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Black Friday Crypto Crash! Are All Cryptocurrencies Going To Zero?

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Patricia Riley (2 months ago)
Looking good Jeff....such language turns me on....
Clark zKent (4 months ago)
1776 Token is used as money, will be exposed to millions of people on www.Freedom.social and www.FreedomTube.social and has a technological approach that circumvents the coming central banker / government control system. Bitcoin is in "fact" controlled by the Bilderberg Group, and governments are in "fact" creating centralized blockchains with every conceivable product and service on them, then they will have decentralized cryptocurrencies make transactions on centralized blockchains. They will be able to charge worldwide carbon taxes, and they will determine which cryptocurrencies can make transactions on they blockchains, it is all proven to be fact here https://Freedom.social/The_Central_Bankers_Evil_Blockchain_2.pdf
Lawrence Johnson (4 months ago)
This is who the owner of this site is and why he is in Mexico. Now, he has formed an organization to help you purchase Bitcoin, while living in Mexico. This is another con - which he excels at. Jeff Berwick the CEO of TDVPassports (http://tdvpassports) is a con-artist that has been arrested several times in Canada.   He has served time for fraud with his old company Media Corporation.  This is why a Canadian is living in Acapulco Mexico now and not in Canada or  in any of the countries he is peddling passports, like The Dominican Republic, Paraguay, St. Kitts, Cambodia and Dominica. Be aware of this con-artist. https://youtu.be/SydSQx-dYvM Go to this recent YT video and start it at 9:45, take a look in the bottom left insert picture, and guess who that is? Jeff Berwick. Listen to more of the video. Jeff Berwick, fraud, con man, thief, on-the-lam, illegally in Mexico https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/733897632539222016 christophercantwell.com/2015/09/04/video-alleges-passport-fraud-by-jeff-berwick/ m.facebook.com/galtsgulchchile/posts/501744943334831 steemit.com/tdv/@stellabelle/who-is-jeff-berwick
Terry Latham (5 months ago)
How can I send large amounts of money around the world instantly without anybody knowing about it............. hhmm it’s not going to be old fashioned cash money is it
T. Stax (5 months ago)
Mac Millan Lawyn (5 months ago)
God bless you
Lucian Balan (5 months ago)
Brandon Boyer (5 months ago)
Don't support crypto fiat. If your so biblical you would know gold is only money. Oh wait only thing that matters to this guy is getting rich ,not principle. All those therapies ....makes one think of your stability. Ripple..??? Oh wait yea just one centralized "coin" not a coin or token..truck in digits. Lol no thanks I opt out for freedom
Alexander Grover (5 months ago)
Bitcoin is A pioneer like AOL, Yahoo and MySpace. It will be replaced by something else in years to come. I would dig into the technical issues and the fact the ledger is public. Diversification and research are key to not getting blindsided.
Fred Winslow (5 months ago)
is peter schill. peter shiff??? peter schiff is a general barometer never called himself a timer if he’s a shill he’s an authentic shill if there is such a thing he could privately invest otherwise he doesn’t his dad died in jail for his “ schill “beliefs you obviously draw more people by being an antagonist rather than objective but of course when you almost make 250 million on speculation it is hard to remove the virus all info is good if the purveyor is discriminating rather than following a pied piper ... which is dollar vigilante ??
The Shadow Government (5 months ago)
I'm buying bitcoin at the dips.
Vercusgames (5 months ago)
Stupid on crypto? Stupid rich!
Tacitus Athena (5 months ago)
Jeff you are a banker.
Sabine Holton (5 months ago)
Love your little doggies Jeff They are stars in this video. 👍
Rogue Liberator (5 months ago)
Buy low,sell high. It's not rocket science. You just invest in things you know ain't going anywhere. Like when one of the Auto companies get caught up in something. Ford example and their bailout. Their stock hit an all time low. Everyone that bought it then didn't even have to wait that long until it went back up to it's normal market value. I don't think crypto is going anywhere. So these lows are going to make the buyer a profit I'm sure.
