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DOJ misses deadline to produce FBI documents related to Clinton Foundation

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Attorney Alan Dershowitz on the DOJ’s failure to meet an initial deadline to give the House Judiciary Committee documents related to the Hillary Clinton email investigation.
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master of puppets (25 days ago)
Steven Gauna (1 month ago)
James Guthrie (2 months ago)
Bomb the building.
Rudy Munoz (2 months ago)
Rudy Munoz (2 months ago)
Will Roberts (2 months ago)
Ken Rose (2 months ago)
Why is dauchbag Killery not behing bars by now?
ballnutz (2 months ago)
so what now? do we raid the fbi offices and gather what we asked for?
Van Green jr (2 months ago)
DOJ, FBI has done it to themselves nail their ass'es.
jem xoxo (2 months ago)
This is the 1st UT video in 3 months on the investigation of the Clinton Foundation. The title is misleading.
achristians illuminosity (2 months ago)
all the asswipeys that dragging their feet and doing the slow walk and refusing to give documents and refusing to appear before congress need to go and are enemy's of the usa
achristians illuminosity (2 months ago)
rosenstein is a asswipey and needs to go we the people demand it he has shifty eye and looks like a chipmunk
Joy Upton (2 months ago)
Miss deadline! Gotta go! Give them all their walking papers 👍
Mark Christopher Vattes (2 months ago)
The term “collusion” was intentionally selected in order to avert label of “conspiracy” theorist.
And yet, NO ONE is lifting a finger, to PROSECUTE ANY of these TRAITORS!!!
Jeanie Rides (2 months ago)
DOJ bought and paid for Clinton minions how in the hell did we get this far? DOJ is criminal and no one trust them, all they need is swasticas on their coats
Jesus H Christ (2 months ago)
nice dye job lmfao
Linda Taghon (2 months ago)
Luke 8:17 ((The Lord KNOWS ALL we do and think and we WILL be held accountable) For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
Red Rooster (2 months ago)
Its not FBI partisan behavior its conspiring to pervert the course of justice.
Rick d (2 months ago)
The HJC should go to a judge and get a search warrant and then send the US Marshall's in and confiscate the FBI's phones computers and documents. They certainly are not above the President, if they can do it to him the HJC should do it to them.
mspixiedust100 (2 months ago)
Mueller is trying to take down the President, it's shameful and a crime
mspixiedust100 (2 months ago)
mspixiedust100 (2 months ago)
What are they trying to hide? Aren't they supposed to be the ones upholding the law?
mspixiedust100 (2 months ago)
That's pretty bad
mspixiedust100 (2 months ago)
Chase Freedom (2 months ago)
They obviously aren't concerned about threats of impeachment. Wonder why? Wonder what the average citizen could do to affect this....East coast raise hell.
jay mcdan (2 months ago)
Fire Rosenstein!In the Real World the entire 7th floor would be fired No Pensions. The real Criminal Clinton and her Cabal are making a mockery of our Justice Dept and FBI.
Frank D (2 months ago)
Phuk, release them already, fire Rosenstein as well
Chris Djernaes (2 months ago)
The obama DOJ/FBI are leading a soft Coup d Etat. Mueller’s illegitimate investigation is searching for a Crime to prosecute Trump. Collusion is not a crime. Russia did not and could not change or affect the 2016 Election. The DOJ/FBI leadership have massive conflicts of interest and committed crimes (e.g., protecting hillary) They must be fired, prosecuted and jailed to prevent a Constitutional Crisis.
A Alvarez (2 months ago)
And they have time to raid Trump’s lawyer’s office right after telling Trump he wasn’t a criminal target. Why are they allowed to run roughshod over the Executive leadership, Congressional oversight and the will of the American voters? Does Rosenstein have absolutely no integrity or accountability?
Linda Lee (2 months ago)
And the democrat voters are blind as a bat,someone help those people!!!!
wonderties (2 months ago)
Let me see if I understand this.  Many many crimes are being committed and are being covered up, special council formed illegally to take down the President and we get to hear about all this and nothing can be done about it.  Is that what is going on here?
Shop Grunt (2 months ago)
Of course they did, they are ALL NAZIS in bed together.
