Steemit: https://steemit.com/@cryptocoinnewz Our Telegrams: CCN Chat: https://t.me/ccncryptochat CCN Announcements: https://t.me/officialcryptocoinnewz Start Mining Bitcoin and Ethereum Today: Mine Crypto Here: https://hashflare.io/r/774D78A6 Best Crypto Exchanges: Coinbase (BTC ETH LTC BCH): https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a1e15a67c77270157a476e1 Binance (ALTCOINS): https://www.binance.com/?ref=11785856 Cryptopia: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=aviatorgaming Business Email: [email protected] I am not a professional financial adviser. All investments you make are of your own. Do your own research. All ICO reviews are paid reviews. All opinions are our own. Do your own research before clicking any links in the description and investing any money.
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Tim Thompson (3 months ago)
The elite want crypto dead. I won't spend any money on it. I'm going to just play The markets this way. https://qicommunity.weebly.com/cryptocurrency.html. If it crashes I'm not out anything. Might still make some money. Who know. It will be fun regardless.
Shun 顺国 Guo (3 months ago)
Good work and congrats on your studio! BTC: 17y5ZPim5jbxD9bLAJG5BW3ryonhUBQJjW
Crypto Headz (3 months ago)
Hi Crypto Coin News! I love this channel, always very informative! Please feel welcome to create a profile at our new social media site especially for crypto people. www.cryptoheadz.ning.com Bring your content and your referral links, everyone welcome!
Jay T (3 months ago)
What is $cs CREDITS?
josh bitner (3 months ago)
Lol @ Ryan gosling.. I feel bad for those people but come on.. haha. 1PD183ehNgFGhxgaKyUhvfR7hGgZ6JuA8h
N0TS0SUBTLE (3 months ago)
Nuclear Vision, UTrust and True Reply review please. 1KTgumrTNKDbfAqixhBmjHP3dgeQ7S3DCd
CryptoJon (3 months ago)
Can you do a video on LSD token? They have an active cooperation with Civic and MedicalChain, German team, non speculative use case and an amazing branding that will guarantee attention. ICO is upcoming so I need some opinions on it
snedz1967 (3 months ago)
JOhn Xavier (3 months ago)
Almost 1 Mil. how can so many people be so deceived? all the red flags where there ETH: 0x184ff523C59d0457F18029DE78e98AA6cb40bec6
woooooow crypto curriencies what that
Official-MC-Channel (3 months ago)
If you are a crypto trader and you want to make real money, quick and safe, come and join free to our Telegram community! https://t.me/binance_pumpers
peter redpete (3 months ago)
Thanks for the update. ETH: 0x9cf96d8c8522D6966BfaBE5D0098aF44b68e772E
DLW Fishing (3 months ago)
Good stuff Zach, love the long-term view!!!
nejc mur (3 months ago)
0xecb0bf9784064fe389a265831a54c59b2ada229c Yeey, I won!
DanielBlackOps3 _ (3 months ago)
Yael Dea (3 months ago)
Mariel Capistrano (3 months ago)
nice video keep it up ETH Address: 0xdc429cf39c0354b89d50c986eed685ac5a6c3125
Clint Rand (3 months ago)
Can you do a video on masternodes. I would love to know more about how they work and also some of the bigger ones. Mostly I would love to hear about all the newer coins that will have masternodes. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!
