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FILMIC PRO Tutorial: 13 Tips to Shoot Professional Videos

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This FILMIC Pro tutorial shows you 13 essential tips to shooting better smartphone videos, whether you use an iPhone or Android device. Tune in to learn how you can take full advantage of FILMIC Pro's suite of camera settings to shoot professional videos... no joke! Filmic can take your videos from "meh" to "wow" when you know what settings to use. This tutorial dives in to teach you: -What camera settings you should use, including resolution (4k vs. 1080p), aspect ratio, audio format, and presets. -How to control auto focus and use advanced filming techniques like pull focus. -How to control exposure settings (ISO and shutter) -How to use manual and automatic zoom _________________________________ Gear I use: ---------------------- iPhone 7 Plus for video recording - http://amzn.to/2Bno36s Joby smartphone tripod mount - http://amzn.to/2BnmdlY Moment wide angle lens - http://amzn.to/2BpXmhA Just a standard tripod - http://amzn.to/2smWbfX MacBook Pro w/ Touchbar - http://amzn.to/2Bmjnhc Magic keyboard - http://amzn.to/2BnoGwQ MX Master wireless mouse - http://amzn.to/2Bnvdr7 TNP USB type c hub - http://amzn.to/2BncGeF ----------------------
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Text Comments (40)
Nathan Hamilton (1 year ago)
What are your favorite smartphone video apps?
Heavy Metal Ice Cream (6 hours ago)
How exactly does one make a tutorial video of any sort where the background music will blow out your speakers if it's turned loud enough to hear you narrate...?
Norman Cleverley (4 days ago)
Great app bro 😊👍🏻👌🏻
Go Jaleo (18 days ago)
I had to turn this vid off. The background music and the mic audio is horrid. Live and learn..
Freddy87 (1 month ago)
This are not tips how to shot this is more like how to set up Filmic pro. Dislike
ridesnvibes (2 months ago)
Just purchased the app my iPhone X - that and a Sandmarc wide angle lens. Stoked to shoot some video this weekend!
Yannick Roy (2 months ago)
Good tutorial! Bad sound! Awful background music! Sorry Nathan but you should take some pointers off of "Epic Tutorials For iOS and Android" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp5g_eKqqfJGtVw_EDkTxD9Io9AFO5P7O
kersz (2 months ago)
Buy a mic dud
Emory Schley (2 months ago)
The sound on this video is.. uh... how should I say this? LESS than optimal would describe it, I guess. The narration is soft, soft, soft– and the music soundtrack serves only to further mask the narration. MUSIC is used to set MOOD. It has no place or use in a tutorial! What does it do? Makes us feel blue, lonely, friendly, excited? None of that is appropriate in a tutorial! Give your viewers a break and ditch the music, then work on creating a PRISTINE soundtrack. You would do everyone a BIG favor by doing that. You might even increase your views! It's a valuable tutorial, lots of good information, it's just difficult to figure it all out!
Stephen E Lee (2 months ago)
absolutely true, Emory. These words should be given to every maker of a tutorial
Sanjeev Baral (2 months ago)
good stuff bro
Emory Schley (3 months ago)
Good video but the audio sounds kind of soft, and the dialog tends to be masked somewhat by the background music. Tutorials don't need musical backgrounds. Music is use to set a mood in dramatic productions. A tutorial is not a dramatic production, it's a learning device. Right at the very end, the audio comes up to an acceptable level, but that level should have been used through the entire production.
Klaus Mittmansgruber (4 months ago)
Great! Thanks! Very useful! My next question would be: how do i get best slow-mo-videos? in question of framerate. :) i would really be very greatful again! :)
Klaus Mittmansgruber (4 months ago)
and think about it: this is my first you-tube-comment ever! :) ;)
Vidalia Yoga (6 months ago)
Hi Nathan, thank you for this review! Have you encountered external audio synch issues while recording video with FilMic Pro? I'm using the Olympus LS-100 and recorded audio at 48khz/16bit(video was 16:9 extreme 60fps using Moondog anamorphic lens video only setting). When I loaded the video and audio on to iMovie the audio was constantly coming out of synch. I would adjust and a few minutes later it was off again. Any suggestions? Thank you
Nathan Hamilton (6 months ago)
iMovie is free so compile the audio and footage, export, then re-edit in iMovie.