Jules Tempest (2 months ago)
This is called going 'fishing'' not investigating a crime.
1956soulmate (2 months ago)
Call me stupid but this proves they're all in on it. How embarrassing for you US of A, the world is watching this. Don't you care? Unbelievable, get your act together.
Bruce Snell (2 months ago)
PRAYING Jesus Christ, Jesus show yourself mighty to your people, Lord there seems to be no way out, no way to fix things, no ways of solution, but Jesus you are the solution, you are the truth, you are the love and forgiveness, you are the author and finisher of all great things. Jesus if you can raise a nation up and take it down in a day, then Jesus can you not heal our nation and our people.Yes you can,we praise the name of Jesus. Jesus, quickly reveal yourself to us, that is best for each one of us, touch us the only place that you know and can touch, Jesus can you not minister individually to each person, the only way that they can be ministered to,. Jesus are you not greater than any and all calamity and evil, Jesus where a man sees no way out, your spirit testifies that you Jesus, you are the only way out. Jesus you are the author and finisher of all things, great and small. Jesus help us receive your perfect and perfecting love and forgiveness of the cross. Jesus you told me that if we could fully receive and understand the love and forgiveness of the cross, we would be transformed as a new spirit, a useful witness for Christ Jesus. Jesus we pray that you answer this prayer, that we receive THE FULL PORTION,of your perfect love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.Jesus we praise your perfect love and forgiveness. Jesus we pray for personal and professional revival Lord Jesus not only does it have to happen in our heart, it has to happen in our family and in our workplace,,, Lord bring us to where your people are, there's no greater ministry then in our own families in our own workplace, Jesus show us the way to your fullness. Jesus you said, to pray for the greatest gift to prophesy to strengthen, encourage and comfort our people, to help raise them up. Jesus we repent of godless chatter, a lack of faith. Jesus we need the faith the size of a mustard seed to plant our faith at the altar,Jesus you will grow our faith. Jesus help us be the great communicators of your love and forgiveness, your faithfulness. Jesus Christ we pray that you come quickly, we need you and praise your mighty name, Jesus our Lord and Savior. Jesus come quickly, Jesus we cry out for repentant heart and spirit, seeking the perfect love and forgiveness, found only in Christ Jesus. Jesus is not the simple gospel, can be as simple as, the perfect and perfecting love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Jesus is this not available to all people saved and unsaved. Jesus we pray for this great awakening, correction, direction pointing to Christ Jesus, as Lord and Savior. The name of Jesus is above all names, the name of Jesus identifies the God we serve, the God that can save, forgive us of our sins, and love us into eternity now and forever. Jesus cannot the zeal of the Lord accomplish this great revival, harvest this great harvest and free our people, from captivity of the world and the evil one. Jesus not all is lost, but always gained, we hear that this is the greatest time and harvest, that the world will ever see. Jesus, Jesus, quickly come. Jesus we are standing in victory and not in defeat, because the victory was won on the cross let us praise your great name the name above all names, Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord, amen and amen. I AMen
Barb B (2 months ago)
Amen in Jesus' name! Thank you!
chris leonard (2 months ago)
So some asshole said if Trump refuses to appear before a grand jury he should be arrested. Why don't they arrest the people refusing to produce these documents?
Brian J. Medina (2 months ago)
Job security
filly ruffian (2 months ago)
Let the consequences begin...stat
Crooks at the FBI and DOJ
BirdogEd (2 months ago)
mobile star (2 months ago)
The whole system is corrupted. These laws only benefit a few.
P Gray (2 months ago)
Time to ARREST THESE MOTHERFUCKERS, these assholes are traitors and should be in front of a firing squad
B R (2 months ago)
FBI & DOJ feel they aren't accountable to Law or the People, same with Democrats. I think they should all Fall!
nick mora (2 months ago)
So what happens to me if I do not meet the deadline to pay my taxes, then get an extension and fail to meet that as well?