Black Eagle (5 months ago)
I'm so mad at the dollar vigilante. I got in on bitcoin from $240- $500 a coin. I'm so disappointed on my return on investment. I should have put that money in my 401(k). (evil laugh) :)
DEVUNK88 (5 months ago)
well I'm in at 15,500 just waiting for bitcoin to make it to a million, dont really care if it does or it doesnt, really just curious to see how high it actually gets in the next couple years
Bryson G (5 months ago)
When is Zcash supposed to moon?
max bootstrap (5 months ago)
*Bitcon* is fiat. Blockchain has applications, but putting any fiat on blockchain pollutes the blockchain (and is still fiat). My prediction is, in 2020, Bitcon will cost $20.20... and you will see approximately zero people talking about crypto-currencies. Sure, Bitcon might hit $50,000 before the final crash, but count on a monumentally huge crash sometime (or many times) in 2018 to 2020.
Not Just Content (5 months ago)
it's hilarious how Bitcoin is measured in American dollars or should i say fiat.. so if the fiat/banking system collapses, what will bitcoin be worth? a dozen eggs each? a loaf of bread? lmfao
00rphb (5 months ago)
Yes all Cryptoes are going to zero, when no one can say, but it is mathematically guaranteed to happen, and it will happen soon as the market is close to being saturated.
Cant Decide (5 months ago)
Well the video is from 23.12., after this we saw another bull and then now again a bearish market but I think it will go up latest in beginning January, after people are done cashing out for tax related stuff. But thank you for the informations about the trends, I think that is the biggest problem and people have to understand the market situations, currently just bringing in a lot of panic sells lol. Actually nearly my whole portfolio is red currently, beside DeepOnion and Ripple, which took a major gain in the last two days now. In every bear market there are one or two winners who go bullish, but DeepOnion and Ripple are performing really good recently, not just yet.
the bushmaster (5 months ago)
Bitcoin forming the mother of all head and shoulders pattern. 1350 usd. soon
VokAin (5 months ago)
Hey Vigilante :) love your videos the one about IRS was epic, it was indeed 30% discount on BTC :) I got myself a bag full of it and when it went back up I've bought some alts. I'm really into privacy coins hence the like of your IRS video ;) I've always really liked dash but I think it does have some limitations. Lately i've been looking into some new upcoming coins like Verge, DeepOnion based on Tor network. What do you think about those? DeepOnion just went up 50% today? let me know ;)
lotjeboerboel (5 months ago)
Good point. Almost forgot about that one. thanks for the reminder. Just out of curiousity. You said you are looking into Verge and DeepOnion. What are in your opinion the biggest pro's and con's of each ?
VokAin (5 months ago)
I didnt like the joke Monero played on their users mid this year.. not cool.
lotjeboerboel (5 months ago)
Hi Vokain, DeepOnion is a great choice, this relative new privacy coin will compete with the best in the mid/long term. I'm investing in this project because it has everything to be successfull. TOR integration ensures that it's the most private coin available, great features on the roadmap, fast growing community etc. My question... how could you pick Dash as your favourite without mentioning Monero? Monero will beat Dash any day. And most likely DeepOnion will beat Monero in the future. Just my 2 cents on this matter.
jskaralia (5 months ago)
The Crypto cult at it again 😂😂
Authentic Human (5 months ago)
It is a pyramid scheme. A good one. Unlike the Internet boom of late 90s, here you don't need to even create a website or a product.
Mack Baise (5 months ago)
make a video about burst man!! its super green today(in more than one way)
withoutexcuse2011 (5 months ago)
WOW! When people are blindly and fanatically promoting something - regardless of how bad that something is - there is nothing, not even hard evidence, that something "just isn't right" with what they are promoting. As I have stated many times, even if BTC goes to 100,000 or higher, that still doesn't eliminate the greatest threat of cryptos on humanity.
