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Columbus Day - How Is This Still A Thing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Christopher Columbus did a lot of stuff that was way more terrible than "sailing the ocean blue," but we don't learn about that. Columbus Day: How is it still a thing? Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (3613)
Victor Velie (8 hours ago)
The Polynesians discovered America shortly after the Vikings and the Portuguese discovered Brazil while looping around Africa around 1500
Michael (1 day ago)
Vikings came to the Americans 100s of years before Columbus. But historians found that out in the 1960s. Relevant?
Once I learned the horrible shit Columbus did I stopped even acknowledging the man. He even believed he was still in India and Amerigo Vespucci knew they weren't. Columbus is a genocidal, rapist, asshat that doesn't deserve shit.
orlando cruz (2 days ago)
If ppl r so pissed by what Colombus did, and they feel so ashamed and bad about what colombus did to the aborigines, then why dont they take their white asses back to europe and return this land to their natives? Hypocrites snow-flakes.
Tucker Bowen (5 days ago)
what's the difference between explorers and pirates? answer: while both were brutal murderers and psychopaths, pirates were outlaws, meaning they're seen as "rebellious" by today's society and thus idolized for it. meanwhile, explorers' actions are classed by today's standards as "racist", so unlike pirates they're still seen as bad and don't get a series of family-friendly Disney movies starring Johnny Depp.
randyroo2 (6 days ago)
It appears I have stumbled upon the snowflake side of youtube.
poe_slaw (8 days ago)
"saluting the quiet dignity of the Irish" best part by far
Ser Eric (18 days ago)
In other words, I don't have a fucking idea what I am talking about but that won't stop me from doing it.
Youthoob Gamer (22 days ago)
Fuck that murderous egomaniac...
epicluigi 91 (27 days ago)
2:09 ironic
Quinntus79 (1 month ago)
How about Amerigo Vespucci day? Less controversial and still an Italian explorer.
keller blair (1 month ago)
He killed about 100 people does it really matter are we gonna dig him up and yell at him ?
Couro Athie (1 month ago)
how is Thanksgiving still a thing?
Sean Cauffiel (1 month ago)
Indigenous people's Day? What the hell for?? Indigenous people didn't DO anything! They didn't have even have writing, Europeans devised Native American writing systems! Hahahaha. Indigenous people's day. "Let's celebrate the complete lack of any contribution to the advancement of humanity. Indigenous people's day! Yaaaay!" God, you liberals are dumb.
Sean Cauffiel (1 month ago)
Columbus had the balls, the temerity, the motivation, the drive to do what he did when no one else did. And then he did it, against quite a stack of odds against him. Oh, boo hooo hooo, wah wah wah, he killed and raped and enslaved indigenous Americans. Grow up, who cares. He changed the course of history on such a scale as to dwarf other major changes in the course of history. If you want to be a complaining whining little bitch about murder and rape and enslavement, then worry about that shit thats happening TODAY. There are lots and lots of blameworthy people for those crimes that are happening NOW. God, you liberals are so fking stupid I want to smash my head against a wall.
Juuj (1 month ago)
why is columbus day considered the “most absurd holiday”
Devon Hunter (1 month ago)
Mario Batali didn't age well....
Mr.Chin (2 months ago)
We should also have Slave Owners day (this is a joke please don’t agree with me)
neoshaf (2 months ago)
fuck off, its a free holiday. lets just drink a shit ton of beer.
Michelle! (2 months ago)
Wow that mario joke doesnt age well....
pwnorbepwned (2 months ago)
Abdel Suliman (2 months ago)
"and going ohh yeahh it's Columbus day....shit!" Lol
MrFairley98 (2 months ago)
Considering recent news, I don’t think Batali shouldn’t get his own day.
Rafael Oda (2 months ago)
Surprised that nobody distorted Al Capone's history into a heroic humble man who fought against government tyranny, risking his life to deliver the sacred liquid so necessary in our daily lives.
Ocelot473 (2 months ago)
dumbass italians, columbus was either portuguese or spanish. not italian
Francesco C (2 months ago)
LastWeekTonight- How Is This Still A Thing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Eleanora Dzen (3 months ago)
I'm not American but one of my teachers had lived in America- on Columbus day she showed us studies about everything mentioned above plus studies about Columbus supplied pedophiles
xxCrazyIzzyxx (3 months ago)
I never understood why Italians needed to cling to Christopher Columbus. I'm Italian living in the most Italian part of NY and it's just absurd. Let's just look at the "myth" Columbus...He's an idiot who thought he was going to India. He has no fucking clue what he was doing or where he was going in reality. He discovered American by accident for SPAIN because ITALY wanted nothing to do with it. So...why would any Italian want to celebrate a man who "betrayed" Italy to work for Spain and only ended up on dry land due to a Mr. Magoo style fumbling series of accidents? This is shit every child knows. This is BEFORE you learn of the genocide and atrocities he committed.