SEO Traffic (3 months ago)
If you had $1000 to invest hoping to hodl till the end of the year and cash out. Would you buy bitcoin and hodl or a few cheap altcoins and hodl? Could you review maidsafecoin? :)
Rayheem Amin (3 months ago)
BTC 1BxRWjTPxBvJ8CgjjvmpUrAjRAeNiM3if6 ETH 0xdc867fcbba6442888d6cf8eedc0f569bb58a664f LTC LfD3XSvKi1XCfAvuZhZfAiuBaWKsKMxg2R
Burton Bonham (3 months ago)
People buy into shit ICOs the same reason they play lotto. 98% of people will still touch the stove even if you warn them its hot... 0x3Ecd0ba7501eD3D78f51Fd7Ba2785DCC933013ba 3NA7ynBgbfL2r1yzNjSbKJa81nS5PACT6m
From Fear to Trust (3 months ago)
Thanks for another video! 0x3007BC0fA757DCa566dDe8f461F66ca5Bb03c02E
Mer Lynda (3 months ago)
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Good cryptocurrency TEL! x50 in this year. Airdrop *telcoin. pro/airdrop*
ashish rawat (3 months ago)
neo will be huge 0x086f609dde99ae63c2b5f35c7372e827191baf75
Steven Johnston (3 months ago)
100k subscribers congrats! 0xe3ae9Fc626CB5b011320C22Cd4b5c921e06929E5
rommel capistrano (3 months ago)
Thanks for the new I really like your video ETH: 0xa515999665cc3670ba28ec9fd7a275180e667721
HelplmAlive (3 months ago)
Ripple dropping back down as anticipated. 0x95238596b8509d712a8facdd510aa6f8aaadbf1d
XxThePopexX (3 months ago)
Love coffee . Keep the good stuff coming zache . Can’t wait for news channel 0x2927c8b6Ae24eC9e9cFd5a8EcdAA570CdF7E77f2
Simone Hendricks (3 months ago)
Yass!! 0x0dd17a27f998a0b346014ffa8d7176a085666908
Crypto Nova (3 months ago)
I love you Zach but its not Zwilliqa lol...it's Zil-a-ka
Tim Bartlow (3 months ago)
Super excited for the 14th for you and us! 0xe2191C3Bc9E9Ededfa590616AE1ffFA5196DFe42
Barry (3 months ago)
how do you get your 20-25 trillion market cap by end of 2020?
Mike NoBody (3 months ago)
Really good video, lots of good info for new people like me. Thank you 0x6E49cC50a9dF9eAfA56Ae8E23Cc8B13edB2dF4C1
Victor Gonzalez (3 months ago)
I'm being hurt by the neo drop price, I hope they can solve it soon. I believe we gonna have coins for every big store, that would make sense to keep costumer involve in their product. 0x4583AD43EBECBD367341bDFB5D76858c53495F7E
Andrew K (3 months ago)
Thanks Zack! ETH 0x57c9aD6A5c450Bee5c1Bb5228DE6C2Fe1e22E811 BTC 31kK6QtjJTGArSq2YBgpUN2JAQTGJJEdnF
Bonsaverh (3 months ago)
Good luck with the Studio! 0xf33cd65ce33b677b35d12709bc4707744cdbb5c3
NumaNuma Yay (3 months ago)
Wanchain release will mark the true coming of the bull 0x4Ffe77613Db7cf8A687F53eccA35c3FfA336F48d
cup cup (3 months ago)
sell them NEO and i be buying the DIP!!! ETH 0xef9af1168f68216791bfc57b6e18e753bd7b5d22
cup cup (3 months ago)
massive adaption incoming!!! ETH 0xef9af1168f68216791bfc57b6e18e753bd7b5d22
lance shipston (3 months ago)
the future is looking good for the early investors in crypto. 0x4df18215631d55dc94ea9aff5c8c693fcecdbebb
Chad (3 months ago)
Love the videos! 0xBA2FdAce6d5B58f89c46b651b530C7491abbd247
Vu Tran (3 months ago)
and poof coinbase confirmed not adding and the dip happened soo fast lol 0x0d6a31b2c8661dd45911c5ec7a141a33c4d7d423
BlackFlags (3 months ago)
nice video 0x020Cf75d05711a31B6c0f872b462e1df3312Dda9
Renn Hilot (3 months ago)
still hoping ripple will go up BTC 3Ccs1RgiZAvA97ijqvYtxzjusULhJBm4SK ETH 0x01ed99428a416c6ece7c26b81a8ec7217ca9cb8b
Andrew Gruebel (3 months ago)
The little train that could (crypto) 0x8e9a1a5a689926a7b8c8393684879377b2f17300
Tyler Williams (3 months ago)
I picked up a little NEO!! Not anywhere close to what you have tho. ETH 0x96d54Ec5E2ff4179780CaA3B27994A0074274EB7
Dave Singh (3 months ago)
GreAt video, thanx for the update 0xc7400a1eecf4aa5a2000f35c3d59b4c2ee2de59a
Zoya Ali (3 months ago)
i have send 50k etn to cryptopia on 3rd march still did not received can someone else facing this problem?
obsessive coinpulsive (3 months ago)
AeLkRtJEVkFFegbrBTtH4KRAiC3EcHBE7T neo please lol,, great channel
andres timor (3 months ago)
19ofYmH5HkeaQpdkmkk31iodj8SiP5gKWG Glad you commented on Neo I was looking for the reason it was trending down
TheShawn006 (3 months ago)
I don't know, correct me if I am wrong, but with the big and small companies adopting or creating their own "currencies", it see to me like crypto is becoming the evolution of the points/rewards card system. For some of these companies anyways.
