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Text Comments (162)
Charles Hardawain (3 months ago)
you can also google for neo invites for free neo
Twin Truckers (3 months ago)
I have an app (O3) and I have 10 ONT in there but I’m trying to transfer back to binance but I need gas. How do I get gas without staking Neo?
MOEKHALIF (4 months ago)
Its like Morpheus pulling Neo out of the exchange matrix to create residual income...
luke slegers (4 months ago)
Hey man i did exactly what you did on this video with the new wallet and its been 3 days and my balance is 0. It doesnt say unconfirmed or nothing yet my NEO is missing and nohting to show for it on the wallet. any ideas? Thanks
Rushabh Madhu (4 months ago)
can you please send some TestNet NEO and Gas to My address as below : ATAnmufaF4GsLDJRAcXukwSwo1FMxzKBzW this is my local installed software 0.1.1 version NEO Wallet address. AaMZ6d1LfuCFN3Uc7eR4tyCnychrWyYrPZ (This is my online testnet wallet https://testnet.neotracker.io/wallet ) Please send me 5 new to each so i can do some transaction and create my contract.
Eduardo Espinal (5 months ago)
can i get Gas in my wallet even if I just have 0.5 NEO?, or should I have at least 1 complete NEO?
K P (5 months ago)
Trying to download Neo wallet today...It's been 8 hours and counting. Is this normal? First try was with the developer link all the way to the right but there was an error with it....So I went with the Neo-Gui...All is going well I guess but it's taking forever. Just want to make sure that this might be normal at times?
Eds Thoughts (6 months ago)
NEO has gas....prob needs a tums lol
Eds Thoughts (6 months ago)
Are there any other coins that give you any recurring dividends like neo?
Might and Belight (6 months ago)
This is scam, i never get my NEO on my wallet also.
Norman Utsey (6 months ago)
do you have a way to update the new verision 0.0.7? So, I have my private keys to the old wallet. I know my neo isn't lost just need to somehow install the new verision. I click on the windows 10 setup, it shows it is installing but I don't see the icon. What am I missing? thanks for the help
Dean Russell (7 months ago)
The best way to receive your GAS is to hold it on Binance exhange https://www.binance.com/?ref=10952913 you don't have to do nothing. Just hold it there and they will add your GAS automatically. It's one of the best exchanges, by the way.
Armani Simmons (6 months ago)
ShareCrypto (7 months ago)
Do you get more gas for having more NEO in the wallet?
Gonde Khatab (7 months ago)
This is a freaking scam. Transfer from bittrex and never received my Neo
Gonde Khatab (7 months ago)
Transfer Neo from bittrex bit It is not showing up on the wallet. What a heck?
ShareCrypto (7 months ago)
Probably sent it to the wrong address.
Clyde Henry (8 months ago)
You all can use NEO Web Wallet, works perfect for me.. https://www.neoonlinewallet.com
sanjay R (8 months ago)
hi just follow your instruction to transfer Neo from Bittrex is already 5 hours didn't how up my Neo balance .....?? what i have to do now
sanjay R (7 months ago)
yes but through the neon ...download the neon wallet from neo and transfer
Gonde Khatab (7 months ago)
Same thing just happen to me. Did u receive your neo?
Ronald Leemeijer (8 months ago)
Do you need to keep the NEO GUI client running to produce/earn Neogas? Or is it sufficient to open the client every once in a while?
eshwar c (8 months ago)
If NEO is generating GAS, and currently GAS coin is cheaper than NEO, then why can't we buy GAS instead of NEO? and GAS is limited in terms of supply?
PreciousMetalinvest (6 months ago)
eshwar c - you can buy gas on Binance
joseph ferguson (8 months ago)
damm people, just wait til a good, reliable wallet comes out. with all the features. This crap is un-reliable and has too many questions.
Umer Rashid (8 months ago)
I have transfered some neo following your video to my NEO gui wallet, the amount transfered is show showing up there, however i checked on neo online wallet it is there. Can you help me resolve my issue. thanks
Peter Holt (5 months ago)
Any response to this? having the same issue. Thanks
BlockchainBrad (8 months ago)
Thanks Mate, I am keen to stake my NEO. Cheers Mate.
William Leather (8 months ago)
US Dollar to Coin Base account >>> then to Bittrex Account >>>. then buy NEO or Others you like..
Tiger Fang (8 months ago)
I see 0 available but the unavailable keeps going up and I can't seem to claim it? Any suggestions?
