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Trump Admits To Being A Globalist And Continues To Act Like One Too

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Chris Ficeto (6 days ago)
This poor excuse for a president has more than just a couple of screws loose. It also looks like he is trying to worship both Jesus Christ and Baal. The Father will not spare him when He pours out the indignation of His wrath. Fake Nationalist, fake president, fake Christian. What scares me is how far he is going to take this country down before he hears the words "Depart from me, ye accursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels".
kimmy Snyder (12 days ago)
Are you that stupid Jeffy?
Stranger in Town (22 days ago)
The Pope is the new Caesar right down to his red shoes.
Chase Harold (29 days ago)
NOWORLD ORDER (1 month ago)
Reminds me a lot of the Obama era.
Al Darfco (1 month ago)
Like your crypto and anarchist views, but your Trump rhetoric has been consistently wrong wrong and wrong until you are now just sounding like an old mean drunk.
Pooey (1 month ago)
Horny Pervert (1 month ago)
Traitor! We need to take over the world!
Horny Pervert (1 month ago)
Trump for world emperor 2022!
Horny Pervert (1 month ago)
Cant stump the trump!
Royal Satan (2 months ago)
Trump is just an actor to entertain fascists while executing the establishment commands.
Joel Keaton (2 months ago)
NorsePunk Jedi (2 months ago)
So what happened? :D
Nick Sofialakis (2 months ago)
Nothing wrong with your assessments Jeff but Mr Trump is using his own tactics in order to conquer the deep-state without losing his life and more...
Bill Sanders (2 months ago)
Sorry Jeff, the new Tax Bill is now law. HUGE reduction in corporate rate.
Tomas Grisconejo (2 months ago)
Do Jik Jik again.
Tomas Grisconejo (2 months ago)
For the record, I think this whore of a President is for whoever pays him the most money. In that regard, it's probably the Globalists and their counterpart Putin. In fact, we probably haven't had an honest president since Teddy Roosevelt. Some are better, some are worse, but this guy's an absolute ham-fisted idiot. Just a bunch of rich fucks playing games. Ain't gonna change anyone's day-in and day-out. We get going too good, and they'll rob us again. It's been going on since the days of the Pharaohs.
School of ROCKwell (2 months ago)
Trump ended TPP Trans Pacific Partnership.
Crypt Ouro (2 months ago)
I am not backing up Trump. I am just saying that he is much smarter then Americans think. He is not lining up for war, he is just acquiring support from the war advocates, by appointing Bolton. That support will give him ground to implement the dismantling.
hal0bend (2 months ago)
For as much as I have cursed Mr. Berwick at times in the past he has given solid advice on buying EOS more than 6 months ago. Thanks Jeff!
Alion In tights (2 months ago)
OHHHH you just said his tax plan would never happen???? AAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Alion In tights (2 months ago)
seems like you or someone else is helping to keep positive comments at the top of the page, You have a good thing going here, its not really worth it for me to try and insult you I doubt you would catch my nuance.
Jason Edwards (3 months ago)
Trump is an israeli zionist puppet being yo-yo'ed on a string by netanyahu. He HAD to run & win, because he's in debt over his head to the israelis, who may have bailed him out of his bankruptcies.
Cita Previa (3 months ago)
Beyond Gattaca - They got their hands on the Pharaohs system of conscious transfer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E34dvR0Uqus building a society of narcissism, status and greed ... avoiding universal natural law - the universes way of correct chaos choosing without the Oraborois/Phoenix model human blood sacrifice. You will never have enough bitcoins money whatever to get the uprgade you need. Wake up. ya, no problem everything is fine. Scarcity is created so is ugly Duality breeds contempt Gestalt breeds cold hearts Love is not Pretending We are what we accept.
T hughes (3 months ago)
Trump will make Israel great.
T hughes (3 months ago)
Your Fkn on fire Jeff. keep it up.
snifferdogg forfreedom (3 months ago)
Trump the chump can't believe he even talk to the Saudis I'm pist .
snifferdogg forfreedom (3 months ago)
Band democrats republicans black guns matter
snifferdogg forfreedom (3 months ago)
Trump the chump
Michael Divine (3 months ago)
Reading the comments out was hilarious.
Jorge Manso (3 months ago)
Hello Jeff...one thought of mine here...Don't you think that creating a cripto US dollar, Euro Pound and so one ...would be the fastest...maybe best way..to get read of the banking cartels? Do you have any idea way this was not done yet? I add ...If the US or as I hear in the video, some libertarians create a cripto rubble, would this not provoke the the end of the country as we know it....today they have announced that they have a new nuclear missile...would the creation of a cripto Usd and rubble not end all of this shit?...Best wishes....hope to hear from you...