Chris De Corte (5 months ago)
Carlos Mbaziira (5 months ago)
I’m buying 👊😬
Dazzlar Cameroon (5 months ago)
How can all alt coins start falling in price ALL at the same time,then it seems fake to me,a few alt coins dropping seem OK but ALL crypto currencies falling hard would have to have every one selling at the same time,some one is causing the price drop,
richard wharton (5 months ago)
The trend is you’re friend... until the end
Bilal Sirkeci (5 months ago)
Buy @bitcoin https://www.binance.com/?ref=16519399 #DayAfterChristmas #BoxingDay #Kwanzaa #BestPartof2017ForMe #LooksLikeImStuckWith
Oilfield Info (5 months ago)
I like your dog's Jeff.One of them looks like mine. It's cool that you are an animal lover And not some macho guy that doesn't want to be seen with his pets... Great videos by the way
Rol M (5 months ago)
https://youtu.be/v4DW5QOrppU can anyone explain this ?
Squidlings (5 months ago)
Love tdv. Sold all my btc at 17k bought back at 12.5k made more money in 4 days than I have in 10 years. Nuts. Hope every other investor is doing the same.
Gin Rummy (5 months ago)
Have you fall into FUD or perhaps creating some? Come on man blockchains are better than that!
Samual Whittemore (5 months ago)
Ha Ha !!! EXACTLY!!!!!
Elisheva 777 (5 months ago)
Coin Spot in Australia suspended bank transfers until sometime in January. So in Australia you cant buy most of the Crypto currencies at the moment. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (one of the biggest banks in Australia) will not permit bank transfers to Coin Spot. If the governments of the world start implementing theses strategies, it can cause big price drops.
SCAN IMAL (5 months ago)
Hello Anyone here have the Pick?Happy Holidays All
Aleksandr Stovba (5 months ago)
Jeff, have you checked out LomoCoin? It is up significantly right now and rising. It is a cryptocurrency that allows users to pick up and drop various cryptocurrencies around the world. Their mission is to shift advertising via ads we see online, and actually help bring customers into small businesses and others. It is like Pokemon Go. Really cool cryptocurrency, it looks like it is beginning to go viral, the market cap is still rather small. Check it out!
Bitcoin MXN (5 months ago)
This is probably the best December for Cryptocurrencies. Newbies or narrow minded people only see the minor dip that happened recently.
Herb Norcott (5 months ago)
Thanks for the heads up Jeff. Raking it in for Christmas....http://www.bookstoselfhelp.com/in-everything-give-thanks/
Crypt Topher (5 months ago)
Does anybody know what coin/Token his red hot cryptopick yesterday was ?
Cain Plant (5 months ago)
that was a hilarious begining
Signup Rightnow (5 months ago)
XVG (Verge) is the next BTC !!
L. Ron Hoyabembe (5 months ago)
Signup Rightnow - That would be amazing
antonio030562 (5 months ago)
What a sellout this guy is ... They were given insider information no doubt ...all these speculative crypto currencies have only days left before they crash to zero and he knows it.
michalsavatar7 (5 months ago)
Jeff Berwick lost around 200 million coz he was too stupid to see the dotcom bubble and now history is gonna repeat when the crypto bubble bursts. He's a fucking sarcastic alcoholic looser. Why would anyone listen to this clown?
Elisheva 777 (5 months ago)
He will be promoting Protein Powder Soon
Web Jobs (5 months ago)
Its a chritsmas discount :)
A Person (5 months ago)
buy hodle repeat, sell 20% high save sit on free investment. repeat. simple. if you have weak hands break them with a hammer. they will heal stronger.
Michael Grech (5 months ago)
Hey Jeff love your videos, thank you for all your insight.....Michael
Dennis de Ruiter (5 months ago)
Bitcoin will become slower and more expansive.... I think there are way more alternative coins available. But I think the ultimate coin should have a constant value. Maybe It should even be tight to the goldprice
PKV1611221 1611221 (5 months ago)
"This is the dip" haha i love it
Aaron David (5 months ago)
Pump and dump over and over keep putting in your money and like a slot machine it will give a little to get a lot!