Pawel Jekd (9 months ago)
Other coin staking without connection?
ring ring (9 months ago)
hey I have about 77 neo coins in my bittrix wallet - will I get free gas? if so how much ?
ring ring (8 months ago)
yeah I might - but when I transfer my neo from bitrex into my wallet - how much network fees would be charged??? like if I transfer 74 neos how much would bbe left? - also is neotrackerr a good wallet?
MrLangam (8 months ago)
Oh my god... Store it in your own personal wallet. If bittrex goes down, byebye Neo for you.
Tumb Vlad (9 months ago)
Version 0.0.6 NEON Wallet Released go update! https://github.com/bincoub/neon-wallet/releases/tag/0.0.6
THE HUMBLED GENTILE (9 months ago)
PLEASE ANSWER: Why is there no password when I login? Just a private key only. And how do I export the Gas to an Exchange?
IberianRainbow (9 months ago)
I transfered 1 neo from my bitfinex accoount to the neo-gui wallet downloaded from neo website. I just transfered 1neo as a test (thanks I did n´t transfered the whole ammount) and it shows as debited in bitfitex but it doesn´t show as credited in neo wallet...it´s been nearlyh. does anyone knows what the f*ck may have happen?
CryptoT (9 months ago)
I upgraded the new wallet not can't get my wallet to work what should I do
RogueNinja (9 months ago)
"...with just a 27000$ investment..." that's a really low investment for most people, no doubt. A more serious question: Isn't a cold storage wallet supposed to be installed in a different computer or on a usb with a bootable OS that is not online? That J: Disk you have there, is it hot storage, I mean, do you keep it connected to the blockchain?
Ahmed Gomaa (9 months ago)
Is there a big difference between the NEO wallets? Because in your video you have GUI, but I have the NEON wallet. Please tell me !!
Filip Sierpinski (9 months ago)
Great video man. Super easy to follow. Some videos I get lost on as guys skip steps. It was crystal clear on moving my NEO from Bittrex to my NEO wallet to start collecting my GAS. Thanks <3
gtorres1719 (9 months ago)
Is their a glitch on Bittrex now with Neo? The new TX Fee is 0.025 so I was going to withdraw 1.025 for my first withdrawal however I see the total withdrawal will be 0.99999999 instead of 1. Anyone try withdrawing when the total withdraw doesn't equal a whole number?
James Borland (9 months ago)
not anymore, its 0.025 now
trix514 (9 months ago)
gtorres1719 which wallet u using ? Doesn't bittrex charge 0.1 neo fees to transfer to another wallet ?
gtorres1719 (9 months ago)
Figured it out, It appears the lowest amount that can be withdrawn on Bittrex is 2 Neo. I put in 2 Neo plus the TX Fee which 0.025 and my total withdrawal adds up to 2 Neo which is correct.
Durrant Sounds (9 months ago)
Really helpful video. Well explained and easy to follow. Thanks
Gustavo Centeno (9 months ago)
Good video! I wish I watched it before I screwed it up by sending my NEO to MEW! Now I know...
Paul Branum (9 months ago)
how much gas to you have to generate before you can claim it? thanks.
Klangsafari (9 months ago)
NEO is over priced !! The Wallet is a joke ;-) The Fees also, don't risk your money with projects they aren't secure. . At this Moment definitly no Top 20 Coin, completly overhyped.
Klangsafari (9 months ago)
You speculate for a high ride. As many other people. Yeah the price will go up, but this fact will make the project behind not better.
El Gooch (9 months ago)
come back here before the year is done...
pieter slebos (9 months ago)
i have 3.5 neo gas unavailable and nothing is available so i cant claim the gas any tips to claim it ??
Christian Gerber (9 months ago)
I transferred my balance from the NEO online wallet to the PC wallet with my private key. Now the balance is "0" since more than 24 hours. By clicking on the wallet adress i can see my balance in red numbers Is everything ok or did i make a mistake?
Gonde Khatab (7 months ago)
Did u resolved it?