Access Tree Service LLC (3 months ago)
this is a revolution against the status of the world banking system.... keep the news about this subject. Who gives a shit what trump does??? WE need to focus on disrupting the fiat currencies around the world.
Access Tree Service LLC (3 months ago)
the only thing you said worthwhile is "there is hope" I come here to listen to news of the cryptocurrency, not about politics and your opinion doesn't matter considering you are not a politician. Frankly, it doesn't matter who is in the office all that matters is are we making a difference in the world economy. Clinton would be worse as a matter of fact she would tax the shit out of Bitcoin and the likes. So....unless you hear about Trump buying cryptos. Get on with the fuckn' news! Thank you.
Hammertoe (4 months ago)
Well then, you the hell do you suggest we dumb asses should have voted for?
Smoky (4 months ago)
What's up with scamming people out of ten's of thousands of Dollars with your Paraguayan passport scams ? wow really? I expected better from you, but you've always had my "spidey-senses" tingling, as someone who is dishonest, I could just never pin it down to one thing, but then I discovered two different stories of people you scammed, and I bet if I keep looking there's a lot more victims of yours, give the people their money back you piece of shit.
Phil Robertson (4 months ago)
I'm a paid subscriber and I disagree. He immediately after day 1 pulled out of TPP, (awesome right?) wants to renegotiate NAFTA which was garbage, pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord, where the worst pollution offenders didn't have to abide by rules till 2030 (while US had to comply right away), has worked to improve the VA and veterans, is working hard to bring to justice child traffickers (made 10's of thousands of arrests and that's a significant thing). Just some of the accomplishments. Trying to help low and middle class with workable tax cuts etc. A question is this. How do you mend the previous admin's unbelievable debt load? Insurmountable perhaps.. Trump has lowered the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% to attempt to bring back US corps and the horrendous offshoring and has been very successful in yr 1. What did China do when he did that? They lowered their corp tax rate to zero! Talk about a war. Best small biz start up rates since 1984, very low black unemployment rates, thousands of new good jobs and big biz moving back to the US. All in one year. You'd debate some or all of these. But these points, good or bad, are 'debatable'. I know that you have an agenda of 'no government' but God, let's live in the real world, that's utopian! Let's be reasonable at the least and try to get the best Gov't we can. I still appreciate your information for many years, you're a brilliant man and debate is a good thing.
Dave Carlyle (4 months ago)
Anarchast.com is down
santy33143 (5 months ago)
Sir I believe that the TAX Code already pass / could you post your Idea about i t?
RebelTruth (5 months ago)
you're wrong, trump may not be perfect and neither are any of you fucking hypocrites, so why don't you jump off your high horse Chad and actually look at the evidence instead of being so mindlessly bias. you are following the sheep herd in which you so strongly oppose in doing.
RebelTruth (5 months ago)
TRUMP #1 he is the best he is savior, he is all that is good and all that will come to fruition is because of his good heart and will. all who deny it are facing dear consequences with evil. break free from your chains of false knowledge and come fourth through the fire and join us in the light now.
zyb nutr (5 months ago)
I like your politics better than your Crypto advice !!! Be sharp
mgrn63 (5 months ago)
Wow Trump can't make up his mind what he's for or against; and he's has the nuclear launch codes!
Bret Stance (5 months ago)
I can only imagine what kind of stuff you were saying about the last 3 Presidents!
Martin Nicholson (5 months ago)
Jeff, if they have not reach out, I am... Please consider this. https://commodityadnetwork.com/progress-report-7/
Don Wood (5 months ago)
Hi Jeff! Trump is far from perfect, but lemme ask this: Would you have been happier with Hillary? (The world is not yet wholly crypto, but it will, and the world is not yet completely ready for Libertarianism either. But I HOPE it will also come. Nevertheless, would The Clinton Crime Syndicate have been better? I dunno?)
Brent Simpson (5 months ago)
Although, i have an anarchistic streak myself i don't necessarily see these two as opposites if they had (historically) been presented in a more healthy fashion. That is to say that, most present day presentations of globalism are rather pathological. But in a healthy growth hierarchy we seem to move from hunting and gathering tribes to nation-states to nations to global. but again the way present day globalists want to implement globalism is rather horrid. I think a healthy vision of globalism actually might look more like Panarchy (particularly the integral panarchy vision).
George Thompson (5 months ago)
He says whatever the Rothschilds tell him to say. All presidents are low totem puppets of Britain and Israel. They are also all related to each other. The Jewish media owns almost everyone's minds. They have no idea. They have no idea the media is doing all the thinking for them via AI which is now fully online.
Childish Wisdom (5 months ago)
1:31 lmao! people are so ignorant.