Isak Andric (3 months ago)
Eth at least 2500 december 2018 0x9cc7bf12f41f77229cacf5725c640cde2b84fabe
Željko Nemet - eXe GYM (3 months ago)
cant wait to see new studio :) 0x0024005549291d4fb18bc39c03376aeeb5355175
David Vankan (3 months ago)
stil HODL NEO : 0xb1e09Ef66cbcBB78983dA1065C63cc034A33113d
Altka MNG (3 months ago)
the day of xrp 0xf87ad56cc3c0f02e881399a84a125381a1ff7927
mayuir Morar (3 months ago)
Neo and ripple hopefully start to moon soon. Thanks for the info 0x0c3a4216c6b409390ddfb0e953cabc36b0855421
abyss (3 months ago)
doesn't seem like ripple will moon soon now that they won't be added to coinbase right away ..just HODL tho
Arvind Negi (3 months ago)
mayuir Morar yes xrp and neo will blast soon
John Castellanos (3 months ago)
0x886EdE159F4c3075007b1001e36f0003f635023a make sense that Ripple would be in coinbase since it's in the top five kryptos
Quang Nguyen (3 months ago)
if amazon does its gonna be huge!! thanks zack for the video!!! 0x4221872e9150bb608a920deb4bc35d34a0f78817
Solis Asad (3 months ago)
0xe0aCac03c47Db0064eC1b7066Fac002EAE5a0a22 Leggo crypto
Mihai Rusu (3 months ago)
We are each day closer to mass adoption. One year from now, we'll laugh, as we'll understand then how many opportunities we could have chosen now... 0xdfc8cbfad7e62f3c64421d38bccd0170ed5bd30a
Scott Young (3 months ago)
If I had to guess the coin they’re going to talk about tonight I’d put my money on ZIL. BTC 1QCmeinFaeaHApEzwGmZ78dTLaictbBKk9 ETH 0xd3Bc6F0349a761969c2fcEeb6a981e9983d63da5
Ms. Crypto Fabulous (3 months ago)
Here come the big boys $$$ Love your show! 0x52b4002b0998937e6ea25020c8185db593a5fc28
Eko Perkins (3 months ago)
Always love the news!! 0xa5E2Ac9C4FeAe752CD938194749d5Ec72dEaf304
Mohammad Hafeez (3 months ago)
0x0E29Bde28de00373d4e03B3C14EB3d7211967d57 Good job Ian.
Alper Sarikasap (3 months ago)
i dont think is that possible. I am sure Wall Street will not allow for that kind of project.
ZenYmonk (3 months ago)
snazzy as usual
Jenn Arnold (3 months ago)
I'm excited about the future as crypto becomes mainstream and I excited to be here near the beginning. Thank you CCN for your updates! You're my favorite source of crypto news 0x3ffcac03dc4a0a1b206abc8402847d402410a485
Alex Achivida (3 months ago)
Amazing to watch the quick rise and drop of XRP today. 0xcd2d9d91f7ba1916274c5487e7d56b0ae3174510
Scott Westerman (3 months ago)
Thanks mate BTC 1ADEDYtM97moCydkczbwnW7ijytYosjvst
Metalhead Wiz (3 months ago)
Earning some GAS is good. NEO has great potential. And what's up with ONT??? I believe this is the year Cryptos become mainstream! Eth: 0x0ab33b3c4D5De6967dF7cc570302A8CE159169e4
felix amaro (3 months ago)
Good job ...studio,studio.studio March 14th i cant wait ETH 0x66B89950A4D9DF44a577812fe0B53360e2388087
E Farley (3 months ago)
Any thoughts about Uber CEO's ECO coin? 1Ksg3ZxFjX5dFSNDM6M7sX5Nsw5Zp6HJx9
redsixonefive (3 months ago)
0xb1430ced5df07e5167a7a84228c44cd005168f3d Venti Plz
Richard Love (3 months ago)
great content 0xf71E7b34580223b1c0a34E4C777D1F0dA252abF8
Tim Kennedy (3 months ago)
Another great show. Can’t wait till the 14th
this guy right here (3 months ago)
100,000 Subs on the way. Grats! 16ka4XPNbuV6GKsTDc3izSTEcZGYaKDDbh
Bosko Buha (3 months ago)
Starbucks? why, i dont see a need for it? btc:1BARncYe236SRNRnpfo1k8g6jE2XPWSC8X
Josh Logan (3 months ago)
🌒 to pick them maybe
Faizan Farooq (3 months ago)
Can you do a review on NCASH please?