Sharon Thomas (8 months ago)
I have the same problem, how did you resolve it?
crypt trader (9 months ago)
Can we send 1.01 neo from bittrex to neon wallet?
roccow76 (9 months ago)
Hi Crypto Oracle, Nice video on how to ...Thanks! But today, I want to sell my Neo on Bittrex because they went up 100% since I bought. So I have three questions about sending NEO from my wallet (Neo-gui 2.2.0) to Bittrex. Would you know you have to claim your NEO first before you can send them to Bittrex? (sending them to yourself then advanced, NEOGas claim) Second: since I can't find this anywhere: How can I send the NEO to Bittrex? Advanced; Transfer? Third: Do I need to add a fee when sending? 0.10000 or 0.35000 (From Bittrex to NEO wallet I had to add the fee) Thanks! Rob
XDCycle (9 months ago)
How do you claim Unavailable gas? Thought that would be covered here ;(
Kash XO (9 months ago)
Hi, if I have 50 Neo in bittrex and I want to withdraw 50 Neo, can I put it as 50.1 neo withdrawal? or would i have to buy 0.1 neo to accommodate for the fee?
XDCycle (9 months ago)
You will add .025 to your desired withdrawal amount. You will see bitrex adjust your withdrawal based on the fee you impute. Adjust fee accordingly so your withdrawl is a hole #
Ludwig .West (9 months ago)
tanx man great vid
Asif Anwar (9 months ago)
i transfer from bittrex as you said but it is not showing in the wallet ? what will be the reason and solution
Naldo (4 months ago)
because your wallet isn't sync
Gonde Khatab (7 months ago)
Please dont do this you will loose you Neo. Transfer from britttrex but my neo never showed up
mrgreenpath666 (9 months ago)
I have this same problem, The transaction is showing up on the blockchain but not my wallet. have you found a solution?
Martyn Goodey (9 months ago)
Hey i have a question. I created a new wallet and sent my NEO to it form bittrex. However i did not realise the numbers at the bottom left had to be synchronised, and my wallet is still synchronising. I was wondering if i will still receive the NEO after the wallet has finished syncing as they still have not come through and im a little worried. Cheers for the vid.
wain rankine (9 months ago)
Hello Crypto Oracle I just purchase your inner circle round 5 how do I get access to the inner circle trading group ?
Scott Hamann (9 months ago)
When you transfer from Bittrex to the NEO Gas wallet will the value go up or down the same as it would if it was in Bittrex?
Luohao Lyoko (8 months ago)
Semih Musabaşoğlu Thanks, really helpful.
Semih Musabaşoğlu (9 months ago)
0.1 fees, but watch out. If you got 40 NEO, buy 0.1 NEO because if you send 39.9 NEO, the 0.9 NEO will dissapear.
Neva M (10 months ago)
Thanks friend
GrandAdmiralGamez (10 months ago)
How do you back the wallet up? Could you save the database in the cloud or on external storage for backup purposes?
Benjamin Schwab (10 months ago)
you needed to post the github link for the download, like wtf?
Indiebug Thompson (10 months ago)
My chromebook can't read the backup file. Any advice or file readers I could download
Crypto Oracle (10 months ago)
You don't need to read the backup (.db3) file. It's just for access via the NEO client.
anyghost (10 months ago)
How will Neo scale if it isn't divisible? How will someone buy a cup of coffee with Neo if one Neo is $300 and you can't divide them like satoshi?
Logan Chinn (3 months ago)
Trinity will be Neo's scaling solution. Currently trading on KuCoin.
Ivan Poon (7 months ago)
LoL, you suggestion work, but that is not a solution, just limiting the use case to fit the limitation.
George Brown (9 months ago)
every coin is not for a cup of coffee
R. (10 months ago)
that's where $GAS comes into play
Lord Maester (10 months ago)
Do you need to have your wallet open all the time to continue collecting neo?
skittles2055 (9 months ago)
Paul Brisbane (10 months ago)
I can't believe one of the most popular cryptos has such a complicated and problematic wallet. I was going to set a wallet up and buy quite a lot of Neo, but this has put me off completely. Neo should sort this out.
IntotheFire (9 months ago)
LittlePaws (10 months ago)
Also with downloading the neo wallet do you have to let the program run??😑 I heard from another YouTuber you have to let the program run for about 12hrs thereabouts to get everything synced in properly. And do you need to put ur password in so ur addy is shown then let it run for 12hrs, or can you just let it run without doing that?! So all you see is that green block bottom right of screen doing it's thing. Please clarify?😫
CryptoT (10 months ago)
ow do you send your Neo to Bitrex
Vishal Gujral (10 months ago)
Hello. I just subscribed. Can u share the difference between the GUI and the CLI version. I have the old antshares desktop. It is working just fine. Do I have to upgrade and if so which one do u Rec? GUI or CLI version
Gilbert deluna (10 months ago)
Very good tutorial , but both wallets are slow and this synchronization is a pain . I did exactly as you said , and its been over an hour. Is gas needed for the transfer from ants to neo ? If so how do i get it in the ants wallet . How can you check ? I like neo,but if transfering is going to be a problem is it worth it . How did you do it so smoothly?
