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Fisker patents car battery with 500 mile range

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Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker on creating a new battery that can allow an electric car to go 500 miles that can be charged in one minute.
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Mr11ESSE111 (2 days ago)
they have 500 mile range but if you drive 60-80km/h per hour and still you must recharge them hour or few hours and where the fak you will recharge them so long
Zoya Spencer (3 days ago)
All talk and zero proof. Yet again.
jfalbo (4 days ago)
Still Waiting..................................
pkasb90 (5 days ago)
Fisker's patented technology uses USB 3.0 technology. Make sure you have the appropriate adapter and cable.
Joseph Atnip (8 days ago)
Boo battery patents over a hundred years ago is what has hindered the electric car and Battery Technology for over a hundred years
Daniel D (8 days ago)
Why is FOX shilling this car? There hss to be some monkey business or corruption behind it. Especially with rhis British snake doing the interview.
danlatu (12 days ago)
Fiskar, just stop. Nobody likes you.
jim bob (14 days ago)
Henrik Fisker is flat out fraud... can't believe people still listen to him!
VERGIS92 (17 days ago)
the only thing he invented was a way for the stock price to go up, after he had bought stock options through a 3rd person account, and made few millions.
VERGIS92 (17 days ago)
You can patent anything these days, even flying pigs, patents are not scientific evidence
Walter Sudymont (29 days ago)
Vapor ware?
Tim Z (1 month ago)
RiP Tesla stocks Monday. Lol
Steve Gould (1 month ago)
I'd be happy to get my phone to charge in a minute. Car seems too tall an order given the size of energy transfer involved.
Dra Law (1 month ago)
Big oil won't allow it.
Paul Maher (1 month ago)
All of you folks bad mouthing Fisker are not looking at his lifetime of automotive design or what they have been doing with solid state batteries around the world.
Doug Malone (1 month ago)
What is the life span of this battery?
António Dias (1 month ago)
Graphene super-capacitor, not "solid-state batteries"... No internal resistance, so no heat (charge/discharge)! I think this is the point. They should call the dog by his name!
ds Bond (1 month ago)
This ultra charger is will have to deliver 160 amp hours of charge in one minute. Maybe the battery exists, but the infrastructure to supply the charger does not. Also, I think there will be safety issues with the high capacity charging station.
Syed Reza (1 month ago)
Fake news on Fox as usual
Lars Pallesen (1 month ago)
A 500 mile battery that can be recharged in one minute? If I were an investor such a preposterous claim would make me up and leave immediately. That's not revolutionary - that's a bold-faced lie and a hoax. Consult a physicist if you need to understand why.
Billblom (2 months ago)
Samsung has grapheine batteries getting cranked up. The lack of cobalt sounds good, but he has collected millions and never produced anything... Possibly because he was waiting for an extension cord...
Paul Best (2 months ago)
I always go by the saying, If it sounds too good to be true, It probably is. I hope it's true but I doubt it.
Sao Pooh (2 months ago)
I hate all these great discovery announcements that still need around 5 years, before they come to market. How about waiting, until you can start selling it tomorrow.
Bonzo Bonzai (2 months ago)
patented a car battery, or FILED for a patent on a car battery?
joe michele (2 months ago)
BTW...1 minute Charge ??? Maybe on a cell Phone , But never on a Car , Not in a Three Hundred years!
joe michele (2 months ago)
He's got "Nothing" , Just Blowing Smoke & He can't even keep a straight face about it..I would Love it if he indeed had something viable , But His Tarnished Track Record Tells me "N0".........
Andrey Mark (2 months ago)
Is this battery is flued and carbon based?
John Dow (2 months ago)
Con artist... He forgot to add that the battery has indeed 500 mile range when driven in back sit of a petrol car ;-)
Christ Jesus (2 months ago)
Graphene will change the world. This battery contains graphene plates. That is why it can charge so fast.
Simon Miller (2 months ago)
I just invented a new battery in my garage that is the size of a cigarette box, weighs only 1 pound, holds 100kWh of energy, can be charged in 10 seconds over 1 million times, is totally safe and recyclable and costs around ten dollars to manufacture. It will be on the market in...ahhh...around five years.