Jon Adamson (3 months ago)
It's frustrating to see XRP continuing to hover around .90 to 1 in spite of all the good news about it.ETH:  0x254A1A34B878AfacAB19C5187621C06ED02D5D7E
Thti Thet (3 months ago)
ZACH scammed me out of bitcoin. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!
Christopher Mortenson (3 months ago)
Great partnership news, thanks! 0x37F3c1a79BB0d068AF6F2123D507ce43f3F08c2B
latinone74 (3 months ago)
0xaEea117f18C71313C698FF234fe7bA69E6F3B1ef Issues are all a learning experience
Johnny Bitcoin (3 months ago)
Credits 500,000 transactions per second. 0x634D79433D669EfF12f14056b51f09e2d692c2F1
Street Assassin (3 months ago)
I LOVE market dips. I don't get scared at all. Well, I do if it dips and I don't have funds ready to invest. ETH Wallet: 0x58722a3dD78d5e6515E3eCeF82ffB0e00f2019d7
C Zhang (3 months ago)
I wonder how low NEO will go because of this newly FUD 0x893ac1a5b822ea6c29887138aa31dbf5b612c57f
Jw Burt (3 months ago)
Finish this sentence. Blockchain revolution is the biggest technological innovation since...? ETH: 0xb7A0C94a9C735079dea2cAc1eB1e5f04cf71Bb74
John John (3 months ago)
Lots of NEO FUD this week but I’m HODLing strong. ETH: 0xb7A0C94a9C735079dea2cAc1eB1e5f04cf71Bb74
govols2214 (3 months ago)
Corporate sponsorships and deals will be the main cause of mass adoption and institutional money 0xb7A0C94a9C735079dea2cAc1eB1e5f04cf71Bb74
Cryptogirl Rachel (3 months ago)
BTC is going to the moon in November 0xb7A0C94a9C735079dea2cAc1eB1e5f04cf71Bb74
Travis Jensen (3 months ago)
im excited your picks have been doing good.  0xc5e5121F0094d7dB47539d29D5F5f5F3623D0386
adam jaramillo (3 months ago)
Your videos are the best and can't wait for the show! I will look forward to watching every day! 0xEF2A963ba7B6A1235054d9344b1Bd74aC8CAF11b
Jon Snow (3 months ago)
Mass adoption is coming. Should’ve BTFD! ETH: 0xb7A0C94a9C735079dea2cAc1eB1e5f04cf71Bb74
Matthew Summerville (3 months ago)
I know i ask all the time but any thoughts on Bax Babb bank, MNL moonlight project or OTP Otppay. Love your content. 0x9DA2132e5998c6894cC58059F2b9811DFA4F5710
Wes Thompson (3 months ago)
#XRP 24h trade volume is back comparable to eth...to the moon ETH 0x2c8961FdBdBC8bFDF3aF3B7f2dc991af51297C83
Justin R (3 months ago)
I am relatively new to this whole thing, so maybe you can point out the flaws in my fear here. It is my understanding that ripple has the ability to freeze funds. The banks would prefer if there were no cryptocurrency space. What better way for them to win than to take over the crypto world with Ripple and then freeze everything? Not that I think that will happen, but could it be as simple as that for them to win this fight? Because from my view of things it doesn’t look too far fetched for ripple at some point to pass bitcoin in market cap.
Reggie Menard (3 months ago)
I don't think Coinbase will adding Ripple this week. I just think they're just going to in the panel together. 0xcc6b4a846b815747c44621b5864553b1ee2b05d0
Wes Thompson (3 months ago)
new bitcoin Ripple ETH 0x2c8961FdBdBC8bFDF3aF3B7f2dc991af51297C83
Fps Doug (3 months ago)
I'm hoping Amazon decides to accept other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, ETH, etc. ETH: 0xc81186F9821f771172249c28eE81FeDd4E33865d

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