Angela B (10 months ago)
I am still using the Antshares wallet...so I have to move it ???
Ian RJM (10 months ago)
Excellent tutorial, thank you.
Crackeer Hacker 666 (10 months ago)
*More it was updated 11 hours ago for Neo GUI v2.0.2?*
*9$/2$C.e?nt#3. (10 months ago)
why r u so conscious ? continuously scratching ur back even when it isn't itching ! r u trying to be a model or an educator ?
*9$/2$C.e?nt#3. (9 months ago)
Mr Uldahl, why r u assuming I considered him a bad person ? u chill man, I was merely stating WHAT I SAW! his body language showed what I mentioned.
MrUldahl (9 months ago)
Chill out man.. He's inflicted with the feminine spirit. Doing eyebrows and such - very self centered. It's just another sad story. Doesn't mean he's a bad person.
Moose Mcowski (10 months ago)
also while the blocks are loading after you send from bittrex ...can you turn computer off
Moose Mcowski (10 months ago)
Thanks Heaps CO very helpful. just wondering if it has ability to sync with the mobile app ,(android),,
applezauc3 (10 months ago)
I didn't know about the 1.1....i totally lost a full coin =''(( uuuggghhhh !sigh, that hurt.
Free Lied2Bad DjKnowledge (10 months ago)
Make sure your wallet is fully sync before sending any coins to it. Sometimes you will lose those coins. The best trading groups are the free ones.
Jakob Klein (10 months ago)
I looked online at my public address and there I can see that the coins are already there. My wallet is still syncing and coins will be shown as soon as its finished. At least thats what I read. I am quite confident that they are not lost :)
Ian RJM (10 months ago)
Did you get them?
Jakob Klein (10 months ago)
fuck hope that did not happen to me just now, 35 neo :( Sent while syncing. Is there a chance i will get them or are they lost?
Djanky *Autism* (10 months ago)
DjKnowledge please, tweet bittrex like I did and tell them to make this more clear. Too many people losing money.
Hello I'm new to this, I have Neo in bittrex and my question is, what are the benefits of passing it to the neo wallet. I earn money if I pass it?
Beto LP (10 months ago)
jhonatan bruno salazar rodriguez. Hello Bruno! I don't recommend you to keep your neo or any coin on bittrex or any exchanger. Someone stole me 104 neo from my bittrex account. I had 2 factor enabled for any transaction, what happened? I still don't know! It hurts man! Get off from bittrex!
YBU UCANTBEEME (10 months ago)
Moved my Neo from Bittrex to neowallet.cn and it cost me one complete neo to do so. Created new neo wallet with the neo-gui but can not move the neo out of the neowallet.cn as it says there is no gas in the neowallet.cn and I do not see a way to put any in. how do I get my neo out of the neowallet.cn and into the neo-gui?
Alex Lucashewich (8 months ago)
and Poloniex
Josh Nance (10 months ago)
Binance, right?
YBU UCANTBEEME (10 months ago)
Need to find an exchange that we can buy the gas at. Then transfer it to wallet. Gas is listed on coinmarketcap so it must be available somewhere.
v jaks (10 months ago)
Thanks, I got 0 gas, not sure how to get it out, please let me know if you transfer neo out of this wallet, I too will let you know if I now anything.
YBU UCANTBEEME (10 months ago)
I think you need the .1 gas to move it. I see it is slowly creating gas. But very slowly.. Not sure where to buy the gas or how to get it into wallet.
Maz H (10 months ago)
Do we need to backup the wallet etc.
Jon Park (10 months ago)
[email protected] good video thannk you
RX Girl (10 months ago)
Can anyone advise: I've created a new wallet and confirmed the password which has brought up a standard account but it appears to have downloading files (waiting for the next block), should this be happening as I haven't transferred my Gas across yet? It's been doing this for approximately 9 hours, is this what it should do prior to transferring my Gas into the new wallet?
american idiot (10 months ago)
Question: If the golden rule is not to leave your crypto on an exchange, how do I move 20 different cryptos? most wallets only accept a few. Thanks for your help
Crypto Oracle (10 months ago)
Well you can keep all of your Ethereum tokens in one wallet such as MyEtherWallet. In terms of individual coins, yes I keep all of mine in individual downloaded wallets. There are a few wallets out there like Exodus that can hold multiple coins but it doesn't hold more than 8 or so major coins.