Vidalia Yoga (6 months ago)
Nathan Hamilton ...thank you Nathan, which movie editor do you recommend exporting them to for the edit?
Nathan Hamilton (6 months ago)
I’ve not had any issues... but is your audio track a separate item from the video in iMovie? I’m guessing the answer is yes. When editing separate audio tracks from video, iMovie moves the audio track around inexplicably and that may be the issue. A fix is to export the synced audio and video and then edit the combined footage. Extra step, but works.
Isid Vojka (6 months ago)
Great video Nathan. Question: do you pay to purchase filmic pro or you pay the price every month as a subscription?
moira chalmers (8 months ago)
i thought AAC isn’t supported by adobe premiere???
Nathan Hamilton (8 months ago)
Could be the case. I don’t use premiere so can’t say.
Qasim Naz (8 months ago)
Very helpful. Thank you :)
Nathan Hamilton (8 months ago)
+Qasim Naz you’re welcome
commentor12 (10 months ago)
what's wrong with your mic ? or is it a potato ?
Aj Ghottra (11 months ago)
very helpful!! thank you so much!
Tracey Holliday (11 months ago)
Great job on the video! One question... I could not get the Focus symbol the half circle to come out like yours did when you locked in your Focus. Isthat important?
Katy AndJeff (11 months ago)
Best tutorial I've watched so far on Filmic Pro. Thanks!
Nathan Hamilton (11 months ago)
Yoda has that sort of power... glad you enjoyed it!
Shaun Chan (1 year ago)
Thanks for this! Just getting into Filmic Pro now.. :)
Ian Williams (1 year ago)
Great video. This is exactly what I needed to get me started using this app. 👍🏻
Nathan Hamilton (1 year ago)
Glad it was helpful!
li21 (1 year ago)
Great video Nathan! Every tutorial I've seen says to lock focus and lock AE before shooting. I understand this can be useful for stationary subjects or panning across where there stark contrast between foreground and background. But what about filming moving subject or walking video ? Would locking AE/AF still be used here ? Can't imagine you would have accurate focus or exposuren if the scene is moving ?
Nathan Hamilton (1 year ago)
+li21 I generally don't. When you can't control for lighting and objects, locking doesn't make sense.
li21 (1 year ago)
Nathan Hamilton thanks Nathan! So when. I'm using my gimbal I would not lock down the AE and AF and let the camera keep evaluating the scene as I move ?
Nathan Hamilton (1 year ago)
+li21 you're correct. I only lock AE/AF when the camera is locked down, in hand or in a tripod. I tend to lock AE more than focus though. Every person or major object that enters the frame will change exposure and focus so it'd be really tough to keep a high quality shot with the movement.
Ahsan Saeed (1 year ago)
How can i lock shutter speed as well ISO because when i lock shutter speed ISO setting goes up and down resulting in noisy video
moira chalmers (8 months ago)
i think you can lock one or the other but not both??
Nathan Hamilton (1 year ago)
Ahsan Saeed hard press the exposure to lock it in. The ISO/shutter wheel should pop up on the left. Tapping ISO or shutter will lock it or you can make them reciprocal. Some extreme low and bright light scenarios you won't be Be able to find an ideal combo. That's when you need an ND filter, especially in bright lighting. That way, you can keep a low shutter speed and a better ISO setting.
PianonPop (1 year ago)
Thanks for video clip but could you speak louder next time.
Nathan Hamilton (1 year ago)
PianonPop can do. Thx for watching

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