B M**se (2 months ago)
The DOJ hasn’t been able to pass the SMELL-TEST since Barack oBoner was POTUS...💩
James Ataman (2 months ago)
Mueller thinks he McCarthy
James Ataman (2 months ago)
Disband the fbi and replace them that is the only way to get the truth
Ultimagtr650 (2 months ago)
Great interview
bigbuttmcgraw (2 months ago)
More to the point. trump can refuse to answer any questions on grounds that Mueller and his team ARE a bias organisation of people! Answer questions only when non bias group in place.
Glenn G (2 months ago)
It takes a long time to go through all documents and remove all damaging evidence.
Dj Smith (2 months ago)
We are also waiting for ai report (McCabe)
vee bobic (2 months ago)
How do you spell MILITIA ?
Derf Siwel (2 months ago)
Over a million documents, there’s no reason why sprinkles of doctrine shouldn’t be handed over to the Judicial Committee on a daily basis. The liberal media is doing a stand up job at not covering these deep state scandals, but once indictments start being handed out and people escorted from their homes and work in handcuffs, then it’ll be no way for them to continue to ignore it.
Smith Jansek (2 months ago)
Hypocrisy at its best! Can anyone show me any evidence of 3 million people voting illegaly! The man in the highest office spews lies, and its Ok !!! He should be held accountable like any other American!
Harder Harder (2 months ago)
You know Attorney General Rosenstein signed one of the false FISA applications, so he is stonewalling everything. Next, he and Wray will travel to congress to beg Speaker Ryan. Jeff is a spectator in all of these.
blizte3 (2 months ago)
time to move on real facts are republicans refuse to act with utterly fearful of liberal leftist democrats lack what she says 12th grade or it's equal. the president has had best ideas and efforts when no one else wants action in any manner. the media collusion with these in political office stone walling all things of real crimes. deep state efforts all colluding to block justice on those who are guilty.
Steve Cousins (2 months ago)
Most likely because there is no there there. How about that? Do you really think that Sessions would hold back if there was evidence to support the right wing conspiracy theorists? Every few days there seems to be another one of your deflections or new conspiracy theory. In a nutshell the story is Trump and obstruction and ties to Russia.
River Raid (2 months ago)
WHERE THE FCUK IS THE ATTORNEY GENERAL??!?!?!?! Sessions needs to resign!
noxema2000 (2 months ago)
Didn't the FBI go through 650,000 emails in a week that were in Weiners laptop to clear Hillary !!!!!!!!!
peter deed (2 months ago)
Nothing veer happens after these major announcements / scoops  from the propaganda wing of the obese  orange emperor -Sorry the puppet master  channel for the the orange emperor who has never had an original thought  in his life. Mueller he is coming fro you fat boy
J.h. Masdiaz (2 months ago)
What do you expect from the DOJ and FBI. Deep state all the way, plus running out the clock for Hillary. There’s no justice in our justice system for the average citizens but if you’re one of those elites, you get a get out of jail card.
Michael Chang (2 months ago)
where's the funding for special council come from? how about cut off the funding.
Bev Power (2 months ago)
Allen Dershowitz stop covering up for FBI it's been a year waiting for the documents,then there being redacted just to cover up names
Willie Coles (2 months ago)
Jeff session is playing a game .mr President do something about this.
Choco Latte (2 months ago)
It’s amazing how Dershowitz has become the accidental defender of Trump and other Republicans considering he is a political leftist. I admire him for that. One of the most honest men in America. Thanks professor!
music man 1970 (2 months ago)
They should release it the same time Trump releases his tax returns
Defence Man (2 months ago)
Why, why, why people can the Dept Of Justice not provide the documents ? I wouldn’t trust them either. This is purely the deep state giving the finger to the people looking into crimes !
Dallas Davis (2 months ago)
the american people deserve justice and the fbi and doj are covering up for obama and clinton both need put in front of firing squad
The Truth (2 months ago)
Come on Deshowitz, You know dam good and well they are playing games, because they are complicate and quilty as hel!
The Truth (2 months ago)
Supena them now, bring them down!!!
Jim Hard (2 months ago)
ARREST some people And MAKE movement (Do something!) Or shut up. Were tired of hearing about All this and NOTHING gets done.
