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Fifty Shades #NotMyChristian Apology (Web Exclusive): Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver apologizes to Jamie Dornan for perpetuating the #NotMyChristian hashtag...sort of. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (893)
Pranav Swaroop (13 days ago)
Did anybody else see John's nose shadow and wonder if they were looking at a Hitler mustache? Or maybe the other way around? Grey. Very grey indeed.
Abigail Manaluz (14 days ago)
better than the movies
the fluffy Octopus (24 days ago)
Honestly I'd probably want John Oliver to be on 50 Shades of Grey 'cause he's one 'lil sexy chipmunk 😚
Do My Nails (1 month ago)
You are my #Christian. Call me.... I am entertained.
Ariella Goichman (1 month ago)
I honestly never watched 50 shades, but I'll run to the theater to watch this sexy englishman in the role!
Mahn Reynolds (1 month ago)
John Oliver don't even need to tell us to like and subscribe
Silber Wölfin (1 month ago)
Charlie Hunnam should have played Christian Grey. Honestly.
Rory Lumley (1 month ago)
You would be the perfect chistian gray i would see the movie.
C'Cao! C'cao!
Emma Emma (2 months ago)
John Oliver is much hotter than the canonical Christian Grey could ever be.
Michael Murphy (2 months ago)
I'm Christian. JESUS IS LORD
clink clink (2 months ago)
Sex appeal on fleek
Nina S (2 months ago)
Now that I would watch! I did actually see the original and now I want to die, John Oliver could have saved it, and the rest of the world from the horrible snoozefest that was 50 shades
Wasmo (2 months ago)
Wasn't on board until the eyeglasses waggle
LastOneOut (2 months ago)
I'll never feel horny again
Sebastian Sean Crow (3 months ago)
*wipes tear from eye* beautiful
Sharon (3 months ago)
epitome of male beauty. me: why the f*** did they not cast Ryan Gosling or -- me: *realizes the truth* me: no f****** wonder.
cwoyce (3 months ago)
there was a second movie...hes not in it #NotMyChristian #Sad
Erin Crowley (3 months ago)
I feel attacked
You Han (3 months ago)
good thing that actor from sons of anarchy turned down this role cuz he too good for this piece of garbage. that author bitch better stop writing anymore n just be happy w the money she made til now
punch3870 (3 months ago)
i thought it was an apology because people took the #notmychristian movement the wrong way and thinking it was against christianity. now, i have to say that THAT is a performance i'm willing to watch! #JOismyChristian
Dragon Knight (3 months ago)
What about #NotMyHemsworth ?
Ren (3 months ago)
Bought at auction??? The ........ Kansas sex toy auction, perhaps?
Atal Raj (4 months ago)
Butt stuff!
Julia Costa (4 months ago)
Fifty shades of olive(r)
Sheep in Wolf's Clothing (4 months ago)
What do you want to be when you grow up? A professional swear word sayer.
Ben Glaser (4 months ago)
Shut up, Zazu
Jackie Velas (4 months ago)
Oh F you dude
Bradley White (4 months ago)
Am I the only one who saw audio to video synching problems in this?
divyanshu gautam (4 months ago)
john olliver is the best...
J L (4 months ago)
Your videos haven’t been showing up for me and I have the bell clicked.
OSanoBR (4 months ago)
Lixo escrito por uma velha virgem pra um bando de velhas virgens -_-
jumping the smark (4 months ago)
I love him
Jonathan Owens (4 months ago)
Butt stuff has to be a shout out to Donald Glover as Troy from Community.
Bruno B (5 months ago)
Mysteri0usChannel (5 months ago)
Let someone from the real BDSM community tell you: 50 Shades of Grey is NOT BDSM! It's abuse, manipulation, Stockholm complex and a girl falling in love with a guy so he makes her do things against or at least without her consent.
Davis Pow (5 months ago)
Victor Creed (5 months ago)
Somebody cast him in a 50 shades of grey reboot 😂😂
zekenkurolyon (5 months ago)
nick landis for grey
Hugo Lalumiere (5 months ago)
John Oliver is just awesome. If I dare say: I would turn gay for that geeky weakling.