Impressive Tree (3 months ago)
We celebrate Christopher Columbus day, because without him there'd be no U.S.A.
Sarah Quill (3 months ago)
Why is calling Native Americans Indians still a thing?
Comments And Likes (3 months ago)
Americans are so fucking stupid its unreal. Do you retarded Americans even realize that without Colombus, the pivotal Atlantic exchange would have never happened? Do you fucktards know how much modern civilization is based on the Atlantic exchange? Do you fucktards know how important the discovery of the New World was for Europe, and how important Europe was in civilizing the rest of the world?
Comments And Likes (3 months ago)
thats like saying we shouldn't commemorate Albert Einstein because if he wasn't alive, someone else would have discovered the theory of relativity Yes, he was cruel, but the world was cruel back then, ask the serfs in Europe how well they were treated, probably just as badly as the natives in America. Also, the Russians got slaughtered and raped by the mongols during the time of Ghengis Khan, and that doesn't mean people in Asia nowadays don't ackownledge the military prowess of Khan
Anakin Chrono Keepers (3 months ago)
You do realise that if Christopher Columbus didn't discover the New World, someone else would've done it anyway, right? It was bound to happen. Plus, this video isn't even bloody arguing about the advantages/disadvantages/whatever of colonization by European hands. It's about Christopher Columbus, and how he was a genocidal maniac who only discovered the new world because he incorrectly thought the circumference of the earth was smaller than it actually was. Even at his own time, he was seen as a cruel person, and was even arrested for his cruelty.
Amelie Online (3 months ago)
Can yall Just Stop Saying that without Columbus there would be no America. Yes there would! Last I checked , there were ACTUAL Americans there before Colombus who would have made up America today
ReethCaldarson (2 months ago)
No USA though
Robey Hines (3 months ago)
If they only knew about Mario Batali before making this... 2:08
Ioannis Morakis (3 months ago)
I really want a Frank Sinatra's day, I think it would a cool holiday
Hyacinth Bridgerton (3 months ago)
It always amuses me how confused the explorers were in naming the discovered region the "West Indies". The sketch on this from Mitchell & Webb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PO4dDRd1LM
Maria Luke (3 months ago)
I somehow mistook the character in the thumbnail for a cartoon ganondorf.
Roy Edmond (3 months ago)
Christopher Columbus Day is a joke
marvel's greatest hero (4 months ago)
Frank Sinatra day for the win
Lena Tisdale (4 months ago)
How about Leonardo Davinci. He invented helicopters and refrigerators hundreds of years before the concept of people flying or electricity were a thing.
Fabuloso All Purpose (4 months ago)
No mention of child rape,. Sex slave trades . Fuck Columbus.
Avi (4 months ago)
How about make fun of Columbus day?
Diego- Kiwi (4 months ago)
Mario Petony or whatever. Too late now.
Void614 (4 months ago)
Colombo wasn't Italian, he was Genoese, and he showed the world the Genoese way :P In Italy Colombo is just known as a great hero, and usually not a word is spent on what he did after the discovery
Tommaso Fogli (4 months ago)
If there wasn't any Colombus America would be incredibly different from our timeline . Probably USA wouldn't be sattled by English but by French or in general the History of the continent and of the world would. He can't be attacked for starting colonialism , he was only an explorer nothing else , Colonialism came after him . Happy Colombus day !
ReethCaldarson (2 months ago)
Yes I do for the exact reasons I named earlier
Tommaso Fogli (2 months ago)
ReethCaldarson yuo insits to say that Columbus could not bee consider italian when he was italian etnicly and culturaly , even the lenguage
ReethCaldarson (2 months ago)
I would consider him a Baverian just as i would consider a person born in Koenigsberg while it was part of Prussia a Prussian and not a German or a Pole or a Russian even if they spoke german or lived in what was part of Poland and later Russia
Tommaso Fogli (2 months ago)
ReethCaldarson What ! And you wuold not consider a Baverian from 1850 to be German ! He spoke italian and he lived in Italy in a time where the union of culture in the Italian Peninsula where already known
ReethCaldarson (2 months ago)
There was no italy at that time so no he was not italien - you would not be english just because the usa once belonged to england either
In 1492, Columbus killed more way than one or two.
Sadiano1564 (4 months ago)
Wait, didn't Mario Batali get busted for sexual harassment?
Sweet potato (4 months ago)
Just wanted to share that in the philippines, we dont celebrate the day ferdinand magellan discovered the islands, which is usually the first thing we learn in history class. Instead we made the guy who killed him a national hero.