0 (5 months ago)
The truth hurts. Your the man, I love u
Chad Guest (6 months ago)
Hello Jeff, great work like always, really enjoy the informative news. your work would be welcome on yours.org.. its also crytpo based, looks like it has the right sort of incentives for good content. take a look and let us know if you like it.. will definitely tip you there. it's not easy showing my support through you tube. anyways take care..
Ourtv haoladar (7 months ago)
Hi There, I am bit confused about the future price of Bitcoin.... I heard US$ is going to be ZEERO.... In ths case bitcoin will also become ZEERO as now we measure bitcoin with US$. I will appreciate if someone comment on this......
Mark Howard (7 months ago)
Steven Holt (7 months ago)
Won't Futures trading manipulate and drastically reduce the price of Bitcoin, as it does with physical Gold and Silver ???
jason kuhn (7 months ago)
isn't that what politicians do they all flip flop just to get votes, i can show you videos of Obama and the clintons doing the same thing.the only problem is it's like 5 hours long 8 years of consecutive lies one after another.
idahormj66 (7 months ago)
excellent voices jeff
Crypto League (7 months ago)
you are the man!
Juan Lespins (8 months ago)
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Maayraa Star (9 months ago)
Trump is part of the illusion of freedom!!
Manuel Damm (9 months ago)
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Tokumei Nanashi (9 months ago)
goddammit not I.C WELL!! /s
joe bhatlanta (9 months ago)
But at least Trump is not Bil'ary or bush
Aleksandr Stovba (10 months ago)
I think time will tell what Trump's intentions are. I really like the guy, his views changed from years, though I think it is for the best. There is a lot he is doing for the people - even sending in investigators to figure out whether or not vaccines are dangerous. This is insanity to the globalist agenda, they do not want people to know whether or not vaccines are dangerous. Trump calls out Hillary's and Obama's crimes.
simon lindsey (10 months ago)
The truth will set you free.....being a subscriber for a week now jeff to here and anachast......loving your posts bro...keep on keeping on x
Juan Fuerte (10 months ago)
Do you still stand by this video?
Giovanni Ziti (10 months ago)
Found it interesting and open to hearing more. One statement that you made caught my attention, paraphrase, why do we need a president? Control and deceive an inslaved population was the first thing that came to mind.
Nicolas Ruggeri (10 months ago)
Can you be a globalist in the sense the market should flow within every country that wants to participate in it, being able to send money to anyone in the world, buy and sell stuff to any country without many restrictions? and a nationalist as in being in favor of respecting each countries rules and priorities?
zerogascar (10 months ago)
He is not!!! Stop it! He’s playing the globalist like a fiddle & smarter than anyone can even imagine!
ian pennack (10 months ago)
We want choice in banks, not choice in Rothschild banks
Jason Griffin (11 months ago)
LOL ok so I will give you all of what you said about the back and forth position if you take it out of context Trump often says nice things about people in public and does what you should do and rip them apart in private that is after all what a good Boss does and he changes when he gets new info that proves his view wrong which in its self is not wrong. Have you read the art of the deal no? Me neither but I can tell you saying in public this person is a piece of crap lying dog doesn't go well when your in that room trying to buy their building lol. It's called diplomacy - bullshit in public rip em a new a hole out back lol . But :-) you can be a globalist and a nationalist and he explained that pretty clearly I thought we need to work in a global play ground, trade etc and we also need to be nations with out own identity and pride, nationalism and protecting our people first. Mmm hold on there was a term for that kind of thing, um, ohh, what was it again? That's right "The United Stated of America" which is states sovereign in their own right and a country sovereign together seriously don't you even understand the concept? We do the same down here in Australia one country with several states and territories sovereign in their own right. Its also what the EU people think they live in but don't lol I don't know how much it work in the US but in Aus you see how far the federal gov gets when it tries to dictate to the states and territories they literally tell them to go F#@! themselves and ignore them. I support Trump but mainly because he is a stay in the exterminating of all human life in the Northern hemisphere because if Killary was in you would all be smoking piles of radioactive dust now around about 28 minutes after she attacked Russia.Two hours later and there would be no US, EU, China, Arab states, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and we would be the most powerful nation on earth lol. And it would be bloody quiet without you warmongering a'holes up north! just saying :-) .
Me Me (11 months ago)
Man, fuck off, Dude! Can you imagine if Hillary was elected??? Suck it up, Buttercup..
Jennifer Lynne (11 months ago)
Trump is playing the game, he is Patriot. Keep your opinions to Bitcoin & Red Pill issues you spoke of, leave Trump alone or you will loss viewers. Patriots stick together.
LovesTheGash (11 months ago)
Is Trump the fall guy?
Marilu Stuart (11 months ago)
"DRUNCLE" is a completely idiotic narcissistic maniacal fool and an embarrassment to ALL humanity!