Jason Brooks (2 months ago)
It’s a farce.. fisker is up to its old tricks trying to find a dupe like obama to pay for it
Jeff Lippy (2 months ago)
A one minute charge? Doubt it! To transfer that amount of energy in such a short time? Believe it when I see it.
MARTIN WOOLDRIDGE (2 months ago)
When electric cars fly and get 1000 mpg I will buy one.
MARTIN WOOLDRIDGE (2 months ago)
Mu truck with 32 gallon gas tank has 500 mile range with no recharging just good filling of American gasoline. Love gas and not electric.
nelbmahs (2 months ago)
What's that smelly smell that smells smelly?
da ne (2 months ago)
The infastructure is often the largest stake in alternative energy change! a twenty minute charge is acceptable, you have to go to the bathroom during long drives !feels like wiggle room for change
Charles Wildman (3 months ago)
My prayers are with this man but my money isn't. May he make a fool out of me!
Paul Meyer (3 months ago)
Skeptical about charging time.
RunFORRESTRun (3 months ago)
TESLA has 621 mile range and Where do you plug in your car if you're traveling far? Dude stole technology from TESLA sad.. The difference between this yahoo and Elon, Elon is a Physicist and sends rockets to orbit.
Iamthegreenguy (3 months ago)
The range depends on the efficiency of the car as well as the battery. They haven't actually built a battery yet that works in a vehicle.
James Baxter (3 months ago)
You can charge a Tesla in about 40 Min's be on your way. Gas cars are bad news
Mark Mark (3 months ago)
Absolute fucking lies. Not an opinion, for anyone reading this please note that it would take around 5 megawatts to charge a Tesla in 1 minute. He may have the battery he says he does (bullshit on that too), but it's useless because you would have to park next to a power station to draw the amount of power required to charge it in that timeframe.
Jason Gooden (3 months ago)
If it sounds to good to be true....
Joe Trump (3 months ago)
Its called a capacitor........it charges up in one minute. Doubt it.....WTF..........I smell a scam.
Gerhard Kutt (3 months ago)
1 minute for a 500 mile electric car - pie in the sky? Where is he at with his technology? Talk is always cheap ... talk talk talk ... I always wonder when people name their companies after themselves. Sounds a bit like Trump ... Don't believe anything until you can have more senses to confirm what you are just hearing. My gut tells me its BS with the 1 minute charging for batteries - which will have to be around 140 KW btw
clay2k (3 months ago)
Fox Business got scammed by a scam artiest and they shit on Tesla every time they can.
He's evil as fuck
J J (4 months ago)
One day this guy will borrow money from the mobs and he will understand 😂
Elvis Dave (4 months ago)
4 to 5 years? Get back to me when you can make it happen! Too futuristic!
reginol invincent (4 months ago)
Google deep mind a.i. tiny screen clumsy fingers but a super quantum computer in between my ears.
reginol invincent (4 months ago)
Tesla's research needs to go grapheme batteries can power your terminator robot's your a.i. robotics eh Goole deep mind didn't know that the god whom I serve has all your data past,present,future.
reginol invincent (4 months ago)
And large aviation,so the total silent electric fan jet Aircraft with acoustic sound deadening electronic sound cancelling technology can go public.
reginol invincent (4 months ago)
Flexible graphene batteries absolutely needed tomorrow good for small aviation .
254915796 (4 months ago)
крутяк супер фискер
Oldbmwr100rs (4 months ago)
4 to 5 years away, meanwhile he's got investors to scam. In 5 years Tesla will be massive, and if anyone will put "graphene solid state batteries" into mass production, it'll be Tesla. In this field 5 years is several generations of development. If anything happens with Fisker's plans, it'll be too little and too late. He doesn't have a good batting record at all.
f0rkyspo0n (5 months ago)
(X) Doubt
Red Dead (5 months ago)
If it's too good to be true...
peter lang (5 months ago)
use graphene batteries. you can use nanotech to make free energy from kinetic energy in sea water to charge the cars. www.youtu.be/CMatCoH1Mz4
midnitehound (5 months ago)
Bannor Haruchai (5 months ago)
Faster charging is good but you won't ever get 1-minute charging for your EV battery pack. For a 200 EPA mile range, you need at least 50 kWh. Let's ignore that the batteries charge more quickly when empty and the charge rate needs to be reduced as it fills up and assume constant charging rate. To charge the pack in 1 hr, you need a 50 kW input, which is about the average power draw of 10 houses. To charge it in a half hour, you need 100 kW. For a 10 min charge, that's 300 kW. For one minute?? 3 MEGAWATTS!! For ONE *fucking* car.