Kayla B (6 months ago)
looking back, it did all end in butt stuff
Zachary Matthew James (6 months ago)
I just noticed the odd skyline behind him! What have we got? We’ve got the Washington Monument, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Dome of the Rock. Am I missing anything? lol
Derrick D (6 months ago)
What was the actual thing?
Mackenzie Wolfe (6 months ago)
Can you take off your glasses so we can see what you look like?
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Aspiring Marauder (7 months ago)
All copies of 50 Shades of Grey needs to be burnt, and the horny, lonely 20 year old who adapted it from her Twilight AU fanfiction needs to be strung up and left in the Gobi to perish, Conan style. Disappointing that John used it as a marketing thing. Not even worth that.
Rory Lumley (8 months ago)
John you should have played christain grey if they remake 50 shades of grey you need to be cast.
superpal43 (8 months ago)
"Suburban mothers of three who've somehow never had sex before" is genuinely the best sentence I've ever heard!!!
Renske Dunnewold (8 months ago)
I would definitely pay for my three movie tickets for the Fifty Shades trilogy with John Oliver. And he should also be the next James Bond, for that matter
Toaster (9 months ago)
"hello, i'm john oliver. professional swear word sayer."
Lydia Heyes (9 months ago)
Never disliked your generally intellectual content before but both of your videos about 50 shades are stupid. Way to ignore major issues in how such a disgusting portrayal of BDSM, and romanticised version of abuse, became so massively popular. Lots of love, A 17yo...
Wicked Amoeba (9 months ago)
Lol, the way he says "butt stuff". 😂
Kassin Farah (9 months ago)
MrJreed1000 (10 months ago)
This shit is sexiest.. it's unfortunate that in 2017 men still get objectified like this
Yael Rapoport (10 months ago)
You're the most cute host ever!!
Queen Maddie (10 months ago)
Sexy af 🍆💦😍
Valentin Anghelescu (11 months ago)
#JohnOliverIsMyChristian XD I'd actually watch 50 Shades then.
Covert Warfare (11 months ago)
James Spader is the first and only Mr. Gray.
Kutta Cock (1 year ago)
Émile (1 year ago)
3:02 Not Not Another Teen Movie?
Sutapa Bhattacharya (1 year ago)
Please remake 50 shades with John Oliver and Amber Ruffin.
jeremy samson (1 year ago)
Yоооu сcсаn wаtсh Lаst Wеееk Tonight with John Оliver hеreе https://twitter.com/3ba5cd1602af3e890/status/858503442515468288
Sunshine23 (1 year ago)
Oh yeahh! LMAO
TigerLily (1 year ago)
That two and a half minute audition was probably better than the entire franchise will be
PauliukoVlogai (1 year ago)
Last Weeeek Tonight with John Oliveeer hd movie here => https://twitter.com/2b325b39a6ad4fdb6/status/824453001297289217
Molly Paananen (1 year ago)
Professional swear word Sayer!❤ u John Oliver!
Willow (1 year ago)
im shook
martin verhoef (1 year ago)
Love John Oliver but hate FSOG!!#notmychristian
Sweetheart Cosplays (1 year ago)
He also needs to have dark chocolatey melty caramel eyes... or whatever
sniffthecactus duh (1 year ago)
This was way back when season finale's didn't include fire.
FlowerTrollSan (1 year ago)
Tbh John Oliver would make a good Christian Grey
Leedle Leedle Lee (1 year ago)
That audition made me wetter than my farts
Exdranas (1 year ago)
Wow, is he still chained to the chair? I mean he isnt in the sequel, or is he? I think he should audition again for the third Movie.
Jimmeh Box (1 year ago)
The 50 shades series is such a waste of time, but I will say this... Jamie Dornan is not the epitome of male beauty...
Jimmeh Box (1 year ago)
I want to put professional swear word sayer on my resume. I'll get all the jobs!
singerg02 (1 year ago)
The thing he did with his glasses @ 2:38 KILLED ME!!! X'D I'M SO FUCKING DEAD RIGHT NOW.
kara bella (1 year ago)
So who is his Christian?