John Yap (5 months ago)
Btw, love Wabi. Would you be able to comment about them? Thinking of buying $2k worth of Wabi Coin~
John Yap (5 months ago)
Something is not right with your looks. You seems younger. Maybe helping people can indeed make your life happy and thus making you look younger. Anyway, another GREAT video!!!
alex andoven (5 months ago)
This time is different because Coinbase has added Bitcoin Cash to their coin offerings, ...and *someone* (wont name any names JEFF) ....but, *someone* has kept calling Bitcoin Cash "the real Bitcoin"...so... When coinbase added Bitcoin Cash to their small menu it has shift a lot of buyings away from Bitcoin Core. That is *at least* an aspect of whats happening to the BTC price.
ZipYour Lib (5 months ago)
*HODL...For The Winning!!* (Subbed!)
Alex B (5 months ago)
I don’t know if you got in my head or something but I was literally telling all my friends this pull back is a crypto Christmas present before tax refund season when bitcoins will explode to all time highs. #the guy who listen to Jamie Diamond and not you and it cost me 40k. Merry Christmas. Also if you have time can you watch the documentary 13th
stasyszy (5 months ago)
i fomo bought the crap out of it
slayerofFUD (5 months ago)
this made me lulz! as always, great insight.
intbild (5 months ago)
only a fool is so damn sure of himself.
Brett S (5 months ago)
Jeff cannot login server has crashed under the weight :)
Ken Semotiuk (5 months ago)
Hey, fake hawk, what's happening with you're phoney baloney crypto's Y
Peter Meissnitzer (5 months ago)
Profit taking soon BITCOIN will hit a new all time high . As I have often said by 2020 BITCOIN will be around 500 k to 1 million get in now while you can at these bargain prices .
TrEYEanglE (5 months ago)
eye sea
0 (5 months ago)
Can you cut the music when u speak, it's distracting
sbowesuk (5 months ago)
The "Black Friday" analogy doesn't really hold up, because there's a big difference between buying a product in a fixed state (like at TV), and investing in a fluctuating market. Obviously there's less risk with the former. Also, you're not going to buy a TV with a smashed screen, even if it's 30% off on Black Friday. I say this because Bitcoin is completely broken, and can no longer function effectively as a currency. It's only function at this point is as a platform for speculation. Other cryptocurrencies may have a future, but Bitcoin is a joke at this point, and is doomed to fail.
Robert Mangano (5 months ago)
Anyone had a look at the Tor Network currency Deep Onion?, currently about 3.00 bucks with a float of only about 4 mil. max 19
Shen Kangyi (5 months ago)
0:33, lovely dog
Gta 500 (5 months ago)
what proof do you have that Bitcoin wasn't started by the government or isn't owned by the government?
SCAN IMAL (5 months ago)
Crystal harmonics (5 months ago)
Would of loved to buy dip but all Australian exchanges stoped bank deposits till after 1st week of January there still treating us as convicts
Great Gazoo (5 months ago)
ObamaCoin is a blockchain for Fake Birth Certificates. : )
Freeda Birda (5 months ago)
Great Gazoo trumpcoin is a block chain for those who know they want to bankrupt people. Melaniacoin is the block chain for illegal aliens who wish to get to us illegally and get to stay
Spoder Man (5 months ago)
Damn bruh your arms are massive have you been jacking yourself off again
cassanoa (5 months ago)
yes keep HODLING while he redeploys ( sells bitcoins for fiat so he can buy into gold mines ) - you hold the door open while he walks through - Jeff is being honest about one thing - he did warn you to sell and get into gold mines - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hCPNbdsuvI
Gaurav Sharma (5 months ago)
All the money in the world and only dogs and cats to love. S a d
Swapster .com (5 months ago)
Gary A. DePietro (5 months ago)
Something created out of nothing will eventually be worth... nothing. Ever play musical chairs? While the music is playing, everything is great. But when that music stops... don't be the last one standing. Enjoy the ride while the music is playing! ps Cryptos sound an awful lot like that "cashless society" the "elites" have been wanting for so long. Are you all sure you haven't been "snookered"???