Flash803 SQBZ (5 months ago)
🖕 Columbus
Darth Sader (5 months ago)
Didn't he also think the Earth was also pear shaped
cityraildude (5 months ago)
Christopher Columbus was Hispanic
Nathan Posniak (5 months ago)
Yeah, about Mario Batali.........
Rich Stoddard (5 months ago)
One Second 2. There’s also Evidence to Say that the Romans were here first. There some evidence to say during the Carthage Vs. Roman Wars. (Lots of those) theses evidence to say a ship got lost a sea after a battle and found its way to Central America where historians say the men who survived were brought into Native Culture and gave the Natives some of there Ideas and Social Structures. So Natives here first, Than ROMANS!?!? Than Vikings than Columbus who screwed over the romans work xDD
BabbyKissy Saadiq (5 months ago)
Fuck Columbus. Burn in hell you white piece of shit 🖕
philipp s (5 months ago)
You all better shut up, if Justin Bieber becomes the first guy to land on Mars, and I emigrate to mars later, fuck it, I'll celebrate Justin Bieber Day. Its not about whether you like them as persons, its about honoring their accomplishments that are the reason modern day native americans can drive their cars (invented by a german) with modern shoes (invented by an African American) to a Chinese restaurants drive through. Nation of Immigrants, biaatch. It would be a double standard to like Columbus and hate immigrants, yeah. But I think everybody who dreams of America should set sails and come here, just like Columbus unintentionally did.
aguy654 (4 months ago)
Guy was going to India by going the wrong way only after begging for money from Spanish and Portuguese royals. All for some 14th century cocaine. In modern times, that would be cause for an intervention.
Jordan Gate (5 months ago)
Should we boycott little caesars since he killed 130,000 British natives & enslaved 500,000 French natives?
Spectrum SSS (5 months ago)
I never thought that there is a thing that both Texas AND California have banned
Bradley thomas (5 months ago)
This is pretty funny #Facts
dustscintille42 (5 months ago)
When in the video the speaker says "italians", does he really mean "americans who have italian heritage"? Because in Italy there is no Columbus Day, at all.
Nicolas Vinas (5 months ago)
Columbus day is known as dia de la raza or race day in latin america. We use it to celebrate the diveristy of our continent. But hey be ironic and snarky about it.
Jabas Tv (5 months ago)
Though, if it wasn’t for him, you’d be still drinking tea wondering about THIS BLOODY WEATHER
Lance Eriksen (5 months ago)
And dont forget dad, Erik the red!
Lance Eriksen (5 months ago)
Oh sorry misspelled his last name! Ha!
Lance Eriksen (5 months ago)
Yep! Need to make history more accurate! Remove the Portuguese prick and Leif Eriksen was proven to have been 500 years before (Chris the lying killer) was given this honor! But it goes on and on, shows you nothings going to change.
Gian Laplume (5 months ago)
This isn't a real issue.
Marcos F. Molina (5 months ago)
Do you think Colombus orchestrated all the massacre in the new continent? Do you think the natives were civilized modern westerners? NO! By these standards they were assholes too! Context is IMPORTANT
Marcos F. Molina (5 months ago)
I mean... Yes, he was awful, but so was everyone in the past. From Abraham to Washington, all assholes, but we don't remember them for that. Context is essential. His discovery shaped the world in both positive and negative ways.
Joseph Palumbo (5 months ago)
I'm an Italian-American and I approve this message.
Anthony Pham (6 months ago)
At this point, people only really like it because they get to skip work and school
Zachary Matthew James (6 months ago)
Amerigo Vespucci would be a good candidate. At least the American continents are named after him.
Tommy Zhang (6 months ago)
Well, Mario Batali day didn’t age well...
Tarmazing (6 months ago)
whose most famous discovery was a case of getting lost. lol. so true.
Petter Ströbaek (6 months ago)
Mario Batali day, the day where you sexually harass co-workers.
mezlabor (6 months ago)
I'm an Italian American and I don't want to be associated with Columbus nor do I want to celebrate the day he landed in Hispaniola. I do understand why my fellow Italian Americans want to celebrate our heritage and our contributions to this country. I think we are choosing the wrong role model. I feel there's a more positive role model we as Italians can celebrate and a day that's not associated with the genocide that followed October 13th 1492. I propose March 9th as Amerigo Vespucci day. Like Columbus Amerigo Vespucci was of Italian descent but he isn't a figure many Americans associate with the destruction of their own heritage. Furthermore he is the namesake of both the American continents and proved Columbus wrong. I don't want to be associated with Columbus and I don't think our day should fall on the same day he landed here. Instead I feel we as Italian Americans would be better off and better represented by celebrating the birthday of Amerigo Vespucci.
Marvin (6 months ago)
I see what you are saying, but regarding this. 1st he did discover america for Europe, that is what matters. Yes the Vikings were there first, yet Vinland failed and the effects minimal. 2 Yes he killed native americans(I mean they killed europeans too, especially the Vikings).
