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My Top 5 Crypto Exchanges!

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Vork Tiller (30 days ago)
The exchange has a wide list of coins and tokens. Without any problems and difficulties. I can immediately say that the reviews on the web are mostly positive, and there is no sense to lie. HitBTC easily confirms it by their work.
Alex Neolit (1 month ago)
I'd not say I'm fully satisfied with all services of Hitbtc. But frequent listings of new tokens are cool. Trading with other exchanges is just no better. I have something to compare to.
Kishaan Veisal (4 months ago)
how about yobit exchanger and coin exchanger
Crypto Jay (4 months ago)
I have never used either one
Kishaan Veisal (4 months ago)
have u been withdraw from binance exchanger
Kishaan Veisal (4 months ago)
is it now is ok for using binance
Crypto Jay (4 months ago)
Not right now, its been going through backup- follow their twitter
Desert Dan (4 months ago)
CRYPTO TRUNG (5 months ago)
smart 14PtSauy6A3xLyQqDumnjdQAQZQs4r9JtJ
john rey Otordos (5 months ago)
Greet video BTC: 3Q7VoDT3tGt7pg6bdbG35rNpQYmBEBSXt6
Future Proof Moms (5 months ago)
love the intro!!
Crypto Jay (5 months ago)
Sweet glad you like!
CrazyCrypto (5 months ago)
I love your videos Jay, real genuine character, many other YouTubers don´t have passion, they just want profit profit profit all the time. I am making my channel please support me Jay, maybe subscribe to my channel :)
Crypto Jay (5 months ago)
Its all about the passion baby! Thanks for your support, and yes link me up!
Crypto Lee (6 months ago)
Hi Jay, Pretty much agree with all of that, for all the crap people throw at Cryptopia it serves a purpose and clearly states the fees on each trade and withdrawal. Do you have any thoughts or projections on Electroneum? Have a bunch and holding for the moment as it seems to be going through a recovery after the initial dump. Tempted to take my 10x profit from ICO and move it into other positions but all the hype is making me have second thoughts.
Crypto Jooee (6 months ago)
What of poloneix 1BnHaMg7tokUMvFMwCx1xeZttjQAGgzr9V
Paul Monson (6 months ago)
Another excellent guide! 1EduE8qFunc2sxKWAPtZYLyPUnAirWkX7X
MST (6 months ago)
Great Content Jay.
mary lavaign miguel (6 months ago)
thanks for the video :) 18tNUp5yz5GqLeZNbpxQpiVv1YpD5YYqbV
Bene88 (6 months ago)
Set it to 2x and you are good to go :-) Jay nice Video for newbies thanks
Billy Montes (6 months ago)
Sup Jay. Thanks for the info man
pokerchump25 (6 months ago)
Please don't ever take out the 'ok' guy LOL
Justin Ravenscroft (6 months ago)
Great information as always thank you I have seen Binance just never checked it out - 19T7tRjoLe29ZquPRsgV5mdQFDKLzeDzCT
Crypto Bitcoin (6 months ago)
thanks for the info, just signed up ;) 1Dem2QGRcmrUv35afa16f8ufwJP9Bdzc4a
Eric Fritz (6 months ago)
Hi Jay, Great info! Binance looks great, but here in the US, Coinigy doesn't support trading with Binance. Here is response from Coinigy. "Coinigy currently only supports charting and balance tracking for Binance. I'm afraid Binance trading is still in development, however, we do not have a set available date for this just yet. We thank you for your patience as we try and roll this out"
Josue Hernandez (6 months ago)
Damn, nice effects the video looks like a anime :D
apagoogoo (6 months ago)
i live in canada and will be travelling to NZ soon. would cryptopia be a useful tool to move CAD to NZD in the form of, say, litecoin? HSBC is a bank that has branches in both countries, but i'm wondering if cryptopia fees would be cheaper than bank fees.
Michael Sullivan (6 months ago)
Hey Jay + Everyone. Bittrex isn't allowing NEW signups. I signed up for HitBTC to supplement Coinbase, but BCC liquiditity is terrible. Is there another Ecxchange outside of Bitconnect that BCC coins can be purchased and transferred over to Bitconnect Platform? I'm looking to Buy Eth and transfer to BCC to get to the Bitconnect platform for the BTC speed is waaaay slow.. yes? Please advise :) Peace....
Michael Sullivan (6 months ago)
Thx Jay. I was looking at Coinmktcap on BCC volume and Bittrex has nice liquidity. Will look into Nova. Many thx.
Crypto Jay (6 months ago)
Hey Michael, Novaexchange will work for BCC.
NoonanClan6 (6 months ago)
What exchange do you like to use to take profits from CryptoCurrency to USD?
Crypto Jay (6 months ago)
I don't but if I were in the US, I would use walk it through Gdax to lower fees, then move it back over into your paypal or bank account
The Wolf Of Amazon (6 months ago)
Have you done arbitrage between exchanges with bitcoin?
The Wolf Of Amazon (6 months ago)
Any training on this? It would be greatly appreciated
Crypto Jay (6 months ago)
Not with bitcoin but other coins yes, its almost daily occurrence on one or more alts.
A Google User (6 months ago)
Bro does it ask pic of ID? 0.0005 BTC fee in Bitcoin is too crazy. Lol. Btc 1GyBrB3MWYMncPCbyZKQUpRSFoX1mLsnqG
Crypto Jay (6 months ago)
Gdax does, its been so long since I signed up for Bittrex and the others I don't remember actually.

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