Chloe Iversen (1 year ago)
I am always going to introduce myself as professional swear word sayer from this point forward
Important BusinessCat (1 year ago)
Is he in the cast of Fifty Shades Darker
Alexandria González (1 year ago)
They should remake Fifty Shades of Grey without the sexual assault.
Kevin Johnson (1 year ago)
Alexander González The entire movie would be about them awkwardly flirting over a cup of coffee.
Rainbow Pigeon (1 year ago)
All John Oliver needs to do is send in the clips of himself reading Warren G Harding's love notes and he'd totally get the part
Cody C (1 year ago)
2:10, nope nope nope!!!
David Sørensen (1 year ago)
Someone give him a oscar
Genevieve55 (1 year ago)
I would watch the fuck out of that only I'd swap the gender roles because that's how I roll. What? I see John as a sub. Judge freely.
Jackie Velas (1 year ago)
okay, we get it... it should have been you
Xander Beck (1 year ago)
John oliver is the type of guy that can make an apology hilarious
pixpusha (1 year ago)
John Oliver must be Asexual.
Quoodle (1 year ago)
1:50 I can't stop giggling. Hey, I would be tickled to watch a reboot, and I have zero interest in the original.
Anne Meters (1 year ago)
Okay that was just uncomfortably funny
Stacey (1 year ago)
That moment when he calls out the 'fun aunts' watching the video and you can't even laugh because you are the fun aunt to a couple of teenagers.
Ian Dibble (1 year ago)
It tickles me that the "Up Next" video after watching this is his clip on torture...
Alias m (1 year ago)
"fun aunts" nailed it!!
I thought it had something to do with Christianity
Xander Beck (1 year ago)
Gamer with a Conscience same
Hermaia Moira (1 year ago)
They're filming the sequel now and they totally snubbed John Oliver again. Irredeemable.
Lee_trn (1 year ago)
John Oliver. Epitome of male beauty. You heard it here first!
Quoodle (1 year ago)
Ketch22 (1 year ago)
Jon Davidson (1 year ago)
There's something emotionally troubled about a person who needs to be tied up and have pain inflicted on them or degraded (or both)  in order to be "free" to enjoy sex.  The answer isn't to be tied up and have the crap beaten out of you; the answer is to go to a counselor to find out why you have that need so you can get over the need to be tied up and beaten....
Vivek Anand J (1 year ago)
+Sophia Carpenter well said!
Sophia Carpenter (1 year ago)
Stop being a kinkshamer. Just let people be freaky if they want. Unless it's hurting you or other people, their sex life doesn't matter.
ChriChri Goulard (1 year ago)
Nice reference to "The Secretary".... even if it was unintentional!
Joseph Simpson (1 year ago)
I was reminded of the episode of _Friends_ where Chandler gets handcuffed to a chair.
Kam V (1 year ago)
This is the kind of apology Trump makes. halfhearted and sarcastic.
Isaac Taylor (1 year ago)
They should remake 50 Shades of Grey and cast John Oliver, but don't give him a script; let him briefly glimpse the wiki page every now and then, and and just have him say whatever comes to mind.
Sebastian Brem (18 days ago)
I need this
Stacey Kersting (1 month ago)
I think J.O. wd be just about as much' the epitome of male beauty' as that other wimpy white guy they cast for the part. Never saw the movie, but assumed it was about the overcompensation of the wimpy white guy.
KaminaGirl (2 months ago)
Isaac Taylor but it wouldn't be Fifty Shades of Grey because it would have a decent script
Max Roderick (2 months ago)
I've never seen any indication that Oliver has a talent for improvising. Everything I've seen him in (basically this show, community, and a handful of skits) has been carefully scripted. Sure it would still be better than the real 50 Shades of Grey, I just wonder why you insist on improv.
TheTheaterPokeball (3 months ago)
Is it sad that that would actually be a better movie and something I’d legitimately enjoy?

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