Fred is aus the venision (6 months ago)
ps if Colombo did not discover the americas america would be now probably Norway!!!🇮🇹
Fred is aus the venision (6 months ago)
first of all .Christopher Colombo not columbus, if Colombo did not discover america it would be amerigo vespuci.
Mike Wazowski (6 months ago)
Columbus was a douchebag
J S7393 (6 months ago)
Damn. Mario Batalli now? Not so much after all his shit got revealed lol
cicalinarrot (6 months ago)
Stop the "no actual discovery" crap. It's just stupid. There was no relevant communication between two continents before Columbus, there has been since and world's history changed thank to his crazy and lucky trip no one else tried before. Pretty serious historians use 1492 as a conventional year of the beginning of the modern era. We call it "discovery" but it, of course, obviously means "beginning of communication between Europe and America as we know it". Still pretty fucking important, don't you think? Try to figure out the last five centuries without it. Also, should we not celebrate Aristotle because he approved slavery? How are people as Columbus different from confederates we decided to condemn? Simple: people who celebrate confederates, indirectly celebrate slavery too, people celebrating Aristotle and Columbus can easily celebrate science and discovery through them while remembering they lived in different ages, when slavery was commonly accepted and condemn this part of their experience. Keep the "let's judge history" thing informed and rational, please.
Stealthy (6 months ago)
In 1492 Columbus got us a day off school. So fuck off
Blind Beholder (6 months ago)
The guy America is named after was Italian. Strangely named for his first name.
Miguel Almeida (6 months ago)
More of the same liberal propaganda....trying to undermine Colombus Day just so in a few years no one remembers or cares for the foundation of their country; it's all a play by politicians who are looking ahead, to get more votes.... Hey, how is this show " still a thing " ? If comedians keep up their politics views on their shows, soon there will be no one to watch it.
Jennifer D. (7 months ago)
Happy lost white guy day!
Vasiley Sivokozov (7 months ago)
That is a lie i went to 8th grade last year we where learning about how bad not good Columbus was
Irene Jacobs (7 months ago)
Italians don't claim Christopher Colombus
Gabby Grant (7 months ago)
Petition to replace Columbus Day with Frank Sinatra Day.
Christopher Quinn (7 months ago)
Welp, now there definitely won’t be a Mario Batali day.
You aer a fool (7 months ago)
Sjw Bullshit
Alex Larson (7 months ago)
I wish I’d known this as a kid, because when I was in first grade I had to write a poem on this guy and oh my gosh it would’ve been hilarious if six year old me created a poem about Columbus committing mass genocides all around the Caribbean
Heil Pepe (7 months ago)
Culumbus was an absolute idiot he just got really lucky
Jelena Warken (7 months ago)
Since when do italians have something to do with Columbus?
Vladokaz Stříbro (7 months ago)
Columbus was italian. That's it.
Jayden Perez (7 months ago)
Yea but Columbus was the dude who found the America’s for Europe, he’s still the discoverer of the US for everybody who didn’t know about it. Do you really think Spain would’ve gone to the US had Columbus not sailed for India? Was he a great guy? No, but news flash it’s the end of the 15th century, he was the norm. Classifying people from 6 centuries ago under our modern lenses is outrageous, and anybody who thinks we shouldn’t celebrate the guy who found the America’s for Europe is as well
A (8 months ago)
That mario batalli part needs to be updated lol
LBboarding b (8 months ago)
To be fair, at least you Americans are somewhat aware and acknowledge this poor legacy, in Canada we kinda did the same thing to the natives and more, and we are just starting to apologize for it now. But, at the same we don't have a holiday celebrating it soooooo yea, and i've lost my train of thought here...........
Ghieth 93 (8 months ago)
the Vikings discovered America first
Mojos Bigstick (8 months ago)
Italian? Saying Columbus wasn't American is like saying Jesus wasn't a Christian!
just plain_name (8 months ago)
Happy Thanksgiving!!! It is so great what Columbus did.
Virus Reaper (8 months ago)
"I Can Never Quite Decide Whether The Anti-Columbus Movement Is Merely Risible Or Faintly Sinister...It Is Sinister, Though, Because It Is An Ignorant Celebration Of Stasis And Backwardness, With An Unpleasant Tinge Of Self-Hatred." -Christopher Hitchens
Virus Reaper (8 months ago)
"I Can Never Quite Decide Whether The Anti-Columbus Movement Is Merely Risible Or Faintly Sinister...It Is Sinister, Though, Because It Is An Ignorant Celebration Of Stasis And Backwardness, With An Unpleasant Tinge Of Self-Hatred." -Christopher Hitchens
Sono (8 months ago)
Deport whites back to Europe

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