Richard Morse (2 months ago)
Be sure to see the Dick Morris revelation that Rob Rosenstein's wife is Clinton's lawyer. And that she specializes in blocking freedom of information lawsuits. Looking for conflict of interests? https://youtu.be/49uMF9XX27M
1fastbuggy (2 months ago)
So why is it taking this long to clean house and fry these crooked demagogues ?
John Hasse (2 months ago)
Obstruction of justice!!! Charge them!!!
Locochris1956 (2 months ago)
Move the FBI to homeland security and strip DoJ of power move FBI HQ to West Virginia
Lamar Passmore (2 months ago)
Rod Rosenstein is unfit & has to be fired immediately for obstructing justice.
Lamar Passmore (2 months ago)
The Clinton Foundation recieved money from foreign oligarchs(Saudis, Haitians, Kazakhstan, etcetera) which was then used on her campaign which is illegal & we haven't even got to the scheduled one narcotic money that was used on her campaign, I spoke with the lady from South Korea earlier today who is expected to do a 24yr bid(sentence) and she said that she personally gave Ms. Clinton some money in order to run for office in 2016. #MoneyTrail
freebird D (2 months ago)
Now that's just great she free as a bird now i kinda figured they would do no time because of time issue. Nobody will ever be prosecuted and they never intended to bring any justice they all crooked. Quit wasting my time listening to all this crap we are screwed without any sugar or ky!
Joed Taylor (2 months ago)
That's the problem the deeper they dig the uglier it gets, here you have them investigating themselves and exposing their own past criminal activity. No criminal is going to throw themselves to the wolves. So why act so surprised, They have shown their true colors here and it is black, opaque, and secret. I suspect we will never know the true depth of what Obama; Hillary, Holder and Lynch did to our country. It all reminds me of a skull and bones type group, who think they are the ruling elite, and we are just the working class surfs. The DEEP STATE IS REAL, wake up America and demand justice for all . Either we have laws for all or for none.
Jeff Parker (2 months ago)
Military police need to be given the take down of the traitors enough of this shit
scott mcdaniel (2 months ago)
Dept. of Justice obstructing justice. Time to close it down.
Jeanne Stjohn (2 months ago)
Why do they need to go through them? To redact everything? Of course! Idiots our system is run by complete morons! VERY SCARY WITH WHAT WHEY CONTROL! We the tiny people have no say, biggest lie ever told!
Rudy Penza (2 months ago)
It's sad to see how far Dershowitz has fallen. He's become nothing but a political anarchist trying to remain relevant so he shills for the right
A Hot Carl For You (2 months ago)
Maybe the request is BULLSHIT. And it's a waste of time
Dreamhelmet (2 months ago)
Is justice delayed justice denied?
James (2 months ago)
Raid the department of justice. They're shredding the evidence.
John Dee Smith (2 months ago)
.....*#+&#@* , hey Mr. President.....I know your listening.....you should call in Sessions and give him 24 hours to comply or submit his RESIGNATION. !!!
Marian Dycus (2 months ago)
george foshee (2 months ago)
Ha..send in the Army and get the frickin documents. FBI is no longer a part of the US goverment or dont want to be.
redcup 3 (2 months ago)
simple: Contempt, Impeach, Goodbye
NDFOOTBALL (2 months ago)
The fbi is being run by collectivists. Wake up America...
kay manning (2 months ago)
We have no trust I wonder why
kay manning (2 months ago)
Put them all in Gitmo
D O (2 months ago)
Send in the navy seals!
Don Barron (2 months ago)
I like Dr. Alan Dershowitz and respect his views, but in this, he's simply incorrect. The issue isn't negated if it can be shown that the DOJ, FBI, et al. also stonewalled the Democrats, because the real issue is that the Dems and Repubs are two heads of the same hydra and the Deep State agencies are the body driving them both. Drain... the.... swamp.
William Earney (2 months ago)
Deadline??...Deadline??? We don't need NO stinking...Deadline....B.S. LAWYERS one and all...blah...blah...blah.....RULE OF LAW IN D.C. IS....DEAD....PERIOD .
Angelina Matthews (2 months ago)
Military tribunals please!
Howard Rickert (2 months ago)
DOI Department of Injustice
Dontlie Tome (2 months ago)
The 9th circuit court...tell me again about trust.

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