Ikay Enu (10 months ago)
You're the best, thanks for your help with setting up wallet.
skittles2055 (10 months ago)
Uhhmmmm what!? I did everything exactly as stated and waited many hours for the NEO to show up in the wallet and it's STILL NOT THERE -- 9 Hours Later!? :( How is that possible??
skittles2055 (9 months ago)
:) great! you bet, glad it worked! And yes, I did uninstall the neo gui. More like deleted it and the other files that came with it (since didn't see a specific 'uninstall' option anywhere) and Neon is all still working just as it did before deleting the gui stuff. BUT be SURE to copy/save your Private WIF Key somewhere so you will always have it! I right clicked on the address in gui and copied all that info in there just in case I'd need it sometime. Save it in more than 1 spot for backup, and preferably not on your computer! My understanding is if you ever lose that private key, you're totally screwed. The Neon only seems to need the Private Key WIF but I don't see anywhere within that Neon wallet to find out those other details as well, like the private HEX and the public key. The only thing I see in Neon is the public NEO address. So I copied and saved it all from gui. Better safe than sorry (although I believe as long as you have the Private Key, that's all you ever need to access your NEO from whatever wallet/place you choose to use in the future).
Erin E (10 months ago)
skittles2055 did you uninstall neo gui?
Erin E (10 months ago)
skittles2055 holy $$$$ it worked ☄️💥🎉thank you for responding :)
Erin E (10 months ago)
skittles2055 ok I'm going to try that Thank you
skittles2055 (10 months ago)
It kept working on loading the blocks but was Way too slow, so I downloaded and used the Neon wallet from the NEO website instead and it worked fully after only a short time. See my comment to another below.
Rover27MD (10 months ago)
This guy is the worst he said after you send from bittrex he says look for a email...from who?? ..also the wallet needs to sync first dont listen dont follow.
eterito (9 months ago)
Strange. Maybe if you have an enhanced account, they may not send you an e-mail. I have always had to confirm withdrawals through e-mail.
Crypto Girl (9 months ago)
I've never received an email from Bittrex, confirming a withdrawal.
eterito (10 months ago)
Obviously from Bittrex. You don't know what you're talking about. Crypto Oracle - thanks for the video, it helped a lot!
Crypto Oracle (10 months ago)
Bittrex sends you a withdraw confirmation email every time you pull coins from your Bittrex account.
skittles2055 (10 months ago)
Wow, thank you so much!! Very helpful. Subscribed!
P Scheelk (10 months ago)
What do you think of the NEON wallet? It has a nice interface, but does it not provide the same security as the NEO wallet?
Samuel (10 months ago)
Do you need your computer and wallet open to claim GAS ?
Djanky *Autism* (10 months ago)
The Neon wallet, which is actually shown on the Neo official website despite being developed by a different developer, stores your neo in the block chain. You don't have to download the blocks to your computer. It also has a one click button to claim your gas as you earn it.
Might and Belight (6 months ago)
I Withdraw 1 NEO from binance cuz they have no fees for NEO, but still i did not get any to my wallet. they did not allow to withdraw 1,1. hmmm so did i lost 1 NEO Now?
PreciousMetalinvest (8 months ago)
Sharad Singh - I plan to slowly accumulate NEO monthly so entering the private key so often doesn't appeal To me either. Did you go with GUI version instead ?
ring ring (8 months ago)
hey everyone I want to withdraw all 74 coins from my bitrex account into neotracker wallet - does anyone know the network fees it might cost to do this by bitrex or the neo network fees?
RogueNinja (9 months ago)
All wallets keep your cryptocurrencies on the blockchain, this is no different. The wallets only have your keys stored, (private, public), they are like your permission to make transactions with the currency you own on the blockchain. I don't understand your comment.
Josh Nance (10 months ago)
Vinsen: You would end up with 3 NEO in your NEON wallet. Bittrex would snag your .4. Lol. Just the way it is!
Joshua Martin (10 months ago)
Can I have the public slack? [email protected], also signed up to your patreon.
Stirred Up (10 months ago)
does the wallet need to be always running in order to get gas? or can it be closed?
samuhart88990 (10 months ago)
Thanks but could you do a step by step tutorial with setting up a wallet on a Mac instead of windows?
Prinler (10 months ago)
Nice Work!
They have mobile yet?
Peasant Naive (10 months ago)
Thanks for the great content

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