Bruce Mckenzie (11 months ago)
lets just some one has their hands up his ASS! AKA PUPPET
Ezee (11 months ago)
I really don't think he means "globalist" in the sense we might be thinking. I think he meant it from a globalisation point of view rather than a globalism point of view. Just my 2 shitty cents..
Monster Vodka (11 months ago)
Still better than Hillary.
Dsonophorus (1 year ago)
You are pretty much telling the truth. I think you will find that the Trump supporters are pretty much right too. Trump appears to be sided with half of a schism in the globalists. It is the half that is rebelling against the truly evil stuff the other half is doing. That makes Trump the best alternative and the best positioned to actually damage the dark cabal. Until Trump significantly defeats the darker cabal, he is inadvertently aligned with the interests of the people. Weakening his position prematurely weakens his capacity to attack the pedophiles, Fed, deep state, Zionist.
Suresh Ruparel (1 year ago)
Whole script written the cull humans ever thought of this truth 🐒
Marcos Caleb (1 year ago)
Sorry, disagree. I'm a Bitcoin enthusiast, and an anti-Globalist, and a Patriot. And everything about Trump, represents the embodiment of Anti-Globalism. Trump has saved the United States from slamming into the pit-hells of globalism.
Raj Upadhyay (1 year ago)
i want to purchase your pack, but I only want to pay via BTC. Can you give me your wallet?
HAHA ! Love your humor while getting out the truth !
CTiemann (1 year ago)
Christopher Bollyn has researched 911 thoroughly and all fingers point to Israel.
LightWorker61 (1 year ago)
Both candidates are "pre-selected" by the oligarchy. There is no choice.
Gorilla Dojo (1 year ago)
Doing a great job Jeff, love it ... keep it up !!!
Anarcho V (1 year ago)
Some good stuff here, it was easy to see Donald McRonald Trump was a corporate shill funded by Robert Mercer and so on. People didn't vote for Donald Trump, or Farack Obomba, they voted for Goldman Sachs, ExxonMobil, ect. I'm an Anarcho-Syndicalist, I assume this channel is AnCap?
Nick Terziski (1 year ago)
It's only been 100 days! Don't be so quick to judge. He's gotten rid of a lot of regulations, TPP is dead, the coal minors are going back to work, and the tax plan will be introduced here soon. He's surrounded by swamp creatures in DC and the fake news hates him. He's shed light on the 911 truth movement and said he wants to audit the fed. If Trumps controlled opposition then he must be the devil. Time will tell.
On Tha Streetz (1 year ago)
We will only have freedom when the Lord returns and rules the nations with a rod of iron.
Fas Man (1 year ago)
Jeremy Cox (1 year ago)
I don't understand, but I get what you're saying. Man.🙄🔫
Juan Lopez (1 year ago)
one of the better videos . how dare someone question Trump!?!?! just follow blindly. when's that ever failed???
Attack Helicopter (1 year ago)
tbh i always thought that trump and hillary should have been married to eachother.
Attack Helicopter (1 year ago)
wait wait i get it what trumps saying, hes trans! xD how you reply to what trump said is that he cant be duo-binary because its racist and is appropriating xeno-culture. let him scratch his head trying to figure it out.... xD
69nashi (1 year ago)
stop complaining and vote for mickey mouse or pluto next time ;P p.s.: you morons, you think ANY politician is on your side? p.p.s.: and yes, even mickey mouse or pluto will sell u to the big banks/big pharma/militarya ... are u that stupid? p.p.p.s: id rather vote for a steaming pile of shit - at least it cant hurt me - besides its odour ... ^^
SCAN IMAL (1 year ago)
This is Amazing
I Mephibosheth (1 year ago)
It's true, he betrayed the majority of the country which voted for him. They were not voting for Globalism. He thinks he can be a Nationalist and a Globalist Looks like we have a modern day Woodrow Wilson who said, "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country...", after he supported the authority of the Federal Reserve. How could he be so naive?
Nick C (1 year ago)
Spin doctor.
Bruce Barrett (1 year ago)
trump said he is a nationalist globalist.....what it takes to get to where he wants to go, he also said he wants to downsize break up the banks. cant put a label on that. who hangs on the way in his office? andrew jackson, last president that took out the central bank and banned it till wilson brought it back 60 plus yrs later. you want to bash trump then you are a leftist or a right winger. lol. they hit him from all sides . right after he gives jamie dimon the medal of greatness, he will escourt him to the gallows. gotta love this nationalist globalist radical liberal conservative.......ill just call him a patriot
D&D Fence Co., Inc (1 year ago)
Trump has lived a lavished life and I am sure he is doing most of these things because the elite have blackmailed him. Maybe they have a video of him having sex with a minor or worse. Blackmail is the tool to control political leaders.
seth seth (1 year ago)
Read more comments in funny voices.
Ian Berdanier (1 year ago)

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