Ralph Picc (5 months ago)
I am currently mining Electroneum and Nexus. Anybody else mining right now?
Coin Crusher (5 months ago)
Fucking Awesome! I took advantage!
Reggie Abernethy (5 months ago)
The “Health Ranger” is snide and ridiculous. He said he had been warning about this crash since the BTC price was $2500....what?
SCAN IMAL (5 months ago)
Health ranger has been compromised...He's former MI5 confirmed Israeli intelligence...also related to aleister crowley..
Skyflowers.Tv (5 months ago)
More acting please.
Skyflowers.Tv (5 months ago)
This is the dip.
Daxx Axx (5 months ago)
oi bro love you and all but btc is owned by the deep state always was, thye planned btc before the public inplementation of the internet, honestly bro do your research what is a bit a bit + 101 and if you dont know what 101 means you are way behind the guys in control.
axe609 (5 months ago)
Bitcoin is small enough that people with big money can make changes pretty easy. I would keep an eye on the futures on bitcoin. That I think is where the wall street gamers are showing their hand.
Ennevertube (5 months ago)
Stephen Brennan (5 months ago)
Berwicks getting an i v drip for xmas so he can just walk around having coffee enemas on the go
Jordan (5 months ago)
Hi, whats the name of the guy who predicted the drop of BTC. I could not understand very well. Thanks
dotdotdot (5 months ago)
Look at Raiblocks vigilante! You are the only one who would understand its potential!
Daniel Bronco (5 months ago)
Link to "Vitamin guy"?
Jose Arteaga (5 months ago)
Gave you a shout out in this one it's a Jeeeeefffff!!! Love ya brother!! Having trouble buying Bitcoin? History repeats - Everyone wants Cryptocurrency for Christmas https://youtu.be/LZYPgEoLAVA
Sam (5 months ago)
Interesting to look at the coins that were less affected by the crash too.. Substratum was one of them - most likely because it's one of the few coins with a real product and a strong humanitarian use case behind it
hills123ful (5 months ago)
Fucking turncoat you probably work for coinbase and have inside information and engineer markets which is highly illegal , and by the way the cyrpto on Christmas that your going to tip is Iota . Your not a computer programmer like me just a talker ...
TID BITS (5 months ago)
Ian Smith (5 months ago)
This was expected by people who understand the cryptocurrency markets. This is what happens in a free market which is not manipulated (YET) by central banks. People need to understand that this has happened many times before and will happen again and again. What people need to watch out for is central banks creating all sorts of different fears in the media to get people to part with their Bitcoins. Do not sell your Bitcoins (Hold Them At All Cost). Their is only so many available!. When they are gone they are gone!. Keep the faith. There is only one real Bitcoin.
Kristooffer Ekrene (5 months ago)
Do a vid on Substratum!
Jeff have you taken a look at Substratum? They are launching the decentralized web next month.....you should check them out!!
trav v (5 months ago)
It was obvious cryptos were going to go down when they did.
While informative, this dude hella cringey.
Mário Vaz (5 months ago)
Just wait for the MASSIVE jump on Substratum price this month and a even bigger one next month! ^^ Public beta this one followed by V1 next one ;) You read it here first!
Mário Vaz (5 months ago)
They're decentralising, by letting everyone host websites. This is like torrent does, for example, when you want to download something using torrent, you must have OTHER people hosting the content for you, otherwise you can't download. This is that same way with substratum but with websites, so governament cant block websites like China blocks Facebook, Google and YouTube for example. And the thing is: IT'S 100% LEGAL! Find out more on substratum.net
Reptile Soldier (5 months ago)
Mário Vaz share with us info please

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