Atlas Gaming (5 months ago)
Tesla uses powerwall tech, so essentially they slow charge batteries off the grid, and then use those batteries to fast charge the car at superchargers. This would use a similar tech. If you buy a powewall, you could charge at 120A at home, even if the house doesn't have that much coming to the house. It would simply be charging the wall up 24x7.
Allen Helton (5 months ago)
Vaporware until I see it in a production car.
D TEE (5 months ago)
Young Entrepreneur (5 months ago)
so now i can expect to charge my s9 in one min ?
kiki (5 months ago)
Jose Torres (5 months ago)
I guarantee you this is the only one we're going to hear about this this mother f***** is never going to talk about this again or we're never going to hear again
R Reichel (5 months ago)
You know the old saying, if its sounds to good to be true then it probably is to good to be true. Investors beware.
strtngfrsh (5 months ago)
With their history they need to make a viable successful car first that competes with what's already out there before anyone is going to take them seriously, especially with such outlandish claims. Beautifully designed but eye candy will only get them so far. They've never been able to wrap that beautiful body around anything worth a damn.
Koug Arpaw (5 months ago)
This Varney guy is totally clueless - an ignoramus. Why do they put such stupid people on TV/cable, why?
Tomohawk880 (5 months ago)
I feel like everyone is talking about being skeptical and hating this guy, but I feel like this is repeated history, everyone was skeptical of elon and look at him noe, although he didn't steal designs, but still, I believe this guy is going to make it!
Killroy (5 months ago)
There is nothing special about a 500 mile battery.  Its the 1 min recharge that is pushing the limits.   Tesla Superchargers can in 30 minutes charge 80%.  They are all over the world.  Tesla already haves ~4-5 hours of driving before you need to recharge.  Its practical to stop and eat or bathroom at that time, so 15 minutes would be a very practical goal.  If that is still not good enough for you a Plug in hybrid is a good way to conserve oil and the air.
Jack Het (5 months ago)
It is not there invention. This guy is a scam who juste want exposure. Weird news
Erik Lucas (5 months ago)
this guy sure is good at not answering questions. solid state batterys is a thing but yeah.
james diamond (5 months ago)
why are you telling us this now did you not know we are not going to have a world in five years you stupid idiot no and it is not interesting tell us when it comes.
Leontestedevorant (5 months ago)
It is so the half-truths are worse than lies !!!
Stephen Webb (5 months ago)
A lot of BS.
Larry 21603 (5 months ago)
This is called fishing for investing for dollars. Good luck.
Nebekenezer Gnomegeezer (5 months ago)
I'm calling bullshit on this.
effyleven (5 months ago)
Charged in one minute "flat?" Who wants a battery charged flat? When I want a battery charged, I want it charged CHARGED!
Jordan Bronson (5 months ago)
Holly Chit! Really? So in 2022, we all should come back to this thread?
SUNGOD SPIRIT (5 months ago)
just put a *gas* powered generator in your back seat of your electric vehicle... problem solved!
Englandsbestlover (5 months ago)
What’s gunna happen when all these companies bring out their own batteries and chargers? Are we gunna have dozens of batteries and chargers that aren’t compatible with each other? We need a universal battery system.
markmd9 (5 months ago)
If they say it's 5 years ahead then that means they don't know how to build it
gathonar (5 months ago)
Well done now the Chinese Will have something to copy.
Abel Adamski (20 days ago)
They file thousands more patents per year now than the US, they have 17 Silicon Valleys. They have far more Science and technology graduates not only in number , but as a percentage of 25-35 year olds than the US and are leading the AI race as well as being at the leading edge of the pack in so many other techs these days. The anti science crusade as a political and ideological or religious expression (basically over Tobacco, Pollution and AGW) has actually done great harm to America's future industry and economy
gmy33 (6 months ago)
what is this smile at 0.47 ???? or is it his facelift which give s me the creepy feeling ??? by the way i do believe in electric and wish everbody the best !!
brad barnes (6 months ago)
GM or Ford will run the patent or stock into the ground so they don't have competition
Cole McLeod (6 months ago)
So many YouTube commentators are stuck on this 'this guy vs that guy' way of thinking. There is no "Tried to steal from Tesla" here. Elon Musk stated that he made his Tesla electronic tech patents free for any automaker to use, with his announcement that he wanted to encourage competition -that 'competition' is not even the right word - 'participating and working together' is the better way to describe it; for it is to the world's benefit that the more manufacturers start producing electric cars now the better, to replace internal combustion engine power as fast as possible. He stated that "Tesla company could never - and should not be expected to "do it all by itself." He went against the grain of 'business-as-usual 101' that states that technology patents should be harbored by a company to maintain monopoly to protect profits. Elon flipped that on its head; Give the patent away to create an entire industry for the common good of humankind. Invite everybody to jump in and build what they can. He further said that the idea of keeping a tech advancement to oneself is not in the interest of humanity, and that we just don't have time, we don't have 50 years to wait for the replacement and elimination of fossil-fuel burning engines. We need this to happen in a much shorter time-frame, and the only way that can happen is for everyone to start manufacturing electric vehicles as fast as possible. Whatever Fisker's alleged crimes in the past, he should be commended for what he's trying to do now. Hopefully his car really does live up to his announced performance specs. Graphene capacitors are here, and lithium is not an unlimited resource. Fisker is doing a good thing, like it or not, most certainly with Musk's blessings. Fisk and Musk are contemporaries, and are probably on friendly terms, and behave like intelligent gentlemen striving for a common goal. I'm waiting to see who comes out with economical mass production of 'Flow Batteries', especially the one based on Vanadium - far superior to lead/acid. Even better are the saltwater flow batteries. So far, the most recent advancement at Harvard has been able to engineer a flow-battery that loses only one percent of its capacity per 1000 cycles. Lithium ion batteries don’t even survive 1000 complete charge/discharge cycles. Lithium will have had its day, and will be relegated to the past. Hopefully the big electric companies and car companies are on that already. Super-capacitors can be hooked up in conjunction with Flow-batteries to provide combined fast-charge and long-term power retention, perfect for quick access to high-burst power without the wait. Elon Musk doesn't have a problem with it, and you won't ever hear him say; "They stole my electric power or electric car tech" He gave it away for free, just as Tesla meant for humanity to have access to free power.
Herbert Siegl (6 months ago)
Sued tesla n won...anyone care to explain?
mbrapshT (6 months ago)
I do not want to be in this car when it is charging.
Yen-Heng Lin (6 months ago)
Chinese Company......
Killroy (5 months ago)
There are a lot of Chinese companies developing EVs now and if you see Chinese air, you would know why.  BYD, Nio...
Joey BoXoRoX (6 months ago)
This guy never honestly answered any questions. He definitely belongs on Fox!
Mike Rogers (6 months ago)
How many amps off the mains to charge it in one minute?
da ne (2 months ago)
someone said 7 million
Efren Cuadro (6 months ago)
That's good for everyone. Keep going...
maria jose cruzat (6 months ago)
I thought Fisker had gone out of business years ago.
Frank Stocker (6 months ago)
If something sounds too good to be true, then normally it's not. Would you buy a car of this guy?
Suh Cars (6 months ago)
So Tesla's multi billion dollar Gigafactory will be obsolete soon?
batmanbegins72 (6 months ago)
and deplete in one minute?
Kevin Imp (6 months ago)
he stole that idea from top gear 3000! i bet he will make the charging lanes red and the repair lanes blue
Consig1iere (6 months ago)
Isn't this obvious that this guy is full of shit?
fourbypete (6 months ago)
How safe is sitting in a car that is pumping 450kWh of power into a battery. Wireless charging puts out a high degree of radiation. I'm concerned about the health ramifications of being so close to that much electricity.
fourbypete (4 months ago)
I don't know, that's why I asked the question. I don't even like the smell of fuel but I wonder if people with pacemakers should be sitting close to something that puts out massive EMF.
Homecomfort (4 months ago)
fourbypete, how "safe" is it to pump gallons of that flammable, smelly, dangerous profit making substance called gasoline into a tank every few days?
silent watcher (6 months ago)
Anybody can produce a 500 mile battery.

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